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Coup d’etat in Perak February 6, 2009

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As of this morning, PR is still the legitimate government in Perak.

However since yesterday, in what was shocking to many, the State Secretary, without any legal basis, usurped power and barred PR from entering the state building. The Federal Police joined in to cordon the building. 

The Sultan has unfortunately chosen to act ultra-vires to the Perak Constitution. In any ordinary circumstance, HRH should have followed the letter of the law and either agree to dissolve the state assembly, or allow for a special session of the assembly.

HRH does not have the power to dismiss the Menteri Besar or the Executive Council. As a former Lord President, HRH surely would know the limits of his power. 

Even if BN has the numbers (and this is contestable), surely they would have some semblance of following what is clearly outlined in the Constitution? Or are they that uncertain themselves too once everyone is brought to the floor of the state assembly? Haste somehow has illegitimacy smeared all over this.

MB Nizar got this point loud and clear during his thunderous speech last night, that the new BN state government will be a Kerajaan ‘Haram‘.

At the very least, the Protocol section got this right. The invitation to the illegal swearing in of the ‘new’ Menteri Besar to one of the PR reads as below:-


Yep. YB Tai (below, right) is still recognised as one of the PR Executive Councillors at Lou Wong restaurant last night.




1. We Care - February 6, 2009

I understand your pains .

PR Perak State Govt must hold steadfastly to what is legally constituted.

2. eagle has landed - February 6, 2009

When you have so many ‘kaki bodek’ and opportunist lurking around, this is what happen. Imagine if tomorrow the table is turn around in favor of M Nizar, you will see this people will change their color quickly.
So, YB, you expect Malaysia to progress with the kind of snake around.
What a black day in Perak!!!

3. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - February 6, 2009


When it’s law versus law
There’ll be great wounds raw
With both sides using their claws
To create pictures artists fear to draw

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060209
Fri. 6th Feb. 2009.

4. THUNDER - February 6, 2009

Only 2 days ago, I had predicted in my comments under the article “Ball is in Sultan’s court”, that everything had been pre-arranged to allow a new MB from BN to take over. How right I was. The Sultan has the authority under the Perak Constitution to invite the party that commands the majority of the Assembly to form the govt. Now that his decision has been made, something about the moral side of his character has been revealed to the rakyat. Now the rakyat must be wondering where they can seek redress since the executive, the legislature and the royalty cannot be counted upon to help them.

5. anonymous dud - February 6, 2009

i thot the state secretary is hired by mb. now he bit his master’s hand…..
b4 nizar leaves, maybe he should sack the sate secretary first…

6. Rakyat Malaysia - February 6, 2009


Rakyat Perak dan seluruh Malaysia marilah berkabung atas kematian demokrasi
dan berdoalah kuasa kepada rakyat untuk memilih di kembalikan serta merta.

InsyaAllah MB Nizar akan kembali berkuasa.


7. SameSame - February 6, 2009

Now i know why there were so many cars around chinese new year at the royal palace in ipoh!!! They even caused a mini jam at Tiger Lane. So jijik to call it by its now known name. All the goons from BN and its top goons must have been there to put pressure on the man himself to make this call.

As a perakian and a person who voted for change (always have been) what a let down! I never thought this man will stoop so low…he did..he bloody well have a good reason for what he did and what he is putting Perak into!


8. Mohd Jamil Abdullah - February 6, 2009

Actually, people, unlike elephants, have short memories.

After a while, all will be forgotten, which is why Najib and all his cronies dare to pull off this stunt. Besides, humans are very practical which is why Najib (not forgetting, the royals) can accept the four frogs despite proclaiming their stand for integrity and high morals.

Ah Chong, the sundry shop boss, just told me, “That Najib no gentleman lah. I spit on him.” But I bet you if Najib comes into his shop tomorrow, Ah Chong will smile from ear to ear, saying, “Welcome, Yang Amat Berhormat, you honor me so much by coming to my humble shop.” And Ah Chong won’t wash his hand for a week.

P.S. Abdul Kadir, the mamak teh-tarik boss is mighty pleased. He said, “All mamaks can now go cari makan in Perak since new MB is our own kinsman.”

So you see, you win some; you lose some.

9. anak_perelih - February 6, 2009

BN said Nizar is menderhaka…. but BN did “menipu” sultan to be back in power….

10. Perspectives on Perak crisis « Karya Gerila - February 7, 2009

[…] on Perak crisis A statement by Elizabeth Wong, of the Selangor State EXCO on Perak is […]

11. A Toong - February 7, 2009

As a Perakian I’m mighty pissed of with the way UMNO used rakyat money to buy of those despicable low lifes and the Perak Sultan..

People said that when the Perak Sultan was the Agong, he “consented” to Madhatir raping of the Judiciary and was subsequently rewarded richly.. Bandar Tasik Selatan.. Gamuda ..etc.. to the extent that the family became one of the richest in the country… the daughter was named the richest woman in Malaysia !!

People also said the the Regent (Raja Muda) is a very decent man quite unlike his father.. judging from the things he said about the role of Monarchy and leaders over the last 2 years.

I was therefore quite shocked when I saw the picture of the Sultan and the Regent “interviewing” one of the low lifes, Hee Yit Foong in yesterday’s STAR paper…

OMG !! So, our beloved, high principled Prince is also in the thick of things… like Father like Son ??

How could the Sultan and Regent believe a word of this low life woman when she lied in public about her disappearance during CNY and her loyalty to DAP..accompanied with so much melodrama…and buckets of crocodile tears… Her dramatic performance manage to calm the uneasiness of PAKATAN leaders and was crucially important to buy time for Najib to tie the lose ends together !!

In any case it is NOT up to the Sultan in the confined of his palace to decide if Nijar have lost the support of ADUNs.. it’s really up to the Perak State Assembly to decide !! What is so difficult about giving consent to dissolve the DUN and let the people decide !? Why ? Scared UMNO will lose their pants ??!!

As Nijar said, UMNO pondan not jantan enough to face a straight fight…I would add, they find protection hiding in the Sultan sarong !!!

The indecent haste in swearing in a new MB when the position of the sitting MB is still not clear appeared extremely fishy…

As for you, the 3 low lifes… what can I say ?? Thou’ I’m very angry, I also have deep empathy for you.. cos’ according to the law of karma… your crime to the rakyat is just too heavy.. you’ll be condemned to the 18th level Hell when you die… And with the curses and condemnations of the nation on you, your remaining time on earth will be full of fear and misery! The only consolation that you may have is spending time counting the stack and and stack of ill gotten cold cold cash !!!

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