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Can Rashid explain these? February 27, 2008

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This from my friend, Kok Fah, a staunch opposition supporter:-

I’m a voter since 1986. Since 1995 I vote in Puchong. When i checked my name before nomination at SPR web site I’m still a voter in Puchong. But when i checked my name just now, i’m not a voter, i can’t vote.

I’m now at Kajang PKR bilik gerekan, we received some conplaints that they vote in 2004 Dun Kajang, now they cant vote because they are not a voter, some had been tranfer to other areas.

This sounds like my case during the 1999 General Elections. I registered in April 1997, had a receipt and all, yet my name didn’t appear on the rolls in 1999. I had to re-register again.

And, are these people very very old or too young to vote? (check with http://daftarj.spr.gov.my/daftar.asp; birthdates below which appear in the current electoral)


Is it incompetence or desperation on part of the BN/EC alliance? Either way, it’s reason enough to VOTE THIS GOVERNMENT OUT!

(GE12) SPR tries to trip the Opposition? February 22, 2008

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This was only announced to the media yesterday.
Today is Friday. Nomination Sunday. Democracy BN-style.

Declaration stamp a must, says EC PUTRAJAYA: For the first time, all candidates submitting their nomination papers must have the accompanying statutory declaration stamped, or risk having the papers rejected.

Election Commission (EC) secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor advised candidates to comply with this regulation, as statutory declarations are not exempt from stamp duty under the Stamp Act and the Election Regulations.

“The Election Commission wishes to announce that under Regulation 6(2A)(c) of the Election Regulation (Conduct of Elections) 1981, the returning officer can reject the nomination papers of a candidate if the statutory declaration (Form 5 or 5A) that is attached to it does not adhere to Regulation 4(7) Election Regulation (Conduct of Elections) 1981,” he said.

Kamaruzaman said the duty stamp can be purchased at any Pos Malaysia counter for RM10, or they could get the form franked at any Inland Revenue Board office or service centre.

He said duty stamps purchased from Pos Malaysia could be validated at any of the 128 district offices nationwide.

“The Inland Revenue Board has agreed to cooperate with the Election Commission by keeping its offices and service centres nationwide open till 6pm on Saturday to facilitate the franking of candidates’ forms before nomination day,” he said.

Kamaruzaman said this was the first time the EC was imposing this regulation even though it has been in existence since 1981.

(GE12) Rashid again February 15, 2008

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Hand in the cookie jar syndrome.

He said there is no such thing as ‘phantom voter’, claiming that nobody has ever produced proof.


Earlier this week, electoral reform group Bersih has presented proof of the existence of 104 voters aged above 100 in the Selangor electoral roll to the Selangor EC.

Pressed by a reporter on this issue, he rebutted: “You want to argue over small things like this? You’re questioning me like in a court of law.” (Malaysiakini, 14 Feb 2008)

Is that why the EC is mum about the indelible ink?

(See Rockybru, whose identity may well be used by a ‘phantom’ this elections!)

(GE12) The number ’13’ February 14, 2008

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The Elections Commission (EC) has the power to set the elections date, not the former Prime Minister. So was the date 8 March really decided by the EC or given by our numerology fan – Mr. 13? (And how come a number of us were told of that date in advance :D)

Maybe Rashid likes ’13’ too.

And on the issue of indelible ink, heads up folks. Sources claim it’s NOT likely to be compulsory.

Is that why he was ainsy?

Asked to confirm on the use of indelible ink in the coming election, the EC chief replied: “I will talk about that later. The procedures-procedures are not (main topic) in this session, we are more interested in the (election) dates.”

Pressed again, he retorted: “Did I say cancel? I will call you if there is any change.” (Malaysiakini, 14 Feb 2008)