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The case of the Perak Excos August 25, 2008

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The two Perak Excos were charged in the Ipoh sessions court this morning.

I know one of them, Capt Osman, who is my counterpart in tourism. Suffice to say, his arrest and that of his mates had nothing to do with corruption. If not for the brave magistrate who refused to grant the additional remand order, there could well be a new government in Perak by this week – a goal relentlessly pursued by Umno Perak.

There were some preliminary objections this morning, including state jurisdiction. This will be an exciting case to look forward to – exciting as it will reveal the machinations of the BN state apparatus involving the ACA, the Special Branch and its links with Umno. Mention will be on 15 September.

I am very grateful to my old schoolmate, Wende, who joined the legal team yesterday with her legal partner and brought in more firepower to defend these men.

pencACAi October 23, 2007

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We may have been to space and back, but something tells us that this government’s brains is permanently stuck at the *rse-end of the universe.

Yesterday, Anwar Ibrahim who had given us the Lingam-Fairuz video, was served with an ultimatum by the ACA to surrender the original video by Thursday, or face jail up to two years.

Yes, our very same ACA who claimed that they taught the Hong Kong ICAC a few things.



Sivarasa’s Press Statement at the ACA October 11, 2007

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This morning Mr Sim Tze Tzin ( Personal Assistant to Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim ) and I delivered our written responses to the notices issued by the ACA on 4th October 2007 under section 22 of the Anti Corruption Act 1997 ordering us, amongst others, to provide details of the identity of the persons who brought the video clip to us.

We have declined to provide any information on the identity of the source or information that might lead to disclosure of their identity ( such as the name of the restaurant where we met them ) on the basis that it might compromise their personal safety. We have also said that it is not in our power to give such information as we had given them our undertaking not to reveal it to any one without their prior permission. We do not, at this point of time, have their permission to do so. We have also said that we will be able to supply that information once they authorise its disclosure.

We also informed the ACA that it is our view that issuance of the above-said notice under section 22 of the Act is an unreasonable exercise of power and is wrong in law for the following reasons:


Siva, Sim continue to protect source October 11, 2007

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The two men were at the ACA office (opposite Dayabumi) for almost 2 hours, with their lawyers William Leong and Amer Hamzah, and firmly showed the finger told the ACA that they would continue to protect their source.

“Until the whistleblowers authorise us to reveal their identities, we will honour our promise to protect them,” he (Sivarasa) added. (Malaysiakini)

Sivarasa said the ACA was, in fact, abusing their powers in their zeal to go after the source, and that authenticity should be a technical matter.

He raised an additional matter on the role of the ACA in the Lingam-Fairuz Videotape saga vis-a-vis the ‘Independent’ Panel and the government,