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Human Rights



1. Tony YEw - February 28, 2007

Hi Eli,
Or at least I take that is what friends call you?
Sorry If I invited myself as a ‘friend’, blogger more precise.
We spoke the other day in Wisma Denmark, I have sent you a short eamil detailing Audra’s case against MAS.

Appreciate if you could plan some time for us to meet.


2. Chui Lim - November 2, 2008

Was justice really done in the acquittal of Abdul Razak Baginda , former aide to PM in-waiting Najib? Ramon Navaratnam, President of Transparency Malaysia, seems to think so when he was quoted in the Malaysian Insider (1Nov. 2008) that” justice has been finally done and people should accept the verdict..”

What justice and whose justice? A Mongolian beauty who is linked to Razak and is a translater for a billion ringgit defence deal was blown to smithereens by the police and her “real” murderers are still “out there.” Two DPP s handling the case were suddenly switched as well as the judge hearing the case without satisfactory nor convincing explanations. A lawyer vanished after making a statutory declaration(SD) implicating the DPM only to retract it a day later before the “Houdini” act . And a fearless blogger RPK was detained using the draconian ISA under spurious claims after his blog and SD linked the DPM and his wife to the gruesome murder.

And the President of Transparency Malaysia says “justice has been done..”? Apparently contradicting himself he then went on to say that” the case also shows the urgent need to reform the judiciary to ensure (it) is truly competent and independent…”Bingo! That ‘transparent’ remark speaks volumes about the stature and credibility of the justice system. We are back to where we started with the question of ” What justice and whose justice?”.

With all the allegations swirling around the DPM amidst the latest of which relates to his sms to Razak’s lawyer and the controversial billion ringgit Eurocopter deal, the very least any concerned citizen can expect of someone who is a heart- beat from the highest office in the country is to make a statement in Parliament to dispell all these allegations.

Opposition supremo Lim Kit Siang(LKS) has already made repeated calls for a Royal Commission of Inquiry ( RCI) to investigate and clear Najib failing which LKS has called for Najib to make a fulsome statement in Parliament on 4 Nov. 2008. Now who in Parliament has the balls or guts to stand with LKS and support his call let alone lend his or her voice in the name of justice and to seek the truth?

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