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Of ceramahs, errata, etc. February 29, 2008

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I’m speaking intermittently here and there, and usually the schedule won’t be confirmed til the morning of the ceramahs.

But on 6th March night, Sivarasa and I will be speaking at Bandar Utama. Details will be posted as soon as details are firmed.

In the meanwhile, come Sunday, we are launching our MOBILE KEADILAN at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama 0930 hours. This is all thanks to a fantastic team of supporters who walked in and offered their help this week.

We will then be roaming around the constituency and making speeches on the go :). Tentative schedule of my stops are as below:-

0930 Centrepoint (Launch)
1130 Sri Damansara 1-5
1230 Back to Centrepoint
1430 One Utama, Curve
1600 End

On the matter of the PACA written earlier, Madeleine clarified that the deadline was for PACA for postal votes. So, we still have time ’til this Wednesday for the deadline.

2100 Ceramah @ Damansara Damai

(GE12) Nominations through February 24, 2008

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In the Subang (P107) constituency, all Opposition candidates got their nominations approved. 🙂 It’s all straight fights in the state seats (Kota Damansara, Paya Jeras and Bukit Lanjan) as well as the Parliament seat.

The morning was not without the usual Election Commission nonsense. At the freshly painted green gates of the multipurpose hall, MBPJ Bandar Utama, we were refused entry initially. Apparently, the candidates, proposers and seconders all had to have name tags with a photo for ID purposes (and not all of us were given that).

No photo, no tag, no entry,” claimed an EC guy.
Isn’t MyKad enough? Is it not an ID?” I shouted.
You’re denying our democratic right to file our papers????” exclaimed one of the nominators.