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KeADILan’s Malaysian Economic Agenda (MEA) March 16, 2008

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Let there be no confusion about this.

KeADILan Media Statement (English)
15th March 2008


Parti Keadilan Rakyat (People’s Justice Party) has a clear and firm stand on the New Economic Policy (NEP). As explained by the Ketua Umum of the Party, Anwar Ibrahim in his 20-page article as well as through his many public pronouncements and ceramah, and further reaffirmed in several Party documents, including the Election Manifesto, we intend to replace the NEP with the Malaysian Economic Agenda.

The NEP, after nearly 40 years is already anachronistic. It has been abused by a handful leaders and cronies in Umno-Bn to rob the country of its wealth to enrich themselves, in the name of the Malays as a whole. It has led to discriminatory practices that are against the spirit of justice and fairness for all Malaysians, particularly the poor, marginalised and disadvantaged groups of all races.

The Malaysian Economic Agenda aspires to:

(a) institute and implement fair, just and equitable redistribution of the wealth in the country;

(b) fight against and finally abolish the evil practices of corruption, cronyism and nepotism and ensure the award of contracts and projects are done in open and transparent manner;

(c) continue the policy of positive discrimination in favour of poor dan deprived Bumiputera while at the same time giving equal opportunities to poor and deprived non-Bumpiputera on the basis of need and not racial greed;

(d) utilise the wealthy resources of the country to provide better social facilities – especially education, health and housing – for the poor, irrespective of ethnic backgrounds; and

(e) generate pro-people development and strengthen the competitive capacity of Malaysia so that she can stand tall with all developed countries, starting with those in Asia.

Those leaders of Umno-Bn and the media they own that accuse Parti Keadilan Rakyat as having no stand on the NEP and on other ways of improving the lot of the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged Malays are deliberately indulging in lies to mislead the public. We wish to emphasise that a policy of positive discrimination in favour of all Malaysians who are poor, marginalized and disadvantaged will benefit the Malay rakyat more, because they form the big majority of this category of people.

Dr. Syed Husin Ali
Deputy President
Parti KeADILan Rakyat

(GE12) Anwar’s Letter to Malaysia March 7, 2008

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Fellow Malaysians,

Assalamualaikum and warmest greetings,

The moment of truth is upon us. The 8th of March 2008 is the pivotal moment of our time – when the people of Malaysia have a choice between changing to a better, more wholesome Malaysia; or continuing to be trapped and shackled by 50 years of a chequered independence.

From day one on nomination day itself, fraud upon fraud has been the hallmark of Umno-BN, through their ever-willing puppet, the EC. The introduction of stamp duties, followed by its abrupt abolition; uneven campaigns and gangster-like threats towards opposition candidates; the EC’s admission that there are apparent 8, 666 votes above 100 years of age; un-secret postal votes; and most shockingly – the abolition of the use of indelible ink on the grounds of ‘public safety’.

These absurd frauds are clearly desperate attempts to maintain the rule of Umno-BN, even as they shiver in fear, seeing the readiness of the people to voice out their dissatisfaction across the length and breadth of the country. But what is truly sad is that it seems, from this endless series of trickery, that in the eyes of Umno-BN, the people of Malaysia are so easily manipulated and fooled with impunity.

That is what Umno-BN wants – for the people to shift their attention away from them, into a morass of deception and misplaced distrust. Dirty tactics are the order of the day, including the ‘import’ of phantom voters in certain areas, including Kelantan, Terengganu and not forgetting Pekan, Pahang. The opposition is blasted daily in the mainstream media, with barely an opportunity to respond to the allegations. I myself, supposedly ‘irrelevant’ in the arena of Malaysian politics, have been attacked mercilessly day in and day out with an array of libellous accusations. Ironically though, thousands seem to attend Opposition talks without ever needing the incentives of money or ‘entertainment’.

From North to South, I am glad to say that we have made the best out of our 13 days of opportunity. Alhamdulillah, I have been privileged enough to witness the people of Malaysia rise up across the country. Far from being a marginal struggle, this is a struggle for all our people, who have long wished to free themselves from the tyranny of UMNO-BN! The response given to our KeADILan candidates, as well as our comrades from PAS and DAP, has been nothing short of phenomenal, while Umno-BN looks increasingly desperate by the day. Even with their complete control of the mainstream media, they continue to be on the defensive – rather than engage with our manifestos, they have only managed to attack us blindly, stabbing in the dark with no real rhyme or reason.

My dear brothers and sisters,

Each and every Malaysian has the right to an opportunity for a better life. Malaysia has tremendous potential, but it has been worn down and suppressed by the vile political games of Umno-BN, who continue to poison our minds and bind our potential with narrow racial sentiments and the all-destroying ooze of corruption. The judiciary has become the marketplace of gambling kings; crime is endemic, with rape, snatch theft and murder all on the rise. The police have been taken away from their positions as guardians of public safety, and shunted instead to the useless surveillance of opposition figures. Inflation is spiralling out of control, even as wages shrink; and the people just keep on suffering. And what does BN tell us? That we should be thankful for what we have.

What you need to do on the 8th of March 2008 is to have the courage to change. KeADILan’s commitment is clear. The victory that you grant to us will translate into reduced petrol prices, a lid on inflation, a more sustained and credible effort at tackling crime, free education for all; and a government that is fair and just to all its people, regardles of race and religion.

KeADILan has given you a Manifesto titled A New Hope for Malaysia, which strikes at the heart of the basic problems that the average Malaysian faces today, and offers you solutions for tomorrow. The hope that KeADILan promises shall be realised by each and every one of our candidates, coming as they do to you from all sorts of different backgrounds, united by their shared credibility and calibre of the very highest degree.

KeADILan, PAS and DAP have played their roles in saving Malaysia from its current course of self-destruction, fanned by the greed and lust of the Umno-BN leadership and the gamblers of the nation’s future. Now, it is your time to make a choice. All our hopes and dreams for the nation are now but a step away from being realised – it is in your hands, as a citizen of Malaysia, endowed with dignity and the freedom of choice.

I firmly believe that the people of Malaysia are a mature and wise people, and I am confident that that wisdom will be translated into votes for KeADILan, PAS and DAP come this 8th of March 2008, in the name of saving our beloved Malaysia.

It is now time for Malaysia to tread the path towards a new future, armed with a New Hope, great and bright in its promise of glory. The choice is in your hands. And in God we trust.

I wish you all the very best, as you fulfil your civic duty tomorrow in bringing about a better Malaysia for all.


(GE12) BN Slogan for GE12? February 20, 2008

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“Selamat, Aman, Makmur” (own translation – ‘Safe, Peaceful, Prosperous’)

I kid you not.

And why’s Badawi copying the Anwar Ibrahim trademark ‘hand in the air’ gesture?


Ciplak version ->>paklahge12poster.jpg

C’mon guys. You have consultants from Oxbridge. Millions to pump into your advertising agency, and that’s all you’ve got?

Oh – Anwar’s got his official snazzy website up and running finally, alongside his blog!

Day of shame for Malaysia February 13, 2008

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Tuesday was a day of shame for the nation.

After 50 years under Bebal Nasional (BN), this is what we have to show to the world? How much more are we to sit back and endure this travesty?

So much for independence of the judiciary. What is the connection between Mokhtar Sidin and Lingam? Were bribes, gifts, flowers, cakes (more below) or cash part of the deal? Who else is implicated?

In her statutory declaration, GN Jayanthi, 45, said she had stayed until 3am in Lingam’s office to draft a judgment which eventually became the landmark decision read by High Court judge Mokhtar Sidin in the Vincent Tan vs MGG Pillai defamation suit. This, she said, occurred between November and early December 1994.

Lingam was representing Tan, a business tycoon, in the RM10 million suit.

Jayanthi said she ‘vividly remembers’ how Lingam dictated a draft judgment from some handwritten notes while another staff J Sumanti typed it out.

“Lingam then corrected the pages with red ink. Sumanti then did the corrections and made a copy of the said judgment in a floppy disk that was to be given to Mokhtar Sidin.

“I later discovered the judgment written by Lingam was fully incorporated as the official judgment by the said judge,” she said.(Malaysiakini, 12 Feb 2008)


Cari Sharlinie, atau cari pembangkang? February 5, 2008

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Nasib Sharlinie di tangan polis, tetapi kelihatan polis lebih minat menyekat ceramah KeADILan. 

Berita dari Saudara Nik Nazmi tentang peristiwa ini yang berlaku semalam:

Sudah sekian lama Keadilan Bahagian Kelana Jaya bertungkus lumus untuk Ceramah Perdana semalam di Pusat Khidmat Masyarakat kami di Desa Mentari. Permohonan permit polis sudah dibuat, puluhan kain rentang sudah dipasang, ribuan handbill, SMS dan jemputan Facebook sudah dihantar.

Apabila saya tiba di Desa Mentari bersama ibubapa saya kelihatan sudah ramai anggota polis di sana – ada sekurang-kurangnya tiga puluh orang berpakaian seragam (SB wallahualam lah). Pihak UMNO di saat akhir menganjurkan kejohanan futsal remaja betul-betul bertentangan tapak ceramah. Hari sebelumnya MB Selangor Datuk Seri Khir Toyo hadir di Desaria, tidak jauh di Desa Mentari.

Tidak lama kemudian tayangan perhimpunan Bersih 10 November dibuat. Tiba-tiba pihak polis meminta agar tayangan dihentikan ‘kerana mengganggu penduduk setempat’. Kami akur, dan menghentikan tayangan tersebut.

Kehadiran makin bertambah, dengan pelbagai kaum – kira-kira 60% Melayu, 30% India dan 10% Cina. Saudara Halimey, Ketua Angkatan Muda Selangor dan juga Kelana Jaya memulakan majlis dengan meminta hadirin memberi tepukan gemuruh kepada pasukan polis kerana kerjasama mereka. Beliau juga menggesa agar semua bertenang dan menjaga tatatertib meskipun provokasi dari kelompok UMNO di padang futsal.

Tetapi apabila nampak hadirin mencapai kira-kira 3,000 orang pihak polis berubah fikiran. Mereka bertemu pimpinan bahagian dan minta ceramah dihentikan. Speaker yang berada di padang mesti dicabut, dan speaker yang berada di Pusat Khidmat dihalakan ke dalam.

Namun orang ramai tidak takut. Kebanyakan terus berada di padang, dan memberi sambutan hangat sebaik sahaja Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tiba sekitar jam 9.45 malam. Selepas berunding dengan polis, mereka membenarkan beliau bercakap hanya di dalam Pusat Khidmat. Walaupun hanya sayup-sayup kedengaran di luar, orang ramai tidak berganjak walaupun seinci.

Seorang anggota Puteri UMNO cuba mendengar ceramah Datuk Seri dengan duduk di depan, dekat dengan premis kami. Beliau menerima baik risalah yang kami berikan. “Buat apalah polis ni ramai-ramai di sini. Kalau cari Sharlinie kan lagi bagus?”

Bagi penduduk Desa Mentari tentu lebih terasa ironi kehadiran polis sebegitu ramai. Sebelum insiden Sharlinie hampir mustahil bertemu polis di kawasan perumahan mereka. Bukannya mereka tak mahu menjaga anak-anak mereka, tetapi kebanyakannya memegang dua kerja untuk menempuhi kenaikan harga. Anak-anak pula lebih suka bermain di atas tanah, memandangkan rumah flat mereka agak sempit dan tidak selesa.

Pada akhir ceramah tersebut,, anggota Puteri UMNO tersebut antara puluhan orang ramai yang mendaftar menjadi ahli KeADILan. Kejohanan futsal tersebut terus berlangsung, walaupun kebanyakan remaja tersebut bersekolah pada hari ini!

Sebaik sahaja naik kereta untuk pulang, bapa saya yang sudah berusia 77 tahun mengeluh, “Apa nak jadi pada negara ini?”

Happy Thaipusam! January 23, 2008

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Wishing my friends a very Happy Thaipusam.

Indeed it’s been a good one, thanks to HINDRAF — Public holiday, slashed prices for young ones carrying kavadi, easy traffic and breathing space this time round for Batu Cave visitors.

Here’s another video by my hardworking neighbour who’s a devoted father of two and avid YouTuber/videographer who goes by the name: ‘MediaRakyat‘.

This time, it’s Anwar Ibrahim on Hindraf, filmed recently during the launch of KeADILan’s William Leong and Gan Pei Nee’s campaign to wrestle Selayang (Parliament) and Rawang (state assembly) away from BN.


(PRU12) Anwar: Lower petrol price if Opposition wins January 21, 2008

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Speaking at a dinner in Kajang (14/01/2008), Anwar Ibrahim pledged that he would reduce the price of petrol if KeADILan won the election.

Ops Selamat Pak Lah December 11, 2007

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Ongoing alerts the whole day

11 DEC 2007 (4:30 pm)


Tian Chua, the Information Chief of the People’s Justice Party (KeADILan), was brought back to the Kuala Lumpur Police Headquarters (IPK-KL).

Tian was earlier taken from IPK-KL to the Duta Kuala Lumpur Courts. However, after sitting in the Court lockups for more than three hours, an instruction arrived to return him back to the police headquarters. He was not charged in court and there is no information to date, why he was separated from the rest of the detainees earlier.

BERSIH delegates had their particulars taken down by the police and were released by four pm today. The names of the eight persons released are:


Business as usual for political leaders November 9, 2007

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Penang folks get to see political and civil society leaders in action, on the eve of the BERSIH gathering in Kuala Lumpur. Yep, it’s business as usual.

Public Forum on Judicial Crisis – How do we Stop the Rot?
Time: 8.00 pm
Venue: Sunway Hotel, Georgetown. (33, New Lane, Off Macalister Rd)
Speakers: Cecil Rajendra (Former president of HAKAM)
Zarizana (women activist, lawyer),
DSAI (former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Advisor to KeADILan)
Untuk dihubungi: Hj Malik 019 445 1005

Ceramah Perdana
Masa:10.30 pm
Tempat: Permatang Damar Laut, Parlimen Bayan Baru
Speakers: Dato’ Zahrain (Pengerusi Perhubungan Negeri P.Pinang)
Saifuddin Nasution (Bekas ADUN Lunas)
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
Untuk dihubungi: Hj Malik 019 445 1005

pencACAi October 23, 2007

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We may have been to space and back, but something tells us that this government’s brains is permanently stuck at the *rse-end of the universe.

Yesterday, Anwar Ibrahim who had given us the Lingam-Fairuz video, was served with an ultimatum by the ACA to surrender the original video by Thursday, or face jail up to two years.

Yes, our very same ACA who claimed that they taught the Hong Kong ICAC a few things.