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欢迎学巴30%附加费展3月,津贴柴油价至RM1.00 January 6, 2009

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1. ckchew - January 6, 2009

Hello my girl,

when did u learn read mandarin?

EW: Primary school ‘Pupils’ Own Language’ programme. Not very good at it.

2. Captain Malaysia - January 6, 2009

What was that suppose to mean if I can’t read Mandarin. Can you write in English, Ma’am?

3. lord - January 6, 2009

Babelfish yielded:

News proclamation on January 6, 2009 Sending: News editor The people’s fair party nation woman group propagandizes director concurrently snow state administration Congressman Huang Jiebing the proclamation which publishes on Tuesday in January 6, 2009: Welcome study Palestinian 30% extra charge exhibition in March, the allowance firewood oil price to RM1.00 (sand Afghanistan and Yugoslavia on 6th news) governs the traveling, to expend the person and environment snow state administration Congressman Huang Jiebing welcome the Malaysian Student Vehicle Federation to postpone to levy 30% extra charge measure to March 1, and appealed that the Central authorities show solicitude for the student vehicle entrepreneur the difficult position, falls RM1.00 the allowance diesel oil’s price, lets the entrepreneur and the guardian may achieve the win-win aspect. The student vehicle federation considered Chinese new year to, the guardian will bear aggravates, but makes the unwise decision, is worth praising and the affirmation. Enhances along with the student vehicle’s cost of operation, between same business’s blind competition and the public authority harsh rule, already compelled the edge which the student vehicle entrepreneur puts up a last-ditch struggle. Regrettably not only commercial vehicle license bureau president takes supervises Ma Jiman not to have the exchange of gifts between friends response student vehicle federation’s good intentions, instead threatened that (Monday) starts in January 5 in the nation to launch bans the motion jointly, copes with the collection extra charge the student vehicle. Takes supervises Ma Jiman should the dwell upon student vehicle to unite the memorandum which the office submits, and listens respectfully with understood the entrepreneur faces the difficult position, with the entrepreneur discussed together how in the safeguard general student guardian benefit’s time, could assist the entrepreneur to get through the difficult time. Since the Central authorities as early as in last September already agreed that other utility cars, specially the long-distance bus levies 30% extra charges, why actually doesn’t authorize the student vehicle entrepreneur’s request now? This not is the double standards? Much less is the student vehicle entrepreneur does not look like the long-distance bus entrepreneur to have Major industry’s supporting, should obtain government more assistance and the support. Therefore, the urgent matter is the Central authorities should fall immediately the allowance diesel oil price RM1.00, by affable student vehicle entrepreneur’s business pressure. This measure” the reduction movement which” carries out regarding the government may have the getting quick results effect not only more importantly, may also benefit the general student guardian and expend person’s rights and interests. Huang Jiebing the people’s fair party woman group propagandizes director snow state administration congressman to govern the traveling, to expend the human and the environment

4. elizabethwong - January 7, 2009

Babelfish can be quite fun 😀

But it should roughly translate to the following:-

We welcome the postponement of the 30% surcharge on the schoolbus fare to March 1. We urged the Federal Govt to reduce the subsidised diesel price to RM1.00 (as per the demand from the association).

We regret the decision of Markiman to take action on the bus operators who increased the price. He should study the memo from the association, meet and discuss with the members of the association in order to balance the interest of the parents and the bus operators. (Thusfar, Markiman has refused to meet the association)

Why the double standard? Long distance buses have the 30% surcharge 30% since Sept, why the smaller scaled school bus operators can’t have it? They deserve more assistance compared to bus consortiums.

Reducing the subsidised diesel price to RM1.00 can have a significant impact to relieve bus operators. It will show the sincere efforts from the govt to realize its “Kempen Turun Harga”.

5. Captain Malaysia - January 7, 2009

Thanks for the translation. 😀

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