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Umno’s vigilantes tour Shah Alam January 12, 2009

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Politics, Race Relations.

(You can also read YB Khalid Samad’s personal account here)

An incident of how UMNO goons intend to destabilise society
Published by guansin on January 11, 2009 11:59 am 

Today I want to publish a letter from Shah Alam MP, Khalid Abdul Samad of PAS, and expose the conspiracy by UMNO to create tension in the multiracial Malaysia for its own political objective.

In his letter (abdulsamad-section19-temple.pdf), YB Khald Samad describes an incident that he had to respond to in his constituency. In brief, there was a group of troublemakers from Malacca who were planning to build a field to practise Silat (without permit) right besides a Hindu temple in Section 19 Shah Alam. (Yes, you can almost say that “UMNO Malacca is busy to destabilise Selangor PR state government”, rather than focusing on Malacca’s state development.) The letter carries some interactions between the MP and the leader of the troublemakers; those are interesting reads.

I commend the sensibility and fairness demonstrated by YB Khalid Samad. Residents of Shah Alam are fortunate to have elected such a representative. And to many Chinese Malaysians, who have for years misled by BN propaganda machinery and the mainstream media, this MP is the voice of conscience of PAS.

Let me highlight some of the interesting parts of the letter below. (Highlights are mine.)

Kerajaan BN telah meninggalkan banyak perkara yang perlu diperbetulkan… Di antara yang ‘lain-lain’ itu adalah persoalan kuil-kuil yang bertaburan yang telah tidak diurus dengan baik apatah lagi bertanggung jawab oleh BN.

Dasar kerajaan PR adalah mudah. Pertama, kuil-kuil yang lama ini perlu dipindahkan
ke satu tempat yang lebih sesuai. Tempat perlu dikenal pasti oleh PBT dan semestinya dipersetujui oleh pengguna kuil berkenaan. PBT perlu mengambil kira segala permasalahan yang akan dihadapi oleh pengguna kuil hasil dari pemindahan tersebut. Sambil itu, pembinaan kuil baru, selain dari hasil perpindahan, juga dihentikan.

Translation: PR state government’s policy is simple. First, old temples need to relocate to more appropriate locations. Relocation sites must be identified by PBT and the sites agreed by the temple visitors. PBT must take into consideration inconveniences that the temple visitors will face as a result of the relocation. At the same time, new temple construction, except for the relocation, must be stopped.

It is all fairness and sensibility to all members of the society.

… saya mendapat maklumat dari seorang penduduk Melayu Seksyen
19 bahawa ada sekumpulan Melayu telah datang untuk menimbulkan ketegangan di
kuil tersebut. … kebanyakan mereka orang luar… Mereka … akan mengadakan kenduri … Untuk kenduri itu mereka akan tumbangkan 2 ekor lembu!  … Orang yang mengetuai kumpulan tersebut datangnya dari Melaka! Dia menyatakan dia ‘mewakili rakyat’ dan tindakan ini terpaksa mereka ambil melalui persatuan NGO mereka yang bernama ‘PEWARIS’ … Amat jelas, soal gelanggang silat dan sebagainya hanya satu helah. Sebenarnya mereka mahu provoke pihak kuil berkenaan.

Translation: … I was tipped off by a Section 19 Malay resident that a group of Malays have come to create tension at the temple… most of them are outsiders… They … will have a function … For the function they will slaughter two cows (which are sacred to Hindus)! … The leader of the group comes from Malacca! He said he ‘represents the people’ and they were forced to take the action through an NGO called ‘PEWARIS’.. Clearly, the silat practising ground is only an excuse. They actually wanted to provoke the temple’s management.

… dia mencabar saya … “awak orang Melayu, orang Islam, kenapa awak sibuk sangat nak membela kuil ini”? Saya jawab, “kerana Islam mengajar saya supaya bertindak adil terhadap semua manusia. Mereka, walaupun bukan Islam, ada hak dan Islam menuntut kita menghormati hak mereka”. Dia diam. Seterusnya dia berkata dia tak tahu sangat soal agama ini.

Translation: … he challenged me … “you are a Malay and Muslim, why are you so busy with defending the temple?” Saya responded, “because Islam teaches me to be fair to all. They, though not Muslim, have rights and Islam teaches us to respect their rights.” He was silent. Then he said he was not sure on religious matters.

This is the voice of conscience by educated Muslim leaders of PAS. This will definitely not come from most UMNO leaders, who although are Muslim do not practise what the religion teaches them.

Melihat dia mula teragak-agak saya pun menyatakan bahawa saya tahu Pewaris dan
Pekida adalah NGO yang adik beradik. Penaung Pekida adalah PM maka semestinya
begitu juga Pewaris. Kedua-dua NGO ini dikuasai oleh ahli UMNO. Saya tahu juga
bahawa tindakan mereka ini, pada masa ini, ada hubung kait dengan PR kecil KT.
Mereka ingin menimbulkan ketegangan dan masalah kaum supaya dengan itu mereka boleh menjaja keseluruh negara bahawa PR telah gagal menyelesaikan masalah ini di Selangor; dan Selangor sekarang ada masalah perkauman. Dia diam dan selepas itu dia menegur saya kerana buruk sangka, tetapi dia tidak menafikannya.

Translation: He appeared lost for words and I told him that I knew Pewaris and Pekida are two sister NGOs. The patron of Pekida is the prime minister and therefore the same for Pewaris. Both NGOs are controlled by UMNO members. I also knew that their action at that time was related to the by-election of Kuala Terengganu. They intended to create tension and racial issue so that they could make claim to the country that PR has failed to resolve the problem in Selangor; and Selangor now has racial problem. He was quiet and later commented me for making the assumptions, but he did not renied them.

Saya difahamkan walaupun gelanggang tidak dibina, namun mereka ingin teruskan kenduri mereka. Mereka kata mereka akan menjemput saya sekali. Saya menjawab, ikut undang-undang. Kalau pembinaan gelanggang dapat kelulusan MBSA, saya datang. Kalau tidak, program Aman Palestine di stadium Melawati pada 10hb jam 10 pagi adalah tempat yang lebih afdal bagi saya untuk hadir, begitu juga dia!

Translation: I was informed that the ground was not constructed, but they intend to proceed with the function. They said they would invite me again. I responded that according to the law, if the construction of the ground is approved by MBSA, I would attend. If not, the Palestine Peace programme at Melawati Stadium on 10th Jan at 10am is a better place for me to attend, likewise for him.

NOTA PENTING: Minta disebarkan perkara ini kerana dijangka provokasi yang
sedemikian rupa akan digunakan lebih kerap lagi menjelang PRK-KT, maka harus
sentiasa berwaspada. Jangan kita terpedaya!

Translation: IMPORTANT NOTE: Please disseminate this matter because provocation of this manner is expected to be abound with the upcoming Kuala Terengganu by-election. We should be vigilant. We should not be exploited!

What we can conclude from this incident and the pattern that we can derive from the recent incidents (or even those of years ago!) is that, it completely goes counter to the popular belief that a BN government is for stability of Malaysia. It is now clear that BN, with UMNO goons around, is the most destabilising factor to Malaysia now. With their resources, many of which are gained through dubious tactics and corrupt practices from 51 years of power, and their organisation, filled with goons like those involved in the incident at Section 19, BN is in the best position to manipulate the political situation. Malaysians certainly need to open up their eyes to a powerful machinery for racial and religious tensions in Malaysia. (by Guansin, Airkosong.com)


1. oA - January 12, 2009


of course – now is the time for such goons to prove their worth to the supposedly next PM to reap the many benefits that come with the display of such heinuos stupidity.

it also gives you a very conspicuous idea what this current dpm represents – racism, bigotry etc. the very root of evil that he has had planted in the past.

racism and bigotry have always been dpm’s cup of tea – how else can you explain their brazen and audacity racism and bigotry in the first place with the backing and support of some vvips.


2. aditia - January 12, 2009

Well, Shah Alam did not need them !!!

Did we not say a BIG NO on 08/03/2008 ?

Thanks to all for upholding the RIGHTS of every Malaysians regardless of race and creed.

Let us celebrate the new Malaysia without the hindrance of racial politics.


3. queequeg - January 12, 2009

Be careful for this is what those who lost power tend to do now. Out to destabilise all state govts under PR. Such despicable acts should NEVER be condoned and I deplore the way this Malacca vigilantes attempt to stir ugly racism in Selangor.
Then again I wonder who is behind this and how much moolah went out to sponsor this so-called champions of Malays from of all places Malacca – a state without a monarch due to infighting & betrayal of the highest degree 500 years ago.

4. Devan - January 12, 2009

What are the UMNO Police doing about this???
This 2 so called NGO’s are filled with gangsters out to create trouble.They go about with their 3 coloured stickers….
They are supported fully by UMNO.
Can someone make a POLICE report against this stupid NGO???

5. david - January 12, 2009

Good work, Lizzie in exposing such a plot by UMNO troublemakers to destabilize Selangor and extend this to KT by-election. It seems Pewaris,fresh from the incident of burning effigies of pigs in Masjid Tanah in Malacca to provoke the Chinese, now want to slaughter two cows to provoke the Indians. This is the dirty work of UMNO and CM Malacca Ali Rustam is behind it. Good of Khalid Samad to counter them and show to non-Malays that it is UMNO, not PAS, that is exploiting racial and religious issues to create trouble and that PAS is defending rights of non-Malays in the name of Islam. All the more the Chinese and Indians should vote for PAS and reject UMNO in KT by-election

6. Are They Still Cronies .. | bobjots : redux - January 12, 2009

[…] speaking of provocation, you might wanna pop by at Elizabeth Wong’s blog for an account of how Shah Alam MP, Khalid Samad, exposed an attempt by an UMNO linked NGO to provoke ethnic and […]

7. lord - January 13, 2009



8. PAS idealist leaders « BJ Thoughts… - January 13, 2009

[…] about it here and […]

9. temenggong - January 14, 2009

Well done Liz,

On another issue, could you bring this other issue up with MB Tan Sri Khalid. The rakyat expects to see a change in the Selangor govt bureaucracy. We vote for change and we need to see that. We do not want status quo.

In practical terms what we need to see is that the old entrenched umno bureaucracy who are the little napoleans replaced. We need to see dozens of bureaucrats shuffled around or given VSS. We need to see *the entire board of directors and the senior managers* of the 100 odd SEDC companies replaced, shuffled or given VSS. We also need to see many in the old religious council and state mufti’s office replaced with fresh new faces.

This matter will become an issue in the next few months. Please inform Khalid and impress upon him that the raykat needs to see changes being made. It must be visible and loud. Right now the impression given is that Khalid is maintaining the status quo, keeping the old umno infrastructure and is not rocking the boat. Please tell Khalid that we want the boat rocked!

In this regard even a bad decision in changing staff will go down well with the PR supporters, because we’ll see it as Khalid’s attempts to change the status quo.

10. ruyom - January 15, 2009

Malaysia two million Indians make up less than 8% of the population today but have been the victims of the NEP policy since 1971.

Today after 51 years of independence, the definition for “Indian” has become a metaphor for backwardness.

Even though the median family income of Indian Malaysians according to official statistics is higher than that of malays, certain segments of the Indian Malaysians population live in with hardcore poverty and form part of the lowest strata in terms of economic ownership.

The official statistics show that the national wealth owned by Indians is only 1.2% of traded equity since 1971.

And according to Hindraf, 15% of Malaysian juvenile delinquents are Indian while 50% of all convicts in prison since 2004 and 41% of beggars in 2003 were Indians.

The percentage of Indians in the civil service fell from 40% in 1957 to less than 2% in 2005.

According to official records, 30 to 35 Indians per 100000 commit or attempt to commit suicide annually as compared to 10 to 12 Malaysians per 100000 in 2006.

In education, the Indians make up less than 5% of the university intake of over 45000 annually.

The Indians in the country are seeking equality after 51 years of independence and what Malaysia needs now is a sacrifice of the rich and super-rich of all races in staying clear of the NEP to allow the poor of all races to move up and progress.

11. Astaghfirullah (God forgive me) « - January 16, 2009

[…] leave a comment » Siapa yang ajar orang Melayu Islam jadi seperti ini? It’s good that there are people like Khalid Samad, who are brave and sensible enough to confront and question the actions and motives of Pewaris members in his constituency recently. Elizabeth Wong also gives a commentary/translation of Khalid’s site here. […]

12. sans - January 16, 2009

can I bring to your attention 2 interesting articles I have come across.

Article 1


The article above (last paragraph on the 2nd has more details), indicates there is a network of companies in Malaysia aiding Iran to get banned US technology.

See quote below

By 2007, the Dubai-based operation had been almost entirely replaced by the Malaysian networks, the ISIS study found. Yet, while perhaps less conspicuous than before, the Dubai network probably continues to exist, though in a different form. Typically, the new front companies will not be discovered until long after crucial technology has left American shores aboard ships ultimately bound for Iran, Albright said.

Article 2

In a rather longish article in the New York Times, I came across a reference to a Malaysia company, the Malaysian Smelting Co. this is a company listed on the KLSE but it looks like the majority shareholders are Singaporeans.

The relevant page is below.


on the 2nd last paragraph on this page, it implies that Malaysian Smelting Company is buying Tin from international brokers who source from the conflict zone in Congo.

the exact extract is :-

The flights land in Goma, the provincial capital, where other middlemen buy and process the ore for export. Alexis Makabuza’s Global Mining Company is one of these buyers. Amid the sorting and cleaning equipment of his rudimentary processing plant sit dozens of barrels of tin ore. On each is stenciled the address of Malaysian Smelting Company Berhad, a major tin smelter. Mr. Makabuza said he sold to the company via a minerals broker.

Further reference to Malaysian companies buying tin from warlords in the Congo is here from the BBC


The extract from the BBC article is below :-

Located predominantly in India, China, Malaysia and Thailand, these smelters sell tin to component manufacturers.

So while Malaysian Smelting Co buys from an international broker, it can request that they not source from Congo. If you read the entire article you will realise that buying these ore’s are only lining the pockets of these warlords and destabilising the country.

I e-mailed the company but they have not replied. I would have not replied too in similar circumstances.

13. peter - January 17, 2009


you have my deepest respect. a truly good and fair hearted Muslim for others to emulate.
God always bless you, Khalid.

14. lord - January 21, 2009

I’d trust a PAS politician as far as I could throw him.

15. CHINESE MALAYA COMMUNIST - January 26, 2009



EW: Dude, you really have got to change that medication of yours…

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