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Happy International Women’s Day! March 8, 2007

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I wish I had time to put up the funky logo for IWD2007 and rant about the dearth of rights for women, but suddenly I looked up at the clock and saw the time: 5.29 pm!

I’m beginning to feel like one of the women that I had written about in the past – where they get up at 5 am to start work at home, go to the fields, return for more housework, childcare etc. and end up at crashing at midnight.

The grand plan concocted two weeks ago was to have a mega pampering session (insert – annual rant). Instead today turned out to be like this:-



In 1867 … March 4, 2007

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Got this gem of a trivia from a new acquaintance today.

Between churning tomes and asking Engels to hurry up with the next dispatch of mince pies and wine, Marx had time to play a friendly game of chess, recorded in the annals of chess history.


Excess Email & Phone = IQ drop February 27, 2007

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What I suspected for the longest time ….

BBC: Friday, 22 April, 2005, 06:29 GMT 07:29 UK
‘Infomania’ worse than marijuana

Workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer a fall in IQ more than twice that found in marijuana smokers, new research has claimed.

The study for computing firm Hewlett Packard warned of a rise in “infomania”, with people becoming addicted to email and text messages.


V-Card for Tee-Am-Net February 14, 2007

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Dear Tee-Am-Net

While many are enjoying wonderful relationships with their respective ISP partners and celebrating Valentine’s Day, I’ve taken this unusual step of evaluating ours.

To put it bluntly, this isn’t working. In fact, everything went from bad to worse after Boxing Day.

I’ve tried. I’ve really tried. But each time I forgive you, it’s a matter of time before you let me down. I don’t want flowers, diamonds or cards. I want you to sit down with me and resolve this particular issue.


An apple a day – iPhone January 10, 2007

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It’s 3 am. Tuna and I have been watching the live feed of Steve Job’s preview of the new iPhone. His link is faster than mine, so he’s telling me minute-by-minute details that come out faster than my end. Jerry‘s also watching this. In the meantime, they’ve brought down the Apple site to load the latest products.

Tuna’s chanting away, “3G …. WiMax….GPRS …pre-installed Google, Yahoo (free IMAP) ….. multi-screens … Safari ….Widgets….” . Also Bluetooth, GSM/EDGE, touchscreen, photos, audio, even Google Earth!

It’s an iPod Nano + 3G Phone + PDA all rolled into one. It’s a slice of heaven in your palm, running on Mac OS X. It’s the baby all iBook-ers would want! The revealing of Macbook/Pro didn’t even come close to this.

We couldn’t well go to sleep until the final details have been revealed. And we have waited for more than two hours, to hear the price, while our jaws dropped lower and lower.

Like the Big ‘O’, it came in a flash.


Mac ‘Bug-A-Day’ Month begins January 6, 2007

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Strictly for the Mac-religious, who may have forgetten the ‘f.u.n’ in ‘fundamental‘.

It’s already the Day 5 of the month.

And already the mysterious ‘LMH’ and Kevin Finisterr have revealed 4 bugs so far, in QuickTime, VLC and iPhoto. There’s even a blog to chart the progress and they’ve promised to put up hatemail received.

Steve Jobs won’t be pleased.

26 more days and counting.

Space, the ‘Boleh’ Frontier November 17, 2006

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My super-talented friends, Mr. Smooth and Mr. Shagadelica did this great video!


(click here to view or download the Mpeg4 here)

JerryWHO: Malaysia’s most hacked blogger August 30, 2006

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JerryWHO, the head producer / engine behind Asia247.tv and a well-known blogger on social and technology issues, should be crowned the *most* hacked blogger in Malaysia.

In the past two months, he’s been hacked at least 8 times. For my posse of tech-nuts, only one word can describe this – Awesome.

Just tonight, he had posted something new at 11:30 pm (Jeff Ooi? A Lone Gunman?) while we were having our extended dinner ritual of chats and plots. He dropped me home around 2 am, and when I went into his site, it was cleaned out.