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On the Sri Maha Kaliamman shrine September 30, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Race Relations.
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We have seen and felt the anguish of those who were forced to defend their temples and even suraus in past years, usually due to a parcel of land being subjected to development. I have seen my friend Uthayakumar beaten and arrested defending century-old temples and shrines – and now he has been detained without trial under the ISA for a year.

So when the rakyat gave us an opportunity to govern Selangor on 8 March, this means we have to try to do things differently, and attempt to rectify the mistakes of the past as far as possible. In fact, I touched on this issue in my speeches during the election campaign earlier this year.

The Pakatan Rakyat Selangor state government policy is clear:- That no place of worship (whether surau, tokong, kuil, church etc.) built prior to 8 March 2008 is to be demolished, unless and until a suitable site has been identified for relocation.

So, imagine our horror when we found out a Hindu shrine was demolished recently. No doubt it might have been built in a forest reserve or wherever for that matter, but the policy still stands regardless; we begin with the premise that most of these places of worship were forced over the years into this grey zone, and neglected until recently.

MPAJ should not have done what it did and more so, when it is not within its jurisdiction but of Forestry Department since it is a forest reserve. This afternoon, I checked with Forestry officers and (I am somewhat relieved) they were neither involved nor aware of the operation. 

This lack of compliance of directives from the Pakatan Rakyat state government is something we have been battling from Day 1. However, this is not saying everyone is recalcitrant or trying to sabotage us, but there were a number of occasions which raised eyebrows and voices. Still, the MB is somewhat very optimistic that we are able to reason and to convince all the staff that ‘our’ way or the Pakatan Rakyat’s policies are better for all.

But not in the above case of clear defiance which reeks of sabotage. Suffice to say, we have taken action on the high-ranking officer who gave the order for the demolition (and who can’t possibly feign ignorance in this matter) and amends shall be made.

(But since I have stated my preference to the Menteri Besar that only one of us speak, as opposed to four, five spokespersons in the past couple of days, I shall let the person-in-charge give the public the details later today.)

The larger picture is this:- Many of these sites of worship have been built in the last 50 years or so (if not longer) on grounds not gazetted or unsuitable for religious purposes. This is due to the practice of town planning based on politics as opposed to needs and foresight. They should not be forced to go under high tension wired places or on river reserves, or in forests and factory lots – they deserve to be part of our Malaysian public landscape (and in fact, some should be considered part of our history and heritage). Which is why I am proposing to some of the local draft plans that are undergoing review to start putting in areas for religious purposes (apart from more cemeteries, parks etc.). At the same time, the process of registering these places of worship is also ongoing.

This issue is not just an ‘Indian’ issue, but one which every Pakatan Rakyat representative, regardless of one’s ethnic or religious background,  is committed to resolving. 

To my Hindu friends and readers, please accept my apologies and at the same time, I sincerely urge everyone to allow our Pakatan Rakyat government to continue to make things right and to implement just and sustainable solutions to our multiple, long-standing problems.



1. abi - September 30, 2008

Dear YB,

Thank you for the explanation. I for one am looking forward to hear the official statement from the state govt. Such behavior should never be tolerated and i hope it is fixed sooner rather than later.

Race is something which is extremely sensitive and it must be resolved swiftly as if its left un-attended it only can spell disaster.

2. Go!Malaysian... - September 30, 2008

This is a serious matter…
Selangor PR Gov should show to RAKYAT they are different from old ruller Be End!!!

This is my feeling about this issue…


3. wandererAUS - September 30, 2008

This unfortunate event should not be made into a political issue. Let’s get the official explanation and establish the fact of the matter. If the culprits, who demolished the temple, went against the ruling of the current govt, then, appropriate punishment should be taken.Meantime, keep a cool head, don’t allow people like Samy velo and MIC to gain political mileage out of it.

4. Richard Loh - September 30, 2008

I hope that a clear explaination must be provided soonest possible. With mic, umno and their control media painting a slant and bad view about this incident, PR must do something fast about it. In facebook, many Indians are very angry with PR as written in their comments

5. ernest cheah - September 30, 2008


This something like you have a new Head but with an old body to run an organisation. I did mention it to Jeff Chew in Penang couple months ago, wonder he remember it.

6. Son of the Eternal Bliss - September 30, 2008

PR Government should first & foremost establish the fact if the Temple was a legitimate entity or not. Most of these Temples are private incorporated establishments. Most fall under a certain political party and its leadership to procure government grants (not for the benefit of the happless Inidan/Hindu). Please establish & publish the details in local dailies, when was last the temple had submitted its accounts to the ROC. Who are the official Management Committee. What are their service to the Hindu community around the area they were operating. Was there any meaningful contribution by this Temple to the local Hindu Community? Have they been conducting any Hindu Religious(Theology) classes to educate the Hindu community around the area. Have they been socially active such as helping the poor Hindus with their childrens educational needs, sponsored any student for higher education and the like. Unless we ask these valid quastions, these establishment will continue to operate for the benefit of a few and when something of this nature happens, the whole Hindu/Inidan community would be dragged into the mud. The Hindus themselves must come to terms with this issue. Are these Temples(private incorporated) helping the community or draining their resourses? A certain political party had been very good at playing politics by using two toys~hindu temples & tamil schools. They had fooled the Hindu/Inidans well all these while & seem will do so for a long time to come. PR wake up. Fight back with facts & figures. Do remember legitimate Hindu Temples must be protected and they must be encouraged to conduct result oriented social&welfare activities for the poor Indians/Hindus.

7. apatakena - September 30, 2008

Eli, semua sabotaj, MB tu sendiri sabotaj PR dengan mengekalkan semua YDP yang bakal sabotaj PR balik, kah kah kah, Orang sudah tegur tukar Semua YDP buat pekak je..pandai konon, bukan kira pandai disini, tapi kalau kena Sabotaj pandai pulak kata sabotaj…

Sekarang lu piki la sendiri…

Kami tak mahu terima istilah sabotaj lagi, faham

8. apatakena - September 30, 2008

Yang paling bodoh KERAJAAN BARU tetapi kerja dengan ORANG KERAJAAN LAMA, lebih baik tak payah tukar kerajaan. Sekarang siapa sabotaj siapa? Lu Piki laa sendiri, kalau tak tau memerintah turun je..bagi balik kat BN…senang cerita kah kah kah..

9. former BN supporter - September 30, 2008

Thank yo Pakatan . We know you are new , not 50 years. Effort and messages should send across to all pakatan atate council to be sensitive to places of worship for ALL races and reserved places of worship also for ALL races in new development plan.

I would also like to suggest thaat all pakatan stete direct ALL council in their state to do a streets and drain cleaning in ALL area especially back lane of shophouses , fillty dirty

2) to re-surface ALL roads in their state. No mor pothole, we want to be like singapore road.

10. khalaai - September 30, 2008

if this goverment cant even protect a temple, how they going to manage the whole country soon? r u realy ready for the central goverment? think deep, take yr time pakatan rakyat, if cant just forget it.

11. leekit - September 30, 2008

what action has been taken to the officer in charge? Make them know that this is unacceptable!!!

12. colimac - September 30, 2008

well one can build a temple and then demoish it and it can become a natonal issue.It would be good for the pakatan Govt o take snapshots of all the temples.the MIC is capable of doing this for their politicak reinvent.

13. vikram - September 30, 2008


quoting from you

” this unfortunate event should not be made into political issue…” this is just absurd and a bit silly….

tell me how did PR government played this issue and blew it out of proportion before GE-12?? Let me tell u the truth..

In Malaysia, anything that has got to do with race or religion, especially any resentment or dissatisfaction is the ultimate opportunity to gain support.

It was proved by PR, and now MIC (opposition) is doing the same too. It’s tried and tested.. Most importantly it worked..

Elizabeth, did you just seek for apology? Hey did u remember Lim Kit Siang refused to accept UMNO’s apology? Don’t you think Kit Siang is arrogant?

Well I hope Indians will not feel sorry for this PR government is bringing nothing but a false hope to them.. it’s not new dawn but dusk bringing along darkness…

I don’t know if u will accept this comment or not.. freedom of speech!

14. Artic Turban - September 30, 2008

Thank you for the coherrant explanation, it explains a lot more clearly and this is the type of answer the public who voted in Pakatan want to hear. Not the rather confusing news which has been exploited by the bn press. Here is my comment to DSAI AND AZMIN ALI’S BLOG SITES. It was written with the ernest hope that some sort of action should be taken on the hope the civi servants learn a very strong lesson.
SELAMAT HARI RAYA and May the blessings of ALLAH BE upon you, your kinfolk and all fellow Malaysians. I am quite relieved to hear your ’so called resignation’ was the work of Scumbags who have not heard the rakyats’ voice, OF WANTING CHANGE. Congrats on keeping up the good work, the struggle will be long and hard fought, but remember the truth will prevail. Pakatan is now facing its biggest challenge, Sabotage from within, by the civil servants.

The latest Temple Demolition in Ampang is an example in- point. What pakatan must show with immediate effect is to control the fires which have been lit, and it is a forest fire which is starting to burn without control, this needs to be nipped in the bud with immediate effect.lest you forget, Bn lost the last elections with the biggest loosers being MIC and Gerakan, because of temple demolitians both, chinese and Indian kuils. This was the main reason the Indians retaliated.
PUT OUT THE FIRE NOW BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, talking and ‘we will kaji’ will not work because the bn press is having a field day, and the ‘waiting for perundingan and investigate dulu before action’ will not work. It is seen to be another UMNO/ Bn style of govt reply. The state government must come out with a very strong statement from the M.B., if the council has supersided beyond its duty, i.e. that they have demolished the temple without the state’s consent and behind its back, than all the explanations will not work, its like closing the kandang kerbau door after all the kerbaus have run away. Immediate action starting with an announcement the the people involved in this incident will be suspended, pending investigation, after which the council should be fined and the head of relevant dept. and the director/mayor/head honcho of the council, explain himself why. how, when, who is in charge & responsiblility and whether he can do his job by controlling his staff. if not sack and replace. Enough of the warlord and little Napoleans mentality. KICK SOME BUTT as the buck stops with him. Another scenario will be to bring criminal charges against the civil servants involved,with jail time as a reward for abuse of power, I wouldn’t be surprised, if sacked, these civil servants have cushy jobs waiting for them on the federal level. SHOW THE CIVIL SERVANTS IRRESPICTIVE OF RACE OR RELIGION, THEY FACE SEVERE REPURCUSSIONS IF THEY GO AGAINST THE STATE GOVT.
A statement coming from the SULTAN OF SELANGOR, directed to the civil servants, they will face the sack if they go against their duties to sabotage the state govt, would be tantamount to sabotage of the Sultan personally, as he is the head of state will definatly send a strong message to the public at large. People still have very strong respect for the SULTAN OF SELANGOR, and especially with RPK as a relative, IT has helped a lot.
Suspend pending investigation with criminal charges to boot and also (SINCE ACA IS USELESS) INVESTIGATE the finances through State Audit dept. to see if any corruption is involved with all involved, see whether, they are living beyond their means and income. You have tools in your hands, remember the moto, “there are many ways to Skin a cat” Remember how Al Capone was brought down, through tax evasion.
I don’t mean to teach you and the Pakatan leaders how to rule or conduct your business, this is plainly a suggestion, but personally looking in from outside this would be the best bet,If it is presumptious of me to assume to advice or comment, I do apologise sincerely, I reiterate I will not presume to teach you your business, but this is feedback I am getting from the ground.

Another point raised and and now total SILENCE from the Selangor STATE GOVT, are the before election exposee’s of abuse of power and much harped about issues but no action seems to be Taken, Is the ‘ZAKARIA PALACE’ issue, if the tought of letting it go lightly because mr ZAKARIA MT DEROS has passed away, than pakatan is sadly wrong, the rakyat want some sort of action taken against the estate of Mr. ZAKARIA, this will go a long way to show the people of Malaysia that Pakatan means Bussiness, A LIFE OF CRIME WILL NOT PAY. They honeymoon is over, the voting public is very fickle, What is happenning with the Balkis funds, No news means the pakatan is not able to solve state problems, how will it solve National problems. While the focus may be on the two birds in the bush, lest you forget, don’t forget the Bird in the hand, bela that bird in the hand till it loves you so much, even if you let it go to fly away, it will come back to feed from your hand.
The temple demolition may also be a god send in disguise, NOW you have an opportunity, to clean house, i.e. the state civil service, with the excuse, those who degil and are saboteurs, can go find new pastures. WHY KEEP THE PERSON, WHO IS INTENTIONALLY PISSING INTO THE COMMUNAL WATER WELL.
Show the state is doing something. Where are the weekly state press reports, on what is happenning and what progress is happenning. There is a pakatan blog, but the updating at best now is so slow and it is starting to look like another typical bn govt. website with outdated news.

15. Eagle has landed - September 30, 2008

I am beginning to hate the whole episode, more or less disgusted. How to progress? Politics! politics! politics, and everyone claim to be so religious and pious. Or using religions for personal agenda. Please la all politicians from both sides, don’t be hypocrites, ‘nak resign la’ and threatening la… demo la…. what is this, please stand in front of the mirror, in a year how many time you have visited all these places that make all of you jumpy,-tak kira la, mosque ka, kuil ke, church ke, temple Buddha ke or whatever worships place? Do you all know “finish Rice”, don’t waste rakyat time, and get moving.!!!!!!! or else go and sleep like our PM.

16. Thong - September 30, 2008


Good of you to come out with this post. At least folks can have
a chance to read and evaluate for themselves.

Though the road forward is strewn with impediments really
appreciate your team in the relentless effort for a better

17. gmahan - September 30, 2008

Thank you YB Liz.

There are people who had benefitted from BN trying to sabotag PR by using their power. But they forget that whatever they do will come to the public. The officer who instructed the demolition should be given a stern warning and punishment.

Now they(BN) are spreading news that DSAI has instructed the demolition. This is to tarnish DSAI’s name and reputation.

18. Joeyoung - September 30, 2008


Whatever the actions are, the consequence must set a precedence that PR is not the govt of old and accountability must be adhere to and enforced. The new Govt must see that they are serious in their reform and rights of the citizen are protected.

19. Paul Warren - September 30, 2008

And we now have aPKR MP threatening to leave the PKR if no action is taken.

As an Indian I feel disgusted by this guy’s attitude. Holding your own people to ransom. Does he not realise that he is not MP for any Indian but an MP for all his constituents? Does he not realise that he is MP, not by virtue of his personal credentials, but by the grace of the spirit of the moment? And that is certainly not by his doing.

It is about time PKR told every one of its representatives that they are ADUNs or MPs for everyone of their constituents and not only those of their own race or religion.

Fair enough, sometimes it may take one from within your own race or religion to reach out to you. But what we are saying is this should not be the case. I know that I can go to you, Elizabeth to deal with a problem I have. That would be a personal problem which has nothing to do with race or religion. Obviously bridges have to be crossed when having to deal wiht one other’s religion or racial issue. But isn’t an MP or an ADUN already committed to cross such bridges anyway?

20. Malaysia Digest - September 30, 2008

Yeah, it like there is a new chairman but with the old thugs as the directors and executive.

21. hawkeye - September 30, 2008

Madam the new PR government is entiteled to some teething problems in their early years, and do not let those who want to politicise and racialise it, detter you from your initial objective of setting right all the wrong of the previous BN government. Your sincertity and apology will not see its way to MSM,but the people can differenciate sincerty from hypocracy. Be firm and stick to the task at hand.

22. sk keung - September 30, 2008

Dear YB.,

Stern action (dismissal MPAJ – top honcho) is a must to emphasis and the importance & severity of their failure (responsibilities) to the people.

To apologized & quickly re-built the shire of worship within 30 days will garner the goodwill of the people. People will understand the action is the act of one (1) man AND not the PR state govt.

PR – MB (Tan Sri Khalid) must announced the punitive action immediately -must clearly & without malice that action initiated is on non compliance of the staff and not based on any race or religion.

All the staff must understand they must toe the line & not cry wolf ( i am not aware of this or i am on leave etc)

Kelana Jaya

23. sarao - September 30, 2008

YB, don’t you think its time to push harder for local council elections to avoid such recurrences in the future? Other wise these hardcore local council staff will never change!! They do not know the meaning of being pro-active at all. Always wait until rakyat complain in writing or by revealing all their personal details to the Bahagian Aduan – example MPKJ.

24. On the Sri Maha Kaliamman shrine | a Malaysia for Malaysians - September 30, 2008

[…] source : elizabeth wong […]

25. Why Cares - September 30, 2008

Can we just retired off the officers that displayed ‘clear defiance which reeks of sabotage’ ?

Let the old BeeAnt ‘s MOLES fade away for their own sake.

They are like cancerous cells !

26. LeeZ - September 30, 2008

YB, thanks for the explanation…

I hope that the Selangor State government will punish the culprit behind this.

27. Devan - September 30, 2008

Get rid of the TOYO”s in the Council. This hantus will create problem cos they are in collabration with the outside evils like samy velu. mohan, punithan shan . All these bastards will do whatever they can to destroy the PR Govt.
When Toyo was doing this ..they kept quiet!! Hiding inside sarongs!!1

28. Sad Malaysian - September 30, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat please don,t let us down.

We throw Mic because we have no trust on them, but we have trust on Pakatan that why we choose you so please don,t let us down.

For our Mic friends why you guys can go and make noise now and go to MP’s office give memorandum now. Where are you guys went when the former MP demolish all the old temples, why you all just keep quit because the MP is Samy’s friend.

The Hindraf leaders wake all indian’s up they can talk on behalf us so Mic guy,s and samy velu please shut up we have no respect on you MIC!!!!


29. temenggong - September 30, 2008

Very good Liz,

Its reassuring to hear these views. And well written may I say. For a moment we thought that Pakatan MPs and Aduns have gone dead.

The issue of temple demolition is going to arise again and again and will hold us all back. There are several thousand such small temples and shrines all over the 4 Pakatan states, probably 12,000. The ‘no demolition’ policy is good but not enough. We need an ‘immediate allocation’ policy.

Right away allocate lands for all these 12,000 unregistered temples. Some of them can be grouped together, so it won’t be 12,000 lots but only 3-4,000 lots. What is then left is simply a ‘relocation process’ which may take several years. With this the onus to move is put on the temples and no more a govt issue! We would then have put this issue behind us once and for all!

Thank you once again for the reassuring views.

30. GoodWilll - September 30, 2008

I got to know the deputy has been suspended .. That is good appraoch .. All we need is action to be done against who act against the RULE.

Like last time .. how many temples has been demolished and MIC and MCA just ignore , now you can see those jerks shouting beause of one temples demolished under PR rules.

No matter what , if the temples has been demolished . build a new one . .fast .. keep that semi mouth shut up ..

31. peru - September 30, 2008

easy solution, find a new place at a hilltop and bulit a new temple 10 times bigger than previous temple. After all Hindus are praying for well being for all (people & country). I believe in DHARMA & KARMA and I LOVE my country

32. jungleboy - September 30, 2008

I had mentioned many times that it will not be easy for PR to govern Selangor, Perak and Penang when the UMNOputras with their resources will continue to sabotage the PR. Dont forget that there are still alot of serving govt officers by courtesy of UMNO. If PR is firm, fair and compassinate towards all, I am sure they will pass with flying colors since the standard set by BN is so bottom-low.

33. Mahendran - September 30, 2008

eli, it is definitely not ur or PR’s fault. Any right thinking person wud see that clearly.

at least the PR is doing something to protect, or correct their mistakes, unlike the previous gov who went ahead to hentam all other temples.
at least from now on the state gov must be in firm control of its local councils.
😉 coool !

34. Henry - September 30, 2008

One of the actions which can be taken is to find out who authorised the whole thing and FIRE him/her, then others will hesitate to do things at their whim and fancy. Which also means PR means business and not talk only.

The above is my suggestion only.
All we can do is hope that things will get better….
I am Disappointed but still u all are better than the previous state gov

35. ciltra - September 30, 2008

Dear YB,Its such a relief to hear from the state govt.I thought you guys have all been sent for a “lawat sampai belajar” trip or what,no sound from you guys.Some points to note and note pronto.We are very disappointed with nothing being done about all the abuses that was kor
ek after the elections.1)Please sack the official resposible for the the demolition.By doing so you send a very early warning to all the other states that PR will not condone mischief from civil servants.2)What is happening to our money used for building the castle in Klang.3)What is happening to the Balkis fund.We know your hands are tied,we understand.But if our MB was more eserrtive things can move.TQ

36. wandererAUS - September 30, 2008


Grow up. “Two wrongs do not make ONE RIGHT!”
I was merely pointing out that this sort of event, best kept within the jurisdiction of the civil services of the state. If politics are allowed to come in, nothing much will be done, except talking c*ck. The best result is to establish the truth, have those responsible, face the music… if they, demolished the temple without given proper authority.
Perhaps, old habits of these culprits who have served the previous arrogant UMNO-BN govt, are difficult to rid off!

37. rakyat malaysia yang taat - September 30, 2008

everywhere there are still rubbish.
in the drain, roadside five foot way, food court,
tidak ada langsung satu tempat yang bersih kemas
dan teratur.
bilakah semua ini akan bertukar ?
satu sebab yang utama presiden semua majlis daerah
tidak cekap dan tidak berfungsi.
kenapa kerajaan PR tak pecat mereka ?

38. oldcitizen - September 30, 2008

Madam the new PR government is entiteled to some teething problems in their early years, and do not let those who want to politicise and racialise it, detter you from your initial objective of setting right all the wrong of the previous BN government. Your sincertity and apology will not see its way to MSM,but the people can differenciate sincerty from hypocracy. Be firm and stick to the task at hand.

39. Syitah - September 30, 2008

Bagaimana kalau org Melayu balik saja bersatu bawah Umno saja,senang citer.Aku dah menyampah dgn beberapa kerat pemimpin PKR macam MP Kelang,cepat naik angin,selalu ugut nak letak jawatan,hanya kerana satu kuil yg bila-bila pun boleh di baiki kalau dah berlaku kesilapan,dia melatah bukan main lagi.Tunjuk lagak.Pemimpin PKR kena hati-hati jangan sampai org Melayu PKR merajuk,dan kembali kepada sarang Umno mereka,ramai ahli PKR adalah bekas ahli Umno yg cuba nak berubah.

40. Benny Lee - September 30, 2008


Thanks for the explianation. Why haven’t the MB call a pc to make an official statement? The rakyat wants to know who gave the authority for the demolition. Act fast now before more damage is done.Remember,the BN propaganda is having a field day.

What action is taken agaisnt the person responsible? Let’s hope is not just another transfer!!!

41. jerryliew - September 30, 2008

If the temple demolition was done with malicious intent, then quickly rebuilt it as fast as they take to demolised it. This will shows how the PR works!
Good always trumps over evils.

42. bayi - September 30, 2008

It’s good to have a clear explanation from a person empowered to speak and who is in the know. The PR state government has to come clear and show its innocence in the matter and then take the necessary action against the culprit and then put in place a firmer mechanism to ensure that policies made by the MB’s Office are strictly adhered to in future.

43. artic turban - September 30, 2008

Bottom line, ITS THE PR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY for the biadap civil servants.

44. nurul hani - October 1, 2008

why don’t the police catch these violaters who went against state government’s orders? PDRM juga tidur?

45. teh ching kim - October 1, 2008

any photos of the quil before demolition?

46. DS - October 1, 2008

Just reading everyones comments make me sick. Everyone wants a change but are not willing to step up and make the count. We talk about race, religion, the nation’s politic’s. etc. but fail to look at our ownselves. If you want change for the better, start with yourself. And then force the issue with your neighbour. Do not expect someone else to do the hard work for you.

On UMNO, I do believe that the time has come for change. They must go and re-evaluate their priorities. PR should be allowed to govern..if they have the numbers. This will allow for a better government vs opposition debate in future, and this will only enhance the quality of living in Malaysia.

Let’s make ourselves count.

47. soulsberry - October 1, 2008

Thank you for your sincere apology. This is so different from BN representative that always too arrogant to admit any fault.

For now, please do the necessaries and not to let the rakyat down. We hope it won’t repeat again.

I suggest PR to have a press conference to give sincere explanation and apology to the rakyat, so everyone can understand the whole issue and observe the corrective action from PR.

Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslim brothers and sisters! : )

48. Nobi - October 1, 2008


Aiyah MP sometimes show just how stupid they r in our Bolehland, say what u want, religion will forvever be use by people who are neither religious nor righteous since the days of the pope and as far back as the people who claims theirs is a beautiful and mature civilisation.
Whats so civilise with all this silly and childish comments, do not even know how to bring up an issue properly, like small boy a bit a bit a do not want to friend u any more.
And my friend is right, a hostile takeover in any corp cannot leave the previous CEO supporter behind Enemy in yr house, rea; stupid

49. Simon - October 1, 2008

If the PR government truly believes in “Reformasi’ – do something drastic to the civil service under its purview.
Sack them all if necessary and replace with those who wants to earn a decent living by working hard on it. Those who obey orders from the government of the day.
Like thousands of Malaysians of my age, I am beginning to feel how ‘powerless’ the PR government seems to be. 6 months have passed, the potholes remained on the state roads, longkang still filled with rubbish.
I think migrating seems to be a better option to regain a more meaningful life for most Malaysians.

50. parameswara - October 2, 2008

Go PR Go. Do a good job. Pls sack all civil servants who ‘sabotage’ PR. These are all UMNO agents !!!

51. Gunnfan - October 2, 2008

Liz you are a shiny beacon of hope in a sea of scum politicos.

Keep up the good work.

We should cut BR a bit of slack. We gave BN 50 years! A year from now we will all see the difference. The future is bright.

Plus the fact that mic [sic] was protesting devolves the whole episode into one big pathetic political circus. Where were these zeros when BN and Tempeman were demolishing temples with gusto all these years. Puhlease. Go away. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

52. kastal lee - October 2, 2008

Agree with the “Son of the Eternal Bliss”.

53. Eric Steve - October 2, 2008

Dear Elizabeth
I think a clear message needs to go out to all those civil servants who forget that they are “servants” not “bosses”. An example has to be made of all those who participated in this despicable action. By all, I mean ALL. For a start, dismissal of the originators of the action. A letter of reprimand, loss of promotion prospects for the rest. A NAME and SHAME campaign would also be a good thing to do. I guess FIRM disciplinary action should clearly send the message to all these tinpot dictators that they can no longer run their organizations like their personal fiefdoms. GO PR!!!!!

54. haisara - October 2, 2008

I think PR ought to summon all local councils and get all place of worship authenticated of their legalities. New places of worship must be subjected to approval by a board comprising of the religious elected representatives. Any expansion should be subjected to the same approval authority. Published these sites and and make it public.
With regards to this recent demolition.., sack the culprit. Sabotage is the only conclusion as I really believe no one in the right frame of mind would gave such an order knowing very well that such action would draw public anger.
I do believe the above was well within PR administration and anyone who had passed PMR would draw up these SOPs’.
Get cracking YB we are all counting on you.

55. Littlebird - October 2, 2008

Dear YB,

While addressing the issue of planning and rebuilding places of worship why not tackle the root cause of many Hindu shrines existing in Malaysia? Unlike other major religions – Hindusim comes with a big number of deities resembling the various avatar of god. So seeing many temples does not mean they are all the same. Just like Methodist, Catholic, etc churches.

The best way to tackle these little shrines and temples is to appoint a higlhy respected Hindu authority to review all Hindu structures and make the relevant recommendations. Having said that problem still bound to crop because the very nature of Hindusim which advocate freedom to practice its religion in the best way that suit an individual as long it doesn’t go against the tenets of Hindu principles. But they are in minority.

56. Chimera - October 2, 2008

Well the malaysian Govt hv to look serious on this. In every new housing plan, the govt shld allocate a land for Hindu, Buddhist, Christian as they r allocating a place for mosque or Surau. When we had problem with our developer, together with my father we questioned the developer, where is the space that u suppose to allocate for the Hindu’s Buddhist and Christians? Dun telll me all of us hv to go to Batu Caves n pray everyday… The Datuk Juz smile n walk off without an answer…such a rude gesture….
I request YB b alert n pls dun ask forgive after the damage hv been done.
When we r student, our teachers dun like excuses,
When we r employee….our employer hate excuses….
No more excuses…We need a solid action from Selangor State Govt.
Why the MB is keeping is mouth shut??? (Another rude gesture??)
Sorry to be emotional…but it hurts!!

57. marjie - October 2, 2008

If the suspended DP is found guilty please impose the most severe penalty on him, eg, dismissal without pension, gratuity etc. This will deter others from committing the same offense. Agreed…definitely a sabotage by an UMNO supporter.

58. ventura - October 4, 2008

Since Head of MIC is the one that voice out this discerning concern. I wonder in his dominance of 51 years in power. Does he ever voice out with conviction to extend of relinquish his authority position when comes to the demolishment of the Indian Temple?

I wonder is it poor MIC strategy to gain back Indian voter confident to MIC party? A voice without action is like a jingling noise without sound. What happened to the HINDRAF protestors that have been send to ISA detention? What has our poor MIC chief will want to review about it? Just a close door discussion or to march on with a trumpet of justice to the community of Indians?

Talk without action will be accountable to cry wolf…..

59. Damocles - October 6, 2008

The state government has done the right thing by taking stern action against the person who went against its directive.
It is right in establishing, right from the start, that it has zero tolerance for any nonsense.
I’m a Kuala Lumpurian and I understand that the Selangor government want to incorporate KL back into the state.
That would be my dream as well as that of any Kuala Lumpurians!
The sooner it is done the better because those in charge of KL are not doing anything to improve the quality of life of the city dwellers.
The place is one big, gigantic slum with anarchy to match!

60. the __earthinc » Blog Archive » [1800] Of a forest reserve is sacred too - October 6, 2008

[…] — [On the Sri Maha Kaliamman shrine. Elizabeth Wong. September 30 […]

61. chengho - October 14, 2008

let’s go back to the Rule Of Law is this temple on the illegal ground ?
your term of reference should be Rule of Law not political solution all the times
we heard in Selangor we have more than 1000 temples very big and small for a few 100k community?

62. muthaiyah - October 15, 2008

please stop barking, what is the indian population in msia, please get the census right, what is the percentage of educated indians, is education compulsory is msia, make it compulsory for Indians, develop every indian’s economic level , become a powerful force like the elite one inside the middle east region, CREATE A WORLD CLASS IDENTITY!!!!

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