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Perak Speaker files in court February 5, 2009

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3:00 pm

Sultan Azlan Shah asks MB Nizar to step down and hands over Perak to Najib and BN. 

11:55 am

Perak speaker V. Sivakumar has just left the High Court after applying to the court to declare the resignation letters of the three assembymen as valid and, therefore, their seats vacant. (The Star)

Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan leaders will meet in Ipoh at 3 pm to show their support to MB Nizar. The people will converge at the MB’s residence in the centre of town Ipoh Stadium by 7 pm.



1. Yum - February 5, 2009

Your recent statement in your blog : “One of them Capt Osman (rtd), is my colleague i.e. Exco for Tourism. In fact, he is quite a easy-going, delightful chap, and loyal to the core to Anwar Ibrahim and KeADILan.”



EW: Yep. Duh indeed.

2. eagle - February 5, 2009

Good job Tuan speaker.
We need to teach those 3 ADUN their final lesson in politics.
Kuasa Rakyat perlu di pertahankan.

3. amira - February 5, 2009

Tuanku, you have the right to dissolve the state assembly which is the right thing to do. Give the mandate back to the people of Perak. They will decide which Govt. is right for them and it is their rights.
Don’t deny your rakyat their rights.
Tuanku, if you choose otherwise your reputation may be smeared by the dirty tactics, threats, illegal procedures, corruption, money politics, doubts etc. Tuanku cannot be seen to be impartial or take sides.
Tuanku, like what you have recently mentioned, the royalty must be seen to be impartial and act impartially.
Yes, dissolved the state assembly.
Give the mandate back to the people to elect their representatives respectvely.

4. mamanview - February 5, 2009

Would PR dissolved parliament if there is real defection last September?

Are we getting a piece of our own doing here?

EW: Yes. We had already stated the parliament would be dissolved in six months to pave way for elections.

5. lord - February 6, 2009


6. mohd ali ismail - February 6, 2009

The three state assemblymen who defected to BN ,obviously have no conscience of their loyalty to their constituencies and their supporters who voted for them.These people are worse than pigs who live with full of shits.You look at their faces and we know straight away what kind of people they are and these are the people we put our trust on to lead our country.Not only they have no dignity and self respect they don’t even have any moral aptitude left for their family and their close ones.They are selfish,greedy and obnoxious and in society these people are called scums.You can add the rest.

7. yumcious - February 6, 2009

These multi- and uni-directional crossovers and their ongoing crisis smells like they were custom-designed for Najib, which I quite happily see that he took the bait.

If this was so, would the people’s outrage be now directed at Pakatan instead for being played like the fools that we all are?

Just my 2 sen.

8. katak - February 7, 2009

I am suffering from back pain. I understand that there is someone in Pekan who can “cure” this ailment overnight. Anyone have the details of this healer?

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