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Terror and torture of trainees May 16, 2008

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(Warning – distressing and shocking scenes on video)


One could hear those young trainees wailing and crying out in pain.

What have you got to say, Najib – Defence Minister? How long has this been going on? Will we see the Prime Minister ordering an expeditious enquiry and prosecution? Please don’t pretend this was the first time the Government has heard about this.

And if this is happening to our own citizens, just imagine how asylum-seekers and undocumented workers are being treated in our detention camps.

Charge ’em. Charge the oil palm plantation owner who allowed this on his/her property. Make Malaysia a torture-free country.

Petra (2) May 7, 2008

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Free Petra, Abolish Sedition ActI spoke to Petra briefly on Monday night, just before boarding the plane, to express my solidarity and to apologise for not being able to be in court on Tuesday. He did not indicate at anytime that he would forgo bail and sit it out until his trial.

So imagine the stir at the Dubai travel fair when some Malaysians received SMS about this. After the political tsunami of 8 March, one imagines the Government has learnt its lesson. Guess not .”Perjuangan belum selesai“.

The Sedition Act should have been abolished decades ago. I recall having written, in some of SUARAM’s past annual human rights reports, that it is kept to stifle oppositional and dissident views. So long as it remains, our relative and limited freedoms are illusory.

Justice for Altantuya.
Free Petra. Free Malaysia.