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(K. Terengganu) Nomination eve’s scare tactic January 5, 2009

Posted by elizabethwong in Bebal-ism, Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Politics.
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A new year. A by-election. The first politically-motivated arrests of 2009.

Fariz Musa, the KeADILan Youth chief of Terengganu, the state secretary Wan Amirudin Wan Ahmad and 4 others were arrested in Kuala Terengganu at 5.10 am while prepping for tomorrow’s nomination day.

Surely BN is confident enough of a “sure-win” not to have to resort to such dirty tactics?


1. lanwm - January 5, 2009

what the heck!

2. eagle - January 5, 2009

The hell with the lapdog!!!

3. wandererAUS - January 5, 2009

These crooks in the UMNO-BN regime, dishonesty is second nature to them. Using 6000 blue uniform monkeys to kept ‘law and order’ is the joke of the day!
This is only the first step, expect more to come as polling day draws nearer.
The Notorious Botak, good for nothing HM, will be planning for more road blocks to inconvenience and putting fear to Opposition voters to cast their votes. This is a typical character of BN scumbags.

4. zulkifli abdullah - January 5, 2009

What do you expect from “punch below the belt” BN type of kia soo admisitration.
They will never and have never shown “gentlemeness” in any election campaign.
Since when had BN fought a clean election.
As long as I can remeber if it is not the undi “hantu’s”, it will be phantom “postal” undi, and if it is not that it will be the spoilt votes (undi rosak) and agin if it is not this or that they will generate other issue to their advantage.
I hold high respects for our beloved P.Ramlee. His moveis do sometimes have lessons to be learned. Remember the movie, Ali Baba and the forty thieves well it is neve truer and the movie discribes the present Pak Lah administration in all it’s entirety.

And who knows the tide might turn against them this time around.

5. cool - January 5, 2009

the police r not working 4 d people of malaysia
the police r working 4 d umno-bn govt
how 2 respect them?
we cannot change d umno-bn police
but we can change d govt
when that happens, all d ampu police must b dealt with according to d law
police have no business doing umno-bn work
with 6000 policemen in kt, no wonder the criminals r having a great time everywhere else
thank umno-bn 4 d crime in your home n area tonight

6. Kg Cina resident. - January 11, 2009

YB Eli, as promise you all photos upload here: http://xiaoeng.blogspot.com/

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