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AidilFitri Open House September 29, 2008

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YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim

Menteri Besar Selangor (bersama Exco)
Venue: Pejabat SUK, Bangunan SSAAS, Shah Alam
Date: 1 October 2008
TIme:  11 am – 5 pm 
(I’ll be there ‘on duty’ from 2 pm onwards) 

Anwar Ibrahim, Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and Parti KeADILan Rakyat
Venue: Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kg Baru
Date: 12 October 2008
Time: 2 – 5 pm 

(Will more dates to add to this list)


ISA tool to remain in power September 13, 2008

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Rights groups condemned the arrests, saying it was an abuse of power by Abdullah’s government.

Amnesty International wants the United States to consider raising the case at the current UN General Assembly, where a special forum was to scrutinize human rights situation of member nations, said the group’s Washington-based Asia Pacific advocacy director T Kumar.

“It appears that the Malaysian government is engaging in a witch hunt against peaceful dissent,” he said. “The government should release all ISA detainees and not use the law as a tool to maintain political power.”

Human Rights Watch, an independent US group, said Malaysia risked “irreparable harm” to its “already fragile reputation” if those arrested were not freed.

“The Malaysian government apparently thinks it can only maintain power by jailing journalists and opposition politicians,” said Elaine Pearson, the group’s deputy Asia director. “Such tactics have no place in a modern democracy.” (AFP)

‘We are ready’! August 26, 2008

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Official Results:- pkr 31,195 bn 15,524,

Thank you Permatang Pauh!
‘We are ready’ – for Putrajaya!


As of 8.20 pm: pkr 31949 bn 14297. Haha

As of 8 pm: pkr 16,101 bn 6071. 🙂

As of 7.30pm: pkr 12459 bn 4284

results as of 7pm: pkr 6115 bn 2209

‘V’ for Rakyat, ‘V’ for Anwar Ibrahim August 25, 2008

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On the ballot paper for P44, Anwar Ibrahim is the second candidate.

For us, it symbolises ‘V’ – for victory – not just in terms of votes, but for victory of People’s Power.

Even before a single ballot has been cast, Pakatan Rakyat has won for its commitment to multiculturalism and justice.

The last ten days have seen the most racist and vilest campaign ever, launched by Barisan Nasional. I am too tired to upload photos of these publications. All that so-called reflection of BN after its devastating loss on 8th March was a whole lot of hot air. That so-called apology over the keris-waving of Umno Youth was as empty as Saiful’s ‘sumpah‘.

Since 8 March, BN has not changed. There is no repentance, no remorse. Instead, this time round, they issue even more blood-curdling calls for vengeance against the Chinese and Indians. We have been called ‘babi’ (pigs), ‘bangsa asing’ (foreigners), amongst other derogatory terms. Leaders of MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP – buat tak tau aje.

So this is the future that Barisan Nasional has in store for us.

Anwar could have played to the gallery. He could have left out the bits about his vision about a truly multicultural Malaysia when he spoke in the Malay villages. He could have said, “You guys first, the rest second’.

But he didn’t. He defended the right for all to coexist and work together for a better Malaysia. His courage to stand up for his vision humbles all of us.

Kita percaya Malaysia yang makmur, adil dan perkasa untuk umat Melayu, orang Cina, kaum India, Iban, Kadazan dan lain-lain. Ini membezakan di antara kita dengan Kerajaan Barisan Nasional yang diketuai UMNO. (Anwar Ibrahim)

Today, we wear our Parti KeADILan Rakyat badges with even more pride and hold our heads up high, come what may. (more…)

Anwar free! Now Petra arrested enroute to IPK??!! July 17, 2008

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After spending the night on IPK KL’s cold hard cement floor, this morning, Anwar Ibrahim is free. 

He will hold a press conference at 2 pm at his home.

But Raja Petra was due at the IPK, said to be charged for criminal defamation. But he was arrested while on the way there (is this police SOP now?) and whisked to the Duta High Court. What the ************!!!!

If the two had the opportunity to meet there and compare notes, they may stumble upon the fact that the architects of their persecution are one and the same.

Anwar arrested enroute to IPK July 16, 2008

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After the splendid showing where Anwar Ibrahim trounced the Minister of Information (who promised to resign if he did badly, BTW), now the dastardly news.

Anwar was arrested when he exited his house enroute to IPK  was near his house at Bukit Segambut when returning from his interview with the Anti Corruption Agency before heading to IPK Kuala Lumpur.

According to Chegubard who was with him, his car was surrounded by a group of Special Taskforce Police (Unit Tindakan Khas – UTK, the same guys who smashed his house in 1998) wearing masks. They took him into a black-tinted car and drove off.

Anwar’s arrest was well ahead of his deadline of 2.00 pm meeting time to give his witness statement.

According to his lawyer, he is being taken to the now infamous Brickfields Police Station. the Kuala Lumpur Police HQ (IPK KL).

Debate of the Year (Live!) July 15, 2008

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Pics from Protes July 8, 2008

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Photo credit: C Nicholas

Red power July 6, 2008

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Nope. I am *not* on strike unlike some bloggers; I don’t fancy being an ostrich when the calling is to elucidate, not obfuscate, more so if one claims to be a writer.

A Thomas Paine quote put up originally by Nik Nazmi:-

These are the times that try men’s souls… Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value.

So no boycotting but have been busy. In between functions and meetings, I’d been chasing the spectre of ‘army trucks’ since yesterday.

Heard from a few people who in turn heard from some other f’lers there were army trucks la at Sentral la, Kelana Jaya stadium la, Padang Timur la, outside their house oso got. So off we went, the non-ostriches. But when we got to those sights, nada, zero, nothing.

I’m guessing this was just another red herring, to frighten people from turning up or coming out of their homes; park a truck, take ’em pics and send ’em home. I am so sending those ‘informants’ my petrol bill. 😐

Meanwhile today, one could be mistaken there’s a Liverpool, Man U match going on. The crowd started moving in at 10 am. Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is scheduled to be at the Kelana Jaya Stadium at 5 pm. I heard MB Kelatan Nik Aziz too will be there. Anwar Ibrahim will set the stage ablaze at 9 pm.

So if you’re still at home reading this, it’s not too late to grab your red shirt, red cap, red scarf, red vest, red tudung and mari mari ke stadium!

No to price hike, No to economic mismanagement, Yes to people’s power!

(See what you’re missing here!)

DSAI on TDM May 20, 2008

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Press Statement
20th May 2008

Tun Dr. Mahathir’s decision to leave Umno today is indicative of Umno’s worsening crisis, where leaders continue to bicker and fight, while the welfare of ordinary Malaysians are increasingly neglected.

The internal problems of Umno are clearly deteriorating beyond any hope of recovery. Nonetheless, we must avoid being trapped by personal agendas to replace weak leaders with corrupt ones.

In view of the worsening crisis, any and all Malaysians of conscience who are concerned for the continued stability, prosperity or unity of the country are invited to join KeADILan and Pakatan Rakyat and pursue our shared ideals for a better, united Malaysia.


Kenyataan Media
20 Mei 2008

Keputusan Tun Dr. Mahathir untuk keluar dari Umno hari ini mencerminkan krisis Umno yang kian merosot, di mana pemimpin saling berebut dan bercakaran, manakala rakyat semakin tidak terbela.

Masalah dalaman Umno semakin parah dan jelas tiada harapan untuk pulih. Walaubagaimanapun, kita mesti mengelakkan dari terperangkap dengan agenda peribadi untuk menggantikan pemimpin yang lemah dengan pemimpin yang rasuah.

Memandangkan masalah dalaman Umno yang semakin merudum, semua rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin dengan kestabilan, kemajuan dan perpaduan masa depan negara dijemput menyertai KeADILan dan Pakatan Rakyat untuk merealisasikan visi bersama untuk bersatu demi memulihkan Malaysia.