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(Perak) Black is back on Tuesday February 9, 2009

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Wear black on Tuesday. That’s what the SMSs from Ipoh are urging us. Perak-ians are stylish even when they protest.

Tuesday is also the day there will be 2 teams reporting to work at SUK Perak. 

On Sunday night, Anil Netto (who is doing an amazing live reporting job there) reported 35,000 people who turned up to hear Anwar Ibrahim, MB Nizar Tan Seng Giaw and Hadi Awang. Others said 10,000. All I know was that the place was jammed-packed. I met Lim Kit Siang in Melaka that evening, who was exiting the memorial for the late Sim Mok Yu just as I was entering. 

In the middle of my open house at Desa Jaya Monday morning, I received the sudden and sad news that MP for Bukit Gantang, the late Roslan Shaharum passed away. He was found on the roadside, and was said to have had a heart attack while cycling to the pharmacy. PAS officials said it was likely stress and lack of rest contributed to this. 

May he rest in peace and that we honour him by trouncing UMNO-BN during the by-election.

Below is a statement of condolence for the late Sim Mok Yu, sent out on 7 February:-

沈慕羽  一生为华教奋斗
















1. dev - February 9, 2009

Lets do this good MP who had to borrow a bicycle to cycle to the nearest pharmacy to get some medicine some justice by giving whoever PAS puts as the candidate a solid win. The people of Perak here is your chance, sadly GOD had to take someone away to give us that chance. Lets give them a a good wacking for taking what we had worked so hard to earn, the State of Perak. We can’t give up now people, the opportunities are awaling itself now, so now is the time.

2. Perakian - February 10, 2009

Yes, wear black to mourn the late MP of Bukit Gantang. And black to signify the beginning of the end of Pakatan Rakyat. Did I hear someone say that Karpal Singh is getting senile?

3. wandererAUS - February 10, 2009

Once the by-election is announced, Money will be pouring down from heaven (BN) like a monsoon rain….a parting gift from Roslan to his electorates. This will be Najib’s waterloo. A dodgy character crown to be a PM with no honor. God is great!

4. Ricardo - February 10, 2009

What ever I wanted to say about the defectors are already spoken out about politicians without principles in life. They may be counting all the way to the bank but their consience will haunt them forever. Aswhat I would say…… treasure of the heart will always make a person happy in life which last forever.

5. Tau P Lim - February 10, 2009

Mr Sim was the founder and headmaster of the Chinese tuition school where I attended three nights a week from 1960 to 1968 from Primary 1 to Secondary 3, having spent my day classes in English medium schools.

During those days I must admit that I did not relish going to night classes to study Mandarin three nights a week. We have all those day classes and extra-curricular activities to attend to, and homework to complete.

The lighting in the classrooms was rather dimmed, hardly conducive for any form of learning after a hard day’s work (and play) in the day school. I even mastered the art of dozing off during lessons whilst feinting reading the text book without being noticed on a number of occasions.

Still, the night classes carried on. Teachers volunteered three nights a week even to these days because they believe in the importance of education, and the importance of one’s identity in the medium of one’s mother tongue.

Much has been said elsewhere in blogosphere about the segregating nature of being taught in the mother tongue, instead of a homogeneous language.

I do not agree. We are much the better as a nation because of our diversity, but I digress…

Mr Sim is an exemplary member of our (or ANY) society. I wish that we all learn from his towering lead and the example he has set us – in immersing himself in the provision of education to all who wish to learn.

It is because of Mr Sim that I was able to finish reading The Three Kingdoms, The Water Margin, Dream of the Red Chamber and The Monkey Goes West during those formative years.

Mr Sim, I thank you.

I thank you and my former teachers for placing me in an environment to understand the value of honesty, integrity, humility and respect for my human brethren.

I thank you and my former teachers for appreciating the importance of loyalty – to our family, our loved ones, and our beloved country.

Most of all, I thank you – for just being there when I was too young to know the difference.

Over the intervening years, having spent most of my time abroad and communicating only in English, my command of the Chinese language has withered away somewhat. But nevertheless, the ESSENCE of what I was taught in those formative years remains to this day and beyond.

Such is the value of what Mr Sim has brought to our society! A great educationalist, and an even greater human being!

Tau P Lim

6. zach - February 10, 2009

The people of Bukit Gantang will hav their revenge against UMNO 4 performin this coup on Perak,thus addin stress 2 Allahyarham Roslan’s weak heart n ended up killin him.
Al Fatihah
May Allahyarham Roslan rest well

7. Pforpariah - February 10, 2009


Only you a@@hole!

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