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The last days of BN September 13, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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The last time I saw Teresa Kok was on Wednesday during Exco Meeting in Shah Alam. Despite the blatant lies spun from a dentist with a penchant for fancy watches and a daily which functions as the mouthpiece of Umno, she was a little cheered up when we told her she’ll be a very wealthy woman once she wins her lawsuit. 

Imagine our shock and anger while at a Taipei hotel check-in counter when we received news of her detention under ISA. Her arrest was premised on those same lies which were debunked by the Kota Damansara Mosque which  became the pawn of the dentist and his evil partymen. 

When a government acts against folks like Raja Petra, Tan from Sin Chew (who merely did her job of reporting what was said by a racist) and Teresa, their actions are against all that is decent and good in humankind. The Islam Hadhari government of Abdullah Badawi, Najib Razak, and every single member in Barisan Nasional is now not only incompetent and pathetic, but downright evil

And cheap too. They couldn’t even bother to be a little more creative in trying to save their asses, but followed the same old recycled script of 1987.  

This current operation didn’t just happen but has been pre-planned for a while now with a series of bad acting in front of our eyes in the past weeks. Don’t be surprised if the whole Ahmad Ismail PDA (public display of aggression) had the full consent of his leaders. Small-timers don’t act without instructions and support from the bosses.

These are the last days of BN – their last gasp will be foul and deadly. Don’t let history repeat itself. Don’t let this evil government get away this. Kick ’em out of our political map forever.


1. everboleh - September 13, 2008

expected, this is UMNO Malaysia Boleh land la!

2. Eagle has landed - September 13, 2008

The time has come. Are we helpless? Everyone is angry, sad and disgusted. ‘In this predicament, to retreat is impossible’……’When a nation has arrived at this state, it must either change its customs and its laws, or parish; for the source of public virtues is dried up; and though it may contain subjects, it has no citizens’. I am screaming in frustration, May God bless Malaysia. Over to you Pakatan Rakyat.

3. christ - September 13, 2008

well said! the evil gomen will fall like wall of jerico does

4. estilo - September 13, 2008

Just bring back the good news from Taiwan. Just do it now, PKR. Your DAP friend has gone down for you, it’s your turn to deliver. Just stop all the stupid talks. The more you drag this on, the more shits happen.

5. andru - September 13, 2008

We cannot stand another day watching those evil crooks ruin our country. Make it happen fast and bring good news from Taiwan.

6. khalid - September 13, 2008

This is not ISLAM, but a truely islam hadhari!!!

7. dan - September 13, 2008

stay calm buddies, dont protest or demo on the streets.
it may give a perfect umno to arrest the opposition under ISA.
just let it to PR leaders to handle…

Hopefully 916 will come true.
No matter what, remember this day,
make sure vote out BN in next GE…

8. Azimi - September 13, 2008

They will do all sorts of things to save their sorry asses. You can almost feel these are desparate people using lies and deceit and even evil and despicable methods to hang on to power. They know once they lose it they will be exposed of all their wrongdoings and abuses of power. They know they could be jailed and even hung from the tallest tree for the crimes they have committed. They are really getting desparate!

9. vesu - September 13, 2008

people are actually fed up with AAB and his government and not the other way as mentioned by the lame duck PM. ALL MPs with right thinking should speak up … be like Muhideen – he is telling his boss to get out soon … the BN Mps should support him by getting out of BN and joining PR… lets UNITE

10. telur dua - September 13, 2008

UMNO/BN is writhing in agony, kicking and gasping for air. The end is nigh (God bless their souls) and being the evils that they are, they want to take as many as possible with them.

11. Son of The Eternal Bliss - September 13, 2008

Well dey hve been getting away with these double standrads void of basic human decency for a long time. I hve a sinking feeling that dey might jst get away with it dis time around too. The epic Mahabaratha of ancient India comes to mind. One of the main character Dhuriyodhana along with his 99 brothers, Kauravas seized the Kingdom of Pandavas, the five brothers thru unethical means. Banished to the forest for 14 years, the Pandavas, when returned to claim their rightful ownership of the Kingdom, were refused by the evil Dhuriyodhana. When Krishna met as messenger to mediate with reason, Dhuriyodhana not only tried to kill the messenger(Lord Krishna) but declared that he will not entertain any request for even land of the size of a needle point.
In the ensued battle the entire Kingdom perished, off course the 5 Pandavas were spared along with Lord Krishna.
Well human history keeps repeating over and over again through the skewed human mind. Afterall human beings are the greatest enemies to unto themselves. Hitler, Musolini, Stalin, Osama, Bush and a host of others come to mind.
Let us all pray for our beloved Malaysia and its innocent citizenry.

12. wandererAUS - September 13, 2008

The mad cow disease have now infected the head of the herd. So be cautious and don’t unnecessary run into their path. The pen is mightier than the sword when you deal with mad men. Our day will come, just the matter of time.

13. Prashan Chitty [Mr. P!] Made in Melaka! - September 13, 2008

[…] don’t fall for its rouse either‘ or Teresa Kok held over ‘azan’ issue or The last days of BN or RPK’s Words of […]

14. yh - September 13, 2008

it was staged just as the last time in 1987 with MCA being one of the main actors.
be very very careful if MCA comes out with guns slinging. Its just doing the dirty work of UMNO.
Lets wait, be patient, hold your horses and no violence please notwithstanding your inner rage and third party provocation. 916 may be delayed but 920 or 1020 or dates dont matter. Just work together in the next election to kick out this decadent regime so that this beautiful country of ours has a mightily brighter future.

15. True-Leaders.com - September 13, 2008

Subaidah Nasi Kandar is said to be owned by Ahmad Ismail.
And remember that fellow who tore up Koh Tsu Koon’s picture? Well, he is said to be the owner of Kayu Nasi Kandar.

Not sure how true this information is though. I don’t know about you but I will not be visiting these makan places for a long long time to come.

And Penangites, the Shell in Greenlane (in front of Gembira Parade) is also rumoured to belong to Ahmad Ismail.

Hmmm, let’s see…Where’s the nearest Esso, Petronas….?

16. Anonymous - September 13, 2008


To all BN components’ MPs with consciences, throw them out tomorrow to welcome a new Dawn of Malaysia with the divine grace.

Was UMNO so scared of RPK that they have to place him under ISA arrest? Or they have now collaborated with the murderers of Altantuya because more dirty linens have to be washed in Public that leave the Guilty C4 no choice despite his Swearing Circus & in order to silence RPK by placing him away safely is by using ISA to avoid more revelations of their crimes if he is taken to court under the sedition charges???

Come the new Dawn of Malaysia that Justice must now be done to those Guilty of Murder and Conspiracy and also for those who were detained without trial or the rights of appeal.

17. halim - September 13, 2008

Eli, Godspeed in Taiwan. BTW you are very pretty.

18. Volcano - September 13, 2008

To MCA, MIC, Gerakan, SAPP and All other component parties of BN.

Time to support the move to withdraw from BN. How can you all support a CLOWN who makes a mockery out of the Rule of Law to imprison a reporter who reported the truth. And the One Racist found guilty and suspended by their own party is going round the country spreading the same racist propaganda. How…How are you all be so quiet and support such a draconian CLOWN? Your conscience will hurt you in the future for your inaction. This party is full of little napolens who acts like a racist gangster. Come On Make this their WATERLOO….

19. Dewnasing - September 13, 2008



20. Palaniappan - September 13, 2008

Please just do the job you are entrusted to in Taipeh. Too much bragging about taking over the govt. resulted in invoking ISA by the BN to safeguard their own interest. We need the results and not mere words of rhetoric. People are getting worried, impatient and doubtful whether 16 Sept. 2008 will be realized.

21. Enough is enough! - September 13, 2008

Dear Lizzie,

Take care as you may be the next one they want to nab after Theresa. The 5 of you in Taiwan must do your best to get some of these BBC to jump ship so as to bring down UMNO by 16 Sept. We are waiting for the good news from Taiwan from you to bring about DSAI’s Tuesday’s “surprize package” to the people. Good luck and God bless!

22. justice M - September 13, 2008

Stay calm! Stay constitutional.Get DSAI to petition agong to recall Parliament for an emergency session.Pass a no confidence motion against AAB.King appoints DSAI caretaker PM.Hold General elections within 30days and we will have a new Malaysia by 1st December 2008.
This is the only constitutional, legal and peaceful way in the eyes of the Rakyat and in the eyes of the world.

23. Antares - September 13, 2008

Eli, sweet to hear from you! Even sweeter to hear whatever good news you have for us back home 🙂 Call me a nutcase, but much can happen in a nanosecond in these days of fiber-optic communications, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Anwar does pull it off before the end of next week. A lot depends on the less tarnished ones in Umno, MCA, and Gerakan. MIC? Maybe two or three can survive without their Goddfather Samy… 🙂 Come back safe… and, remember, you’re always welcome in my budget paradise.

Major hugs

24. chong - September 13, 2008

let’s be together to uphold the truth, justice and the freedom!!!

kick the evil back to hell!!!

what i worry is the whole polis force, the jurisdiction, the ACA and the army department are with the evil.

25. bennyloh - September 13, 2008
26. bennyloh - September 13, 2008
27. BUB - September 14, 2008

Thank you so much for your sacrificies in taking the fight against these BeEnd goons.I salute you the magnificient 5 for braving the typhoon to get us back our independence. Hanya tuhan yg dapat membalas jasa kalian. Semoga selamat pulang membawa kejayaan yg kami seluruh rakyat Malaysia nanti nantikan. 16 Sept- lets throw the corrupted government out!

28. Top Posts « WordPress.com - September 14, 2008

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29. Ben - September 15, 2008

Certainly this blatant disregard for fellow Malaysians and voters will not go unpunished. As the list of ISA propagators grow so will the voice of dissent until we drown them in their own afflictions.

List of ISA promoters:
1) Abdullah Badawi
2) Syed Hamid Albar
3) Shabery Cheek
4) Senior police officer who issued the ISA arrest (known only to SH)

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