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ISA tool to remain in power September 13, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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Rights groups condemned the arrests, saying it was an abuse of power by Abdullah’s government.

Amnesty International wants the United States to consider raising the case at the current UN General Assembly, where a special forum was to scrutinize human rights situation of member nations, said the group’s Washington-based Asia Pacific advocacy director T Kumar.

“It appears that the Malaysian government is engaging in a witch hunt against peaceful dissent,” he said. “The government should release all ISA detainees and not use the law as a tool to maintain political power.”

Human Rights Watch, an independent US group, said Malaysia risked “irreparable harm” to its “already fragile reputation” if those arrested were not freed.

“The Malaysian government apparently thinks it can only maintain power by jailing journalists and opposition politicians,” said Elaine Pearson, the group’s deputy Asia director. “Such tactics have no place in a modern democracy.” (AFP)


1. lempoyang - September 13, 2008

it is not a tool to remain in power..but to ensure your guys dont talk a lot with nonsense…

where is your dream govt ? 16 sept is around the corner…

2. hawkeye - September 13, 2008

desperate people do desperate things. it does not mean that we react as they would want us to.take it in stride it will only act against them. he who digs a hole for his brother will himself fall into it.

3. Joe Hunter - September 13, 2008

I think this HM Syed should b e detained under ISA and Badawi is really doesn,t have a clue what fuck he is trying to proof.

4. gs - September 13, 2008

The ISA arrests of RPK, Tan Hoon Cheng & Teresa Kok is a means to an end. It is a ruse to rile the people and to play a waiting game for anyone (or even a mole) to trigger a spark. But I think there are arrest warrants, yet to be signed for DSAI (their main target, the mosquito), LKS, Tian Chua and even you, Elizabeth, as well as DAP & PKR MPs who can be a threat to them. So please lie low and don’t give them an excuse to make any more arrests.

Everybody please be calm and don’t do anything rash and stupid even if being provoked. We have to be united and pray that this unjustified madness will end soon.

5. Mahendran - September 13, 2008

we must stop the misuse of such a powerful tool.

its so much powerfull tat no mortal can handle it. so lets scrap it off!!

6. Enough is enougn! - September 13, 2008

It is clear that UMNO does not care what others think about its human rights abuses anymore. UMNO continues to frustrate the will of the people for change by all kinds of intimidation and threats. It is high time that the UN debates Malaysia’s case of cracking down on legitimate dissent. UMNO wants to hold on to power at all costs and is no better than the military junta in Burma. Under such circumstances, Anwar must go all out to topple UMNO by inducing defections. If all else fail, get UN to send forces to Malaysia to force UMNO to step down

7. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - September 13, 2008

The truth can never be concealed
Even with draconian hammer to seal
Better off with whole society to heal
Than to use harsh dictatorial methods to deal

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 130908.
Sat. 13th Sept. 2008.

8. wandererAUS - September 13, 2008

Malaysia is a very dangerous place to be. You are better off staying a bit longer in Taiwan. The mad cows are on the loose, anything can happen. ISA is their only weapon left to clinch on to power…everyone is a potential urban terrorist in eyes of a mad cow.. Good thing, I have the China sea separating me from them.

9. anarky - September 13, 2008

Keep e ISA, e firs ing DSAI mus do afer 16 Sep is o reinfore e PUDU jail, so a we an gie ese morons a ase of eir own mediine.

An eye for an eye jusifies!

10. arifabdull - September 14, 2008

Jom lakukan HARTAL untuk selamatkan negara tercinta ini.

Let’s do HARTAL for our beloved country.


11. cendana287 - September 15, 2008

Dear Elizabeth, (sorry I’m not using “Y.B” etc)

I’m just a small fry. Right now, all I can do is “to write”. I’ve started a site about these things. But it’s “different” from most others, for I’m doing things “my way”.

If you have the time, please have a look at Cendana Blues: Addicted to Politics at http://cendana287.blogspot.com

12. Keadilan-eclub - September 15, 2008

ISA – Taktik paling bodoh digunakan oleh BN; membuatkan rakyat lebih bencikan Kerajaan BN!

13. jerryliew - September 15, 2008

ISA is an evil tool if its execution lies in the hands of just one man!. A committee consisting of learned and respected figure heads, endorsed by the rakyat, should be the caretaker of this tool. Only with the unanimous approval by these committees, can this tool be employed to safeguard the country from desructive forces.

14. Anonymous - September 15, 2008

Anonymous said…

After 51 years MALAYSIA IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE but backward because of the Oppression from the UMNO goons’ divide and rule fear tactics the Rakyats have matured & you must see all this coming because All The Rakyats of Malaysia are all fed-up & can no longer with-stand the hypocrisies, bullshits, lies and deceits of these UMNO Clowns now in Power ok???

We urge all BN Components MPs with a conscience to do the necessary to make possible a New Malaysia for all Rakyats of Malaysia so that all our children and their children & their children’s children’s future will be safe and secured in the Country we all love and not be intimidated by those UMNO Clowns now in power with their oppressive & fear tactics and in the verge of making Malaysia a Police State if left unchecked otherwise. The Acting IGP is defending the Police position after being made the tools of UMNO’s fear tactics & so he is now making lame excuses for being the string puppet to be easily manipulated by the power that be.

Moronic PeeM and Botak Home Minister last minutes’ attempts to cling on power by using the fear tactics of using the ISA at their whims and fancies selectively against dissent & tried to deny their own actions as they now have no balls to face the wrath of the all the Rakyats of Malaysia.

All Rakyats of Malaysia will see to that these Clowns will be thrown out soon come the New Dawn of Malaysia & that all Rakyats of Malaysia will welcome the New Malaysia on Malaysia Day 916, 2008 for a Malaysia for All Malaysians.

Justice MUST BE DONE for Altantuya and for all those detained under ISA without the trial nor the rights of appeal. Light-up a Candle in the Lantern of the Mid-Autumn Festival for them all to usher in the NEW DAWN OF MALAYSIA COME 916, 2008
Zymian // Sep 14, 2008 at 4:07 pm

We are indeed witnessing an attempt by certain hardcore Umno operatives to create unrest amongst the various races. Remember, it is to create the perfect pretence for the UMNO led government to impose emergency law and thus roll back their losses in the last elections!
The ISA arrests are only part of the plan. There will be further provocations! They are desperately hoping that enough unrest and conflict will arise so that they may use even more hardliner’s tactics with the security forces.
I sincerely hope our fellow citizens will remain calm. Fight, I say…but fight smart. Use the net, use it to spread the word that violence and conflict is to be avoided.
The UMNO hardliners (Dr M, Toyo) have run out of ideas. In their desperation, they have become more ruthless. We just need to stay the course….and these jokers will self destruct.

15. Paul Warren - September 16, 2008

This UMNO led government is so out of tune with human nature, I am beginning to wonder if indeed it might just be us that have to have our capacity to respond rationally and correctly examined. Honestly I am beginning to worry for our fellow Malaysians for how stupid we can be.

Before you blast me off, just consider this. You are sober and you know that the driver of your car is so drunk and he is falling all over himself just getting to his car. Now, he insists on driving, and you get into his car and let him drive because he is insistent. Now, as to be expected he drives into a a tree or something. You blame him? Or you blame yourself?

This UMNO led government is so drunk in its power that rather than seeking to score more and more by grandstanding their power in examples of their deeds, they persist on attempting to instill fear in the examples of their power.

Yes they got the ISA and we are supposed to fear. Instead, because they are so out of touch with the people and possibly themselves that they are unable to even see the emotional response that they expect to see from them wielding their power is not what actually comes out. Instead of fear, it is disgust. And for many Malays whose emotions it is they are hoping to arouse, instead of awe, and thankfulness for that power, it would seem like they too are beginning to turn to disgust and embarrassment

I suppose to the UMNO leaders Theresa Kok’s arrest is supposed to appease the Malays. But does it? You think the Malays are as silly, and dumb as they assume them to be? So you arrest Theresa because you say she has spoken against the azan. The Malays are supposed to be thankful.

But today’s Malays can see that the masjids themselves have contradicted them. Of course in the Utusan Malaysia world this information does not go down to them. And the idiot Prime Minister probably only reads and acts on Utusan Malaysia. So Theresa remains incarcerated. But the Malays are not buying it anymore.

Actually its a waste of time at this juncture even commenting on UMNO and BN. Might as well move on what needs to be done and what opportunities there are.

16. Rick - September 16, 2008

How’s your Taiwan trip? 😉

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