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Day of shame for Malaysia February 13, 2008

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Tuesday was a day of shame for the nation.

After 50 years under Bebal Nasional (BN), this is what we have to show to the world? How much more are we to sit back and endure this travesty?

So much for independence of the judiciary. What is the connection between Mokhtar Sidin and Lingam? Were bribes, gifts, flowers, cakes (more below) or cash part of the deal? Who else is implicated?

In her statutory declaration, GN Jayanthi, 45, said she had stayed until 3am in Lingam’s office to draft a judgment which eventually became the landmark decision read by High Court judge Mokhtar Sidin in the Vincent Tan vs MGG Pillai defamation suit. This, she said, occurred between November and early December 1994.

Lingam was representing Tan, a business tycoon, in the RM10 million suit.

Jayanthi said she ‘vividly remembers’ how Lingam dictated a draft judgment from some handwritten notes while another staff J Sumanti typed it out.

“Lingam then corrected the pages with red ink. Sumanti then did the corrections and made a copy of the said judgment in a floppy disk that was to be given to Mokhtar Sidin.

“I later discovered the judgment written by Lingam was fully incorporated as the official judgment by the said judge,” she said.(Malaysiakini, 12 Feb 2008)


Full video: The Lingam-Fairuz scandal December 14, 2007

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Does Abdullah Badawi know what ‘Independence of the Judiciary” actually means?



Siu-sei-yan December 12, 2007

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Siu-sei-yan* #1:
When we read bebal statements from w*nk*rs like the one below, how can we possibly resist giving a good shove?

Don’t push the PM, Hisham warns people

KUALA LUMPUR: Do not push the Prime Minister, warns Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. (source: The Star)

Siu-sei-yan #2 (alternate exclaimation:- lei-mo-kow-cho**):
Haider ‘The Seal’ again??? Khoo Kay Kim???!!! Isn’t Steve Shim mentioned in the tape??

*Siu-sei-yan = Laugh until die! (Cantonese)
**lei-mo-kow-cho = You are not joking! (Cantonese)

Aki who? December 6, 2007

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Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has taken the meaning of the word – ‘cronyism‘ – to even greater heights. Talk about a super-bullet express gravy train.

Never mind the fact that Zaki Azmi leap-frogged from the stables of Umno to become a Federal Court judge (September 2007), and now head of the Appeals Court and the No. 2 judge in the country (December 2007).

Never mind the fact that Zaki Azmi hasn’t delivered any written judgement. (But it’s been established that he’s quite adept at sending SMSs)

Never mind the fact that there are many more senior and qualified judges on the bench.


Bersih picks up Rashid’s gauntlet November 20, 2007

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“If they will show me evidence that the commission has rigged elections, then I will – in fact, all members of the commission – will resign.” (Source: The Star)

But it must be proven in court, according to the Election Commission’s chief, Abdul Rashid. Good call. He must thank his lucky stars for patriots the likes of Lingam and Fairuz.

BERSIH refutes below. Will Rashid now start drafting his resignation letter?