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Obama is PRESIDENT ~ woo-hoo! November 5, 2008

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Finally, something to cheer me and my office!

Thank you America, for voting for change we can believe in!


1. Jsss - November 5, 2008

Congratulations to Presiden Barack Obama. Wish you all the best and may GOD bless you and your family.

2. hawkeye - November 5, 2008

Change is the only constant.In 50 years what seemed impossible became possible in 03/08/. I am optimistic one day before I die every one in this beloved nation of ours will be Malaysians first and can aspire for any office in this land.This is my dream and I am sure many out share this dream.

3. Hi Fi Rambo - November 5, 2008

Good for America. When is change coming to Malaysia? When can we elect a govt which cares for all the people to kick out the present UMNO/BN racist regime that has outlived its usefullness but refuses to go?

4. back2012 - November 5, 2008

Please watch Apacet II conference footage from Malaysiakini.
Youtube Link as follows:

Watch VERY closely…Deputy FT Minister in action !!!!

5. amy - November 5, 2008

i am also very excited about the WIN! Heard the speech live! Sigh… I wish DSAI would also take on Najis like Obama! Can’t be happier for Joseph Biden as VP!!!! Like having YB Lim Kit Siang as Deputy Prime Minister!! Why not? Get rid of race-based politics and all the jargon of ketuanan melayu!!!!

6. doncha think its time - November 5, 2008

sorry, liz. there will be no change in america that anyone can believe in.
there will still be financial meltdowns dooming other countries believing in capitalism. there will more of american arm twisting, imperialist wars breeding governments like umno and mca…..
just so sorry for you to root for more corruption and evil.

7. Ganesan - November 5, 2008

Congratulations to President Obama. Your victory is an inspiration to all ethinic minority groups everywhere in the world. You have created Histroy by breaking the iron shaggles of RACE. May God bless you and Americans who voted for you.

8. CWI - November 5, 2008

The US Presidential election campaign has opened a new chapter for US imperialism. The overwhelming opposition to the policies of the Bush regime and the onset of a deep and serious recession has seen a mass demand for ‘change’. Massive enthusiasm and high expectations have been aroused, especially among young people and Afro-Americans in the Democratic candidate, Barak Obama. The enthusiasm and hopes of what his presidency will mean goes beyond the USA. In poll after poll in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa, Obama is by far the favoured candidate. While the outcome of the election to the Congress and scale of the Democrat majority, especially in the House of Representatives, will be important factors in determining what Obama actually does in some spheres of US intervention, one thing is clear: Obama is coming to power in an entirely different world situation than when Bush and the neo-cons took power in 2000. The question of US foreign policy in the post-Bush era is being posed sharply.

THE ‘US EMPIRE’ AFTER BUSH—> http://asocialistmalaysia.blogspot.com/2008/10/world-relation-us-empire-after-bush.html

9. Manojh Nair - November 5, 2008

America has accepted change. Have put paid to sins of their fore fathers, who enslaved anyone that is not of their colour and destroyed proud indian nation, just because they do not subscribe to the same religious belief. Obama’s victory has put laid to all that. So much for America. Now when are we going to see a Dompok, Kittingan, Billy, Tan , Peter, Kuppusamy as Mentri /Ketua menteri (Forget Penang). I am not at all too ambitious about any one of these Malaysian becoming PM anytime soon.But we could start with MB/KM, or atleast as Datuk Bandar/Municipal President and why not District officers. Not too much to ask. Why ask? This is our country.

Maybe we have to wait for 44th PM to be Wong Ah Kow. Woooh that long ah?

10. eagle - November 5, 2008

Don’t worry, when we reach American political maturity you may one day become president.
As at now we just dream to be president of any small organization or NGO is good enough.

11. Damocles - November 5, 2008

Liz, we must also vote for change.

12. mut - November 7, 2008

What Obama DOES will be watched very closely. Personally I do not think US policy towards Israel and Middle East domination will change. The war in Afghanistan also about control of oil in the region. So I do not expect much changes.

The only thing we can probably hope for is better management of the US economy. A lot of economies on this side of the world is also hopeful. If he pulls it off, all the doom and gloom might just come to pass and we might be in for a softer landing. But I do see some contraction in the US economy as the new administration begins the rebuilding process.

13. novice101 - November 7, 2008

just imagine, forty odd years ago the blacks couldn’t even used the same toilets as the whites and they had to give up their seats if the whites came into the buses.



14. ventura - November 9, 2008

So what if Obama is vested the Presidential seat in the congress. Now the time to show his effectiveness in handling the economy as proclaim earlier.

Congratulation to him for winning and prove to the whole world that American is the nation of truth democracy and freedom. Though they may have differences in cultural and racist variation the freedom of votes doe show to the rest of the whole. The hope for the minority as verses the majority.

Well it happiness does goes to apportion on behalf of this nation Malaysia congratulation of our own Prime Minister which gave the hope that other race too may able to become the PM is the people would elected the suitable candidate as if those that in of the non Malay minority.

So the absolute freedom of hope is that there is a light shine in the silver cloud as it is happening in the first world which ultimately it will happen too in the developing world such as ours.

The victory and hope is there it may not be this year maybe a few years ahead of several hundred years. But God knows that there is the hope that the truth democracy and “Bangsa Malaysia” will be visionalize in near future.

Continue praying, fighting oppression, injustice, for the sake of poor, and the fatherless and motherless lest the nation will prosper as a result of our rightful heart and liberty in the spirit.

We pray all will be well to all the people of Malaysia!

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