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Selamat Hari Malaysia :) September 16, 2008

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1. megat terawis - September 16, 2008

Selamat Hari Malaysia indeed! My birthday is on the 17th..If Pakatan does take over this coming few days, it’ll be the most meaningful b’day for me.

Looking fwd to a new Govt!

2. Penang - September 16, 2008

If there are things to be celebrated, it is the fall of be end.

Hopefully, the racist policies of be end would fall into the abyss along with the rotten carcass of be end.

3. arifabdull - September 16, 2008
4. monsterball - September 17, 2008

hAPPY MALuisia Day.

Happy Malaysia Day…..Liz!

5. A Toong - September 17, 2008

Wow, what a Malaysia day party out in the open Stadium together with 20,000 odd Malaysians of diverse ethnic origins to ring in the new Malaysia !!

When we are about to start for the party site, we could not see the moon … perhaps the moon has been detained too by the Si Botak ?? !! The hairless, brainless UMNO fellow !!

But as we approach the stadium, we could see the moon peeking from behind the dark cloud and by the time we reached the stadium the full moon was shining brightly .. against the dark sky … sure signs that the people has triumphed over the forces of darkness…

The organisers have thoughtfully laid out straw mats on the field … and we sat right in the center of the vast field under the full moonlight … to soak in the Malaysia day celebration party while listening to the speeches of the State gov’t and Federal Opposition leaders !!

When we arrived at about 10pm, Khalid, the MB of Selangor was speaking.. He said that the new Pakatan state gov’t has cancelled all sand mining permits given by the previous BN gov’t to their cronies… the old BN gov’t reported annual sand mining revenue of 17 Million whereas the new Pakatan gov’t now estimate the renevue to be RM 180 Million … what a vast difference !!

Khalid was followed by Kamaluddin Jaafar, the secretary of PAS … who promised to repeal the ISA and release of all ISA detainees once Pakatan takes over Putrajaya .. The rakyat are looking forward to the change of gov’t…

Then it was, DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang… who said that the Malaysia sky will change.. in the very near future.. as its the desire of the people..

The last speaker was Anwar.. whose dynamic speech sprinkled with humour was the highlight of the evening !

Anwar said that the BN gov’t is playing the racial and religious card to prolong their hold on power.. He accused Khir Toyol and Utusan Malaysia of playing up religious sentiments and fabricating accusations against Teresa … which resulted in her being detained under ISA !!

Anwar said that Raja Petra (RPK) has been arrested because he revealed too much secrets of the UMNO’s leaders … corruption, land grab, sexual misconduct, murder … And RPK is the antithesis of racist UMNO !

Anwar said the Malays is a people with refined culture and are reliable and morally upright… unfortunately a small group of Malays has sullied the good name of the Malay race …

Anwar reiterated that he has the numbers. A joint Pakatan leaders’ letter has been handed to Badawi asking for a date with the PM to negotiate a peaceful handover of power !!

Pakatan would rather have a negotiated peaceful handing over of power … and the ball is in Badawi court… to fix a date to get the ball rolling …

We all hope that the teh tarik session with Badawi .. take place today !!

Happy Malaysia Day !!

A Toong
Sept 16, 2008

6. monsterball - September 17, 2008

Liz…As a blogger…you know kickdefella well…and he was arrested…today…now at Bukit Aman.
He was the one….putting the national flag…upside down.
Please do something!

7. monsterball - September 17, 2008

Liz…kickdefella was arrested at KB…now a Bukit Aman.
Please help him!

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