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Land grab at Bandar Utama August 29, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in 1.

Kudos to The Sun for running this story on its frontpage today.

In any new development, it is compulsory to set aside land for social and community needs.

Somewhere down the line, some would have access to information of these lots and this is how it begins. Powerful people would start getting approvals here and there, including from the local councils and Land office. Then the Exco would have approved them and MB would sign them off. This is how forest reserves, public spaces and recreational areas shrink overtime. 

In Bandar Utama, this is just the beginning of a long protracted war to stop this practice. This will be a key case to put an end to realienation of public land for personal profits. Heads will roll and powerful people will be named. And there is no doubt more of these cases in the state constituency of Bukit Lanjan, including Kampung Sg Kayu Ara, and probably in all state constituencies in the state of Selangor. 

To find out who the culprits who literally gave out these lands and then to recover them will not be easy. Powerful people and political parties are involved in this, and will not give up without a fight. We urge for your continued support to find remedies to this terrible wrong, to compensate the public for the loss of these lands, and to put a stop, once and for all – the practice of public land grab.


Public land gone!
by R. Nadeswaran and Terence Fernandez, The Sun

PETALING JAYA (Aug 29, 2008):
 What was supposed to be land for facilities for the people in the up-market Bandar Utama township has ended up in private hands.

All it took was for the previous members of the Selangor Executive Council to agree and for the then mentri besar to alienate the land to individuals, bodies, corporations – and even political parties.

The result: the sprawling township does not have a fire station – on the land designated for it sits a used-car dealership. Even land meant for surau is in private hands – a car showroom and furniture centre.

All in all, seven parcels of land meant for public amenities have been misused.

When developer Damansara Jaya Development Sdn Bhd, submitted the layout plans for the entire area, the State Town Planner had indicated that land must be set aside for the common use of the residents, including schools, bus shelters, post office, etc.

In this instance, the layout plan was submitted and approved in 1991 but the sale of the land took place much later – before March 8 when the people voted in a new government.

Apart from the loss of the fire station and surau, what was meant to be a food court is now another car showroom, and what should have been a balai raya (community hall) is now someone’s home!

Apart from this illegal use of land, an apartment complex sits on land meant for a secondary school.

However, not all of these parcels of land have been alienated to individuals. Political parties have also got into the action and hijacked some of them.

The land on which Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia (Gerakan)’s building is located was meant for a telecommunications exchange, while the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) now owns a parcel of land designated for a Tamil school.

‘The whole process of alienating the land could be illegal’

Planning expert and Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) councillor Derek Fernandez believes that the whole process of alienating the land was illegal since it is incumbent on developers to provide basic infrastructure when developing a township or residential area.


“I can’t go into specifics as I don’t have the full facts, but according to the Town and Country Planning Act (TCPA) 1976, such land can be used only for the purposes specified in the layout plan presented by the developer.

“Any attempt to amend that use will require a public hearing and I doubt this was done, judging from how the previous administration was doing things,” he said, adding that any change in the designation is illegal unless the zoning has been changed in according with the TCPA.

Fernandez said as far as the present administration of MBPJ is concerned, any amendment to the developer’s layout plan, requires a public hearing.

“Even after the hearing is held, we will ultimately decide on the propriety of the development, guided by the principles of public interest,” he said, adding that he will discuss with his colleagues at the council on the available remedies to this situation.


1. Klaw - August 29, 2008

Wow, more shenanigans by the Khir Toyo administration. Makes me glad that you guys are running the show now. What’s next, finding out Khir Toyo is charging for rain/ground water? Wait…

2. john james - August 29, 2008

Nail all those blood sucker Ma”am

3. yh - August 29, 2008

you have my unwavering support on this.

could you mail me this article so that I can circulate to all my firends. And I will ask them to do the same.

many thanks, eli for your endeavour in this matter.

can never believe political parties can ever get into land grabbing exercise. even gerakan, a party with socialist and equality ideology, getiing involved in such enrichment exercise at the expense of the general public. if its just UMNO and MCA, i wouldnt be that surprise. Cancer has really spread intensively and invasively in BN. Let it be terminal for them.

4. thaqif - August 29, 2008

Kerajaan Pakatan apa bikin,satu kes pun belum didakwa.jangan jadi Hj.Hadi di Terenganu,ada bukti berlori-lori,tapi diam membisu,akhirnya BN berkuasa semula.TS Khalid,ambil tidakan pada orang sendiri cukup cepat,tapi penyelewengan BN apa dia buat?.

5. matt - August 29, 2008

Madam let me highlight some major problems that PR is facing,after 8/3, you have uncovered numerous scams to that i say well done.The thing here IS DO YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE GROUND WHERE LOCAL COUNCILS ARE CONCERENED..Let me tell you after pr became the state govt a lot of pr supporters started asking for contracts and seeing this most dept heads went on a robbing spree.They found that by throwing some bones to these supporters they would get loyalty.A good example is mpklang where it is a known fact that yb ronnie’s assts are getting contracts, don’t you think that this wrong.That to the exco member incharge of local councils,i worry if this trend continues there will be no difference with bn.
You must under stand if you start your rule crooked it will forever be crooked,i pray that these things i mentioned if left unchecked will ultimately cause pr to lose in the next elections and i sincerely hope not.tq

6. clear conscience - August 29, 2008

Investigate further and uncover the scam.

Take those who abused their power and authority especially those who exceeded their authority to court, after lodging ACA reports. But would ACA being quick enough to investigate lightning fast as those two cases in perak involving state councilors?

Your bet is as good as mine. But all PR assemblymen should continue to dig further into past administration misdeeds. If we all put our minds & ears together, many more states including Johor will see more scams out of the cans.

7. I have a dream - August 29, 2008

I suspect some land in Taipan USJ and other Subang/USJ areas are also like that. Pity Sime Properties.

8. sa.kumaresan - August 29, 2008

To be specific about the Tamil school land in Bdr Utm, it is not owned by MIC but MIC holding on trust for Samy Vellu. Period. What say Khir Toyol & Co

9. James - August 29, 2008

Dear Liz,
This is normal business in the previous state government.Check out how 800 acres of Orang Asli Reserve was alienated to a private company in Bukit Lanjan( your kawasan) which is now Damansara Perdana. Do watch out for the vacant land in the high value areas like SS2 and Damansara Utama commercial centres. Where are the parks ?

10. Ganesan - August 29, 2008

Well now that the ACA is resurrected and super efficient, I am sure ACA will be after this case also, since they are super efficient in nabbing all the crooks. let us see when they will spring to action or only just before a by election.

11. HL - August 29, 2008

Well done Elizabeth. We need more highlighting of such abuse, if not criminal abuse of such processes by UMNO & BN affiliated people or parties.

As some one said, “all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men (& women) to do othing”. Can the State government initiate investigations and if the facts are sufficient for a prima facie case, arrange for the State AG to prosecute without fear or favour? Show that the Law respects no positions.

Again, good wishes and keep up the good work. You have our support.

12. Damocles - August 29, 2008

No matter how tough, this or for that matter, any other wrongs must be set right.
Otherwise, the culprits will do it again and again!

13. Edi神 - August 29, 2008

this is f*cked gomen…

we need some0ne honest!

some0ne who really work for the people

14. JT - August 30, 2008

To those who said that Sun E-Paper is doing more harm than good in exposing this land scam …… you are dead wrong! Let me tell you in your face that Sun E-Paper is doing alot good and no harm to the public … Thanks for exposing the seven parcels of land meant for public amenities that have been misused .. please continue to expose more of it!

15. GodBlessMalaysia - August 30, 2008

Has not this been going on in almost all states?? the people’s land
was for grabs when Mahathir introduced the the law that if land is reqiured for development, then the government has a right to take away the land for this purpose..

And ever since this grabbing of land using this veiled reason has led to this. In Negeri Sembilan itself there has been massive abuse of this law duirng the former MBs time.

It would be interesting to find out about the extent of this abuse and the wool that is being used to cover the rakyat’s eyes..

Until we get rid of greedy and self centered leaders from the present government we will be taken for aride with the many white elephants that is now dotting the country big and small.

Somewhere someone is building abridge, a condominium, a mini twin towers, a complex, a political base inthe name of development to enrich the alrady rich.

The privatisation of Malaysian Inc is to make some people rich especially those having connections to the former PM and the current one.People who have hardly any knowledge in running a business are given opportunity…the Daya bumi complex, the former promet.
the UMNO building right smack in KL where more than half is taken up by the government..especially with the tourism baloney. Any one time you go there the offices are all empty and the staff no where to be seen…oh yah..they went for a tour..
Yes some people who had zero knowledge in Banking became directors, zero knowledge in transportation now run the toll systems..zeor knowledge in Finance can become Finance Ministers.

Hence the current..financial and social turmoil…

16. monsterball - August 30, 2008

First UMNO will let their chosen few knows..which land will be developed.
Then each one buy dozens of acres….at RM600 per acre legally.
Then government buys back at RM10 per square foot….or roughly…RM45000 per acre.
Instant millionaires…no need any money…bank will lend to them too.as bank manager also in the game.
This goes on and on..until few are filthy rich…doing nothing.
That’s UMNO government.
Don’t believe…check out who owns alot of land in Langkawai….before it was developed.
Roti man la.

17. JoeYoung - August 30, 2008

Thank you for highlighting the case but the rakyat concern’s is, what will the present Selangor Govt. do?

Will the present State Govt try to get back those land and develop it as the original proposed plan?
What are the action plans and legal implication to get back those land for the Rakyat?

Who will take accountability and will the present Govt and rakyat bare the brunt like what happened in the land scam in Penang?

Hope YB can follow this case closely and update it on this blog.

BTW, I appreciate all your hard work and good job done since taking over… do keep it up, thanks.

18. jerryliew - August 30, 2008

The state govt must use all means at its disposal to take back the land from its illegal land grabbers and put back back to its original intended purposes. The effective actions by the govt will enhanced the rakyat fate in its implementation of its CAT principles!. Now it is the time to walk the talk!!!!. Towards a better Cemerlang, Gemilang,and Terbilang Malaysia.

19. Scottie - August 30, 2008

hi Liz, 1st time at your blog (from the land of the Great White North) & i must say im pleasantly surprized. im not blown away with political rhetoric as i’d expect from a politician – i guess it shows your rookie inexperience. but i like it so keep it up.

as for this sordid land grab biznes, mite i be so bold to suggest that instead of behaving like the “babi” your opposition says, mayhaps u can be the “bulldog” that once having set its teeth on the relevent issues, will lock its jaws & never let go!

the citizens of this country deserves the know the truth at the very least. plus a lil justice would be nice…but perhaps that would be too tall an order for Bolehland 😦

20. Damocles - August 30, 2008

Liz, the PR must have zero tolerance for any misdeeds whether in the BN or the PR itself.
All officials must always be vigilant at all times to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

21. A true Malaysian - August 30, 2008

I wish to re-post what I commented in veonszu,


I also personally hope that 916 will happen. But, realitically, this is tough to become a reality.

If I can read Anwar’s mind correctly, 916 is just Anwar’s trick to test out BN’s MPs sincerity in wanting for a better Malaysia under multiracial ideology of PR. I used the word ’sincerity’ because Anwar clearly stated ‘no monetary’ perk will be offerred for these MPs.

So, if 916 happen, then rakyat will know that these MPs are of credible, with conscience.

If 916 not happen, then Anwar & PR have nothing to loose because they rather have MPs conscience rather than the ones only have ‘material’ perks in their minds. In a way, rakyat will also not loose out.

For sure, either way, Umno and BN will walk into history if they still stick to their ‘outdated’ mentality in next GE.



How you personally look at 916. May I have your view on this?

22. JT - August 30, 2008

ACA where are you?

23. JT - August 31, 2008

See even NST expose the land scam … but one day later after The Sun:

Seven public plots worth millions ‘sold off By : R. Sittamparam

KUALA LUMPUR: Seven plots of land, meant for building schools, a community centre and fire station in Bandar Utama in Damansara were sold to businessmen or given to political parties by the previous Selangor government.
The land, totalling four hectares and worth more than RM130 million, had been surrendered by a developer to the previous Barisan Nasional administration, which then sold it off, claimed Bukit Lanjan state assemblyman Elizabeth Wong Keat Ping.

Wong said she had referred the matter to the menteri besar who agreed to discuss it at the next state executive council meeting on Wednesday.

“We understand this is not confined to Bandar Utama. We are determined to put a stop to this sort of practice.

“Things have gotten so bad that in Kampung Sungai Ara, a condominium occupies an area allocated for a community centre that is badly needed by the 4,000 residents.”

The land had been meant for schools, bus shelters, post office and a fire station.

A source from the Bandar Utama developer, Damansara Jaya Development Sdn Bhd, said the recipients of the seven plots had also distorted the township’s planning.

“Unplanned shopping complexes and other commercial facilities have now sprung up in the township.”

The source said the developer and property owners at the township were caught unawares as the development at the seven “handed out” plots, was sudden.

The source said similar cases where land allocated for public infrastructure had been sold to private owners had occurred in nearby townships.

“I have already requested state government documents pertaining to the distribution of the seven plots of land,” said Wong.

It was learned that Gerakan is building its new headquarters on one of the seven plots in Bandar Utama 8 while the MIC had obtained another plot.

Selangor Gerakan chief Datuk Lam Weng Keong said he would issue a statement at a later date. He declined to elaborate.

The MIC could not

24. JT - August 31, 2008

Sorry, sentence below was truncate above.

The MIC could not …. be reach for comment.

(Maybe, Tan Sri Nijhar can comment since he is out of MIC now)

25. Leithaisor - August 31, 2008

Quite a number of years ago, a friend commented to me that while there was supposed to be a requirement that every developer builds a certain number of low-cost housing units in every township built, Damanasra Jaya has none.

Which begs the question – if that is indeed the case, how did the developer of Damansara Jaya get away with it?

26. Monsterball - September 1, 2008

We want to see the BN dogs and their cronies returning all the lands plundered during the previous administrations………. and then sending all this BN bandits to sungai buloh, starting from Toyodie first…..

27. monsterball - September 1, 2008

If yb Eli not going after those bn bandits, I shall cut off my balls and feed these Toyodie gangs……. ha hahahaha….

28. monsterball - September 1, 2008

This Lee Kim Sai of Metro Kajang grasp alot of free land… and sell sky high priced properties in the market…

Check this Mca dog Lee Kim Sai first… dear yb Eli….

29. Akiko - September 1, 2008

In Malaysia today, we find that despite of the advancement made by this nation in all fields, women sadly have not been given their due respect and place in society by the male chauvinistic BN/Umno regime. Women often found themselves to be the target of crude sexual remarks by BN lawmakers even in Parliament. Farish A. Noor wrote on the MalaysiaVotes website : Go to http://margeemar.blogspot.com

30. potblack - September 1, 2008

What has happened to the Bandar Utama Police Station? After the ground breaking ceremony attended by the former Adun, senior police officers and the Bandar Utama Developement directors,what is left at the site is a pile of sand.YB, please tell us that the land designated is still in safe hands.

31. Paul Warren - September 1, 2008

That land grab was borne out of an illegality. I recall my first lecture on Contract law said something like, any contract entered into for the purposes of executing an illegal act is void.

Fact is what ever it was that got these people the land is void.

Fact is the owners, even if they had acquired these through third parties, the contract that passed ownership to these people is void.

If they are businessmen who have bought it, too bad, they suffer the losses. AFter all after Maybank agreed to buy the 55% shares in the Bank Industri Indonesia, Indonesia changes the law/policy and Manybak end up holding a duck, just too bad la. That is the nature of business.

There is also the other adage. Let the buyer beware.

Seize it!! Seize all that land and do so immediately.

Same with developers who bought hillside land for development purposes. Fact is policies were already there banning hillside development. Yet they went and bought secure in the knowledge that they can pay their way to waive just about anything.

Hey, DBKL and all the Municipalities are so gung ho when it comes to tearing down illegal hawker stalls. What is the difference here eh? Just because they wear suits and they have Dato or Datuk titles, they should be spared? Treat them no different from the illegal squaters and the hawker stalls, then you get my total respect.

32. collosos - September 2, 2008

Money is power.Therefore I appeal to all capitalists worldwide to unite!!

“Capitalists of all countries unite! Unite!! Let the minority-workers’ classes tremble at a capitalists’ revolution. The Capitalists have nothing to lose but to gain freedom and liberty. They have a world to control!!”

“Control oil, you control nations, control food, you control people, control money, you control the world”- Henry Kissenger, ex-Secretary of State of USA, 1973-1977.

33. Sudeeb Menon - September 2, 2008

Since the article on Land Grab at Bandar Utama was published, and many more will be unveiled in time, it will be useful to also check on a 200acre land at Lestari Perdana approved by Tan Sri Mohd Taib thru KDEB, for INPEN(S) Sdn Bhd in 1996/97. The land went missing!!!. Yes, its true.

The passage of the missing land:
Kolej INPENS (I) prepared board papers. Submits to SAP Holdings for State Exco’s approval thru KDEB. Land approved and given to SAP Holdings for development of it as the catalyst for a State University. We were sent overseas and outstation for few weeks. Once back from our trip, the land has gone missing.

Menteri Besar resigns and ACA walks into my office and collects every documents, hard and soft copies. They, and their report never to be seen again.

New management from SAP Holding steps into INPENS College and takes over entire operations headed by En. Mohd. Nor. They prepare new pages of old Board papers, back dates the approvals.

Levels false accusations against us. Showed my middle finger to them and Barisan and walked off knowing, fighting them is a waste of time.

I walked off as the Director of Corporate Services, proudly knowing that I had accomplished my promise to turn the College’s finance and expound its next level i.e. UNISEL. A promise made when I was head-hunted from MIRI, Sarawak by the Selangor State government.

34. arifabdull - September 3, 2008

Buat semua rakyat Malaysia,
Mulai hari ini sehingga menjelang 16 September, sempena Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-45 marilah beramai-ramai kibarkan bendera Malaysia.

Jika sepanjang sambutan 51 tahun Malaya Merdeka yang lalu anda terlupa mengibarkan bendera, apa salahnya kita mulakan sekarang gerakan kempen kibarkan bendera menjelang Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia ke-45 ini.

Terima kasih

35. artic turban - September 3, 2008

Miss ELI WONG. THE STATEMENT by coscience as per regarding ronnie’s assts is alarming. Put a stop to this, if true. Now what can the SELANGOR STATE DO, SINCE THE LAND HAS BEEN SOLD, PUT A STATE CAVEAT ON THE LAND SO THE LAND SCAM CAN BE INVESTIGATED, MEANWHILE THESE PROPERTIES CANNOT BE SOLD OFF. BRING ALL THOSE INVOLVED TO BOOK. The problem as seen by me as a pj property owner / residing overseasat present is we voted overwhelmingly for change, it basically started the ball rolling with rpk’s exposures, than came the klang palace of zakaria. Now the question the begs a very big answer is what / how / when is action going to be taken as per regarding zakaria’s palace. IF THE STATE GOVT DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT, how different are you all in pakatan from umno, all talk and no action??????? so please buck up, it is no use to just talk, it does not matter if nothing is the outcome as seen, regarding zakaria’s palace. THAT IS A SHADDY DEAL SO CONFISCATE IF THE FAMILY CANNOT PAY THE TRUE VALUE OF THE LAND.

36. orange - September 3, 2008

off with their heads! stop playing nice already. the rot is still there and you guys need to get serious by stringing someone up to set an example. fyi – some mpsj officers are still not weaned off the occasional request for sweeties. these are low level front line staff. imagine what goes on at higher levels. forget the micro ‘breath down their necks’ strategy (well done hannah) and go for the big fishes, like asap? please?

37. Karuna65 - September 4, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

Please kindly introduce legislation to combat this kind of breach of public trust & mandate public notice if developer land for public amenities is taken back by state.

Highlighting such cases are good to expose the corrupt goverment practices, what is more important is to change the system. You must show that Pakatan gov’ment is better in preventing such malparctices.

Only thru legislation can the rakyat who voted for Pakatan can believe that changes are meant to saveguard the rakyat.

Please continue the goodwork, don’t worry, come next term Pakatan will still govern the state. Hopefully next 50 years to come.

38. Paul Warren - September 5, 2008

When a baby is conceived out of an illegitimate cenception any subsequent acts to legitemise the conception as most of us understand that legitimacy to be does not in any society make “legitimate” that baby.

The fact that the legitimacy does not mater or count in the measure of that baby or the mother or father does not change the fact that the parents do recognise the “stigma” if you will, of the child’s conception. The child too grows in that knowledge despite it being of no consequence within that society he or she grows up in.

This land grab was conceived out of an illegality. The fact that subsequent actions may have been an attempt to nullify that illegality does not change the fact that the ownership today of these pieces of land were conceived out of an illegality present themselves for restitution.

The question now is, does the Pakatan Selangor Government have the gumption to reinstate to proper ownership these lands.

You do have the ultimate might of the Land Code to enforce a compulsory acquisition, if that is what it takes, under the Land Acquisition Act. In case you don’t know what it is, ask Sime Darby. They are fighting the misuse of that Act in Malacca where their estate lands were forcefully acquired by the state only to pass on to private individuals and company for profit rather than for public use. The A Farmosa development is a child of such an ill conceived process. And just because the process is according to procedure, it does not change the character and intent and ultimate result of that process.

39. James - September 5, 2008

Dear Liz,
Malaysia Today shows a search done on the Bandar Utama land alienated to MIC (holding in trust for samy velu). I suggest the Selangor State Government rezone the said land and all such lands fraudulently alienated to “Kawasan Lapang” which is lacking in Bandar Utama, which should have at least 10% or 100 acres of open space.

40. bamboo river - September 5, 2008

knock,knock, yo hooo. anyone home?
I guess Eli must be busy.
Anyway, wish PR all the best on 916.
Please keep us informed. 🙂

41. Who stole my MICkey mouse's cheese? - September 5, 2008

Thank you to Terence and Nadeswaran for attending a teh tarik with residents of Bandar Utama yesterday evening. Although it was raining that evening it was sure hot inside the restuarant that we can almost see, feel and hear the fireworks around the Seven Wonders of Bandar Utama.
Thereafter was made to understand that this afternoon, there was a press conference by Sivarasa (MP of Subang) at BU11/1’s Effingham Tamil School where the land taken by MIC was just next to it.

A classic case, of “Lembu Punya Susu Samy Punya Nama!”

42. Who stole my MICkey mouse's cheese? - September 6, 2008

Thanks to Terence and Nadeswaran to be with Bandar Utama residents for teh tarik on 4-Sep-08. Although it was raining outside, the restaurant was so hot that we can see, feel and hear the fireworks of all the Seven Wonders of Bandar Utama!

Bandar Utama is truly a land of “All Sapu in One!”

There was also a Press Conference on the Land Grab in afternoon on 5-Sep-08 given by Sivarasa (MP of Subang) at Effingham Tamil School which was next to the land taken by MIC.

A classic case, of Lembu Punya Susu, Samy Punya Nama!

43. woodyooi - September 6, 2008

Dear Eliz,

Many of you have new found power, however, I do have a nice write up for you about, “benefits/gifts” that being forced onto you. Some businessman likes to corrupt politicians, here is how to handle them…


I do hope many do not become victim of it (ACA) due to lack idea on how to reject it….


44. oracle speak - September 7, 2008

It would be poetic justice if the State Government revokes the “commercial” status of the land and rezones the said land to “kawasan lapang” for the tamil school padang.
Then the land title will be a worthless piece of paper, and the tamil school will have a padang, and samy would have paid Rm.3.8 million for a padang. Perhaps the Indians will thank him for his generosity.

45. Edi神 - September 10, 2008

expose them

charge them in court

long live TheSUN! Go die theStar

46. MELAYU MALAYSIA - September 26, 2008

lu elizabeth ada fikir ka ini orang islam punya masalah?kalau lu ada agenda kebaikan utk muslim community pls list down in ur blog.wa fikir lu hanya fikir hak rakyat non bumi only ma……..when bumis talk about their rights u will say that is racist when non bumis highlighted about their rights u will say ya itu betul ma………what the hell u people in PR…………..

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