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V. Ganabathirau December 14, 2007

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A touching portrait of V. Ganabathirau, from Tony Pua, DAP economic advisor and head of DAP Damansara branch.

Ganabathi will not have the chance to see his 8-month old baby girl grow up, thanks to Abdullah Badawi and UMNO.

Please forward this around as you won’t get to read this in any of our mainstream newspapers. Pah…

Ops Selamat Pak Lah dah bermula December 13, 2007

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Dua hari selepas Udayakumar, penasihat undang-undang HINDRAF telah menjelaskan kepada Utusan Malaysia bahawa HINDRAF bukan pertubuhan anti-Melayu, tetapi musuh sebenarnya ialah UMNO, kini beliau bersama 4 rakan-rakannya ditahan di bawah Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negara (ISA).

Bilakah musuh UMNO boleh menjadi musuh negara?

Cis. Bebal betul Pak Lah ni. Pandai bazir wang, pandai tidur. Pandai buat tak tau. ‘Zero’ kemahiran mentadbir negara.

Jangan biar negara kita sampai ke tahap parah seperti Zimbabwe dan Myanmar.
Lawan tetap lawan.
Lawan demi maruah.
Lawan sampai menang.

(Kemaskini) Sesiapa yang berada di Pulau Pinang, sila datang ke “Malam untuk Keadilan” yang memberi sokongan kepada semua orang yang ditahan. Program ini dianjur oleh pihak¬†Suaram-Pulau Pinang dan rakan-rakan NGO di utara.


Hippocretin December 13, 2007

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A new species was discovered in Malaysia, a country close to the equator, in November 2003. Political scientists have called it ‘Hippocretin‘ and is said to be a cross-breed between a hypocrite and a cretin. It is believed this new being which resembles a chicken, is easily spotted with its Big Ears, has an IQ of ‘Ling-ling’ and the ability to fall asleep anytime, thus needing constant guidance and prodding from his brood to move around. It loves Nasi Kandar but definitely not floods. It is known to be afraid of crowds.pmstupid2.jpgBut seriously.This is a little rich, coming from someone who flew off to Venezeula, then a week’s holiday in Perth (and caught opening a Nasi Kandar shop of his family’s, of all things!), when the country faced the worst floods ever in its history.Is buying a RM 200 million personal jet a form of loving your country, when fuel subsidies are cut and inflation spirals?Is enriching your family and friends with titles, contracts and money a patriotic act? Do you know the difference between filial acts and patriotism.Is silencing people who have legitimate grouses and demonstrate peacefully with chemical-laced water, teargas, batons, mass arrests, media machinery, called loving your people?IS ARRESTING UDAYAKUMAR, MANO etc. WITHOUT TRIAL under the ISA, taking away their right to defend themselves in an open court, a fair and just action?No, Hippocretin.It’s a cowardly act.