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Petra free! 3.30 pm at Shah Alam High Court November 7, 2008

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Congratulations to all those fine lawyers who worked on the habeas corpus case.

Be at Shah Alam High Court 3.30 pm to greet a free man!


1. malaysian - November 7, 2008

we wan malaysian not umno mca mic n bn goverment like america tey can change we also can cn change new goverment for the rakyats not for bn gov only!!!hidup rakyat kuasa rakyat we wan a chinese,indian prime minister for the country mst be fare!!!next election we will change a new goverment who hlps us not for their own family n bn ppl wif big hse car n doin noting useless!

2. JOHJ - November 7, 2008

Syed Hamid takes responsibility of wasting Rakyat’s money. ISA shouldnt be imposed on RPK in the first place. I hope RPK wont be rearrested.

3. Down with ISA! - November 7, 2008

This is the best news for the day! Welcome back Raja Petra. We the fans of Malaysia-Today, miss your incisive postings and putting those UMNO scumbags in their proper place, especially that Najis. We hope the prosecution appeal or the defence counsel for Azilah and Sirul Azhar against the Razak Baginda acquittal will call you as a weakness and that is the time, Raja Petra, to sock it to them! To tell all to bring the real culprits of Altantuya’s murder to justice for her father Setev Shaaribuu. Once again, welcome back Raja Petra!

4. 1288 - November 7, 2008

Then who kill ……the lady then ?

5. pm moey - November 7, 2008

Finally sanity prevails.

The person who should be ISAed is Syed Albar himself. He has been using the ISA as though it is his newly found toy. How on earth can we have someone like him to be the country’s Home Minister. He is an utter disgrace to his family’s name, his race and, more importantly, our beloved country. If he is a man of principle (as he has been found to be using the ISA unlawfully), he should do the right thing and resign without waiting for someone to sack him. Even my dog, if he has done something wrong, knows how to be ashame. Surely Syed Albar cannot be worse than a dog.

Now that RPK is free, we should now aim to get the Hindraf 5 out of Kamunting.

6. M - November 7, 2008

Congrats to all.I’m off to Seremban to celebrate with the celebrity.Also ,being a naturally curios person,to see how a certain deputy Minister of Commodities could possibly have climbed and fallen off a parapet wall of a 3 storey building ,the father of whom used to arrive at DAP rallies in 1969 in a Rolls Royce too.

7. jerry - November 7, 2008

God blessed RPK! Hope more good news on the victory of good over evils will be unveiled in this coming new year!

8. Musa susah - November 7, 2008

It is good to rejoice at the release of RPK and the victory of Bapak Anwar but watch it! Botak, Anjing Gila, Ghengiz Khan and other BARBARIANS still have many tricks up their sleeves. May the almighty GOD put a stop to all this injustice.

9. Eagle - November 7, 2008

Welcome Home RPK. Now let us hit them, this time real hard. Let us echo the OBama tag line “Change, yes we can”.

10. setia - November 7, 2008

Wonderful news for all ……our prayers answerd.Though overseas at the moment we share in the joy .
Lets work hard to abolish the ISA for our future generations !

11. Angry Chinese Malaysian * - November 21, 2008

Thank you America, for voting for change we can believe in!

more than 8 months
but there is no change in Selangor in fact we the voters has been short-changed. rubbish is everywhere esp in the little small town.
the toilet in restaurant and food court are really disgusting. Majlis perbandaran president who cant performed are not sacked. frankly speaking PR state govt no difference from BN state govt.

sungguh memalukan.

over to you exco for dirty environment

pleasee go to Tanjong Sepat / Sg Pelek and have a look at the toilet there.

12. Peter - November 23, 2008

Good news everyone. From now on, town councils will be accountable to residents!!!!!

13. bangsa Cina Malaysia - November 25, 2008

why removed my comment on ‘PR state govt no difference from BN state govt’

is it becoz the truth hurts.

by the way i can guarantee you will only be a one term assemblywoman and that goes to the state govt too.

dont ever short change we the voters.
kuasa di tangan kita.

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