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TQ all for the ‘million’ … :D September 23, 2008

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My left eye narrowed to relook at the numbers.


It was only this afternon that I realised I’d passed the ‘million’ benchmark (probably over the weekend) and had completely missed out celebrating the occasion 😀 

Admittedly this blog has been a little slow (and rather restrained) in the past months, but here’s hoping things will pick up before the end of the year.

Thank you everyone for dropping by! 

PS. Rockybru is 7 million (plus plus) this week!


1. Eagle has landed - September 23, 2008

Wow!.. if it is million dollars like those people in power normally (that is why they never bother to blog) get -you know how they get it la. Tonite we can enjoy like I used to say during my younger days,- hey people, lets go and drink to glory. A nostalgic feeling and when , if ever Pakatan Rakyat in power, I wish this nation will be turn around to a land of opportunity to we the people of Malaysia. Will this generation be the turning point? Have fun.

2. Johnny Cheah - September 23, 2008

CONGRATS LIZ, keep going girl

3. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - September 24, 2008

We need both eyes to look at any figure properly
To get a balanced view without looking too quickly
So as to appreciate the figure very thoroughly
Let’s monitor the ‘million’ figure continuously

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240908
Wed. 24th Sept. 2008.

4. Taxy Driver - September 24, 2008

Here’s to a million more. Keep it up please. Great to read my ADUN’s views on stuff. Would be even better if you could have a few posts about the environment, since its your portfolio. Tell us what’s happenin’ up that alley. Leave politics to its dirty tricks for a while.

5. Gunnfan - September 24, 2008

Rock on Liz. 🙂

6. ventura - September 26, 2008

“Remember Liz a million miles more is the million more of gain of expectation.

Greater number means greater responsibility to the people of the nation that appointed you.

So keeps the blessing coming in and stay on the right path of the light. At time the temptation will come remember always stick to the light and the blessing will come thereof. The light in the people of Malaysia will inspire you to a greater high.

Congratulation…. “ – ventura

7. IonBuck - October 10, 2008

Congrats! Hope to be able to read more articles from you! Hope you will update your Flickr website, too! You take great photos!

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