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Electric Elections Down Under November 24, 2007

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Our moment to change will soon descend upon us.
I pray we will be as courageous as the Australians.




Action at my former residence:-

“THE MOOD IS ABSOLUTELY ELECTRIC…” has been heard on a number of occasions.

Live radio coverage on 2UE
Virtual tally by the Australian Elections Commission.

Deputy Labor leader Julia Gillard has called for elections for Labor. 2UE is calling Kevin Rudd ‘Prime Minister-elect’ and reported on major swings in all states except Western Australia. John Howard has yet to concede defeat.

By 7.53pm, after almost two hours of counting and before polls had closed in Western Australia, the Australian Electoral Commission had awarded 53 of the 150 House of Representatives seats to Labor, 26 to the Liberals and six to the Nationals, with one independent.

Two seats I’ll be watching:-


At Bennelong – the seat of John Howard, it is still too close to call, but (potential dragon-slayer) Maxine McKew still leads by a whisker 🙂

Melbourne, where Adam Bandt (Greens) is running. Bandt and I were in the same student organisation, Left Alliance, so it would be great to see him win 🙂