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Badawi’s reforms snap, crackle, pop October 17, 2008

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“The judiciary needs to enhance its stature and credibility in the eyes of the public.  Before I end my term, I will table a Parliamentary Bill to establish a Judicial Appointments Commission. Such a Commission will propose judicial appointments in a transparent and merit-based manner.” (Full statement from Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on his resignation, 08 Oct 2008.)

One week later, someone goes senile. So — kaput.
The new Chief Justice is (junior judge) Zaki Azmi. 


Four more ‘reforms’ to go.


1. Eagle - October 17, 2008

Well, where do we go from here. Who will listen to us. Don’t cry for me, oh…Malaysia.

2. wandererAUS - October 17, 2008

Abdullah needs to reform himself first before he talk about reforming the tainted financial and judiciary institutions. Why are we so naive to still place hope on a non-performer!?
It is better for the rakyat to try and use the last option open to them…change the rotten govt.
The royalties have joined the circus. Use the only avenue open to us, rely on ourselves… join the People Power!

3. Azimi - October 17, 2008

They need a CJ who’s sympathetic to their cause. Who else do you expect?

4. Farmer Blair - October 17, 2008

Wont matter now. End of the world is coming soon. Don’t believe me?
Check out the link below:


Go thru the crash course.

5. maie - October 17, 2008

if u aspect reform,it is not from corrupted umno/bn.it is certainly must come from pakatan rakyat government.umno/bn never learnt,all political rethorics…

6. Farmer Blair - October 17, 2008

p/s – Picked up The Edge today …. and saw big picture of YB Eli inside. Congrats!! 😉

7. jeremy - October 17, 2008

im really interested in a piece at this blog regarding Abdullah.

it seems like Abdullah is doing something that several UMNO leaders dislike with the new and improve ACA.what Abdullah is doing right now is like “Abdullah vs UMNO”.certainly what Abdullah is up to before he vacant seat is not well-receives by some people and it’s not a very popular action.

then again the thing that’s not very popular is the best.surely many UMNO people worry for their sorry ass right now.

8. Anti-BN - October 17, 2008

It is very disheartening to read about the wrongs that are happening in our beloved country.

Why are our beloved Rulers keeping silent over the oppression by the evil BN.

Aren’t they supposed to be protectors of the rakyat or are they only interested to protect their own ricebowls.

So sad!!!

Makes me wonder about their role and what they stand for???


If we are neutral in situations of injustice, we have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality. – Desmond Tutu

9. arifabdull - October 18, 2008
10. temenggong - October 27, 2008

I’l be brief and just post it here.


I’ve been following the enegy debate for some years now. Coal fired plants causes global warming and has to be phased out. Oil and gas fired plants too and are non renewable sources of energy. Hydro is the best although its causes some ecological damage. Besides, its limited.

Solar energy is still not feasible commercially, unreliable and more expensive. Energy cannot be stored. Not suited for tropical climates like Malaysia. A single cloud passing over can disrupt power from 100% output to 1%. High maintenance cost for solar mirrors and cells. We are still technologically behind on solar energy. And so are most other alternative sources like wind power, etc.

The only solution left to mankind is nuclear energy whether we like it or not. The US is now embarking on 40 new nuclear power plants. India expected to built 150 new such plants. So is China. Nuclear power is clean except for the waste which has to be stored.

Nuclear power is inevitable! We have no choice given the amount of energy we need.

The only viable renewable source of energy is the uranium-plutonium-thorium 3 stage cycle.

11. bangsa Cina Malaysia - October 28, 2008

yang layak tidak boleh memimpin.
wawasan 2020 atau wawasan 0202.
jangan ketinggalan zaman.
amerika syarikat kemungkinan besar
akan di pimpin oleh seorang african-american.
jangan jadi katak dalam tempurung
Puan low siew moi layak uintuk jadi pengurus besar kekal
dan bukan sekadar memangku sahaja.
kakitangan yang tidak setuju boleh meletak jawatan.
no one is indispensable.

12. Samyaavee - October 29, 2008

“Storm in a teacup. I think what a man and a woman do with each other in the private is his own business. Why should double standards be applied to anybody – even a politician? If the majority of Malaysian men are having a good time with their women partner, then it’s really not for us to care. Even politicians are human beings”. The MIC had better come up with a good explaination instead, regarding the nude photo fiasco surrounding its Youth Member Dr. Punithan Shan. For more details go to http://darkjustice-lazarus.blogspot.com

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