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HRH’s online guestbook February 5, 2009

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A resourceful blogger, Syahredzan Johan, has found a guestbook for HRH Sultan of Perak.

Pleas From The Subjects

 4 February 2009

Filed under: Politics — Syahredzan Johan @ 4:10 pm 

As it stands, the final decision rests on His Royal Highness Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak.

If he allows the state assembly to be dissolved, it will give the people a chance to choose their representatives again. If he does not, Barisan will form a new Perak government.

At this point, it is out of anyone’s hands. But in this feeling of helplessness, Malaysians have refused to give up. They hope that HRH will listen to the voices of the people, yet they have no way of conveying it to him. So what do they do? They turn to his website.

Yes, if HRH was to visit his web guest book, he would see the messages left by Malaysians from all walks of life pleading him for one very simple thing; to dissolve the Perak state assembly.

You can view HRH’s guest book here.



1. Hjh Musalmah - February 5, 2009

Ampun Tuanku,

Patek harap tuanku dapat menggambil kira perasaan rakyat negeri Perak, kejayaan BN mendapatkan kelebihan wakil rakyat kali ini bukan lah merupakan atas dasar pilihan rakyat, tetapi atas dasar pilihan wakil rakyat yang mempunyai kepentingan sendiri. Peristiwa ini juga mengajar DSAI supaya beretika untuk mendapatkan kuasa. Allah telah menunjukan bahawa DSAI dan DPM adalah sama sama tidak beretika. Hanya mementingkan kehendak hati untuk berkuasa. Begitu juga dengan wakil rakyat yang seberang menyeberangi seolah2 menyeberangi sungai Perak.

Hanya Tuanku dan institiusi raja raja sahajalah tempat rakyat menggantungkan harapan. Gubarkan lah kerajaan negeri Perak dan berilah rakyat peluang untuk memilih kerajaan.

Daulat Tuanku.
Hjh Musalmah .

2. Girlie Liew - February 5, 2009

Your Royal Highness,
As a mere citizen of this beautiful State of Perak, I humbly plead for the State’s Assembly be dissolved. It is so heartwrenching to witness such utter disregard for the elected government of the State of Perak.The disgraceful, shameful and immoral actions taken by the Deputy Prime Minister , Umno and BN to encourage defections to topple a Government in this manner has put a dark blot in the history of our beloved country. If we pride ourselves that we practise Democracy, Integrity, Morality, Truth and Justice, then we true Malaysians must stand up and be counted. Your Royal Highness, I
humbly thank you for your kind indulgence to read this simple plea and cry for Justice, Truth and Liberty. Daulat Tuanku!

Your faithful servant,
Girlie Liew

3. Jayen - February 5, 2009

I hope HRH does the right thing…..

Nevertheless, it is also somewhat demoralising that the fate of an entire state, and that of the future of democracy in M’sia, has to be dependent on one person – even if he’s a royalty…

4. back2012 - February 5, 2009

Majoriti bukan syarat untuk ambil alih kerajaan Perak

Menurut peruntukan undang-undang, pertukaran kerajaan negeri boleh berlaku melalui tiga cara:-

1. Kerajaan yang sedia ada tidak ada upaya dan menarik diri dengan meminta perkenan Sultan.

2. Melalui ‘undi tidak percaya’ oleh dua per tiga ADUN dalam satu-satu sidang DUN.
Jika cara ini akan digunakan umno Barisan Nasional, ini bermakna mereka perlu menunggu sidang
DUN PERAK yang dijadual paling awal berlangsung bulan April.

3. Melalui pembubaran Kerajaan Negeri oleh seseorang Ketua Kerjaaan Negeri (Menteri Besar) dengan
mendapat perkenan Sultan; Jika cara ini akan digunakan Umno Barisan Nasional, ini bermakna mereka
perlu melalui proses pilihanraya setelah DUN dibubarkan.

MUST see Interview Video Clip of the above at:

5. chiew ka 4...! - February 5, 2009

Ampun Tuanku,

Please dissolve the party…!
Please take into consideration of the rakyat…!

It’s becoz Perak is under PKR’s rule that’s why BN is doing all these DIRTY tricks…!
The rakyat HAS already chosen PKR to rule PERAK. Why does BN have to do all these….???

The rakyat has a choice to choose who to rule.

Daulat Tuanku !

6. Syahredzan Johan - February 5, 2009

Dear YB,

Although it is nice of you to give credit to me for ‘discovering’ HRH’s guestbook, I must correct you. I was led to the guestbook by a comment in one of the blogs. I merely highlighted the guestbook in my own blog.

Let us hope that HRH’s in his widom, will do the right thing.

7. Omeshdevan - February 5, 2009

Ampun Tuanku,
Patik berharap Tuanku dapat mengadakan satu pilihan raya yang adil khasnya di Negeri Perak.


8. chewe for justice - February 5, 2009

Ampun Tuanku,
It is a blatant betrayal to the people’s trust and a mockery to the ideas of electoracte democracy itself if your highness allows the corrupted Umno-BN to take over the perak government by hooks or by crooks.
They have done this before all these years by abusing the powers and federal institutions with no sense of shame. It is no wonder that the Umno-BN won’t legislate the anti-hopping law, even though Anwar- led pakatan rakyat have been trying to “provoke” them into establishing such law to safeguard the democratic rights of the rakyat. I believe, for most sensible rakyat including Anwar, there is no way to stop the Umno-BN now led by Najib gaining powers by illegal, undemocratic means other than establishing a mechanism against party-hopping, which history shows us , always favours the Umno-BN with their abuse of the federal bodies, goverment funds and other dirty tactics.
Until then, for Perak at least, your highness is the rakyat ‘s hope to stop this ruthless , power-crazy animal called Umno-BN

9. JAYAKUMAR - February 5, 2009



10. elizabethwong - February 5, 2009

Hi all,
This is not the guestbook.
It is instead here:-> http://books.dreambook.com/duli/duli.html

11. Jeremy wan - February 5, 2009

Your Royal Highness.
Your subjects had spoken on 8th March 08 and now they were about to be rob of their rights to chose democrasy right under their nose.The bright future of all Malaysians now rest on your decision.I am sure you would right the wrong.

12. anak negeri perak - February 6, 2009

Ur just like other politician and i’m not suprise about it…. but remember u have to answer to god for ur ugly action regardless who you are…..

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