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Zunar on Obama … and PKNS November 5, 2008

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1. Tuan Senang Besar - November 6, 2008

hahaha! how true. sigh.

2. Hafiz Noor Shams - November 6, 2008

that is so true

3. Eagle - November 6, 2008

Probably we will face this for the next 150 years.
Wow!!! we will not be around anymore. Sob………..

4. hawkeye - November 6, 2008

My ideals and virtues I voice out,but I myself find it very repungent to practise. I am the champion of the oppressed when I am not the oppressor,but when I am the oppressor,the oppressed better toe the line,or else .

5. johj - November 6, 2008

There a a lot of difference between them because Low is not black and is not Osama.

6. robert - November 6, 2008

Umno say one thing but do another thing. Umno say good a minority black become president of USA, but never allow a minority Chinese/Indian/Kadazan/Iban become Malaysia PM. This only show Umno is more racist than any country in the world. Umno practice Apartheid in Malaysia.

7. mut - November 6, 2008

Zunar has always been sharp. 2 frames, and he captures starkly the absurdity of the position taken by some of our “leaders” on the PKNS issue.

Funny, I would have thought they would find more issue with the CJ Zaki being parachuted into the hot seat, than an orderly succession of the no. 2 taking over the top spot at PKNS. I am expecting mind-boggling decisions from the bench in politically sensitive cases like the Altantuya murder and Anwar’s sodomy case. * sigh ! *

But that’s discrimination-based politics for you. No mind is paid to the qualification of the candidate. When things go pear shaped, just blame somebody else. Enough of BN style politics I say!

8. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - November 6, 2008

Americans don’t simply choose a president just because he’s black
They merely exercise democracy and elect who they think is best
In exercising their basic fundamental rights there is no slack
After the big election they still put the president to the test

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 061108
Thur. 6th Nov. 2008.

9. Daniel - November 6, 2008

Pak Lah just said minority Malaysian can also be the head of country! You believe him? He is going off, better ask him to shut up instead. Better thing for him to do before Mar 2009 is to clean up the racial mentality of his 4th-world UMNO people … whether using VIM or acid or detergent or whatever. Better still, use C4 for those hard-core extreme/fanatic Malays who are reluctant and lazy to face and take up challenges in making Msia a better country!!

10. george - November 6, 2008

Obama is no longer a minority black in US… He is American… he has the true American blood…

Malaysia can??? hahaha… 🙂 only if we all start to believe and to trust other fellow Malaysian in disregard of race and religion but to treat everyone here fair and justice as a true Malaysian. Can we? Just look at PKNS, a typical “Ketuanan Melayu” ideology… Pak Lah say Malaysia also can…is he says only not the other UMNO says… the one who been divide Malaysian into race group and different rights…

We rakyat are Malaysian here… if one capable to be…so be it… dun try to have this rules and that rights…

11. citizen - November 6, 2008

now u all know y others are moving forward and we are moving into oblivion. Here, u dont have to be smart,calibre,talented and highly educated. u just have to be in UMNO to become the PM,DPM, university chancellors and CEO of GLC’s. But paying tax, everyone must pay. Using that money to benefit everyone? dont ever ask abt it, u will be sent into void…hahaha
So just shut up and pay so that they could enjoy it at the expense of the whole country.

12. citizen - November 6, 2008

Our journalists in this country knows that none of our politicians have the integrity and credibility to talk or comment about Obama. And yet, they go and interview these people to get their opinion.

I dont know whats the point of writing the opinion of a racist on what he thinks about a country who started the coloured people tradition but now has matured elected a president based only on his true credentials and capability to make the country prosper.

13. Myblog - November 6, 2008

I think everyone is missing the point here. Malaysia did it first with the appointment of Mahathir as PM as he is half malbari/mamak/indian. Only difference is that he disguised it by saying he is Malay and these rather naive Malays bought it.

He gave goodies to Malays while destroying the racial fabric of Malaysia, all in his personal interest and glory of his family and cronies. The ordinary Malay got the crumbs, some still living in darkness. Forget about the real indegenious people of Malaysia, they have been pushed aside whether they came from the peninsula or Sabah or Sarawak.

Yet this fools (I apologise for using this word to describe the Malays, and the orang asli but their actions are those of fools) vote the corrupt BN only to be fooled time and again by these mamak’s and their cronies

14. mr_wan - November 6, 2008

yaa rite apartheid….u do hv freedom to do anything and most of all do..so robert u better think before u make any statement….

15. Benny Lee - November 6, 2008

Will we ever see a non malay become the PM of Malaysia????

Well just dream on…… Even a non malay is not able to lead PKNS so why talk about a non malay as a PM.

Maybe another 50 years and provided that umno is no more around by then.

I am 50 now and the dreams and thought of seeing racial politic disappearing in our country is still very slim.

Maybe my children will have that joy and priviledge to call themselves bangsa malaysia and not ,malay,chinese,indian,kadazan,iban,dayak.

16. L_Goh - November 6, 2008

Prince Hall Mason in the White House
Internationalmensorganisation.info – November 5, 2008

Once again the American people have been duped into thinking they have a democracy. Not the two donkeys the Zionist controlled media put up as candidates for election.

Obama ain’t no Martin Luther King and like the Clintons both him and his wife are lawyers and represent the American Bar Associations who have instigated the legal steps that have thrown thousands of BLACK Americans onto the streets in their thousands.

Obama preaches for CHANGE. Let us see if he will change any of the following.

1. Will he restore the rights of the thousands of black Americans who have been thrown onto the street by his fellow lawyers and his Zionist banking friends? Many of who bankrolled his election campaign . WE DONT THINK SO.

2. Will he STOP the American warmongering machine? WE DONT THINK SO.

3. Will he remove the Zionist Neo-cons who control American foreign policy? WE DONT THINK SO.

4. Will he stop the control Israel has over American foreign policy through those Neo-cons? WE DONT THINK SO.

5. Will he remove the massive inequality between the rich and poor in particular the black ghettos that have kept many millions of black Americans in their place? WE DONT THINK SO.

6. Will he stop the American bullying campaigns against smaller countries around the world that America wants to dominate? WE DONT THINK SO.

7. Will he stop the massive corruption in American courts that he and his fellow lawyers and judges have created that see the seizing of the assets of millions of Americans every year and the jailing of a higher population(Mostly black) than any other country in the world? WE DONT THINK SO.

8. Will he restore the heterosexual rights of men and their families that have been undermined by the rise of homosexual rights that Obama and his wife have campaigned for so long? Rich American gays have a massive hold over American policy making in terms of the family.WE DONT THINK SO.

These are just some of the many questions that Obama has the next four years to answer. If he changes any one of the above it will be a minor miracle . But as he is heavily steeped in Prince hall masonry the black arm of the masons control across the globe we rather think he will be another stooge for the ORDER OUT OF CHAOS mob that has brought so much disrepute to how America is viewed across the globe.

We believe the American public, especially the black Americans euphoria will be short lived and that the CHANGES Obama has promised wont be anything like the VAST changes required to restore faith in the American political and legal system. A lawyer as a politician will only ensure legislation is enacted to increase the power of the American bar association maybe the most oppressive in the world.

17. Khalid - November 7, 2008

Is the determining factor in Malaysia race or religion? Would a Chinese Muslim be electable in Malaysia? Would a Muslim Obama have succeeded? Also, the history of blacks in North America and Chinese in SE Asia are quite different. I think the cartoon is oversimplifying the analogy, though I agree that there should be no qualms with a Chinese Malaysian leader…

18. jerry - November 7, 2008

Malaysia will never achieve developed statues as long as the ruling govt does not encourages the employment of the best person for the job policy!!!.
May God unites all of us and may the best man wins!.

19. Peter - November 10, 2008

Here is proof (video): Chief Police Officer lied. FRU charged during Negara Ku. Please tell the world

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