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(GE12) Fong come back :( February 17, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Malaysia, Politics, Women.
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Fong Po Kuan, (also known as Cili Padi among the Chinese media; I like to call her ‘The Slayer’: she sent OKT’s brother limping home) is my junior in my alma mater and pride of our alumni.

So it’s depressing to hear that she’s declined to run for the 3rd term (according to her, due to internal party conflicts, during her emotional news conference) and watch her in action battling those nasties sitting on the other side.

She was one of the 4 Opposition female legislators and no doubt played a part in inspiring many young women to view political participation as something positive. She was also in the Human Rights Caucus in Parliament, so she would be missed by us in Suaram.

Whoever has been trying to grab her seat these past months, please cease and desist. You’re a disservice to Perakians and women.