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[…] Although he is considered to be one of the masters of photographic concept and composition, he says the photographs in themselves are not the most important part of his work. What matters most, he insists, is the journalism. For anyone considering following in his footsteps, Salgado says preparation is vital, as is flexibility.

“You don’t have to be a specialist in animal photography to take shots of animals nor a specialist in landscape to take landscapes. Become aware of the environmental issues by reading the increasing amount of coverage there is about them in the Press and magazines and you will come up with many nice stories to shoot. Then move from one subject to another. Remember, it’s not the individual photographs which count. For a photojournalist, it’s telling the story.”


For the technically-minded, Salgado shoots only on film, in black and white. And it will continue that way, he says.

“There is no digital black and white, I don’t work on a computer or manage a digital archive. The technology is not the point,” he adds, returning to a familiar theme, “what is important is the story”.

[World Press Photo, September 2005, Edition 2]


1. Samuel Goh - August 20, 2007

The art of story-telling through photojournalism is truly an art.

“A picture is worth more than 10K words” is quite well known as an expression.

As a ‘forerunner’ before the days of ‘video’, photograph still has its place today in conveying certain messages.

Being ‘static’ you tend to view it longer and hopefully can ‘see’ what the photographer originally saw.

You’ll see more when you see beyond using your eyes!

Samuel Goh Mon. 20th Aug. 2007

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