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1. budak jagung - February 19, 2009

hi..to everybody who are reading this message especially miss elizabeth wong..i’m so sorry for what had happened to you..i’m only 18,i don’t know much about politics and a don’t know you well but as a woman and as a human with feelings i’m totally on your side..i extremely agree with you what had happened was a total invasion of privacy..it’s none of my business but i just wanted to convey my sympathies for you..hope you’ll get over all of this soon..i just want to say that you don’t deserve to be in this situation..it’s not wrong however you want to wear in your own house cause your home is your sanctuary..just try your best to keep standing strong cause you know who ever did this is just so happy to see you fell..god is always watching over you and you still have who’ll keep on supporting you..take care and believe in yourself cause you’re innocent..

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