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(GE12) Nominations through February 24, 2008

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In the Subang (P107) constituency, all Opposition candidates got their nominations approved. 🙂 It’s all straight fights in the state seats (Kota Damansara, Paya Jeras and Bukit Lanjan) as well as the Parliament seat.

The morning was not without the usual Election Commission nonsense. At the freshly painted green gates of the multipurpose hall, MBPJ Bandar Utama, we were refused entry initially. Apparently, the candidates, proposers and seconders all had to have name tags with a photo for ID purposes (and not all of us were given that).

No photo, no tag, no entry,” claimed an EC guy.
Isn’t MyKad enough? Is it not an ID?” I shouted.
You’re denying our democratic right to file our papers????” exclaimed one of the nominators.


UMNO: Samseng party November 27, 2007

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Apparently today’s supposed to be the PM’s birthday.
So is this the present his men gave to him at the Kelantan State Assembly?
Are these the kind of representatives we want in our state assemblies and in Parliament?

‘Mari lawan’ became a reality in the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly yesterday, when State Assemblyman, Dato’ Nozula Mat Diah (BN / UMNO-Paloh) kicked Mohd Zaki Ibrahim (PAS-Kelaboran) during Question and Answer Session in Kelantan State Assembly.

The 2 minute-4 second video clip recorded the ‘black day’ of Kelantan State Assembly in the 50-year history of the nation.