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“We have to defend our rights” February 10, 2009

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics.
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Tian Chua speaks on the current political situation at CNY DUN Bkt Lanjan Open House at Desa Jaya, Kepong. (BM and Mandarin)


1. carmanio - February 10, 2009

yb liz,
just popped in to say hi and tq 2 u and all your brave comrades in pr.
thanks for trying your best to fight out a better and liberated malaysia for all malaysians.


2. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - February 10, 2009


By right our inherent rights should defend us
To free us from any form of political curse
Without anyone being tempted by dirty purse
Without need for any political wound to nurse

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 100209
Tue. 10th Feb. 2009.

3. Jeremy wan - February 10, 2009

Well done.
Carry on fighting and we SHALL do better comes the next G.Election, not 4getting the 2 upcoming “buy” elections. All Malaysians eligible to vote must do thier duty to cast their votes regardless who they vote for but must bear in mind the future of a truly Malaysia rest with them and their own conscience. If they do a ” buy” election, take what they offered but do the right thingeeeee

4. Jerry - February 10, 2009

Yes we must defend our rights righteously and bravely. We must follow Mahamat Gandhi approach, i.e. without violents and disruptions to the livelihood of others. Good will always prevail over evils in the long run.
Remember the Peoples’ Power is invincible.

5. oA - February 12, 2009


the silver state is just a good preview of what is expected to come – come this march – the witnessing of the return of tun M’s trademarks – ruthlessness and lawlessness.

Silencing the people would be their top priority – like clamping down on oppositions demos etc. follow by news etc etc. which in a way of makiing people ignorant and clueless of immediate issues – similar to what was done in the past 20 something years or so ago.

of course the best way to counter these is to SPEAK UP. tell people the truth let them know cos they are good judge.


6. cuddlyfamily - February 16, 2009

just sending a msg of support to you Elizabeth at this time.

Bunch of scumbags, you are a victim. Don’t you dare resign!? You are a good ADUN who cares more abou the rakyat than KHir T has ever done.

You can hold your head up high.

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