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(GE12) Makkal Sakti @ Bukit Lanjan February 26, 2008

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The highlight of the Monday was a stroll with R. Sivarasa at Kayu Ara after Maghrib, where I experienced ‘Makkal Sakti’ up close and personal.

The response there was overwhelming, even more electrifying compared to the 1999 General Elections! Families came out of their homes to greet us, cheer us on and shake our hands. I remember boss Dr. Wan Azizah who once told me how her hand would be chaffed and blistered at the end of every election and by-election, and just a day after Nomination, I now know what she had meant. It feels great!!!

There are many more miles to cover tomorrow. There’s at least 7 hours of solid walking and door-to-door interaction. We don’t have the 3Ms (Money, Media and State Machinery) so it’ll be the old school ways until next Saturday, but it’s heaps nicer to meet residents and talk to them in person.

Anwar Ibrahim speaks at Subang Perdana around 9 pm.