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Press Release 17 Feb 2009 February 17, 2009

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Politics, Women.

17 Feb 2009

The events of the past two days have shown an insidious and underhanded attempt by certain quarters to smear my reputation. My personal life and privacy have been violated.

These people have conspired to undermine my credibility both as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as a Keadilan leader. Although the smear campaign directed towards me has caused me a lot of anguish, I am aware that the real objective is to discredit Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

I have done nothing wrong.

I wish to state that I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law. I stand by the fundamental principle in a democracy that everyone has a right to privacy.

Parti KeADILan Rakyat stands for ‘new’ politics that holds justice and human rights as core values which transcend gender, ethnicity and class. ‘New’ politics also means we rise above gutter politics.

It is precisely this that I believe that these attacks will continue with greater intensity, and I have no doubt that Umno and Barisan Nasional will continue to manipulate the situation. Accordingly, I have decided to make a stand, in the interest of the party and its struggle for the people.

I have received overwhelming support from my family, my constituents, Pakatan Rakyat colleagues, friends and the general public. However, in the interest of my party, I have decided to offer my resignation as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as the State Assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjan.

I will discuss with the Menteri Besar to arrange for the proper handover of my responsibilities. I will continue to serve the people and fight for justice in Malaysia.

Last but not least, I am very grateful to the people who have placed their trust in me and my party, and I thank them for the opportunity that they have given me to serve. Words cannot possibly express my eternal gratitude to outstanding staff members and fellow ADUNs, and most of all, my Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim who has given me his unwavering support and the opportunity to work with him.

If I have let anyone down or offended anyone, I offer my sincere apologies.


EXCO for Tourism, Consumer Affairs and the Environment



1. Lance - February 17, 2009

My respect, prayers and best wishes goes out to you Eli.

2. alan - February 17, 2009

We will always support you .. thank you for your contribution for the people ..

3. youknowme - February 17, 2009

Why you resign?????

if you think you can’t tahan as YB you better stay away from pilitician before .

I hate that when PR yb take this action,used yr mind la yb,we(people) want as soon as posible to flush out umno/beend but u………………..

4. Skeat - February 17, 2009

Please do not resign…Eli.
You are doing a great job…

The people who elected you would still be the very people who are going to support you..

Please reconsider your decision to quit..

It would be a great loss to all Selangorians and Malaysians alike..

5. fizol - February 17, 2009

Jgn mudah tunduk dengan tekanan dari pelbagai pihak terutama be end. tunggu hingga selesai siasatan polis. ini lah permainan politik kotor khir toyo doktor gigi. jgn lepaskan jawatan. tabahkan hati, kuatkan semangat.

6. Liaw Khien Hwa - February 17, 2009

I know it’s too late now, but there’s really no reason for you to quit, as you yourself said, you have done no wrong, So why quit? Why give up?

7. cuddlyfamily - February 17, 2009

no, no, no. what if your constituents dont want to accept your resignation. You have been a very good ADUN, Elizabeth, you def have the rakyat’s interests at heart and do what you can for them under the restrictions.

We the rakyat voted you in. We continue to support you.

8. Anonymous - February 17, 2009

You may make a decision- but I strongly urge the leaders to reject your resignations. As you said you have done nothing wrong.

Stay put, you are needed by the rakyat.

9. Shyamalan - February 17, 2009

You are a good person who is doing a great service to the people. Like you have said, YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!

This is the problem with politics in this country, the good and honorable get sacrificed while to rotten wiggle their way to more power and money. You should not resign for you are fighting the good fight. You are our White Angle in our hour of darkness….. we need more ppl like you, RPK, Manick, Haris, Teressa, Nizar, eyc

If we loose ppl like…………. i don’t know what else to say… I’m just freeking pissed

A Malaysian First and Indian Second

10. Foo - February 17, 2009

We will stand behind you and offer our support and understanding!

The smear attempt is utterly unscrupulous and is so obvious that it is engineered by certain parties to discredit you and PKR.

11. Adli Irfandi - February 17, 2009

Be brave YB, we support you to stay on. If it’s up to me, I will reject your resignation

12. lucia - February 17, 2009

many of us don’t want you to resign, elizabeth. as you had stated you had done nothing wrong. indeed. we will all be very sad if you resign. however, i appreciate very much your unselfish attitude that you wish to resign for the interest of the party – that show you are loyal to the party. PKR is sure lucky and grateful to have you. but i still hope PKR will not accept your resignation.

all in all, it’s up to you, eli. you know what’s best and we can’t force you but bear in mind many of us support you and i repeat many of us prefer you not to resign.

13. Hisham - February 17, 2009

Lawan tetap lawan…. Harap banyak bersabar kami semua berdiri teguh di belakang anda.

14. Candy Can - February 17, 2009

It will be a great loss to all Rakyat of Selangor; especially how hardworking and how you had worked for the States government and the Rakyat.

Don’t give two hoots of what the holier-than-thou had to say.

First, your privacy is invaded.
Second, you are not a Muslim and you can show off your ‘aurat’; like walking with bikini on the beach or bra at home.
Third, you can sleep with anyone (as long as it is not someone else hubby) you like before you get married. It is a relationship, so to speak. Unlike some, they (have to) get married due to religious or so-called moral issue. Start testing their shaft and mojo. Then, get them pregnant and look fr another ‘victim’. Aiyoh …

Sexuality is one thing, but silliness is another. The next time you have some guys, make sure he is thoroughly screened.

As someone had suggested, when logic doesn’t work, use the street law. Reveal the arsehole’s name and address. I bet there are people knows how to get info out from him; similar to those behind all this.

15. Juggling Sista - February 17, 2009

Stand by your principles, Eli. We stand by you. If the PKR leadership accepts your resignation, it’s the rakyat’s loss. Stand for the next election and not just you, but PKR, will come up again, stronger than ever. We rakyat will make sure of that.

16. for nikki - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,

I am one of your consituents and I am writing to appeal to you to reconsider your decision to quit. . You said very clearly that you will continue to serve and fight for justice in Malaysia. This episode is a gross injustice, so in a similar vein, you should fight it. Life is always littered with trials and tribulation. You are going through a storm right now, one which, with your strength and fortitude you will weather through. A person of your calibre, a heart full of commitment to serve is a rare gem in this country of ours. So please take sometime away, recoup and fight on… for yourself and our nation.

Best wishes and God bless.

17. Wong Sau Yee - February 17, 2009

I’m very sad to learned that you’ve resigned. It’s a great loss for the people. We believe in you ability and leadership. You have earned our respect. We would like to hear that you’ll be back to the political scene soon.

18. SG Lee - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, please do not resign .. by doing so you are giving in to those unscrupulous and manupulative people. You have been a victim of the highest degree.

19. themexicanwasp - February 17, 2009

It would be wrong for you to step down and let these cockroaching fiends have their day. I read that you have offered to do just this and I must say that would leave all your supporters gutted. We need capable people in this new destiny we are carving. Stepping down now will be a step backwards for all of us. Remember ..

Morality would frown upon
Decency look down upon
The scapegoat fates made of me
But I promise you, my judge and jurors
My intentions couldnt have been purer
My case is easy to see

Everyone will stumble in your shoes Elizabeth. The power of the people will weather this storm.

20. tangwengheng - February 17, 2009

You have my support. I respect you and your decision.

However don’t u think by offering your resignation, you have just done exactly what the conspirators had aspired?

Anyway, if the PR wins by an even larger majority, it will be a huge blow to UMNO and the dentist in particular.

Yes, resign if u must, provided u r confident to win convincingly.

21. Skeat - February 17, 2009

Quit, only you have done something wrong..like a certain Dr. from MCA…

Don’t quit if you have done nothing wrong.
Don’t quit and bow to a certain monkey who was an ex-MB’s request.

22. Eric - February 17, 2009

Do not let Selangor’s Rakyat down. What you have done is honourable, especially when there was no need for it. I now hope the Selangor MB will do the right thing: REJECT both your resignations.

23. James - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
Our hearts go out to you in your time of distress. Me and my family are praying for you to have the strength to withstand these attacks. The demons behind these attacks may think they have won, but in their exuberance they have exposed their true nature for all to see. With your baptism of fire,you will continue the struggle with renew vigour to liberate the people. There are more than one way to destroy demons( Buffy ).
We will see what happens in the Bukit Lanjan by-election!
May GOD bless you and keep you under His mighty Wings.

24. teohjitkhiam - February 17, 2009

Saya menyokong Cik Eli Wong dan berharap barisan kepimpinan Pakatan Rakyat juga memberi sokongan padu kepada YB Bukit Lanjan dan menolak tawaran Cik Eli Wong untuk meletak jawatan sebagai EXCO dan ADUN. Diharap Pakatan tidak gentar dan tunduk kepada gertakan dari segelintir kumpulan pelampau UMNOis.

25. Yaw Shin Leong - February 17, 2009

Ms Wong,

Warm greetings from Singapore. You are clearly a victim in this malicious episode.

To resign from your positions to protect the interests of your party/ the alliance is a highly honorable gesture on your part.

Regardless of formal positions or otherwise, may you continue to serve the people with all your heart, might and soul.

I wish you well.

26. edmund - February 17, 2009

Please stay back. You are the victim. Please do not give in to the gutter politics played by your political enemy.

People like Khir Toyo should shut their big mouth and look at their inner self….

We appreciate your hardwork since your appointment as state exco and state assemblywoman.

Malaysian cannot lost another good politician like you

27. winson - February 17, 2009

I don’t think you should resign. You have done great work.

28. Michael - February 17, 2009

You disappointed us. You should not resign. Just face it. It is your right to choose your lifestyle, furthermore you are single. You should not resign before we kick Najis’ ass. We want you to witness that moment!

29. nkkhoo - February 17, 2009

Your willingness to resign is showing that you are not a power crazy like many politicians especially from BN.

Who know in one day you become a full minister for Malaysia.

This incident is just a setback in life. The China greatman, Deng Xiu Peng rose and fell for three times in his political life.

30. Average Citizen of Malaysia - February 17, 2009


You have done nothing wrong, so why quit.

I will strongly support you and your PR coalition on the victory march to Putrajaya. So if we don’t give up on you please do not give up on us.

Continue the fight with the evil one. Just hang in there. We know it is tough out there….

31. koken - February 17, 2009

kami kehilangan seorang pemimpin yg dihormati,bekerja keras tanpa mengenal masa . rakyat di Selangor tidakakan melupai jasa2 mu YB,

teruskan perjuangan wlp pun tidak lagi seorang Adun.

32. Sheldon - February 17, 2009

I wrote an e-mail to the Chief Minister of Selangor to appeal for him to reject Eli Wong’s resignation. You should too: khalid@selangor.gov.my

33. tan, tanjong bungah - February 17, 2009

Hi YB Eli Wong,

Though it is very honourable of you to resign to save your party from any undue embarassment, I would like to urge you to reconsider your decision. At the same time, I would strongly urge the PR leaders, the YAB MB included, not to accept your resignation. Let YB Eli Wong continue with her work for the rakyat!

The gross violation of your privacy is truly disgusting and the public view is very supportive of you. Continue to do the good work as an elected representative – as many who try to seek advantage of your predicament are much lesser humans!

The people are with you.

34. Steve - February 17, 2009

You are the best , Please do not resign, i know it’s not easy for you to face, but you are not alone…You all of us to support you !!!! PKR PLS REJECT HER resignations…YOU ALL NOT ALONE>>>>>>WE ALL SUPPORT YOU …

35. hawk - February 17, 2009

The least you could do is to stay on as ADUN unless of course there is overwhelming evidence that the majority of your constituent wish you to quit the seat.

The wishes of yr constituent is of paramount importance.

I hope PKR leadership reject yr offer to quit as ADUN. As for the Exco, leave it to the wisdom of the MB after his consultation with the ruler. Adun’s term of office is at the pleasure of the ruler. If he says you carry on, then life should go on as bf.

36. hamzah - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Eli,

Show all Malaysians what a true leader you are.

You hv a lot of rakyat support and will win by a bigger margin come next election!

37. Evon Teoh - February 17, 2009

I see no reason you should resign.
Let the scum tastes the rotten fruit of his bad work, not you.

You are always needed by the rakyat. Please continue to serve as our respected ADUN. Stay on to fight for your rights and justice of the country.

38. Gan - February 17, 2009

I dont see any reason why you should resign ?

By resigning, you are playing right into their hands !

I think the Selangor MB should reject your resignation – as you have been a victim in this underhand gutter tactics !

39. Robert Teh - February 17, 2009

YB Elizabeth,

I respect your decision to resign but I m sure your resignation from your political posts will be a great loss to people who believe in and are fighting for – democracy, justice and fairness for all Malaysians.

All I want to say is whatever pain this nation has to go through to make our beloved country truly free, truly just, truly democratic – we shall all bear this pain, we shall all shoulder this heavy responsibility. We shall fight for what we believe in and we shall found a free and fair Malaysia – and I hope to live long enough to see the dawn of that Day!

Keep your spirits up and stay the fight! Cheers!

40. li peng - February 17, 2009

Take heed, the rakyat will support you all the way. You have done nothing wrong, the righteous will always prevail.

41. Colleen Soo - February 17, 2009

It is shameful that there are those who wish ill and do ill on others, especially serious ppl like yourself who serve the public with a true heart. I hope that you can consider coming back to public office cuz ppl need you.

May God guide you and keep you n family safe thru this.

42. Major(Rtd)D.Swami - February 17, 2009

YB Eli, do not allow them that satisfaction. Stay on.

43. Anak Selangor - February 17, 2009

I’m sad that you have decided to resign from both posts.
I hope that Selangor MB will reject both offer. The rakyat still needs you.

44. Moonrider - February 17, 2009


Please reconsider and dont resign, we need you to help to make Selangor a great and equality place to live.

Khalid, Anwar and other Pakatan Rakyat members please protect your own people, it doenst matter PR lost the by election in Kedah and Perak , as a party with supporting his own people is to get respect by the rakyat.
our PM I don tthink people will have this kind of feeling to keep her ..

Eli ,be strong .. and thanks again for the contribution especially during the bukit antarabngsa landslide. Remembered you as the first ADUN who go up the hill by foot and help those people traps in bukit antarabangsa …

45. tak puas hati - February 17, 2009

hoi liz!
jgn berhenti disebabkan org yg bangsat…
teruskan berkhidmat…
bawak org yg bertanggung jawab tersebut ke neraka!

don’t quit…

46. Aunty goblok - February 17, 2009

If PR accepts your resignation we will be EXTREMELY dissapointed in them..as if we are not already!

You are perfectly entitled to yr privacy because being single., the issue of morality does not come into play here.

The issue is most definitely NOT yr state of undress or even proof of an affair, but rather your ability & dedication to be a good ADUN.

Pakatan doed not have many natural & able leaders as you.

So please keep your chin up. We admire & respect the person you are!

47. Vivien Lim - February 17, 2009

you should not resign at all…
you did nothing wrong……… and someone is all out to get you..

you should continue to do your work…. and be strong
you quit – it shows that whoever did this to you – there will be other will follow the trend of doing again and again!

let them say whatever they want ….

we are the people voice….let us be your decision maker that we want you to fight for our rights…. and help us solve our social problems..
dont let some bad apples…. spoil your day…….


48. Dennis - February 17, 2009

Please continue to work as low profile ADUN. Don’t resign. Exco position is meaningless but your position as Bukit Lanjan assemblymen was given to you by rakyat. Hope you stay on.

49. Friedbeef - February 17, 2009

Whatever your decision, just want to wish you all the best Elizabeth. Don’t ever give up fighting the good fight. We’ll all stand by you.

50. A Young Malaysian - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I would like to ask that you stand and fight. Do not give up. Do not run. Make your stand. We, the rakyat, will support you. We lifted you up as our representative in fighting the injustice and evil that has so infested Malaysian politics. Let those despicable dogs say what they want, but do not give them what they truly need. Your resignation will only encourage them to do this again. Resist them. Stand, and fight. We are with you.

A Young Malaysian

51. Goh - February 17, 2009

I humbly ask that if you have tendered your resignation, that you retract it. For most people in such stressful situations, I can understand that objectivity may be temporarily lost. But please remember that your constituents and also many of the rakyat have confidence in you.

You have stood behind us as our support, and now we stand behind you to offer ours. We want to look beyond all these politics, Elizabeth. Remember why and how we brought in the March 8th tsunami. The rakyat was given a fresh option (with yourself as part of that option) and took it! And that rakyat stands with you.

It is obvious to many that this is a smear/disfigure/teardown campaign by certain people. From recent events (I call them mind games), we all can see it’s not just you.

We can’t force this retractment upon you, but please reconsider….. for all of us.

52. Jack - February 17, 2009

The evil will get punish!!! Eli, bear in mind many of us support you and i repeat many of us prefer you not to resign.

53. Farid - February 17, 2009

YB, tlg jgn tunduk kpd ruling coalition. Tlg jgn! You have done a great job in our adun. Tlg jgn! my whole family and kampung supports you dan bkn kucai2 ****.

Lg 1 perkara, diorang kata nak sokong initiatif bangsa msia tp mrklah yg jd hipokrit. Aku pun tak paham!!!

So tlg YB, jgn quit!!!!!!!

54. samdol - February 17, 2009

That’s what you get when you mixed with people who throw stone while in the glass house.

55. SW Loo - February 17, 2009

Please continue to serve the people and fight for justice.People need you.The March General Election showed that People have choose what they want,we need CHANGE. Please reconsider of your resignation.We will support you and please stay on.

56. monsterball - February 17, 2009

I hope PR leaders come out to stop her from resigning.
What is the big deal of nude photos?
Is Malaysians that backward and hypocritical?
I admire her wanting to resign for her respect to her voters and party…but both should support her wholeheartedly.
Lets wait few more days.
Apprehending the culprit…is the best news.I am hoping to hear.
For Liz…no need be so dramatic.
Be positive…smile and do not let such small matter make you loose your cool.
It is small matter!!!
Nude photos…stolen..released……so big issue?
I can tell Liz…sincerely…..Malaysians are not judging her badly…at all.
She must not let jealousy…sour grapes…..win over her shining good future.

57. the reb - February 17, 2009


you should not resign. that’s exactly what some people are hoping you will do. by resigning, malaysia loses another capable person in politics and less capable ones force their way up. it is harder to stay on and fight and this i acknowledge is easier said than done. but know that the majority of the rakyat and your constituency members and PR are all behind you.

for those like toyo who argues that this is similar to dr chua’s case are mistaken. it is a different scenario. here you are the victim, not the perpetrator of the crime and the crime is an invasion of one’s privacy.

58. YM - February 17, 2009

A decision to quit is no different than a coward. Stand up for your rights. The Toyol guy is just desperate to get his hands back in power which may not even come true in his lifetime. Buck up! Fight it the politician’s way!

59. Huang Haichen - February 17, 2009


You had said, you done nothing wrong. Why you resign and leave?
You cannot just let all those bastards and sons of the bitch go on like that.

You must seek justice !!! You had done a good job and there is no reason that you should leave !!!

60. Justice4all - February 17, 2009

Stay! Do not quit, you have our full support. We understand your predicament and the people stand by you against those conspirators.
Please reconsider your resignation.

61. Mithrandir - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli

So sorry to hear about this mess. Hope you will rise above it and walk tall. Perhaps, resigning would be the best decision now in the circumstances but it is a shame that we will be losing a fine politician. They don’t come by very often.

Am still hoping that your resignation will not be accepted and hope that you will continue to be at the helm of politics and be the exemplary leader that your are.

62. ckchew - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

Don’t give up!!

Do u still remember these words u said about our dear friend, Ah Tan?

“Berani kerana benar – ‘Courage because of Truth ‘. He lived, walked, breathed this motto and asked nothing in return – no honours, no rewards, no acknowledgement, save, that we should never give up; that we must believe our victory is close and within sight.”

You have done NOTHING wrong!!!

63. samdol - February 17, 2009

of course you have done nothing wrong! it’s your right to do whatever you please within the perimeter of your home.
But as an MP (a leader), I think that it is something STUPID to trust a guy with a camera and sleep naked.

64. oliviasy - February 17, 2009

you said you’ve done nothing wrong. So why are you quitting?

65. mangchik - February 17, 2009

PR just lost the battle but not the war. Seeds of victory has just been sowed. Elizabeth, thank you.

66. CT. EE - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,

It is a tough game.
I am very sure you have made this dissapointing decision with a reason in mind. I hope this is a good reason for a good come back, after what has happened.
I always believe there is a category of smarter people out there, whom will retaliate better against such descpicable act. You are one of them whom I trust is in the category.

Best wishes for you and your family. Fight on, especially if it is a good fight.

67. ahila - February 17, 2009

It’s a great loss for the people for you have been doing a wonderful job.PR needs more leaders like you.Be strong during this testing times,it can be hard,we all know what you must be going through.The culprits will be brought to justice…even if he/they escapes the law..none can get away from the Almighty.
You neednt resign,you know…for the whole country know why this is happening.

68. bigcityb - February 17, 2009

Please stand by democracy and demolish dirty politics.

Don’t quit. You have done nothing wrong.

69. Oscar - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

What happend to you is an affront not to just yourself but all women alike. I cannot imagine the anguish you must be going through and unlikely as it feels right now, these people will get their comeuppance.

I hope you can find it in yourself and your friends and family to weather this storm. Your dignified stance is admired by many.

I hope both sides (PKR and BN) will come out strongly to condem this. This is not a party issue but an unfortunately regular occurrence in today’s politics. It needs to stop. As simple as that.

I for one will respect your privacy and will not like many others seek to find those pictures.

Be strong and stand proud as you have nothing to hide.

70. Joel - February 17, 2009

YB Elizabeth, politics in Malaysia is hitting an all time low. The ruling party are using unscrupulous methods to “win” their seats back. The people will remember them for their evil acts.

It is gut wrenching to see you take such a personal attack. This has NOTHING to do with politics. For all the politicians who say things like “A single woman should not let a man into her room”, i applaud you all for your righteous lives. They talk as if they’ve never done any “immoral” activities.

It’s sickening to see this. My wishes and prayers go with you. But you MUST not let this pull you down. This is EXACTLY what the thrash of malaysian politics want you to do. Do the opposite!

71. silau - February 17, 2009

Don’t resign, Eli. You did nothing wrong.

72. Bob K - February 17, 2009

Hang jangan nak resign. Nanti banyak kawan marah kan susah. Kita sokong Eli!

73. ambrose - February 17, 2009

The left side to your blog is a box that says: FIGHT GOLIATH!

In our small but many ways, we’re trying to heed that call. As dark as this hour is, we have to continue to stand. Please retract your resignation.

74. tan, tanjong bungah - February 17, 2009

Hi everyone,

Do see the well-written post by Farish Noor on “Privacy and Our Political Culture” in Malaysiakini’s site.

Hope YB Eli Wong would draw further support and strength from the post by Farish.

75. csc - February 17, 2009

I feel very sad for what has happened to you, and even sadder that you’ve decided to resign. Please reconsider your decision, if not for yourself, then for the people. You have nothing to be ashamed of, hold your head high.

But, if you do resign, good luck and all the best.

76. bernard - February 17, 2009

I can’t imagine the tremendous pressure you have on your shoulders right now but if it feels any better, the ‘new’ citizens of malaysia are behind you on this one.

i wish you all the best and hope that stepping away momentarily from the limelight will relieve you for awhile. down doesn’t mean you’re out, there’s always another window of opportunity if you don’t stop trying.


77. waldelf - February 17, 2009

You are a brave, honourable lady.
Nothing, nothing at all justifies the circulating of private pictures in public; it shows low morals on the part of those who broke your trust and took them to later peddle them, no integrity on the part of the media interest that informed you of their panning to break the story…….who really has the morals here?
If relaxing in private walls of your own home is no longer possible in this country, then what is?
Where on Earth is Malaysia going? Not to a good place, by all indications.
I hope that this further incidence of the below-the-belt tactics of certain quarters will serve to strengthen the resolve of the voting masses that things as they have been for a long time cannot and should not continue. I am very sad over your resignation, but also respect you very much for it as it took much courage and humility on your side to do this.
You have all my support and I hope that the Malaysian people will have the courage collectively to recognise stand up to the bullying tactics that have so long been the mainstay of our political landscape.
I believe that you will soon be back to continue the excellent work that you have done so far.

78. kenneth - February 17, 2009

My respect for you Eli…just hope the culprit be caught! Carry on fighting for the people!!! For Malaysia!!!

79. michiru - February 17, 2009

Hey, you must have been through a lot. we are really angry that people can use tactics as low as this to get you. but please DON’T QUIT. we need people like you in this country. we will continue praying for you and this country. You have our support.

80. SAJ - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
You have done the right thing by the people and this nation, given the current scenario.
However this does exonerate those who have invaded your privacy and those who have chosen to exploit it. Their time to account will surely come!
The good and honest people of Malaysia will always remember you for
speaking the truth.
Take Care .
May God Bless U and Family Always…

81. gondolier - February 17, 2009

i’m sorry for what they did on u.
if possible, please do not resign.

how ever, we support u.

82. dorjee - February 17, 2009

You are a brave woman! but your resignation will not help the rakyat!
You are right! You have not done anything wrong…. then why??? resign???

And to all those who had plotted to shame you in such low tactic!!! GO TO HELL!!!

83. SAJ - February 17, 2009

Sorry it line 2 should read ” However this does NOT exonerate….”

84. yy - February 17, 2009

Be strong. Everything will be alright.

85. Gary Wee - February 17, 2009

This is politics..you’re suppose to be thick skinned and fight to death..It’s very disrespect of you on all the voters..who put trust in electing you..to hell with the comments of the pics etc..just stay and do your job..leave the feelings aside and march on…….

86. mob1900 - February 17, 2009

If you resign, then ALL IS LOST!

This is exactly what Barisan Najis wants, bright and brave Malaysians who would stand strong and fight to throw in the towel! Stay strong and carry on, you’re fighting for the sake of all and this is the People’s Mandate!


87. Paul Wong - February 17, 2009

Hey Elizabeth, too late now not to resign. But I will seriously reconsider my support for PKR if Anwar accepts your resignation. One thing you might do though is stand again for Bukit Lanjan in the coming by election to get a fresh mandate from the people and prove to your detractors that you are the victim rather than the perp. You will win with an even bigger majority this time.

88. mw - February 17, 2009


Come back stronger next election.

Initially I was one of those who support you in not quitting but after reading your press release above, I appreciate your sacrafice for the sake of the ‘big picture’ and longer term struggle.

Many will see it too and when you are ready to come back, you will have massive support!

Take care, God Bless, keep your head up!


89. Monica - February 17, 2009

Please dont quit. Please dont let the Selangorians down.

PR is quarter way there for Selangor. So much things to be done….

Weather the storm…I know..there’s a pot of gold over the end of the rainbow…

We stand behind you.

90. Mei - February 17, 2009

I know it is a hard thing to weather. As a woman, I too would feel extremely vulnerable given the circumstances and the instinctive thing to do is to hide. But you are stronger than that, Elizabeth. As you said, your body and your sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of. It only makes you human. Not just a politician. Please fight on. We are with you.

91. Colin Pereira - February 17, 2009

There is no reason for you to resign. As you have correctly stated, you have done nothing wrong. If you do choose to relinquish your posts however, you would be setting a new standard of intergrity in respect of local politics that quite frankly, no other Malaysian poltician can ever hope to match. The respect the people have for you will be the envy of every politician.

The prayers of every right thinking Malaysian will be for you today.

92. Deborah - February 17, 2009

Eliz , why quit ? What decade are we in now ? What’s the bigdeal ? If for me , stand up as a woman of the 21st century , YOU have the right to protect woman’s FREEDOM. Look at it , even MCA Woman are behind u.. because I can say , if we put this forward to ALL Woman Organization in the world , u get their 100% FULL support.
Now u quit… aiseh…why ? Backoff ? So PKR won’t tarnish image ? You think it will make a difference ? Samela.. UMNO goons will still use as a weapon to hit on you & PKR DURING Bukit Lanjan by election..
because YOU DON”T Stand on Your Principles.. whether RAIN or SHINE , you are with the people..!!
The Women are ALL behind you Eliz !!

93. SF Yong - February 17, 2009

You have stated, “I have done nothing wrong”, “I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman…” and yet you intend to resign.

Most of your constituents, colleagues, friends and family are giving you their support. I am from neither of the above group but I am giving you my full support and wish to ask you not to resign because I believe you have been doing a very good job as an MP.

Are you going to disappoint us and admitting that you are in the wrong? Are you going to give the opposition especially Mr Tempe the satisfaction & a celebration with your resignation?

Stay & give them a good fight. Whatever you do behind close door & not against the law, who cares!

94. K L Chew - February 17, 2009

To the Right Honourable Ms Wong,

I respect the action that you have taken as the honourable and decent thing to do, if you were guilty of flagarantly exposing yourself in a pornographic situation. But you did not, and it looks like you were basically set up by an indecent and inmoral person. What you have done is probably adding fuel to the fire which is now burning PKR and its political allies. I truly hope that you will stand again in the by election. Let the people, your former constituents, decide at the ballot box, as to whether or not you are a fit and decent person to represent them. I am sure that their answer will suprise you pleasantly.

95. momo - February 17, 2009

If you done nothing wrong, then keep fighting.

But as I can see, you finally resigned for one obvious reason.
You are WRONG !

You are a public figures … a role model to everyone.
And since your “not-so role model” have been leak out by your own boyfriend (PR supporter), oh my …. oh my … you should come out straight and tell what wrong you did … so that others will not follow suit.

Don’t tell them that if you want to act “amorally”, make sure there is no camera.
Tell them to act morally even when there is no camera around.

When will you come out with name of your boyfriend that leak out the sex photo ?
So, that PR supporter will stop slandering BN supporter.
I know you don’t mind slandering but we do.

96. Lee K.S. - February 17, 2009

I offer a different view. Our leaders must be above reproach. If you allow yourself to be photographed in the nude, whether sleeping or not that show gross negligence for personal safety (how easy is it to sneak into a woman’s bedroom and take photo???)

There is also the moral issue. Single or otherwise, even in the UK or US, if a assembly person has his/her photo flying around, sure to resign for this cannot be defended. You can say everyone does it so why punish Liz Wong but not everyone is a politician and a leader. If I walk into a school ground now I will be asked to report to the guard and kept outside unless allowed in by the Head. if Liz Wong walks into a school they will garland her and she can be allowed to speak to the children about good ethics, environment, growing up etc. See? So when someone has privileges that person has to be better than me. Otherwise why give privileges?

You can have sex. No law against it. But you cannot take picture, there is law against pornography. Even yr own picture. Don’t treat us like children and say you were photographed while sleeping as I can ask 100 extra questions which you cannot answer!

So resign and go quietly. Actually this is very healthy development as more and more future leader will be careful and be better persons, like in the US even if you have hired illegal immigrant as gardener even once you will kena man! RULE OF LAW APPLIES TO ALL, ESP THOSE WHO WANT PRIVILEGE OF LEADING US.

By the way I voted for Gwe Burne and Hannah. These people better start deleting their pictures if they have any!

97. ahGan - February 17, 2009

The people are behind you and you know it.

Be strong.

98. May - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, please don’t quit, we will support you and you have done nothing wrong.


99. bamboo river© - February 17, 2009

Residents of Bukit Lanjan constituent. When are you all going to meet Tan Sri Khalid at his office to show your support to Eli?
Do something now no matter what’s the outcome!

100. Lim Ann Hock - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

It is HARD to accept the fact that you were tender your resignation. I really hope that you can reconsider your decision to do so.

It is a great LOST for us in Bukit Lanjan and in particular the people of Malaysia.

We need your service. Please stay on and FIGHT…

Lim Ann Hock & Family
Dun Bukit Lanjan Voter (Sri Damansara)_

101. wandererAUS - February 17, 2009

Eli Wong, you have deeply disappointed me even to the extent of being angry but, we still love you!
Don’t succumbed to political pimps, never grant them the pleasure.
You have done nothing wrong. The army of your faithfuls are fully behind you, that alone, is worth your reconsideration… not throw in your towel is a sign of guilt, what guilt you did what normal persons will do. Trust me!

102. Wan Cheng Huat - February 17, 2009

“To add salt on to an open wound” will be the best way I can describe the events that happened the weeks. First, Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharom died of a heart attack, second is the Bukit Selambau assemblyman V. Arumugam action to quit following revelation of a scandal concerning his personal life and now the scandal that is pulling you down.

This is a test for PR and most importantly you. Moment such as these are matters of faith, to fail is to invite further doubt into everything you and PR believed in, everything you and PR have fought for, doubt will ultimately plunge this country back into BN’s grasp again.

No doubt BN is really capitalizing from these ‘unplanned’ events but we cannot just do nothing and give in? You may be the single grain that can tip the scale.

Let me quote you something from Rocky Balboa (2006), “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”

Please don’t give in. We’ve got to keep taking the hits and keep moving forward.

103. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - February 17, 2009


When you have not done anything legally wrong
Now is the time to build yourself up morally strong
Continue to serve the nation is what the majority long
For you to prove your worth as you sing a better song

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 170209
Tue. 17th Feb. 2009.

104. kedahan - February 17, 2009

If this the way it goes, very easy to have another election if one could possess unwarranted photo of any YB. No resignation if you have done nothing wrong. Be strong to fight for what is right!

105. BU Voter - February 17, 2009

I am a voter from bandar utama. During the GE12 campaign I helped out in distributing pamphlets, donated some money and attended your rally. I thought what you have done so far was great and my opinion about you hasn’t change. Keep it up.

BU Voter

106. Rudy - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,

Be strong, not just for yourself, but for us too! Your privacy was violated, you are clearly the victim here. I think everyone can see that. No right-minded person would think otherwise. Remember:

“Berani kerana Benar!”

I sincerely hope that your resignation will be rejected by PKR and that you will continue to perform your duties for the rakyat as before.

Take care and God bless!

107. Chen GM - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,
I am saddened by what has happened but I really hope that you can hold on for the sake of shaping a better future for the Selangorian and Malaysian as a whole. I know the pressure and pain is unbearable but with the support of the rakyat, I pray that you will be able to weather the storm and turn out to be even stronger.


108. parentspoint - February 17, 2009

Eli, you took a stand today that will be the envy of most politicians in Malaysia. For the fault of not yours, you are made to pay the price. Nevertheless you did that with style and honour. I hope the PKR leadership makes the right decision; that will be to reject your resignation. In the worst case of scenario as we know Umno and BN are waiting torch you, I hope the MB and PR would refer your fate to his majesty, the sultan of Selangor.

Regardless of the outcome of the decision, rest assured you will always have the greatest respect of general Malaysians.

109. bnaipal - February 17, 2009

It is highly insensitive for politicians to be calling for Elizabeth’s resignation – however, I am quite aware that we are talking of politicians in Malaysia. The people calling for her resignation do not know what a gross intrusion of privacy has occurred – they themselves must be a class of perverts beyond redemption.The police should be taking action against the psychotic scumbag who circulated the photos.
When will politicians in Malaysia grow up?

110. 俐 - February 17, 2009


111. IbnAbdHalim - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

With due respect I salute your actions by offering your resignation but that’s a wrong move. When you jumped into politics I expect you to be a polished politician. What you’re facing now is only a dirt in politics. Something worst perhaps will be in store for you. I hope you’ll hold on fast and never bow in and call it quit. Reality is reality. You aren’t an angel and neither are we. The episode your going through is part and parcel of life. You must remain strong. Never succumb to the way of the devil (read UMNO). If you give way and resign it simply means that you’re a weakling and Khir Toyo is right. Just deny him that. Stay firm for the rakyat is right behind you.

112. Daniel - February 17, 2009

Liz — why should you resign?? No need at all! You did nothing wrong. It is your private life and no one should interfere. Your intended resignation will mean you are declaring a battle to those ppl who conspired this who thing!! That will be too easy a battle for them to win!

If you resign, that would mean these ppl will target a next one — may be just shooting a few pics of another PR YB bathing or bathing — there goes their evilistic game again! So don’t go away.

Being a politician for a minority party is definitely tough; you knew this upfront but why can’t you be more determined and persistent in fighting these evils??

I salute your character and gut to tender resignation but I will not be happy seeing that actually happening. Pls stay on to fight for the people and support your party in fighting those dirty political motives!! God bless you!

113. Capt - February 17, 2009

Resignation is the easy way out.. You have the potential for political greatness, why give up now?? What are you going to do next?? Withdraw into private life and wither away in loneliness and misery?? That’s not your destiny.. Treat this event as a “rite of passage”, a test of your strength of character, and emerge stronger than your opponents would expect.. From the messages, you know you have our support as a leader amongst us.. you are part of a larger picture to create a better tomorrow for all Malaysians..

On behalf of all who love and support you, I urge you to stay on and fight..

114. Benameye - February 17, 2009

Eli, I laud the high standards you have set for yourself. I laud as well PKR and by extension PR’s accepting and adopting such high standards.
As I have written elsewhere, what UMNO and BN are doing is reacting to their shock defeats last March. It is a delayed reaction but appears to be gathering momentum. All should be prepared for gory spoils as the battleground is further bloodied.
One word on people asking that YBs should be tough enough and rough it out. We have enough of them in UMNO and BN. What we want areYBs who raise the moral standards for all to follow. Your resignation is one such moral standard.
One more thing Eli. Some people write that since the photographs were taken without your knowledge or consent, you cannot be blamed. This implies that you could be blamed if you had consented. I disagree. What happened was and is an entirely private matter and whoever did this to you has practically raped you, as Susan Loone has written. My question to the detractors then is, our wives or girlfriends have sex, even kinky sex. Is it then alright to rape them?
Eli, you are very young by political standards. Do hang in there and come back another day.
One last word, Eli. I shed tears in private on seeing you shed tears in public.
God Bless.

115. Loh - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
This is Loh from MNS. I just wished to inform you that we feel you are doing a very important job very well and have made a statement to the press to that effect.

Personally, I had hoped that you would not need to resign. I also now hope that the MB will have the courage to reject your resignations. The work that you are doing with great integrity seeks to correct many ethically wrong decisions and situations that exist in the state and which impacts many people.

If I am outraged, it is with the person(s) who have victimised you for clearly political reasons. I trust other Malaysians will feel the same.

Whatever happens and decisions made, you continue to have my appreciation for all that you have done and tried to do and also my respect.

116. Emmanuel - February 17, 2009

Don’t be intimidated by lousy statements by wannabe bapak ayam . Fight on!

117. kean - February 17, 2009

It is precisely because you are carrying out great work for the people that you are being persecuted. Please carry on the good fight!

118. jelas.info » Eli Wong’s offer to resign = admission of guilt? Pressured by party? - February 17, 2009

[…] reflected in her eloquent statement, I think the consensus reached was that this could drag on for days, weeks and months. The actions […]

119. Daniel - February 17, 2009

Liz — why should you resign?? No need at all! You did nothing wrong. It is your private life and no one should interfere. Your intended resignation will mean you are declaring a losing battle to those ppl who conspired this whole thing!! That will be too easy a battle for them to win!

If you resign, that would mean these ppl will target a next one — may be just shooting a few pics of another PR YB bathing or having light&easy relaxation — there goes their evilistic game again! So don’t go away.

Being a politician for a minority party is definitely tough; you knew this upfront but why can’t you be more determined and persistent in fighting these evils??

I salute your character and gut to tender resignation but I will not be happy seeing that actually happening. Pls stay on to fight for the people and support your party in fighting those dirty political motives!! God bless you!

120. Concerned Rakyat - February 17, 2009

Ms Wong,

It is a big loss to the Rakyat if your party aaccepts your resignation as the fault is truly not yours in my personal opinion!

Continue to serve the Rakyat!

121. man - February 17, 2009

kami tetap sokong eli…. we will stand for u… ini semua taktik toyo tempe(pakai botox tak mengaku)… sabar yb..

122. rin - February 17, 2009

Please stay! Selangor people and the malaysian women need you!!!

123. cuddlyfamily - February 17, 2009

Email the selangor MB: khalid@selangor.gov.my

let our feelings be known.

Elizabeth, I really hope you really reconsider.

124. Ong Eu soon - February 17, 2009

I agree with you that you have done nothing wrong. But as a Pakatan leader you have failed to deliver the change you promised.
You wrote in your blog on your ambition to change how the government is being run. The reality is you only pay lip service to change. Instead of running a government, I found you running here and there following Wan Azizah where ever she go.
You have time to listen to all kind of complaints the more crowd the merrier, but you have no time to plan and execute any policy. Proposals sent to you are treated as rubbish. You promised to call for meeting, for presentation. Promises that you did not deliver. You thought you got plenty of time, the truth is you don’t even have a minute. You fail, fail miserably. You wasted all the opportunities given you while you were in power. Like all other politicians you just love public blitz.

I am sad not because you have to quit. I am sad because you wasted all the opportunities for you to make a different.

We vote for change not for same.

The different between BN and Pakatan is; if you forward a proposal to BN, I can guarantee you that BN will not sit on it, they will study the proposal in detail and come out with a half cook solution to enrich themselves, but for Pakatan, I don’t know whether they don’t know how to enrich themselves or what, they just sit on whatever proposals sent to them. May be waiting for the right time to …….
Ultimately when they reallise that they need to do something for the people, it is already too late. Sorry ! You don’t even have a minute left.

125. VIC - February 17, 2009


126. Ng Yen Yen - February 17, 2009

It is a shock to hear that you have quit your posts. Now, I wish the Selangor MB would reject your resignations. You yourself had said it: you have done nothing wrong. So stand tall, be firm and fight. There is a political war going on; you know it, and we know it too. Be like the Amazon female warriors. Fight back!

I am a woman and I think you have a whole legions of women standing behind you, supporting you. Be strong. You can go through this. I know it.

127. Mohammad - February 17, 2009

Eli: sad to see you are resigning.

Looking forward to see you continuing your fight for the people.

There are only 2 culprits:

the one taking the pictures

the newspapers showing the story.

And we all know who rules the newspapers in this country 😦

Maybe you lost a battle, don’t let it stop your fight please!

128. Iklan Mudah Blog » Blog Archive » Eli Wong’s offer to resign = admission of guilt? Pressured by party? - February 17, 2009

[…] reflected in her eloquent statement, I think the consensus reached was that this could drag on for days, weeks and months. The actions […]

129. freelance cameraman - February 17, 2009

if this is the answer; then, change the government requires only umno and bn’s YB’s privacy photo. (naked photo in toilet or bathroom).

130. Jsss - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli,

You are not suppose to resign if you are not wrong. As what Tok Guru Nik Aziz said prositutes are better than the culprits. So just don’t bother about others and do your job.

131. Menyalak-er - February 17, 2009

Thank you Eli from the bottom of my heart.
You have seen the ’cause’ behind your veil of tears.
You are the sacrificial lamb brought to slaughter to appease the whores of this world.
And you shall be a curse to those deceitful hypocrites.
You’ll be a redemption of our blighted, accursed nation.
As you ‘grow’ in apparent defeat, remain strong in your heart – for one day, sooner than you think, your healing will be complete.
The Chrysalis reborn, beyond faith and hope.

132. dan - February 17, 2009

Press ON!!!

133. shereen - February 17, 2009

I pledge for you to withdraw your resignation as you’ve said – I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG.

You may take your well-deserved leaves for as long as you wish but DO NOT QUIT.

134. luqman - February 17, 2009

teruskan perjuangan untuk rakyat, saya pasti yb akan lebeh kuat dan matang selepas ini

135. Karen Lee - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,

I believe that given a chance, all the women folks who know you and who have worked with you will each give you a HUG, a huge HUG of courage to help pull you through this.

I have never doubted even an iota the integrity and professionalism you have displayed while discharging your duties.

Kota Kemuning, Bandar Puteri, Putra Heights and many other areas affected by Johan Setia’s open burning, have been relatively a better and cleaner place to live in though periodically the fire still burns in the peat soil area.

I am well aware the huge pile of dirt you have to unearth solving the Johan Setia issue, believe it or not, i think it is one of the reasons why your opponents are seeing red over your zealousness in pursuing this matter for the sake of environment and human health.

I will continue to pray for you, really for the courage you will need in the many more days if not years to come….

Resigning, i believe, is what your opponents want and if you do, unfortunately you are playing right into their trap……


I hope to see a beautiful pheonix rising from the ashes again……..

Karen. Kota Kemuning

136. linus chung - February 17, 2009

First…you having sex and appearing naked is NOT wrong. We are human and we have sex. I for one enjoy sex. Can anyone really deny they don’t enjoy sex or have kinky thoughts every now and then? I think it’s a beautiful and very intimate thing. It’s unfortunate someone should betray your trust and expose your intimate moments but I don’t think you can be faulted for that…and it doesn’t make you any less of an MP.

maybe a kinky MP but no less one…please return to your position and work hard to prove your capabilities.

137. Min - February 17, 2009

This is a sad sad day.

As a woman, I cannot begin to imagine how you feel at such a personal attack. I can promise you I will make a point NOT TO VIEW these sensationalist photos (It’s the Malay Mail, for heaven’s sake!), not because I think that you are ugly – far from it – but because I have respect for you, the same respect that I have for every Malaysian and the privacy and safety of their own homes.

I have no doubt you feel the need to retreat from the public eye – I don’t blame you.

You are not a bad or weak woman. Being naked and enjoying being intimate doesn’t make you bad or weak.

I sleep naked and have sex too. The only difference is that nobody took pictures of me without my consent and distributed them to the public, again without my consent.

Remember the legend of Lady Godiva? She rode with only her hair to cover her through the streets of Coventry in England in order to gain a remission of taxation for her people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Godiva

I am only a drop in a bucket in saying this, but my thoughts and prayers are with you, along with so many Malaysians overseas who have been watching… and hoping.

I hope you get the personal time and space that you need. And I hope your resignation will be rejected – we need you, more than ever.

138. earthwalker - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli,

If you resign then this country will sink further into dark pit of despair and hypocrisy.

Malaysia is becoming a lousy country.

139. cjfoo - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli, Why should you resign? The more those bastards wanted you to resign, the more resilient you should be to face this issue. Dont run away from it by resigning. Face it head on. Dont give a damn to those bastards.
We support you all the way. Be a fighter and dont succumb so easily.

140. Yeap Cheng Liang - February 17, 2009


Please don’t resign. You have discharged your public duty with distinction. Honestly what you do privately is none of our business. Please stay.

141. morkymoqq - February 17, 2009

It all said,

the party is more important than a person
This is a very honourable act, YB.

Though i believe there is a grey area on this accusation/ allegations. This shouldnt be a cause to PR’s death.

You can still contribute in many ways and hope this event dent you to bring the best out of you. Salam hormat

142. hew - February 17, 2009

it may be too late. but i am moved to write that you have done nothing to be ashamed of. so i hope your pkr leaders can talk some sense into you.
this is clearly a case of invasion and breach of privacy.
the person who took the photos should be shamed and shot.

143. Elizabeth Wong: Nude Photos “a gross invasion of my privacy” | Hollywood Celebs' Gossips - February 17, 2009

[…] Update: 17/Feb. 2009, Elizabeth Wong held a press conference and she offered to resign from her office for the sake of her party. What a gracefull woman! The events of the past two days have shown an insidious and underhanded attempt by certain quarters to smear my reputation. My personal life and privacy have been violated. […]

144. Edward - February 17, 2009

I can’t express well how you were going thru for the past few days. For one thing that I am definitely sure about, I solute you for the good deeds you have done for the people. You have done nothing wrong. And I respect you as an individual as well as a woman who carries herself well under the social norms and values. Everyone has his/her privacy and yes, I strongly support your view that everyone has his/her fundamental rights to privacy and noone shall ashame his/her sexuality. This unfortunate incident creates greater hatre against the BN and as a Perakian I extremely condemn the dirty politic practised by the BN and alike.

Eli, please reconsider your offer for resignation. I am living within your constituency and I do have my right to request my ADUN to serve us. Once again, you have done nothing wrong and indeed you are a victim on this incident. Why a victim has to bear the full responsibility of other’s wrongdoings?

And for the hypocrites out there, God condemns you eternally.

145. 104East - February 17, 2009

I fully respect you. Should you resign? Yes, you should to clear the way to prove that you are innocent. Should you quit politics? Absolutely not. Should you stand as candidate for the new by -election? Absolutely Yes. Contrary to what the Toyol and gang is thinking, Msians are mature enough. They should stop insulting our intelligence. If you restand I am confident you will still win the seat back.

146. Dilbert - February 17, 2009

At times like this, draw strength from the fact that you have fought the good fight and while this may be a temporary setback, it should not stop you from reengaging your journey towards making this country a better place for all malaysians, regardless of race, religion or political affiliation. End of the day, the choice is yours on how best to continue this journey, but know that you have the support of many, many people from all walks of life, who have seen the good you have done in the period you have been in office.

147. AToong - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

We, the residents of Desa Jaya, Aman Puri, Sri Damanara, Wangsa Permai are saddened by your sudden announcement to resign your post as the EXCO Selangor and ADUN of Bkt Lanjan.

We really don’t understand why you have to resign when you’re clearly the victim of gutter politics. Why ? Why should you kowtow to such dirty politics ? We thought as an activist you will fight to the end for your rights to represent your constituency and your own rights. Or are you pressured by your party leaders to be sacrified.. for the sake of party interest ?What party interest, if the party cannot stand up for you when you are under attack by UMNO ?

We are disappointed with our MP Sivarasa’s statement that Party Keadilan leaders respect your decisions ! Why not a word to say that the leaders understand your predicament but nevertheles support your fight against UMNO and therefore sincerely urge you to reconsider your decision ?! What lah Sivarasa ! Where is your support when it’s need ? Say lah, Eli, we stand by you and we need you ! Your interest is the party’s interest ! And remember Sivarasa, you need Eli in your team for us to vote you come the next GE !

As for Khalid…please don’t pass the buck to the Sultan who is not known to be sympathetic to Pakatan leaders (esp, good leaders).. PKR leaders, stand up for Eli and the Selangor people !

We fought every vote for you during the GE ! And we are so happy that you won and we have an activist to represent us in the State.

Eli, you are a good ADUN and EXCO member. We love you and we sincerely beg you to stay the course ! There are still so much work to be done for the people, for justice and for the environment !

Please don’t turn your back on us.. Continue to represent us !

Residents, Desa Jaya, Aman Puri, Sri Damanara, Wangsa Permai !

148. konichiwa - February 17, 2009

Don’t resign! It’s not even your fault. The things… doesn’t even relate to your work!! Be brave..and move on,with all our supports. Please revoke Elizabeth resignation!

149. Rahman - February 17, 2009

Why do you have to resign from the exco and elected rep position over these photos episode? The photos do not in anyway reflect on your competency and morality. It is a private and personal matter The photos was thrust into the limelight by some unscrupulous person and blown by the media that be into a scandalous proportion. And you the victim is ultimately made to pay for it. So ironic and dangerous.

150. Rosmah Osman - February 17, 2009

Why quit Eli? Now you’re giving that TOYOL something to cheer about. Anyway, all the best to you and fight for justice till the end. I’m all the way for you.

151. jesslis - February 17, 2009

Eli, I’m proud of you. You are really brave and being a good role model for all women in the nation!!

Please dont step down, we will always support you!!

152. Maozi - February 17, 2009

We respect whatever decisions and support whatever actions you deem right for this situation. And we continue to believe that even if you are not an exco or an ADUN, you can just serve the nation as well.

153. anisha susanna - February 17, 2009

Eli, Please reconsider this resignation.

You have the support of many many women and men out there who are trying to make good this country through hard work and courage…but live proudly by different norms and values.

Its time for Malaysia to embrace a diversity of value systems rather than continue this sham of values and norms that most of these men who are crying foul do not live by.

As huge as the pressure is at the moment…it too will come to pass. You made me so proud the day you came into government, and I am certain you will continue to do so, as you bravely work for the real change we all hope for. Whatever you decide, I solidly support you.

154. khairul - February 17, 2009

bersabar saudari eli,inilah asam garam seorang pemimpin dan jangan lemah semangat atas prinsip yg anda dokongi selama ini.inilah dia pembakar semangat supaya anda lebih maju ke hadapan.celake BN

155. Democrat - February 17, 2009

Lawan tetap lawan!

Chip up, Eli, please continue with your struggle for a clean, green Selangor.

156. Adam - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, please don’t resign. You are a tough woman and certainly you will survive. In a time where integrity is a rare commodity, your honesty and strength is what we need.
Remember the Biblical story of Job. At the end after all the adversity, you will certainly shine. We the Rakyat know that.

157. Steven Lau - February 17, 2009

YB, please think and consider again. There’s no need for you to resign. You should stay to fight. Be brave. All of us are with you. Please stay and fight! All of us will fight with you.

158. FuckBN - February 17, 2009

ELizabeth Wong, please do not resign from any of your posts, as you did no wrong. It’s that son of a HeeYitFoong who malicously distributed the pics. What you should have done is to expose that SOB’s name and let us “take good care of him”.

ps: to youknowme, don’t be such an idiot. what does this matter has to do with not being able to tahan being an yb??? she resigned cos she acted in the interest of the party (though one hopes that khalid and the top heads of pr won’t accept it), not because she cannot tahan being a yb, or low class trash talking by the imbeciles in babi najis (ie botoxed toyol). btw, just because she is no longer an yb, doesn’t mean that she can’t help babi najis to kick the bucket.

159. Zackry - February 17, 2009

YB Eli, Saya Zahirudin Yahya berasal dari Muar Johor. Saya bersimpati dengan keadaan YB. Eli. Saya dan keluarga bersimpati dan berdoa agar YB Eli tenang menghadapi keadaan seperti ini. Saya menetap hampir 30 tahun disuatu taman perumahan di Muar yg 95% masyarakat Cina dan 4% melayu dan selebihnya india. Saya memahami masyarakat cina dan tahu segala masakkan, budaya cina dan bangsa lain.
Saya berharap agar YB Eli teruskan perjuangan yg belum selesai bagi kawasan YB Eli dan berharap YB Eli dan keluarga harungi hidup ini suatu cubaan dan dugaan yg telah ditetapkan.

Salam Perjuangan.

160. karim abdul malek - February 17, 2009

Please don’t quit.

Its politics, Bill Clinton did worst than that.

161. jaytuah - February 17, 2009

Inilah asam garam politik Malaysia yang begitu hina bukan disebabkan oleh sistem politik tetapi oleh ahli2 politik itu sendiri yang kebanyakannya sanngup berbuat apa jua, baik maupun buruk demi menjatuhkan seseorang..

What goes around come around as they may say, and we can only hope that whoever did this to you will be punished even more severe.. My best wishes and prayer with u YB..

And please fight till the last drop of your breath as we will stand with u.. together we can be a very strong tsunami..

162. Malaysia Classifieds - February 17, 2009


163. Prajish Sankar - February 17, 2009

You have not done anything wrong! Then why quit?
The people of Malaysia sincerely wants you to continue serving them, they elected you as they trust that you will lead them in the right way. Please do not quit.. I can just hope, but the decision is in your hands.

164. James - February 17, 2009

Eli, No Don’t !!!! Don’t Quit !!!

Don’t crumble under pressure. You’re a politician now, no longer an activist.

Remember, Winston Churchill said that the venom of your enemies is a measure of your strength.

Political leaders stand firm and fight ! Anwar had to fight ! and he still is, RPK is still fighting ! Teresa had to and now you too ! Even Mahathir had to fight. Khairy also, although he’s “the SIL”. Lets not forget, Khir is fighting for his political life too.

Face this relatively small setback. It comes with the territory. You have done nothing wrong and the rakyat is not stupid.

You have to stand up and fight, get used to it. This is what politicians do.

165. Major (Rtd) D.Swami - February 17, 2009

Khir Toyo is not a paragon of virtue Do not quit! Elizabeth, chin up, there are alot of people out there who will walk a mile for you and more. Why should you resign? Your job is to serve the people. It is not similar to the sex scandal involving (former Health Minister Dr) Chua Soi Lek because he is a married man and he was engaged in something that was morally wrong. If you do quit, it would make you look guilty, which you are not. We voted you in, we support you, stay put with your head held high. So what is there to worry ? Stay strong. Khir Toyo should be the last person on earth to preach morality.

166. Dahalan MH - February 17, 2009

Listen to your conscience and do what is best. Only you know what is the best option to choose as you are responsible for the way you live and the way you chart your life.

167. fizol - February 17, 2009

kami merayu pada yb, tolong, tolong, tolong, tolong jgn letak jawatan, ini permintaan pengundi dan penyokong pr. teruskan perjuangan. jgn hancurkan harapan kami.

168. anonymous dud - February 17, 2009

you don need to bother negative public perceptions over you especially you’ve done nothing wrong and serve ppl well as dun bukit lanjan and exco of selangor. the hell with other ppl slanderous and insiduous remark, you should use this black event as stepping stone to show malaysians that sexual intimidation will not jeopardize your future and commitment! you are an activist, i believe you met ppl with sexual intimidation too, and now you can prove them that it’s not just charlatan and you can handle the same predicament too.

169. eugene - February 17, 2009

May you find strength, courage and peace in the midst of this storm!

170. Richard - February 17, 2009

You are the victim in this case. There is no need for you to resign. Please reconsider your resignation.

171. joo lee - February 17, 2009

You have done nothing wrong. I’m sorry you feel that you have to sacrifice yourself for the party’s sake because I think the party will be diminished by your departure. Bukit Lanjan will certainly miss you.

Stay strong.

172. rationale - February 17, 2009

Hi YB Eli,

We are living in a country where corrupt practices are ok, hopping from one party to another is ok, being not responsible to the constutuency is ok…but there are people out there to intrude into your personal affairs and make your life miserable. In my opinion you should not resign, wait for the police investigations. Nobody should deny the right of you being in a room with a man. You did not steal someones husband, you were not caught in any sexual act, you were not involved in any bribery case and you did not lack in your duties as an elected rep. Stay on and fight..you have nothing to lose.

173. dcyk - February 17, 2009

Do not quit Eli, although some of us don’t know you personally, but you have done nothing wrong, let the law take place and catch the culprits.

If you resign you’re just playing into their hands.

Fight for the people!! We support Pakatan Rakyat

174. malay girl - February 17, 2009

elie,please do not resign…you are coolest exco i ever seen….please….
you are the voice for the youth!! pleasee..i;’m begging you…

175. Yeoh - February 17, 2009

you should not resign, this is not your fault. we all women support you. this is the BN dirty polictical tatic. dont fall into their trick. Be strong we are all behind you.

176. J.Nathan - February 17, 2009

What you do in your private life is your business. And furthermore, being photgraphed without your consent, in a compromising position is crime. Therefore, although you may think that you are doing the right thing by resigning, in my opinion there is nothing to resign about. Other than the obvious embarrassment caused by this issue, the people who voted you still support you. If you were to resign, I suggest to re-contest, to prove whether your constituents still want you.

177. Hui Lin - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Please re-consider your action to resign from your posts. We, the rakyat, worked very hard to give you this opportunity to make the change for your constituency and state. Thousands of people voted you in and believed in you and your capabilities.

Please don’t let a handful of scumbags bring you down.

178. DSvT - February 17, 2009

We support you, those who uncivilized one let them enjoys their foolishness…

We know you go nothing wrong about everything…
Please be strong~

179. dcyk - February 17, 2009

I just read Candy Can’s post, she’s right, reveal the bastard’s name and he shall be dealt with by the people.

180. Jovi - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

We value and appreciate your contributions to the country, you have done nothing wrong, please do not resign , Pakatan needs the ADUN like you, you are the type of ADUN makes us proud of PAKATAN . We are with you no matter what and wish you all the best

181. clearwater - February 17, 2009

If you resign despite your offer being rejected by the MB, it would imply the gutter politicians and botox enhanced hypocrites have won the day. Corruption is a crime, sexuality is but human nature. We all know who is greedy, corrupt and an affront to our decency.

182. Depressman - February 17, 2009

Oh no, please do not resign. The rakyat need you.

183. Atan - February 17, 2009

Hi, Eli,

You have my support. You have done nothing wrong. In fact, we should condemn those who try to bring you down by resorting to this dirty tactic. Please calm down and hopefully you will continue with the struggle. We Malaysians need you. Those who want you to resign like Khir Toyo has his own agenda. He is really a desparado.

Please reconsider your decision to quit and you will not be able to contest on the next election.

184. PKR supporter - February 17, 2009


185. kampunginvestor - February 17, 2009

Majority of the Rakyat is behind you. 95% is supporting you of not resigning. What else YB? We need committed and responsible leaders like you.

186. bun - February 17, 2009

Please don’t quit, civic minded Malaysians need your excellent service and we’ll stand behind you.

187. Ezan - February 17, 2009

Be strong Eli!

188. Esther - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,
Do Not quit. We are all with you & we do not want you to quit. Cry all you want – it hurts (we feel for you). But never give up, dear. Arise again!
I reiterate again:
“Dear DSAI, Please DO NOT accept Eli’s resignation…”

189. abigal - February 17, 2009

Dear YB, I cannot imagien what you must be going through right now, but please reconsider your decision resign. Please don’t quit the fight. We still support you no matter what.

190. Nat - February 17, 2009

Somehow we need you to represent our interest and we have full confidence in your capacity even though your job is boring and intrusive. Hang in there.

191. mob1900 - February 17, 2009

Are you Abandoning the Rakyat’s Aspirations?
You are an Elected Representative of the Rakyat since March 8th, 2008. Please take your time and reconsider your resignation.

By giving in, you reaffirms whatever’s been done unto you is EFFECTIVE and thus expose your colleagues and party for more INTIMIDATION and EXTORTION! Infact, you’ve opened up a new ball game for BN to play with.

Please reconsider your resignation, Eli.

192. Danny Foo - February 17, 2009

Dear YB, hold your head high with dignity for you have done nothing wrong. You are a victim and victims don’t get punished. Being humiliated is already a big blow to you, your personal life and your family. I support you 100% to remain as you are, one of the most adorable and best YB Selangor ever had. We will vote you again in the next general elections! Do not resign, continue to serve the people and don’t play into the hands of those evil people (K Toyol included). May God continue to bless you!

193. MALAYSIANFIRST - February 17, 2009

We are all humans and have needs. Don’t let the bastards get you down.
Pick yourself up and move on.
The people are all supporting you except for the bastards who only see the speck in other peoples eyes and yet they do not see or wish to see the log in their own eyes.
It is good to have high personal standards, some of which most of us can’t keep. But that does not mean we are failures as we are humans and what happened to you whatever the circumstances is your private life and is nobody’s business. It is between you and your GOD who is all forgiving and kind.
The fact that you have taken a stand on your clear conscience shows the quality in your personality and character. How many politicians in Malaysia dare to make a stand like you. Lets not even discuss about the gutter characters of Najis and his posterior licking gang. You and we all respect you for it.
I hope and pray the MB will reject your offer to resign and that you should also move on from this and set whatever higher standards you feel you need to and show Malaysia that you are made of sterner stuff and that you will still fulfill your calling.


194. Ashvin - February 17, 2009

Precisely, why resign when u have done nothing wrong?

It is those ppl who have distributed the photos who are the real criminals, and do we just let them go? Of course, not! The police need to arrest them! They are the ones who have done wrong, not u!

195. AS - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,

It is by the will of God and the people of Bukit Lanjan that you are now an EXCO and ADUN. You are God’s servant to correct the wrongdoings of the previous administration. Naturally, some evil people will try to derail your work. I say never, never give in to their threats, blackmail, slander and lies. They have zero credibility to lecture you about morality and righteousness for they lost their humanity and spirituality a long time ago.

You have nothing to fear when you are innocent. Remember, God the Righteous Judge looks at our hearts, not our externalities. Do your best in your work and when attacks like these come again, just pick yourself up and walk again. You do not need to walk alone (by resigning) in times of crisis as we will uphold you with whatever we got. Hold you head high in society because everyone respects a person who stands up for his/her principles and rights.

Ps : It’s comforting to know that even YBs sleep without their clothes on. I myself went nude years ago due to the severe global warming and deforestation around PJ area caused by Khir’s govt.

196. Kok Yoon Lee - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,

Please reconsider your offer to resign. Though I am not a voter in your constituency, I am a Selangor resident and voter. I would consider it a great loss to our State and Country if you are to resign. You are clearly the victim here, and if you are to resign, this tragedy would extend to all of us. Please do not let evil triumph over good. Don’t let the bas#@$ds win.

Yours sincerely

Kok Yoon Lee

197. Ken - February 17, 2009

Eli,PLEASE DON’T resign,you have done no wrong.If you resign you have fallen into the evil plan of your enemy,they did all these to make you resign,show them you are more clever than them.The RAKYAT can see through all these evils.

198. Malaysian Sabahan - February 17, 2009

Be strong and pray to the almighty lord’s for the guidance, do take care of your self. Resignation is not the solution. anyway, if you wish to take leave at the moment, come to Sabah and do enjoy our facilities right here.

199. Wan Yean - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

As your ex-comrade from Daim & Gamany, I’m truly sorry for you over the entire incident and I was shocked to learn that you have decided to resign as a state exco member and state assemblyman.

To me, you have done nothing wrong and I condemn those who took part in the unlawful and unauthorised taking and circulating of the photos. No one has the right to force you to resign from your posts.

Please reconsider your decision to quit, especially in this trying time, when both the party and the people (especially your constituents) need you most. You have done a great job as a state exco member and a state assemblyman. It will be a great loss to the people if your resignation is accepted by the MB and your party.

You will always have my support. Best wishes.

200. Paddy Bloggit - February 17, 2009

I’m sorry that your privacy has been compromised in such a despicable way. Your right to privacy in your own home has been violated and those responsible should face censure.

I know that you are in a very vulnerable state at the moment but I would ask you to reconsider your resignations. You did nothing wrong and Malaysian politics will be the worse without your presence.

Your party should support you and not accept your resignations. If anything, this incident should make you a stronger person and if your party remains loyal to you it should make it stronger too.

Regardless, I hope that things will work out for you. Stay strong.

201. Suriya - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli

You have my support and I pray for your well being. May the perpetrators of this evil deed get their just deserts ! Chin up!

202. Muhammad Yunus - February 17, 2009

Why r u quiting when you’ve done absolutely nothing wrong? – just as you said. Giving in to ‘gutter politics’ via yur resignation is absolutely not the way, if you’re sincerely planning to go against ‘gutter politics’ – yur resignation would manifest into the proliferation of gutter politics as it has proven effective.

Your political mileage may be effected, but the question really, is how well you address the issue – address this accordingly, you may find yourself gaining.

Besides, the picture is not all that bad. It’s nothing similar at all to the connotations one can derive from Chua Soi Lek’s vids or Bill Clinton’s fiasco.

I say, you made a bad choice – or perhaps there’s more than just the pictures that I am not aware off.

203. JC - February 17, 2009

Although your decision to quit is understandable, this would be a big blow to PKR’s position as there are only so many YBs with integrity and honesty and from what i can gather you are certainly one of them.

204. Formychildren - February 17, 2009

Failure is to take the path of least resistance whereas adversity is the first path to truth.

Painful and hard as it may be, you must fight on. If not for yourself, then for the next female MP, to prevent this from happening again.

No one is pure and spotless. We all have skeletons in our cupboards. What matters is how we face up to them.

205. Singapore LEE - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, please be strong and fight back! Time will prove that you are a strong woman if you don’t quit now.

206. Kenny - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong, please don’t resign. You a re a victim of political machination. You should be stronger than that and fight back.

You were made to understand there were nude photos and video of you being circulated. I strongly believe there is no video or it would have surfaced. As for the photos, I’ve seen them and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. One shows a close-up of your face, sleeping. Another is a very grainy blurred photo of a woman sleeping fully clothed. The face cannot be identified. The scum was shooting up her skirt but in the darkness nothing can be seen.

If you resign because of these photos it will be the most unnecessary resignation in the world. I assure you they are nothing to get excited about.

Maybe you were told there’ll be more coming. I strongly believe there’s nothing more. Why would anybody circulate such useless, unexciting photos to destroy somebody if they have anything better?

The Malay Mail has blown up this issue for their own political ends. Don’t fall for their tricks.

Don’t resign, Liz. Call their bluff. I’ve seen many scandals and I’m 99% sure there’s nothing more.

207. NoktahHitam - February 17, 2009


I wish good luck in your future undertakings. Thank you for the service you’ve provided. I hope there’ll be no more low blows from BN.

Take care.


208. PKR supporter - February 17, 2009

Why did you even bow to some irrelevant idiot request whose name sounds like a toyol?

If you have broken no law, then why resign?

As a member of Parti KeADILan Rakyat, will you ask others who are victims of such scandals to step down as well?

WIll you ask rakyats who have suffered the same fate to step down from whatever posts they hold in their companies?

Please reconsider, PR need to be strong, to prove to the rakyat that we are STRONG and UNITED, and do not bow to TOYOLS !

209. @lan - February 17, 2009

dun give up.
people will continue to support u .

210. Hazel - February 17, 2009

Dear Ms Wong,

I am an Irish citizen with Malaysian friends.
You make me proud to be a woman, your independence, your courage, your ability to express simple truths.
This awful incident only underlines your worth. It shows you for the strong woman you are. Your dignity is not undermined, your honour intact. You have done nothing wrong and you should not be suffering for this awful thing that has been done to you.

I am so sorry for your troubles.

With best wishes.

211. Daryl Chung - February 17, 2009

It is indeed very sad to see you being a victim of such unscrupulous act. Your ex-boyfriend stooped so low to launch such an attack on you. Thank goodness you have dumped such a loser.
Do not take to heart what the brainless corrupt dentist said in the press. All of us in Selangor knows that to-date, he’s is one of biggest crap Selangor ever produced.
If you must resign, I do sincerely hope that you will find your peace. However, the country stands to lose an efficient and effective politician.
God bless you.

212. Tiger Cheah - February 17, 2009

YB Liz,

You are the victim here and you probably know the person who took the pictures. Name him/her and make him/her the pariah. Quitting solves nothing but will be deemed as an admission of guilt. Stand strong and firm; do not encourage a paparazzi culture with perverts armed with telephoto lenses “gunning” for politicians!

213. true malaysian""""""" - February 17, 2009

hi. Eli.
Do not quit,You have done a good job all this years,it will be a great
lost to the ppl of Selangor esp. the ppl of Bkt. Lanjan,
Don’t bother the BE–END MONKEY ex-MB.The blood sucker and the
most corrupted MB ON EARTH.

214. ed - February 17, 2009

I don’t that think you should resign. Why should you allow other to pressure you to do things? Whether you resign or not, the pictures are
already out.

It is not a scandal as some have put it but a crime. What you do at home is your business.

215. cok cok kendong - February 17, 2009

YB ..be cool.. just go for bercuti first…
dont quit if u are on the right side…

helped u during yur campaign… so sad if u resign…
just take yur time…
consider all factors….

be brave…

216. L - February 17, 2009

maybe i don’t know who u are before. but my trust is in u. please don’t surrender. keep on fighting. fight for us. fight with us

217. Perakian PY - February 17, 2009

I cannot even begin to imagine what you must have gone through to come to this decision but I urge you to re-consider. Stay true to your call for New Politics and stand your ground. Gutter politicians will still use this issue in the coming campaigns whether you quit or not. Please stay and continue the struggle for the people. You are needed and everyone counts!

218. eagle - February 17, 2009

YB Eli, your resignation is not accepted by the rakyat.
Just remember that people are with you.
Go on leave and come back and we fight them together.
Saudari tidak melakukan kesalahan, mereka yang menceroboh lah yang durjana, terlalu rendah nilai mereka yang cuba menginayai saudari.
Say NOnonono and Lawan tetap lawan YB.

219. Brad Mo - February 17, 2009

You have not done anything wrong. That you feel compelled to resign (though without sufficient reason) to protect the dignity of the party and state institution speaks volumes about your integrity and sincerity which are qualities thinking people look for in a politician. So I hope that the party leadership reject your resignation, not out of sympathy but because it is the right thing to do, following which I implore you to retract your resignation and continue your good political work for the sake of nation-building. God knows we need more sincere and capable politicians like you!

It is a black day for Malaysia when the victim, rather than the perpetrator of a crime , is maligned. What will happen next? Malign a rape victim rather than use the full force of the law against the rapist? For surely, you have been emotionally violated, arguably not much less severely than a rape victim.

What you do in your personal life is of no concern to me as it does not affect my well-being. What concerns me about a politician is whether the person is incompetent, corrupt, greedy or self-serving. From all accounts, you have led an exemplary political life. So, lift your chin up and be damned with the criticisms of small-minded or vicious people who are determined to take us down the road to damnation rather than progress towards achieving Vision 2020.

Thank you for all the good work you have done and best regards.

220. siew mei - February 17, 2009

You are single and non-muslim. You can sleep with any man you like. Your ex is a muslim then he is wrong. Not you…

Why our politicians cannot differentiate between work & personal?

221. rider - February 17, 2009

Maybe she has a positive reason to resign. But the good of her constituents will always be at her heart. People of her calibre will know how to handle these gutter mice.
Whatever you chose to do Liz, we the rakyat will be behind you all the way, do not fear, God bless you.

222. Yen - February 17, 2009

Don’t fall into the stupid power crazy idoit’s trap! your resignation will no help anything but will open the door for those shit head to take advantage of the rakyat. We love you, why don’t you give yourself and us a chance? please don’t leave us, you are like abandoning your child now. Hold your head up high. What they do to you today, God has eyes to see, they will be trapped by their own rope.

We will standby you YB.

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we’ll see
No I won’t be afraid, no I won’t be afraid
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darlin’, darlin’, stand by me, oh now now stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
And the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

And darlin’, darlin’, stand by me, oh stand by me
Stand by me, stand by me, stand by me-e, yeah

Whenever you’re in trouble won’t you stand by me, oh now now stand by me
Oh stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

Darlin’, darlin’, stand by me-e, stand by me
Oh stand by me, stand by me, stand by me

Please don’t let us down, leaving us like throwing us back to the thrash. please no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don’t foresake us…please.. im begging you YB.

223. GUiKP - February 17, 2009

This is just a fleeting setback. I have no doubt that you will come back stronger. My highest respect and admiration for you.

224. Anonymous - February 17, 2009

You’ve been a great example and inspiration to us, especially among women. It will be a real shame to quit due to political reasons regardless which end the pressure comes from. Like you said, it’s about serving the people and fighting for justice. It’s not about politics. This is clearly politics at it’s lowest form. So, please don’t give up. We must continue to fight.

Whoever that’s responsible to invading your privacy will be punished. This person’s conscience alone will torment him for the rest of his life.

225. Gary Yeoh - February 17, 2009


It takes greater courage to take punches to weaken the evil intentions of the corrupt establishment. As much as many will argue about your offer to resign, many will also see that you are prepared to sacrifice yourself for a greater cause. Justice will prevail and your commitment to the people will shine through. Take heart that people know you have done no wrong. I see wisdom in your decision, but you must hold on to your faith that many will wish your return.

Do take time off as suggested by your leaders. In the meantime, many will pray that your party will carefully consider the situation and that they will want you to continue in your office.

The goons parading their flawed sense of morality will reap the fruits of their evil intentions. Anyone with any sense of fairness and justice would have seen and understood the injustice inflicted on you.

Keep your peace and rest. Ready to fight again when the time is right.

226. Eugene - February 17, 2009

By quitting, you would have let down the people who have voted for you and your party.

227. alex - February 17, 2009

Come on, pull yourself together. There are bigger things that you need to do with your position now. What is the purpose that you got yourself elected? What is the purpose of becoming a state exco?

The photos have not spoil your reputation or the states government reputation. And it will not in anyway reduce the support for PKR or PR in anyway. If you don’t believe, why don’t you do a poll at your site?

228. marvellous.s.maniam - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Why are you resigning when you have done nothing wrong,in public life all this are norm,be strong and positive as our former PM Dr.M always say’s
“Malaysians Mudah Lupa ” yes, today yours is the hot news next month all will be very busy ( UMNO MBs/ BARISAN YES MANs) with by election(UMNO ELECTION) , we have forgot Lingam / we have forgot Altantuya we have forgot many incidents our people are very busy , don’t worry when your innocent ,nothing to feear go for long leave take rest come back with fresh feelings.

229. SgBulohResident - February 17, 2009

Dear ADUN,
Don’t be discouraged or disheartened by the underhandedness of this whole affair. Keep your head up and be strong. We voted for you to fight for justice and equality and freedom of rights for all, including your privacy.

You have been a beacon of hope and light. Please DO NOT give up on yourself and us because of a small obstacle. Please think clearly and rationally and do not be cowed by other peoples opinion.

230. June Ng - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth …and the whole Selangor PKR Team ,

Why are you resigning from your post ??? Why??? As far as I am concerned the issue at hand is a personal matter to you as an individual. You have not broken any law by living your own life as a single woman. A democratic country allows their citizens to live as they please so long as they do not break any law.

The person who released the photos is the person who should be charged and taken to court.

Elizabeth DO NOT RESIGN , you are a good representative of the people. We RESPECT you for the policies you stand for and your effective ACTIONS as a representative of the people .

It is the corrupted politicians who rampantly rape this country via corruption that should resign.

I dont care what you do with your private life …I want you to stay because for the 11 months you have WORKED REALLY HARD to represent the common Malaysian’s aspiration for a Cleaner, Healthier Malaysian Political System.

Stay ON …RETRACT your resignation !!!!!

Dato Seri Anwar , Dato Khalid (MB Sgor) …Why are you letting go an effective representative of the rakyat ???? RIP that resignation letter !!!
We want Elizabeth to STAY ON as our representative in Selangor.

June Ng
Selangor Resident

231. amethyst213 - February 17, 2009

“These people have conspired to undermine my credibility both as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as a Keadilan leader. Although the smear campaign directed towards me has caused me a lot of anguish, I am aware that the real objective is to discredit Parti Keadilan Rakyat.

I have done nothing wrong.

I wish to state that I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law. I stand by the fundamental principle in a democracy that everyone has a right to privacy.”

well said, but if you quit, doesn’t it means you succumb to their tactics and undermine your own principles?

if you quit when the rakyat are all supportive, doesn’t that means we lost a chance to set things right by telling them this kind of tactic will not do?

the rakyat will not be misled as to the morality of PR. We all know about the morality of the BN. And we all know a good leader when we see one.

as a guy, i respect you as a lady. as a rakyat, i respect you as an elected leader.

as a elected leader, maybe you should pay some attentions to our calls and take this chance to set a right precedent.

Take this chance to make clear of your respect to your own sexuality and privacy.

we are all behind you

232. Victor Chan - February 17, 2009

Have a good rest then come back again.

233. crusader - February 17, 2009

You are known for your strong will-power.
Your shouldn’t resign. Your supporters are not blaming u … why blame yourself by resigning?
Stay on and fight. What happened is something from the past. Look forward and work with what u have today.
Politicians from both sides gave encouraging comments of your struggle.. .. stay on…..

234. alafuw - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

No matter what you decision is, I respect it and support you. Indeed, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I was just thinking about you when I woke up today and remembered this hauntingly beautiful song some call Eli Eli.

Eli, Eli

Shelo yigamer le’olam:
Hachol vehayam

Rishrush shel hamayim
Berak hashamayim

Tefilat ha’adam.

(My God, My God

May these things never end:
The sand and the sea

The rustle of the water
The lightning in the sky

Man’s prayer.)

Things can only go uphill from here. My thoughts are with you.


235. wengkit - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

Do stay strong ya. You’ve done nothing wrong.

Do not let the people down by resigning.

Its the culprit with sinister intention that is trying to harm you, even god can see it.

The rakyat stays behind you. One thing for sure, you have my support.

236. Radio Free Sarawak - February 17, 2009

On behalf of us in Sarawak, we all urge you to keep your head on high!
You have done nothing wrong! The fact that BN is stooping to using sleaze in their attempt to wrestle back power is totally unacceptable to all of us Rakyat!

Do not heed or listen to the hypocrites who have been all this while posturing in their ‘virtue’ and ‘morality’ in their feeble cynical efforts for their personal gains. God knows very well the nature of corrupt hearts.
Rest assured they will soon answer not only to the Rakayt, but also to God Himself. For the acts of the evil has and shall NEVER prevail. Only judgement and retribution awaits for the wicked.

Keep on fighting the good fight, Eli! We are all for you!

237. Malaysian - February 17, 2009

Never surrender to oppression and evil mind. Stand tall and fight till the end. To seek, to fight for justice and never to yield.

You will let us down if you resigned. Remember, your promise to fight for us.

No shame in your case. Modern world, new mindset. Do the right thing. Resign is not although your goodwill to offer is of great courage..

If there is no shame for what had happened around the country for the past 50 years, where is yours ?

238. mhwang - February 17, 2009

Your voters are solidly behind you. Nobody has the right to invade your privacy this way. It is unforgivable and lowly. Stay strong, rest for now but FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!

239. Gabriel - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth, You’re one of the finest and rare politician I have seen in Malaysia. Morality is always a subjective issue but I believe God knows your heart well and forgives. The manner in which you made disclosure to the public, offered your apologise and resignation is truly humbling and reflective of a person with great integrity and maturity. “In a world of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” – George Orwell.
However, we cannot accept your resignation as you Y B Elizabeth Wong have a higher calling and that is to serve the nation. Do not give in to the viles and selfish opinions of those who seek to destroy the new ‘Malaysia’ that Pakatan is trying to build. Hold steadfast to the truth as the truth will always prevail and set you free.
We are all imperfect in our ways. Unfortunately politicians are always open to greater scrutiny. In your case Dear Elizabeth, we have come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. All the best to you.

240. Francis - February 17, 2009

Please do not resign. You have done a great job so far, and you will surely continue to do so. My friends and I are disgusted at these uncouth efforts to embarrass you.
Take a rest. Use the time to reconsider your resignation.
We will continue to give you our full support.

241. An offer of resignation « Ak57’s Weblog - February 17, 2009

[…] I thought she resigned over such a minor thing. Then upon closer reading of her press statement (link) I saw the key phrase: offer my […]

242. Lis LQ - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth,we have not met before,but i have been following your blogs,YB Hannah,and i am die-heart reader of MT and Malaysiakini.I am a Malaysian living in a far away land.
Pleassssse DO NOT RESIGN. You have done nothing wrong.
Please walk tall,head up and hear the advice of Kak Wan and DSAI,because they have gone through worst.
By resigning means that you admit defeat from those scums,esp.the HANTU TOYOL!!!!,and they will be clapping hands and thumbs up rejoycing.Eli,we do not want that to happened,sooo pleassse reconsider ok.
Who ever did this to you will get his balasan,because what goes round,comes around!!!!!
Good Luck,and May you be Blessed with lots of Wisdom,Love,Peace,Understanding,Charity and most of all Good Health.

243. cc cheng - February 17, 2009

when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, so they say. Well, if you think by giving up it will end your predicament, there are two ways to look at the situation. (1) you are taking the easy way out by quitting and does not have what it takes to leave a better place for future malaysians.(2) Will people think it is just a sham by doing what the reps in perak did.
your personal life is yours, nobody can take it away. by quitting, you are letting them do so. if you continue fighting for what is right, the will be a lot of people beside you, me included. THINK HARD AND FASt

244. K.Lee - February 17, 2009

Dearest YB Eli
I humbly urge you to reconsider your decision cos stepping down would seriously be a step backwards for us all. You have done a admirable job since GE12 and i share the same sentiments as all your constituents, supporters and friends. Please hear OUR voices and dont quit and give in to these unscrupulous people of zero values…. except for CASH value. I know its difficult but all of us are behind you all the way.

245. Orangdunia - February 17, 2009


If you resign, this will go on as whoever is doing this will know that these sorts of tactics WORK. Another person will be targetted next and then another.

If you make a stand, there is a chance that someone else will be spared the same heartbreak in time to come.

Come on, no one elected you based on what you do in your private life. You were elected on your record as a fighter for human rights.

You have the RIGHT to live how you want as long as you break no laws. So please hang in there and fight back. The majority is with you.

My prayers are with you.

246. Ah Sir - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli

Since you have said ” I have done nothing wrong and broken no law”,
why are you still running away from your responsibilities as assemblywoman and councillor?
Come on, stand up and face the challenge!
Millions of Malaysian are with you all the way.

247. aragorn - February 17, 2009

I think you have done no wrong. If you resign, you will have encouraged crooks to resort to this type of dirty tactics, because it seems to work. Hope you will fight the good fight.

248. jane1 - February 17, 2009

hi YB,
why resign? don’t fight for the rakyat only, fight for yourself as well. we really hope that your offer to resign will not be accepted.

249. Eyes Wide Open - February 17, 2009

Dear YB

I’m not one of your constituents, but I have much respect for you as an effective advocate and representative for the people.

I remember reading one Bukit Antarabangsa blogger’s entry that you were one of the very few YBs who were on the ground and actually contributing to help the residents during the landslide. That sealed in my mind that you’re not one of those NATO pols.

It would be a great loss to the country if you quit. And it would be a great loss to the fight for change to lose a person with your heart.

I wish you would not resign but fight back! You have been a fighter all along with your activist work – why quit now?

Fight for your life! Fight for your beliefs! Fight for your supporters! Give them hell! You can get some tips from Teresa Kok!

At the very least, hold a referendum with your constituents and gauge their support…

250. Elizabeth Wong, will she take the moral high ground? « MindaCergas - February 17, 2009

[…] View Poll PRESS RELEASE 17 Feb […]

251. nkkhoo - February 17, 2009

My earlier post to praise her resignation was deleted. This resignation is no more than a normal “sandiwara” for symphaty.

It’s shame to have censorship in her forum who claim upholding the freedom of speech.


252. Mike Mah - February 17, 2009

Liz, if you resign you’re letting down a lot of people including the voters in your constituency. They expect more fighting spirit from you than to give up over a minor issue in which YOU WERE THE VICTIM! They don’t expect to see the depraved gutter politicians winning. Khir Toyol will jump up and clap his hands!

This is modern times, if Chua Soi Lek can spring back to be MCA VP after a scandal 100 times worse than yours why can’t you? You think people bother over a picture of a sleeping woman shot without her knowledge, nude or not?

So be more thick skinned. It’s required in the rough and tumble of Malaysian politics. If you haven’t got a thick skin, grow one right away!

Please withdraw your resignation. Don’t let the PIGS win.

253. Zakia - February 17, 2009


254. anonymous dud - February 17, 2009

watched ntv7 (there was even a poll about this too), this is not the same eli during your suaram days. why did you offer to resign when this is not even your wrongdoing! don listen to the chua soi lek advising you to quit, he’s a scum and you know that. keep your heads high for if you surrender in this fight for the right, you will definitely regret in the future…..

255. Imran - February 17, 2009


It is a loss for all Malaysian to loose you. Your tireless pursuit of jutice for the people will forever be remembered. Hope that you will continue to fight the good fight. Be strong and may Allah bless you.

256. ABDU - February 17, 2009

you’re a bitch; how could that person have come so near you without being married. i wish you commit suicide.

257. Kumar - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,
I have never met you but I have read about you and have heard lots about you.
Frankly it would be a shame if you were to really leave.
As you have said, you have done no wrong.
I don’t know of a single person who wants you to resign or thinks that you have done anything wrong.
There are not many people who genuinenely fight for what they truly believe in and care for the betterment of civil society in Malaysia.
If you truly want to make a difference to the people who voted you in and the future of Malaysia, STAY ON.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
This episode will pass…..chin up!

258. ABDU - February 17, 2009

Sorry, i wish i could take my words back! PLEASE delete this someone, its between you and God to decide…may He forgive me for saying these words..

259. johnny soo - February 17, 2009

Dearest YB Elizabeth,

Please do not quit. We still need you very much. Never bow down to this kind of gutter politics. God bless you.

260. Noscere - February 17, 2009

Maybe thias comment will be lost among the rest. In truth I did not know anything about this untill I started to see people coming to my blog looking for these pictures.
You should not stand down or take a step back from these people, if you do they have won the fight.
If there is anything I can do to help you know you only have to say, this includes me making posts which might draw these people out by getting them to comment on my posts thus leaving their IP address.


261. Benjamin - February 17, 2009

i do not know so much about political site nor do i know what is important to the party, but i know one thing, WHAT is important to the RAKYAT.

I do hope you can think carefully as i neither support both your party and the opposition party in Selangor but what i do really support is JUSTICE. i do hope PKR really means JUSTICE FOR THE PEOPLE rather than just words. Prove it to us that you too can get the justice that you deserved. I will not comment on the resignation of your positions but i do wish you the best of lucks and i do hope you know what you are doing to get this far and serving the RAKYAT for just 11 months while your term is still far ahead.

262. tomcat700p - February 17, 2009

well, one thing for sure, quitting now will mean victory to the blackhand, to the ‘dark force’ who will resorts to all means to finish off their opposition. Lets stand astute cos at the end of the day, people will have a clearer ‘picture’ to jugde to. You will never walk alone!!!

263. ngarit - February 17, 2009

yb.eli..you are a great leader and peoples rep..you have prove it..jangan tunduk dengan khir toyo tu…why should you want to resign..

264. cwong - February 17, 2009

Be strong and you have our best wishes.

Wong family
Sydney Australia

265. ckchew - February 17, 2009

ong eu soon,

u only think abt ur half cooked proj… nothing else.

fuck u

266. ckchew - February 17, 2009


u can go to hell… who are u to dictate what she or he could do? may u rot in hell

267. KC Gan - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong,

We want you to stay and fight for a better Malaysia. Please don’t disappoint us. Don’t let the scums win.

268. Keeper Of The Light - February 17, 2009

ABDU —> typical umno apologist. blame anything and everything on God, yeah? you think God is your servant or something? please fools, stop quoting God in each and every of your posts. you make me sick, pathetic fools, sounding as though you are so damn innocent.

typical toyol behaviour. toyol betul otak kamu ya.

269. Pei Ting - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

I am a young Malaysian gal who started to be more politically aware since the last general election, and it is heartening to know that there are female role models like you out there in the political scene that i can look up to.

i believe myself, and many other young malaysians, are sensible enough to understand that the photo incident is by no means your fault, and our disgust is for the vile person who have done this to you, and certainly to those who take this opportunity to gain unfair political against you.

hence it is my appeal that you do not resign your positions, and continue to be our voice and our strength. you have my full support on this, and i firmly believe from many others as well.

good luck and god bless.

270. Danang - February 17, 2009

Yang Berhormat Elizabeth Wong

We, your electorates, voted for you.
Please stay on !

271. June - February 17, 2009

Quiting or not.. I will always support you. Thank you for serving the Rakyat and fighting for our rights. Everything u have done for us is very much appreciated. Take care. We’ll be with you every step of the way…

272. Amir - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
You have done no wrong. Things you do in our own privacy remains yours alone. That’s what privacy is.

There is no need to resign as you had done no wrong, it is those who circulate the photos and keep forwarding them that should be ashamed of themselves. But alas, they lack morality so they are just a pesky fly.

Resigning is admitting defeat to these despicable people.
Selangor needs your continued excellent service to the community. We voted you knowing well that you are single so what is wrong with it!

Please take the needed break but do not resign.

All the best to you


273. Ah Sir - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

Your “unwise” decision to resign will opened the floodgate of such dirty acts to be used against fellow malaysian women! Think of the consequence of your action! Therefore, you must not resign and must look at the bigger picture instead of only the interest of Pakatan Rakyat.

Don’t be a quitter! I repeat, finished the good race that you have started.

274. Danang - February 17, 2009

Queer Toyol, your actions are creepy.

How can you hold your head high, after such a despicable plot.

275. artchan - February 17, 2009

you must not resign..to resign would mean that the person who sold the pics, and the person that bought the pics have won.

I am sure whoever paid for the pics must have paid a lot for it…so if you don’t resign…they lose..not you.

People like Khir Toyo si morally unfit to pass judgement. Don’t bother with them. The people that voted you wants you to stay.

276. Andrew - February 17, 2009


You shouldn’t resigned! You have done no wrong. We all support you. By resigning you are letting down those peoples who have voted for you.

277. KW Lim - February 17, 2009


We need to support whatever decision you made, but don’t give up simply, let BN easily put us down.

People will behind you

278. Anti Adultery - February 17, 2009

Assalam alaikum Elizabeth!

I am a Christian, and leader of the 3,000-strong citizens of Bukit Lanjan who make up the recently established NGO, Non Muslim Anti Adultery Front (NMAAF). We originally voted for you and your Pakatan Rakyat ADUNs on March 2008, but we decided to retract our votes and demand you step down immediately as state opposition leader Khir Toyo has requested you to do.

Your sleeping with your boyfriend in the nude, and allowing him to photograph you is called khalwat (cohabitation outside marriage) and this very act can be called zina (adultery). Whatever your religion, you must remind yourself of the Rukun Negara commandment “Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan” and so all citizens of Malaysians must profess a religion. As such you broke the laws of God, which are applicable to all Non Muslim religions.

We have always been calling for *khalwat* (cohabitation outside wedlock) to be made a crime for all non Muslims and this time is the last straw as your keeping a boyfriend is immoral. You are unfit to be an ADUN or an Exco. Please resign immediately and stop giving excuses like “My personal life and privacy have been violated” as morality is never personal but public.

I feel shocked that you can boldly without any shame state “These people have conspired to undermine my credibility both as a Selangor State Exco Member as well as a Keadilan leader.” which is a tacit attempt to blame Barisan Nasional for your lack of morals and principles. You have lost all your credibility with the rakyat of Bukit Lanjan (including me) and all 3000 of us demand you to step down immediately as you have broken an unwritten law, the law of God, “jangan berzina”.

279. philip - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, I’m sorry about all this trouble for you.

It doesn’t change anything about who you are or what you can do.

People can only stop you if you decide to stop. Keep going and we will all get there one day soon.

Good people have had problems before, you know. Did you hear about it? 🙂

You are wonderful and doing a wonderful job wonderfully. Keep going, thank you!

280. Ewan - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

It will be a great loss to the nation if you resign. It is dirty game folks behind this are playing. Please do not fall for their dirty tricks. There is a higher cause to fight for.

Sincerely hope you will reconsider your resignation and come back.

281. Colin - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth

It does seem that a single woman fighting for the rights of all, is to be despised by some in your country. You have done nothing wrong, in fact I may say, you have done too much and that is what angers your opponents.
I just wonder how many of the politicians and press who hounded you are so clean in their own private lives, either morally or financially?
You stand your ground Elizabeth and fight for not only others but yourself…….. justice will prevail :o)

282. umi - February 17, 2009

dear elizerbeth,

I wish that I would stand by you at this crucial moment. We never meet, but deep inside me I have the trust in you. just remember, in every difficulty there will be the ease and solution.


283. Reformis - February 17, 2009

You should not resign from your position.

We support you. try to rest and take a time to release your stress.

in politics that situation is normal. But politician must take “releven” action. i so young in politics,i see you’re good YB and clear girl in gov.

You must pray every time to time . I pray for you. Anwar say you’re good exco. We in selangor know you is a goof yb.

Pray to god. God with us. we in ISLAM believe, God have a power to clean all the bad story..


284. beng - February 17, 2009

in life, there are ups and downs.

getting there in the end, we tend to forget the tough journey we made. we only remember the sweet memories.

to all those supporters calling for you to re-consider, well ultimately the choice is yours. stay strong my friend, there are those who will support your decision till the end.

285. mazen - February 17, 2009

Please stay, don’t give up the fight.

286. zieta - February 17, 2009

YB Lizzy,
What the hell are you doing? Stop crying & keep on fighting- fight, fight, fight till death!

287. whispering9 - February 17, 2009

Remember everyday you hold on to your chess board, the devil loses another day. So don’t quit your state assembly post, even if you have to resign from your Exo seat. Give hell back to the devil. 🙂

288. borhan - February 17, 2009

you are not fit to hold public office as you belong to the same class as chua soi lek. dp vijendran,abu hasan omar and the likes.your decision to resign is correct.

289. biggun129 - February 17, 2009

I dont know what else to write, but life have to go on, it seems there is no good reasons for you to explain, but just to call it ‘quit’, you are too emotional, you may have make big mistake by neglecting the risks of exposing your personal life to someone you trust, but to call it quit and abandoned the constituency that the voters have pray on you to make it a ‘CHANGE’ in our country political scenerio dash the future of the struggle of the People’s Power,I can forgive you for your mistakes, but I wll never forget to remember that your just run away ,and let us the voters of your constituency to face another ‘By Election”, it is not fair, anyway, we, the Malaysian had never being living in a fair society, and your acts is just like added salt to the unheal wound, you choose your life, and please be more responsible next time, god bless you!

290. haritdas - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth. DO NOT RESIGN. Take up the fight. Sue the culprits involved for violating your privacy. All is not lost. You have not committed any crime. In fact a horrible crime has been committed against you. Drag those involved to court and expose them there. DO NOT FLEE. These human garbage are capable of repeating the same things on others. Ignore you enemies GOD is with you. VENGEANCE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD. Leave it to him and you will see… if fact all Malaysian and the whole humanity will see God’s WRATH released upon them.

291. isilme - February 17, 2009

Hey Eli

This is the vile state of national politics we are in. Sore losers employ mafia tactics to character assassinate elected representatives of the people! Of all the low down, morally bankrupt, underhanded things to do! What else can we expect from murderers, blackmailers and thieves. Be patient; this too shall pass. Keep things in perspective. This incident matters not at all to the people who believe in you.

292. SK N - February 17, 2009

You have done nothing wrong, period. Uphold your principles and serve with utmost integrity and dignity. Malaysians have to mature in their thinking and I think our society is. It is only the politicians who is manipulating this.

293. monsterball - February 17, 2009

Eli….Have you ever read so many comments….all loving you…all telling you not to resign?
I have a strange feeling….BN is behind this…by visiting few blogs.
Whatever it is…go to hell with it.
Your private life as a single sexy lady…..please please please…go to hell with what others may think …lowly of you.
It is downright pure jealousy…by your ex lover…OR..you are getting dangerous for BN………choose the reasons.
250 comments here…all urging you not to resign.
Stay put….and use your elected power to expose corruptions …without fear anymore.
Stay put…..and die for the country….if you need to do so.
Resigning…you are falling into the traps of evil doers.
“I have done nothing wrong”…so you said.
So why resign?
Your voters will trust and believe you.
If not….it is not too late for them to vote you our in 13th general election.
You can never get them to tell you not to resign. 250 commentators are good enough to talk on behalf of them.
Toyo asked you to resign. Are you that weak..to fulfill a devil…like Toyo’s request?
Stay put….plenty for you to do.
How lucky you are to be so useful to Malaysia.
Continue your love life..enjoy love and any affairs that your heart lead you to…without feeling guilty at all.
You are single….and have passion.
Don’t let hypocrites kill that part of your life.
Work is work.,,,,,and play you must…to be normal and natural.
Don’t change!! Be your ever smiling and positive self.
Go fall in …fall out of love…..none on anybody’s bloody business.
Please do not resign….and if I and so many in K.L can assist you…one way or another..just yell out in your blog.
Try us….and you will be surprise….so many will respond to assist you….if ever needed.
Be prepared for more mug slinging onto you…..take that with smiles.
You will make those slimebags.. crazy…seeing you happy and well.
Do not give them the pleasure to succeed…dragging you down.
Stand up and fight!!! Do not give in so meekly and easily.

294. wchris - February 17, 2009

Hi, new guy here. But read a lot of everyday Malaysian politics issue. Hardly reply around the blogs. Looking for real justice but in vain. Mdm, it is a shock that you done decisions to quit from Bukit Lanjang but from some comments from members they said “why give up the seat? All because of the rubbish posted in frontpage from the Malay Mail, treathening you and it looks like all medias in Malaysia supported by lousy goons is backstabbing and forcing you to RESIGN?”. For me “Berita Sensasi” is total of rubbish and knows that they set you up terribly. Evil tactics eh as woman politician in opposition is the evil goons prey. Don’t let your mind frustfrated. Of course no matter, they don’t stop at there. They will do this to others too, setup by the secrets of the evil goons until they takes over. They will clap or cheer once victories is theirs. It is called “The Dirtiest Coup”, similar to Perak but even dirtier. Don’t give up till your record is cleaned. If Chua SL of MCA can break this rules, many will follow his footsteps.That’s other issu lah, become “ROJAK”. You may rely on police to investigate this case but police may not 100% reliable either. From around the blogs, we know you got huge pressure. Relax and find the way to solve your problem first. We support you as you support the good community. Justice must be done. God speed mdm.

295. Will - February 17, 2009

Two of my earlier comments seem missing. Is it only words from similar camp is acceptable.

By the way, been so enticed to say this:

” ADUN Bukit Lanjan, telanjang”

296. Sit Naing - February 17, 2009

Why quit? Why did you give in to dirty politic? You did nothing wrong. Be strong. Carry on and serve for people and democracy you love.

297. el - February 17, 2009

Eli, go rest, come back, & reconsider.

I HATE to see the other side wins with what I describe as “clearly a dirty tactic”. FOR THE GREATER GOOD, please tell them “these dirty tactics doesn’t work anymore”. PLEASE!

More eyes are on your actions rather then on the photos.

298. Josephine - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, I would have been another apathetic Malaysian but for this unjust episode which you had to endure. I’ve come to realise that my apathy makes my hands as bloody as the keris-wielders on top, and the robbers on the street.

What happened to you was unjustified, despicable and intolerable. Come the next election, I shall come home and cast my vote.

What you had to endure pains me. But take heart in the fact that your story will enbolden many others to rise up to the occasion, take authority of their rights and swim against the tide of injustice in the land we love.

I do not know you. But I respect and love you, daughter of Malaysia.

299. Brigitte Chia - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,
Even I don’t know you much but as a woman I will be standing on your back to support you. Whatever decision you have made I hope is the best decision for you. I am so proud of You !

300. Janet Davidson - February 17, 2009

I am a Scot, living in Wisconsin, USA.
Until reading the BBC news this morning, I had never even heard of you. I am very sorry that this is how I come to hear of you, not because I think you did anything wrong, but because I am disgusted that anyone would stoop so low as the photographer has done..
I can’t imagine how you must be feeling, and wanted to let you know that its not only Malaysians who are supporting you, but others from around the world.
To rise above this and continue to fight for what you believe is right is the best way to show the world that you have the charisma and strength of character required to have a profound effect on your country’s politics.
Good luck with the rest of your political career, you must be doing a lot of good if someone felt they had to hit you so hard to try and oust you! Keep up the great work.

301. Kenyalang - February 17, 2009

Dear Ms Wong,

My heart goes out to you in this trying time. Judging from the overwhelming support from people around the country, I gather you must have been a truly wonderful wakil rakyat.

Hope things turn out well for everyone.

302. Dave Howell UK - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, don’t resign, you have done absolutely nothing wrong, there is nothing you need to feel ashamed about. Your privacy has been invaded by a lowlife who should be publicly held up to ridicule. You are obviously a very popular person amongst your people, so smile, hold your head up, get back to work and be proud to serve them, that is the message they are sending out to you.

303. Sia Lan - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,
stay !! 你没错,为何辞职呢?

304. Nicholas Leong - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth Wong, here I represent the whole constituent of Bukit Lanjan state constituency would like to urge and beg you to to re-consider perhaps withdraw you reisgnations as a state exco and state assemblyperson. This is clearly a frame set-up by UMNO goon to discredit and bring downfall to you. But we the constituent at Bukit Lanjan will not allowed you to downfall, not matter how. We will stand solid behind you think and thin.

YB Eli, we have gave you a huge mandate in the 12GE, therefore we put a high trust and hopes on you. Take this as a challenge in life, I believe you
are a tough lady, you are able to ride through this storm. Do not conceded to the UMNO goon by resign, you will fall onto their stupid trap.

Again I beg you again to re-consider and withdraw your resignation. We people at BUkit Lanjan and the selangor people need you to represent us and fight for our rights and justice. No other people can replace your role on DUN Bukit Lanjan. Never, never and never gave up (Winston Churnchill).

YB Eli, if you do not mind !!I would like to organised rally and signature campaign in Bandar Utama to show our undivided and million supoort to you. This also is to proves the umno goon that we will not accept and therefore rejects this dirty politics game.

Again, YB Eli, We beg you to withdraw your resignation.

Thank YOU

305. Onlooker Politics - February 17, 2009

I am so sorry to read that Elizabeth Wong has tendered resignation letter resigning from the post of Executive Councillor and the post of the State Assembly Representative. I don’t believe that Miss Wong chose to tender resignation because of her being pressurized by the top party leadership to do so. Anwar did ask her to reconsider her resignation. If Anwar really asked her to resign, she would have said so. This indicates that there is still hope for New Politics in PKR!

However, I am more inclined to think that Miss Wong’s decision on resigning was made because she felt hurt by the betrayal of her loved ones! Miss Wong is now a 39 years-old lady. It is absolutely logical and fully legitimate for her to have the desire of wanting a boyfriend in order for her to get married someday in the future if she is a sexually normal and capable person just like many other matured men and women.

Frankly speaking, it is not too easy for a Malaysian Chinese matured adult to find the ideal soulmate nowadays, especially when people’s concept about the importance of family tie and marriage priority has drastically changed for the past 10 years when the nation has been struggling in the economic hardship after 1997-1998 currency crisis. The 2008 Global Financial Crisis turned the economic situation worse. It is sad to know that many prospective new couples have to postpone their wedding due to the loss of stable job and household income in midst of massive exercises of workers’ retrenchment by the employers.

If in the past Miss Wong had been putting too much hope in her ex boyfriend, then the ex boyfriend’s suspected betrayal by disseminating a private photo without her prior consent certainly hurt!

To Miss Wong, I wish to encourage her to take thing easy. When we are to live in a big trial which is full of pains and suffering, it will not be the end of the world. If we are willing to surrender ourselves to God and ask God for his merciful deliverance of us the sinful creatures, God will most likely be willing to allow us to continue drawing much strength from Him in order for us to weather the storm in the wonderful grace of God.

When somebody has wronged us, perhaps the best reaction we should take is to forgive him for “he does not know what he is doing” (to borrow the biblical verse). Be ready to stand up much stronger in adversary! Do always remember that when the whole world may wrong us, God will never wrong us! God loves us and He will never forsake us!

God will still have much grace to be dispensed to Miss Wong even if she no longer holds an official post in politics from now on! There are still many other ways for her to serve, whether to serve God or to serve the people!

306. What’s Buzzing? » Blog Archive » Custom » Leadership Marketing For Newbies - February 17, 2009

[…] Press Release 17 Feb 2009 « elizabeth wong […]

307. Rakyat - February 17, 2009

please do not quit….

Rakyat akan tetap sokong YB …



308. matmintanjung - February 17, 2009

YB teruskan berjuang

309. dn - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I do not know you. I have never met you. I did not vote for you. But you have my sympathies and whole hearted support.
Only the dumbest of fools will not realise that this is a political attack.
My children and their generation depends on people like yourselves to help make this their nation too.
Continue what you do best and do not let such things dampen your spirits!

310. monsterball - February 17, 2009

And may I add…forget about Jed Yoong.
She is a nobody..a real itchify bitch….simply jealous of your success!!

311. Nicholas Leong - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizaneth,

Again I wrote here Bukit Lanjan people here do not want to hear and seen on your resignation offer. Pls do not betray our trust and hopes and we place on you. Believe us this controversy is not the end of the world and your political carrear.

We believe you had not done anything wrong just that being victimise, being intrude into your privacy. Hence, we do belive that, what we concern is about your ability to serve the Bukit Lanjan people, fight for your rights and justice in the state assembly. In which you have proven to us you has indeed dobe an excellent and distinction job.

pls Yb Ele, do not dissappoint us by resigning as I also believe you had got a huge support from the Pakatan conrades so do we.

312. Yap - February 17, 2009

Yb Eli

I don’t know why you resigned. Those idiots or bastard in Bn and the media can say anything they want. You have done no wrong. They have invaded your privacy…thats it.

Just think of the Tan Sris & Datos who have sex with under age girl and got free, I no speak english marriage to royal daughter and divorced, najis belakang mari and c4 and many many more. They are pieces of dirt.

They can’t come near to your reputation. Be strong and withdraw your resignation.

From Klang

313. McGarmott - February 17, 2009

As you happen to actually represent my area, I’m definitely concerned about this issue. Clearly there’s something else behind-the-scenes I don’t know about.

However, since you are prepared to go, my question is – assuming your resignation is accepted, when they have the by-election 2 months from now, can you run for it? Lady, you know you have a good shot judging from all the sentiments here.

314. ken - February 17, 2009

Liz, why even think of resigning? You have not done anything wrong. If that little pervert thinks he can destroy you by doing what he did, he must be a real arsehole. You are judged by what you do and as an elected representative of the people, you have done an excellent job!! Wish there were more elected reps of your calibre. As for your private life, that’s none of anybody business. Given the circumstances, you should pursue criminal and legal action against that little pervert. And, have his picture plastered all over the newspapers and the internet so that everyone can see what a prick looks like!! So, forget about resigning. We need YOU!!!

315. Vijay Eswaran - February 17, 2009

On one hand, you shouldn’t resign because you’re the victim here. If having an intimate relationship before marriage is wrong, then I’m guilty too. But on the other hand, offering to resign is a wise move because PKR will definitely win quite a number of sympathy votes in the coming by-elections.

316. Loh SH - February 17, 2009

YB Wong

What happens to u is a strictly private matter exposed unlawfully by the despicable culprits.

As a legislator yourself, u should not bow to these unlawful culprits.

The politicians, particularly those who are the legislators themselves, should ask this question: Do we need these unlawful and despicable culprits to help maintain and protect the morality of the society?

317. Nora Wong - February 17, 2009

pls do not resign. Your great and dedicated to your work is highly appreciated.

May God bless you and may you find strength to challenge esp now your trying moment.

Trust in the Lord – He is with you for you are righteous and steadfast.

318. Olivier - February 17, 2009

A little support from France 🙂

319. pahlawan_bugis - February 17, 2009

Buat YB Eli

Saya harap YB tabah dalam menghadapi isu ini. Ini merupakan tektik kotor mereka yang ingin menjahanamkan kerajaan kita. TOLONGLAH jangan letak jawatan.

KUatkan semangat. Tak per lah biar jer macam angin yang berlalu lepas tu lama-lama sudah reda lah tu. Sabar jer.

TOLONGLAH jangan letak jawatan.

320. al-brangi - February 17, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Cool Eli….Jangan Lepas jawatan…..ambil cuti rehat

Rupa2nya ada jugak yang pegang jawatan tertinggi tetapi kurang cerdik.

Khir Toyo hampir-hampir berpuashati bila Eli kata nak lepaskan jawatan.

Naib Presiden MCA, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai berasa hairan dengan tindakan Eli yang ingin melepaskan kedua-dua jawatan yang disandangnya sedangkan Eli berkata dia tidak bersalah dan dianiaya.

“Kalau tidak bersalah dan dianiaya, kenapa hendak letak jawatan?. Biarlah polis siasat dahulu,” katanya kepada pemberita. Lapor Bernama .

Nak beritau wahai Naib Presiden MCA, itu menunjukkan Eli memikirkan parti serta sokongan rakyat lebih daripada diri sendiri. Itu menunjukkan dia punya integriti serta berjiwa besar.

Cool Eli. Harap you ambil cuti rehat, tapi awas Malaysia sekarang pun sudah ada paparazzi.

Kes ini tak sama dengan kes Menteri Kesihatan yang dulu yang penuh dengan aksi akrobatik. Kes ini hanya gambar curi orang tengah tidur.

Kalau Datuk tengah masuk bilik rehat dan berbogel, tapi ada orang curi gambar Datuk, ingat Datuk mahu letak jawatan ke? Jangan haraplah, orang UMNO, MCA dan MIC sama saja, kalau terang2 buat salah pun mana ada orang letak jawatan.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
3 Heroin…..mangsa dianiaya….

Jangan nampak keuntungan yang sekelip mata anda kecapi. Anda tidak tahu apa yang menunggu anda di hadapan sana.

Anda sudah ‘tawan’ Perak. Anda sudah berjaya ‘menjatuh’kan seorang wanita dengan jalan yang keji.

Anda ingat anda sudah jadi hero seperti Superman atau Spiderman?

Anda silap. Yang sebenarnya anda sedang menggali kubur untuk rakyat men’talkin’kan anda di PRU13 nanti.

Ada 3 heroin yang memang patut menerima tabik hormat dari saya iaitu:

i. Cik Tan Hoon Chong yang diISAkan lebih kurang 16 jam.

ii. Cik Sassy Teresa Kok.

iii. Cik Elizabeth yang telah menyelamatkan maruah Pakatan Rakyat dengan tawaran meletak jawatan. Secara peribadi saya tidak setuju, kerana beliau telah dianiayai.

321. blthong - February 17, 2009

My dear lady, as you can see you are beloved by all. Please stay on. If you’re resigning due to personal embarrassment, you are letting your supporters/voters down. That would be an inexcusable dereliction of duty. When you started down this path, surely you must have been aware that women in malaysian (read UMNO) politics would be the subject of crude attacks like these. And especially someone as attractive as you are.

On the other hand, if this is a tactical resignation to shield Pakatan during the coming by-elections, I think it is bad tactics. Resignation or not, this incident will still be brought up to show how ‘immoral’ the Pakatan team is. But paradoxically the more those scum bring this incident up, the more aware the voters will be that they are bankrupt of real issues. On Pakatan’s side, they have your track record, integrity, intelligence and passion to showcase. On BN’s side, all they have here is how low and underhanded they can be in trying to bring up trivial issues. Surely Pakatan will be able to defend you easily during the by-elections.

Take a leaf out of your colleague Teresa’s books – come out fighting and stop weeping like a weak school girl! We need people of your calibre, honestly I can’t think of many who can replace you. You can resign when we put BN permanently 6 feet under.

322. SomeOneWhoCare - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizebeth,

Please don’t resign and you did not do anything wrong.
The shameful person is the person to put your picture out and now hide somewhere and the person have to get the punishment from God and the person have to go to hell….

I will support you and Bukit Lanjan voter will support you too…

Whatever decision you make I still will support you and I wish you all the best and tomorrow still the better day for you…

323. JUGI - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,
So you quit? Fine, Then Lets say PKR put PAMELA ANDERSON for Bukit Lanjan…..You know what? I rather choose her than the GOLIATH!

324. Frank - February 17, 2009


To err is human. As for your case, I look at it as a negligence rather than a sin that you had committed. You trusted somebody he would not betray you, be him your loved one or a boyfriend, a rascal whom you mistrusted him! Your mistake, not your sin, was you were treating man too kind without taking the necessary protection against the devilish mankind – and that’s definitely not a crime! Your mistake was not to be blamed as causing defect to the society, more so tarnished of social morality as self proclaimed by the uncouth politician, to name one – Toyo – is totally not worth your taking heed to his craps! Of so many others, he is the one particularly has lost all his criteria to talk about morality. Not only he doesn’t possess one bit, he doesn’t even understand the meaning of ‘morality’ for he only expert of extracting decayed teeth so much so he had been intoxicated and become the same more decayed in character and mentality! He’s not only filthy corrupted but also power crazy he chose not to accept the reality of being discarded by the rakyat in the 308 tsunami, he has become a psycho and beyond redeem, a scumbag! Why should you take the words of a psycho so seriously and quit the good job that you have all along demonstrated?! Think about it seriously, you are a politician, you ought to be triple times braver and steel hard to face all these challenges of political histrionics and to solve all the punches below the belt and to retaliate as necessary. The fittest survive. The winner never quit! Even you don’t agree to this unchanged norm, you will have to agree with me that you come from the people, thus you are for the people. Let the people decide first, you later – in the event there is major decision to be made. Don’t ever repeat the killing error of Hee Yit Foong, did things based on her self-ego without considering the voters whom they have their rights and the says to decide for her future, vis-a-vis, the future of all including the State’s destiny is all tied to the yes or no of a decision!

Last but not least, you can simply ignore some nerds here giving claptrap comments wanting you to step down due to a plotted crime used to victimized you as a culprit to be blamed. To character assassinate and to doom your future! Trash them out into the recycle bin and tell all others off, that, you are not obligated to bear the blame nor to live up to their standard as long as you are obligated to serve your constituents well faithfully and honestly with integrity! You are you Eli Wong and you deserve your rights to live the way you choose, who else has got the rights to decide for you as a matured woman, not even your parents wish to restrict you in anyway to limit your lifestyle!…………Buck up and continue to slug it out! You can do that !

325. al-brangi - February 17, 2009

my url for al-brangi is wrongly typed.

below is the truely registered


326. Obory Sosonong Shah - February 17, 2009


Bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan, pantai mana tidak dihempas ombak. Takziah kepada Saudari Elizabeth Wong atas musibah yang tertimpa. Tahniah atas ketabahan yang anda tunjukkan, mudah-mudahan anda mampu menghadapi masa mendatang dengan penuh lapang dada.
Pada pendapat saya, anda tidak perlu meletakkan jawatan sebagai ADUN, walaupun terpaksa melepaskan posisi anda sebagai Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Selangor. Moral anda tidak lebih rendah daripada pemimpin lain yang lebih teruk kelakuannya seperti mana yang telah menjadi rahsia umum. Bezanya anda berada di posisi yang bertentangan dengan mereka. Apa yang berlaku justeru kerana anda bukan beragama Islam dan apa yang dilakukan mungkin bukan satu kesalahan dari segi kepercayaan anda dan penyebaran itu pula bukan dilakukan oleh anda sendiri.
Apa yang perlu anda lakukan ialah memikirkan petunjuk yang benar dengan memeluk agama Islam, satu-satunya agama yang memelihara maruah seorang wanita. Percayalah, jika anda Elizabeth Wong berani menjadikan Islam sebagai agama anda, maruah anda akan menjadi kewajipan bagi setiap insan beriman untuk dipelihara. Apa sangat kelakuan anda itu jika dibandingkan dengan apa yang pernah dilakukan oleh para sahabat Nabi SAW sebelum mereka memeluk Islam. Islam telah membebaskan mereka daripada akhlak buruk dan maruah yang rosak.
Islam tidak pernah melarang secara pasti perbuatan tidur sambil berbogel. Ia hanya dipandang makruh (perbuatan yang tidak disukai) namun lebih sopan jika tidak begitu justeru Allah lebih berhak untuk dimalui. Yang Islam larang ialah mengambil gambar tanpa pakaian lalu menyebarkan kepada orang lain kerana ia adalah aurat. Jika anda Islam pada masa itu dan teman lelaki anda iaitu suami yang sah (kerana Islam melarang bersekedudukan tanpa ikatan yang sah) insan yang beriman, sudah tentu perkara ini tidak akan terjadi. Islam mengharamkan para suami isteri menceritakan perihal aurat masing-masing kepada orang lain kecuali untuk mendapatkan nasihat pakar.
Demikianlah Islam memelihara maruah wanita, bahkan lelaki sekalipun.Bayangkanlah, jika anda memeluk Islam dan memakai pakaian menutup aurat sebagaimana selayaknya seorang wanita Islam, saya percaya maruah anda akan lebih terbela. Sejarah telah memberikan pengajaran betapa Khalifah Muktasim pernah menghunus pedang kerana membela maruah seorang wanita Islam. Islam tidak akan sekali-kali membenarkan maruah umatnya diinjak-injak. Para pemuda Islam pasti akan bertindak, setidak-tidaknya mengadakan majlis-majlis munajat untuk memohon agar Allah memelihara maruah anda, melaknat mereka yang menyebarkan foto anda, dan memberikan ketenangan kepada hidup anda.
Islam amat melarang umatnya mengungkit perkara buruk yang telah lalu setelah seseorang itu bertaubat atau memeluk Islam. Oleh itu, saya ingin mengajak anda, Saudari Elizabeth Wong, untuk memeluk agama Islam. Anda boleh bertanya kepada rakan seperjuangan anda seperti Dr Halimah Ali atau bahkan Tuan Guru Nik Aziz sendiri untuk meminta nasihat dan panduan.Ayuh saudari, datanglah kepada Islam dan anda tidak perlu meletakkan jawatan. Semoga Allah memberikan hidayah kepada anda.

327. Budak Jawa - February 17, 2009


Jangan merepek. Kau tak buat salah. Orang lain yang buat salah. Kau jangan takut dengan semua kejahatan tu. Ingat Eli, rakyat lagi perlukan kau. Diorang sekarang dah educated, tau mana satu hak dan mana satu pencerobohan hak.

Pegi bercuti mcm Anwar cakap.

Kitorang tak kisah kau saper Eli. Yang penting kau ikhlas dan buat kerja.

Jaga diri, OK?

Aku tak kenal kau kau pun tak kenal aku. Tapi lain orang lain ujian yang Tuhan bagi. Tuhan hanya uji pada orang yang kuat semangat. Aku nak kau TABAH kan hati.

328. IPOH MARI - February 17, 2009

YB, you are victim in this case. We stand beside with you, I know God will know the truth! To elect a good leader in our country is not easy, he/she must be well understanding,steady, calm and understand what the people’s feeling! But you did it, we as a Malaysian are proud of you! Whatever decision you made, we still support you! Good luck.

329. jf - February 17, 2009

hi 潔冰,


330. yp - February 17, 2009

You never failed the people’s interest in the first place… You rejected all the ‘self interest’ placed before you so I trust you more than ever now. Do not quit..I will salute you in public if you don’t.

331. JT - February 17, 2009

You should not resign.

332. wan - February 17, 2009

dear eli.

aku orang biasa. dan aku secara peribadi tak rasa yang ko akan baca pun semua komen ni. taoi, sebagai rakyat biasa, aku terpanggil untuk menyuarakan apa yang aku rasa.

bagi aku,ko sepatutnya jangan berhenti. apa yang berlaku bukan salah ko. kes ko bukan sama dengan chu soi lek. ko dianiaya. sepatutnya ko stand up and fight. dan bagi aku itulah kerja ko sebagai ahli politik.

dan bila ko masuk politik, ko kena tahu apa yang berlaku sekarang adalah sesuatu yang dijangkakan. kita sEmua menentang BN! DAN AKU RASA ko pun tahu yang bn akan menggunakan apa jua cara untuk kembali berkuasa.

common eli! be proud of yourself! and i myself will always support you.

lots of loves,

333. IPOH MARI - February 17, 2009

ABDU, please take back you rude words immediately! Respect woman and respect yourself please!

334. Francis Lui - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

You hv done nothing wrong!!! You don’t have to resign as this is learly an intrusion of your privacy and personal space. We should condemn the culprit for violating your personal space. This can happen to anyone of us, just because we are not POLITICIAN!!!!

335. ghostrider - February 17, 2009


While no one but yourself will understand better the pain and anger you are feeling now, I sincerely urge you to reconsider your decision to quit.

In the eyes of most of us, you have not done anything wrong, and that we, the silent majority can see through the dirty tactics of attacking the PKR reps one by one to discredit them. Your’s remaining in office will give strength to other reps who may be facing pressures from these thugs. PKR party – we urge you to show solidarity and support for your fellowship because we, the rakyat is going to support Elizabeth through this.

336. Ipoh Lai - February 17, 2009

Have your belief in PEOPLE’S POWER faded? PEOPLE need you to lead to fight evils at this juncture. PEOPLE have faith in YOU!!!

337. Francis - February 17, 2009

Hello ADUN Elizabeth,
Be brave.
Don’t resign. The people who did this are pathetic specimens. You are worth infinitely more than them. Don’t let them bring you down.
Take care.

338. imajin - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
I sincerely hope that you will think twice before your resignation is confirmed. Your quit will not only affect the people who support you but also the women in Malaysia. Please allow me to share my viewpoint on this as a female young working adult in Kuala Lumpur. Everyone knows that the opposition to your party is trying all sorts of tricks to get your party down including getting the dirt out of each and everyone of you. Yes, there are undecent pictures of you being circulated in the media. But why focus on you? You have been victimised!! The solution to this is to arrest and charge the scumbag who circulated your pictures to the press!! Not you resigning from yours posts! Your resignation does not solve the problem!! I know it’s not easy but please do stand firm and not waver. You are not only a politician, you represent the women of Malaysia. If you quit, how are we, the Malaysian women, are to stand up for ourselves? Remember, the whole issue should be viewed this way : Your privacy is violated as a woman and as a citizen of Malaysia who happens to be a politician. Human rights first, identity second.

P/S : I seriously think that this “dirt” is nothing if we wanna compare it to what we had last year by Mr You-know-who. ^^ Stay strong!!! Will keep you and your family in prayers!!

339. S.WONG - February 17, 2009

DON’T resign. Selangor Rakyat still need you to stay. Please DON’T LET US DOWN BY QUITTING. We will always walk with you.

-Never Give Up, Never Back Down, Never Lose Faith-

340. Ah Guo - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli,
Be a responsible Adun to continue to serve the people who gave their
votes to you.
Stay on and let those BN bastards and bitches like khir toyo and azalina be disappointed.
By the way,the name azalina reminds me that : it’s not wrong to be a lesbian…

341. Depressman - February 17, 2009

ABDU, who are we to judge others? We all have sin.

Eli, please re-consider your decision on the resignation. It’s your work that we are watching, not your personal life.

342. nuriyah - February 17, 2009

I just want to express my sympathy and outrage at what has happened to you. You have done nothing wrong and nobody should be asking you to resign.
I am sure that you are strong enough to deal with this and move on, but everyone can do with some support in difficult times, and it looks like you have lots of people who think highly of you and wish you well, as do I.
nothing more to say that hasn’t already been said.

343. Joo - February 17, 2009

Please don’t resign. We still need good exco like you to represent us.

344. AlfredAw - February 17, 2009

. ..if the enemy wants to get hold of u, there will always be, n simply a way for them to nail on u, as they r always in the dark as u r always in the light.. . n thats the way how politic works.

it may happen to teresa kok, chew mei fun whoever, in watsoever way possible.

u r born a warrior n not a worrier.

rest well, take few days of leave n be back up working next monday.

your action will definately be the next example for the next victim as no one will n should ‘kaw taw'(bend down) on such unscrupulous act.

be an example, be our example.

elizabeth is taking a rest(not in hiding) n she will be back !!!

345. ashley - February 17, 2009

If you do want to be an issue during the coming Perak and Kedah elections, then do come back after we’ve won the elections! Seriously, It’s no big deal! After a while, there will be other headlines that keep people busy. Come back, we all need you. The only way to put this episode behind is to face it headon. Deal with it and solve it. You can do it. Btw that ABDU above, you makan tahi la, think b4 u say, once spoken, it’s hard take back, it’s narrow-minded people like you that cause our nation lag behind.

346. Angry Supporter - February 17, 2009

If I could reach out of your monitor I’d give you a tight slap. WAKE UP! This is not about you, or a violation of your rights or privacy. This is a violation of Bukit Lanjan’s rights! The fcuking bastards who engineered this are conspiring to replace one of our best ever ADUNs with a slimeball from their stable. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Defend us! Your voters need you, how can you abandon us now? I agree with Eugene 218 and Alex 219 – your position as exco is waay bigger than you, you have a job to do. Mainly to bring better things to the rakyat, but also to stick it up UMNO’s behind.

if there are any children or pansies reading this, my apologies for being crude.

347. JAMES LOW - February 17, 2009

I seldom visit your blog ,YB, but today I felt the urge to do so and in the process give my two cents worth. YB, you are a wonderful,capable and respectable people’s representative. The fact that you are able to hold an exco post is due not solely to your capabilty but the support of your colleagues in PR and your constituents.

Your destiny, if you would like it to be decided by others, should be decided by the people mentioned above. To be fell by the running dogs and bastards in BN is not a fight fought good enough. Don’t give up. I am one of the many, many, many, many, many small man in the street who will give you the fullest support.

348. chris - February 17, 2009

You came to Bukit Antarabangsa during landslide. You struck me as someone with lots of spine and fighting spirit. Somebody hantam you there but you persevered to help bring much needed supplies to us. Show us the STEEL now, girl! Treat this as one of life`s challenges and come out stronger. That dickless asshole who tries to do you in – thank him for showing how STRONG you are and how the rakyat loves and support you. And ABDU – you are as big a asshole as he is.

349. Moses Chong - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

Noone knows yourself better than you. If your conscience is clear then why quit? I’ve gone through quite a number of comments and the majority of them would like you to stay on. If you think Pakatan’s reputation will be harmed by this blatant trumped up “scandal” then you’ve seriously underestimated we the concerned Malaysian Citizen’s intelligence. All this is a political ploy! I sincerely hope you do not dance to the tune of these conniving masterminds of gutter politics. Stand tall and stand with your head held high. We need more upstanding politicians like you. For me, I’d rather have a strong leader with slight blemish in their past than a Squeeky clean Leader with no blemish but doesnt know how to lead. Just my two cents.

I concur with Kumar, Chin UP! This episode will pass!

350. Rachel Low - February 17, 2009

Dear Ms. Elizabeth

别中计哦, 要让那些笨蛋看好戏。 I support you!!! Kambateh….

351. sploh - February 17, 2009


352. I 1 2 b called Malaysian - February 17, 2009

I’m usually a silent reader but this has gone too far. Why must you resign? Ignore Toyol the scumbag and to hell with him. We support you ELI. Continue serving the RAKYAT and bring about changes to the country. As AMNO goes desperate, I can see light at end of the tunnel. This seems like is a common path for all corrupted and unpopular regime…….”dying struggle” in chinese. A new dawn will come pretty soon. A better future for you, me and our children. Let’s fight on…………together. ELI, stood firm and kick that scumbag arse………………!

353. Stealth - February 17, 2009

YB, I vote for you to be our ADUN. Please Stay! otherwise those people who responsible to attack you meet their objective, and who will be the next target? Even Anwar who kena so many times stay to fight! I believe our fight for a better Malaysia will one day become a reality!

Even if you leave, my vote will always go to Pakatan Rakyat. Khir Toyo will never get back Selangor from PR, I promise and this is the little things that I can do for the country! We have to teach those responsible a lesson in the Ballot Box!

354. college student - February 17, 2009

My sincerest apologies.

I am a college student, and I’m feeling horrified on your behalf. but Ms Wong, please presevere. You can do so much more good with your post as opposed to resigning and retreating into the quiet for a while.

You did not willingly pose for those photos. and that is all that matters. Why let yourself be punished for someone else’s sin? In times like these, Malaysia is in need of politicians who are actually good and capable. And from what I hear and read, you are one of those very few, as you can see from the level politics has stooped to.

Malaysia needs you now.

Dont allow yourself to be beaten by these people who have heinously decided that they will stop at nothing to prevent the opposition from gaining more ground as they have. Dont give them the upperhand or satisfaction of knowing that their horrible little underhanded schemes have been working. Face them down! and those newspapers should not (unless they want to risk a boycott) spread those pictures.

People are still going to talk anyways, why dont give them something else that they can talk about? something that overshadows this horrible little episode? instead of just fading away, why dont triumph over this? I know its easier said than done, but just so you know, everyone I’ve spoken to about this, is still supporting you.

The people want you up there. Chin up! you have the people’s support! 🙂

We acknowledge the little changes that the opposition has done for their respective states, and they are very much appreciated by the way 🙂

We stand behind you.

355. ablastine - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong,

No doubt you are the victim of dirty politics which is getting worse by the day. If you succumb so easily to dirty play, you reflect poorly on what the leaders of Pakatan are make of. Pakatan is the only hope for the rakyat and our descendents. How can we become good leaders and solve future national problems if we resign with the slightest setback. As you know Toyo is taking the lead trying to use your own modesty to force you to resign. Why must you grant him his wish and fall into BN trap and do your own supporter a disfavour. Please stay strong and be the darling of the people. Stand firm and refuse to resign at all cost. Learn from Nizar who became a hero overnight.

How somebody sleep and what position he or she sleeps is nobody’s business. I feel it is somewhat ridiculous to resign because many people saw the way you sleep. Why is there such a big deal in how one sleep. I can tell you that I sleep semi naked too, snores till my wife got to wake me up and even have occasional wet dreams. If the photographer wants to come and photograph me while I am sleeping he is welcome to but I make sure that his balls will be crushed to bits and get fed to my dogs when he leave my house unless he goes to photograph Toyo when he is shitting, urinating and screwing then distribute the photographs all over.

356. wong - February 17, 2009

sometime the scenario seem bad but i believe something good will turn out from it.God will see it through.

357. yh - February 17, 2009

nicholas leong,

i am with you in kicking a signature drive to:-

request Eli to stay as ADUN for Bukit Lanjan

reclaim the 3 pieces of land earmarked for public amenities from 3 land grabbing political parties under BN, which is UMNO, Gerakan and MIC.

May I know how can I contact you, Nick.

358. AnakBangsaMalaysia - February 17, 2009

Why must the victim pay, while the dirty creeps who release the photo get away?

Dont quit YB Wong. We need more honest activist like you in PKR to keep the party clean of potential turncoats and unscrupulous individuals. Please reconsider. Even YB Lo Lo said you have been wronged. You are a champion of civil society, stay and fight on for your supporters both in and outside your constituency.

Best regards,
YB Wong supporter from Lembah Pantai

359. you know me - February 17, 2009

If i got yr tel no,i will call you right now and ask you not to resign…

be strong yb…..

360. jeremy y - February 17, 2009

Hey Eli! Stay and fight don’t just give up like that!
Show them how tough you are, not just PR but YOURSELF as a human being. As mentioned before, if you do not have a tough skin, GROW ONE! Hey you have all our support, go get those crooks for the rakyat!

361. Alex - February 17, 2009

You have my complete sympathy. I have absolutely no respect for anyone who violates personal privacy in such a disgraceful manner. I can’t think of a good reason why you should be the one to resign over this though, as I see it it has every potential to be an enormous problem for your opposition in that it shows just what scum they must be.
Best wishes from the UK

362. Kenny - February 17, 2009

Barisan Rakyat loose , continue to loose , because they will plan another attack on another BR YB next..

Don’t you see it ?
Just becoz u bow to pressure…*sigh*
If you resign… u walk on the street , people will laugh at you..for the rest of your life..with your story ending here , ” The YB Pic Scandal”

If you stand by your principle serving the rakyat , don’t quit..and continue the journey , when you walk up the street , PEOPLE will clap their hands .. and admiring you.You can hold your heads high..and create history, refusing to submit to aggression and women privacy violation..

Your choice

363. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman) - February 17, 2009

I’m so disappointed with this news. Ms. Wong must have faith in God, and she must continue to understand her purpose in life as determined by God. This looks like she needs to keep on fighting for freedom, justice and equality, especially for women and girls, amidst the brutal politics as dominated by men. She needs to really reflect on her spiritual gift as graced by God; she seems of benefit to God and many by continuing her responsibility. I believe strongly in prayer and I found this prayer book very consoling when in my anguish, as based on the beautiful serene everyday devotion of the Moravia and Bohemian refugees, within great and genuine fellowship with each other, in Germany, since 1727 (see Moravian Church Daily Texts 2009, The Moravian Church in North America, USA, 2009, pg. 150):

“Comforter, you give us strength to endure the conflicts and trials of our lives. Always let us feel your presence and love, as we look to the promise of a future filled with glory for all who suffer. Amen.”

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

364. cilipadi - February 17, 2009

A support from an outsider, non-Malaysian,

Elizabeth Wong, you are a lady, but your are more ‘man’ than many C4 machai. You can walk with your head straight up and continue to be Adun and Exco.

C4 machai makan cili, C4 machai rasa pedas

Many more people are supporting you at Dr. Hsu’s Forum. Dr. Hsu is a Gerakan CC member. He is rare or odd one out.


365. Ernie - February 17, 2009

Be still in the presence of the Lord and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Psalms 37:7

The Lord is the shelter for the oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. Psalms 9:9

In such time of trouble, have faith in God as we pray for justice to be brought back to u and Malaysia! We still hope that u will reconsider ur resignation as u had broken no law. Good luck in ur future undertakings!

366. Akshat - February 17, 2009

hi Ms Elizabeth,

Do not resign. That is no way to fight back. If you resign, it would just give the perpetrators what they had wanted.

367. jamila yz - February 17, 2009

Be strong. And most of all nail the bastard who betrayed you.

368. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman) - February 17, 2009

By the way Ms. Wong, please disregard all the nasty and perverted comments, especially by ‘Will”‘and ‘Anti Adultery’! It shows what kind of beings they are in their hearts and souls! To Anti Adultery, how dare you want to impose your religion and your perverted and primitive sense of sexual morality on non-Muslims! By the way, Ms. Wong, please take time to reflect on this wonderful and inspiring book if you can find it: By the New York Times bestseller author, Pastor Rick Warren in his book ” The Purpose Driven Life (Zondervan, USA, 2002, pg: 177), has to say about the true meaning of peace and stuggle against injustice:

“peacemaking is also not about appeasement. Always giving in, acting like a doormat, and allowing others to always run over you is not what Jesus had in mind. He refused to back down on many issues, standing his ground in the face of evil opposition”

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

369. 俊少 - February 17, 2009


370. tHeRising - February 17, 2009

Eli, we are all behind you. Don’t resign, Don’t give in to these scumbags! We rakyat are behind you! We voted for alternative for a new Malaysia, for vibrant, young politicians like you to make the change in Malaysia. Our future is at stake!
I kno its tough, but have faith. You will pull thru!
God Bless you and your family.

371. NO resign - February 17, 2009

please don’t resign. do u remember we voted you?? take some time and go for holiday.

372. tengyong - February 17, 2009

You are so brave, I fully support and salute you! We are so proud of you.

373. Phoenix - February 17, 2009

My dear Elizabeth,
You are one of the most intelligent, caring, honest and dynamic leader that our country has. It saddens me deeply that certain people in this country have stooped so low as to hurt you in the most vile manner.
My mother always tells me that Allah tests the people that He loves.
I think you are definitely one of those people.
Throughout history, the road for the pursuers of truth and justice has never been easy or sraightforward. I hope you and your fellow warriors stay on that road.
My prayers are with you.

374. Bernie - February 17, 2009

Oh Sweetie pie. Look at all the other scandals that are happening around you and for PKR. The idea is to topple you guys and destroy a ever so fair govt like your party’s. Are you going to allow them to do that to you also. Be strong. Don’t let them have victory over this. Face it and shame them(BN). Look at how they publish instead of Kes Aniaya they are publishing as Kes Bogel which is totally wrong. What, are they ANGELS? They are the dirty bastards, sex., money, scandals…what not? Jesus also went through this kind of shame and was nailed to the cross but he never gave up and you shouldn’t too. Be brave…the Lord is with you. I can tell you one thing, majority of the nation is with all of you. SO stand up girl. DON”T Quit at any cost! Go for a holiday and come back in a month or two – after the by-elections. ok

375. marosy - February 17, 2009

Where are the pictures?
Thr story is headline in Europe.

376. pressdr - February 17, 2009

The political world is never easy, but neither is life. Best of luck to you!

377. bcteh - February 17, 2009



A QUITTER NEVER WINS……& most important of all,

A WINNER NEVER QUITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………so


378. waterbaby - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
I had the opportunity to meet you in person during a launch of an event during National Recycling Day celebration in MBPJ. I have a lot of respect and admiration for your dynamic & down-to-earth personality and most of all, your dedication in carrying our the responsibilities vested to you by the people.
My heart goes out to you in these difficult moment & my prayers are with you that you continue to be strong in the face of adversity. To leave would mean letting the perpetrators get away with their ill-intended ways & undermining what the people have spoken for in the spirit of democracy that upholds the principle “by the people, for the people”. Please stay on !

379. teckwyn - February 17, 2009

Qui fugiebat, rursus sibi proeliabitur.

380. heisen - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli,

Please don’t resign. I was so happy when I heard this the other day, “No hillside development!” I know we got that due to significant contribution from you. For once the state govt is taking decision for the sake of rakyat. I want to hear more of that kind of decision, I’m sure all of Malaysian too. So Eli please stay and keep on working towards that. I’m starting to ( or have ) lose hope for Malaysia until PR won and start making that kind of decisions.

So Eli, please reconsider.

381. Eric - February 17, 2009

In this time of trial and tribulation on this so-called scandal, i know you face insurmountable odds and you believe that your whole world is crashing down on you. Do not buckle and give in to such pressure and justice will be meted out to the unscrupulous perpetrator. I believe that whatever goes around comes around. You have all the support from me, my family and friends.

Perseverance and finding your inner strength are the keys to overcoming this bump. Never mind those who have called for your resignation. They have small and narrow minds with a vacuum skull to boot and extremely big mouths to spout endless nonsense. We do not need to interact with this sort of individuals as they will inherently lower our intelligence level.

I will not stand behind you, but will fight beside you in these times. Know that you will always have support from my side, my family and friends.

Stay strong Ms. Eli.

382. elfiejane - February 17, 2009

Please do not resign!!

383. LC Ang - February 18, 2009

You have done nothing wrong, so please don’t quit.
be brave, be strong .
We will always support you…and stand behind you…..

384. Asian neighbor - February 18, 2009

I’m not Malaysian but upon learning about this in the news my blood boiled against those who did this to you, Elizabeth. Your resignation is exactly what they wanted and you’re handing it to them in a silver platter. I’d say don’t. Please.

The person(s) who did this to you can’t have a soul. They’ve no mercy, no conscience. To get back at them, stay put and continue what you do best, i.e. serve the people and fight for justice. There’s no better place to do those than where you are now.

385. permatang - February 18, 2009

why u want resign? pls carry on eli..support for u eli http://www.permatang.blogspot.com

386. rontaek - February 18, 2009

Just give this a thought, what do you say of a person who commits suicide?
Don’t you think that your giving up your seats amounts to the same.?
We didn’t vote you in to see you giving up half-way through, we voted you in because we look upon you as a leader and leaders do not shun away in the face of crisis.

387. Guest - February 18, 2009

This what politic is all about. They know everyone of us do have a “skeleton in the closet”. If you are a nobody, nothing to gain in exposing you. If you are a treat or to could be used as scrap-goat, they will keep digging for that “skeleton”. Once they found it, they hold the trump card against you. They will one to one talk to you, show you the “skeleton” and threaten you to do what they want you to do. If you are non-negotiable type, simply expose it to brings you down. I am not surprise this was what happened in Perak’s MP switching side – either you switch side or they nail them down for corruption or more scandals. Silently they accept the backhand deal. Currently the law that collect everyone’s skeletons are on their side. Its not a question of whether you are innocent or not. The fact is it embarrass you to the point you cannot function properly. They probably have more and bigger “skeletons” than you, but they can destroyed the evidences. You can say what you like, without the evidence, they are not afraid of what you say. Guess where they learnt it from? Down south the little island at the tail end of Malaysia.

388. Sunnie - February 18, 2009

If you resign, that means you are admitting that you are in the wrong. You have not done wrong, so then why should you resign? And you will just make those who plotted this whole conspiracy laughing in satisfaction because that’s what they want to see! Don’t fall into their trap! Stay strong and we need women like you! Only with women like you we believe that there’s more hope for justice and gender equality for Malaysia!

389. LiewKW - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,

On 8th March 2008, I jaga the ‘box’ for You and PR in SMK Sri Damansara.

I don’t like to see you resign. Don’t set a wrong example in solving this kind of problems. You need to face it until it is solved. If not, the arshole can still threaten you life-long. Don’t give chance to these people, take positive action to fight for your right, just as how you fight for the people.

However, if you feel that it is too heavy and really need to go, we hope you will come back, stronger than before.

Whatever your decision is, all the best. Be strong.

390. cilipadi - February 18, 2009

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman),

Nice to read your comment again. I miss you. You got what you wanted, i.e. new found FREEDOM.


391. tk - February 18, 2009

HIPOCRITES ye all Pakatan are!!!
Do you think you are trying to set a higher standard?
Tell me which of you has a higher standard and I will
kneel and bow down to you.
Do you think you can find a better replacement,
or are you playing musical chairs for the fun of it?
I can tell you no.
If we do an actual devluation, 50% of your members
are fit for the dumpsite.Why do I say so.
Because the people did not pick you,
they simply cannot stand BN any more.
You neither posses discernment nor discrimination
to know right from wrong. It is simply political instincts.

392. Aspen - February 18, 2009

After watching the video of your press conference held today, I’m so sadden and feeling so emotional. Our country really needs people like you who puts rakyat on top of everything.

Please reconsider your decision for the sake of rakyat and PKR.

393. Ray-of-Hope - February 18, 2009

Dear Ellie, pls don’t quit, u hv done no wrong, so y quit? it’s very UNFAIR to the ppl who voted u in! If u quit, u wud fall for what ur enemies exactly wanted u to do, esp that Toyol… so y please them n break the hearts of ur beloved supporters?

pls continue to serve the people and fight for justice in Malaysia, let the rakyat deliver their judgement in GE-13, I’m sure u wud b voted in again with astounding majority.

Pls take a good rest 2 regain ur clear mind, n emerge stronger to help lead this country to it’s right path…

394. Mohammad - February 18, 2009

saya merayu… please don resign!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a such a good leader.. we will keep supporting you!!!!! please jangan letak jawatan!!!! :-((

395. AngryMan - February 18, 2009

For those bast**rd BN people who are so happy with this incident happening to our dear Eli, there will one day the same thing will happen to these bast**rd.

396. Mr. Ang - February 18, 2009

My dear Beth


1. Lesbian Azalina Osman DID NOT QUIT
2. Pedophiles Tamby Chick DID NOT QUIT
3. C4 Najeeb Tun Rahzak DID NOT QUIT
4. Superstar Chua Soi Lek DID NOT QUIT
5. Kingpin Zakaria Deros DID NOT QUIT (till he died)
6. Racist Ahmad Ismail DID NOT QUIT
7. Thick Skin Samy Wellu DID NOT QUIT (despite losing)
8. AP Rafidah Aziz DID NOT QUIT
9. Corrupted Khir Toyo DID NOT QUIT (still dreaming)
10. Pondan Koh Tsu Koon DID NOT QUIT (still trying)

I have given you 10 classic examples, need more? I hope you don’t quit but if you do, I promised that I will work my butt off to make sure that this seat remains intact in the hands of Pakatan.

Take a vacation, perhaps the caribean. Go check out the amigos there. Trust me, they are friendly people. A lot more friendly than middle easterns and Africans. May I suggest Copacobanna. If you need to learn some Spanish, I will be able to help you. Ha…ha…ha…

Take care,


397. Uthaya - February 18, 2009

YB Eli, you have done no wrong. You are a single person and have all the right in the world to have a male friend in your house at anytime of the day and its your right and your ultimate privacy.

How in the world you could have assesed that friend would turn a monster. That monster is guilty and should put to sleep before it hurts others. Please don’t be discouraged and summit to presure from unfriendly people who are only interested in unseating a PR member. There are many silent supporters out there praying for you. Be strong YB Eli.

398. mamak - February 18, 2009

yo Eli take it easy….honestly no one cares what happened….no need to resign….u r a good person…so happen this is just a setback in your life…ppl are around u are supporting you…you are a good leader…dun worry just keep up the good work…put this behind u and move forward…u will be fine trust me…the culprits shall go to hell someday….i believe in karma…we shall triumph

399. Rakyat who wants a better future for her home - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth, please do not resign as by doing so, you would only be submitting yourself to BN/UMNO’s will. It is a dirty trick and you have our full support. We will not condemn you for an unjust maneuver and yes i agree, what’s private should remain private. This latest act does not represent/reflect your role or responsibility as the ADUN and the rakyat’s representative. After all, the rakyat elected you and I would like to think that you have a duty to the rakyat to stay on and deliver your promises. Please don’t give up, for we have not given up on you!
Remember what your fight was for all this time, and what brought you here (as the people’s elected representative) in the first place. Remember the values you so wanted Malaysia to practise. If you give up now, you’ll be leaving behind many people’s crushed hopes for a better future.
Give up only when you feel you’ve done all you can. But don’t give up just because of a little prick in the skin (which is furthermore, not worth even a second glance). So reconcile, move on and keep fighting. If we, the rakyat, have not given up yet…why should you?

400. Mandy Maung-Gillette - February 18, 2009

by quitting, you are giving what they want! please dont quit! think properly!
Girl Power!!!!!!

401. Ash - February 18, 2009

Please dont resign and let the people who do this to you achieve their goal. You are one of the best and we will be behind you. Those ineffective MBs should be resigning and yet they still hogging their seat, embarrasing their constituents. You, on the other hand, have done a good job so far so dont give up just yet. May God bless you and give you the strength to face this, with Malaysians support behind you.

402. redrabit - February 18, 2009

Please Please Please don’t Resign… You don’t have to do this!!!
You are doing a great job… Don’t let them bring you down!
Be strong!!~~~~(>_<)

403. Kean Ping - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth, do take good care of yourself, please.
Your well-being is our utmost concern now. =)

404. Antares - February 18, 2009



405. Andrew Grant - February 18, 2009

I add my voice to the many outraged by what has happened to you and the vicous personal attacks.

Please continue to fight against those that would errode human rights and freedom of speach. You can hold your head high knowing you have done nothing wrong!

406. BZL - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
The general public shd be concerned with what good can you do for the state and nation as an elected rep and not what you do with your private life. As our ADUN, you’ve certainly proven your worth for every vote which you got in the 12GE; and that’s what matters to us. So, why shd you resign for no wrong on your part? You’ve to be strong and not be so easily defeated. It’s your enemies that we want to see beaten for good. Stay up and fight on for the future of the rakyat who believes in you, PKR and PR.

407. DICK UP - February 18, 2009

Anti Adultery – February 17, 2009,




408. A concerned citizen - February 18, 2009

I write to inform you there are thousands out there who support you though they have not commented on your blog.If the information is true that it is taken from an ex-boyfriend, you really have done nothing wrong as you are still a single lady unlike many married BN politicians who constantly cheats on their spouses. Serving more than 10 years in the hospitality industry has shown me many incidents. Reconsider your decision. Politics is dirty but we Malaysians need more people like you.
God bless !!

409. Damansara resident - February 18, 2009

Dear Eliz,
With the number of voices from throughout the country whether it br from Bkt Lanjan or elsewhere, the people do not want you to quit, As the voices of the people are powerful, you should not and even think of resigning from your all your responsibilities towards your constituency and to Selangor state. Please withdraw your thought of resigning – All of us are standing together and behind you with great support.

410. ahstone - February 18, 2009

do consider not to resign for you have done nothing wrong. we appreciate your leadership and your determination for change, it is in you we can believe that there are good politicians out there who can give us a sense of hope for our beleaguered nation who has been under the curse of UMNO

411. FM - February 18, 2009

We all know who the shadow players are. Be strong. They will never win. ..

Whoever distributes this kind of thing shud have his teeth pulled out one by one.

412. True Patriot - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,

Firstly, you should hold yr head high & claim every right to sleep with or without yr clothes on; secondly, you are single, you have every right to live yr personal love life, instead the cheap culprit peep on you should be punished. Rakyat couldn’t be bother about this, you must not desert them using this reason.

If C4 & his gang can walk around freely & keep doing nonsense at the expense of the nation, yr case is really nothing comparing to this. The word “immoral” has not place in your case. Pls don’t bend to the evil force and do exactly what they wish. You are not fighting with people with morality, so don’t treat them like one. You are fighting with extremely shameless people, so don’t use the normal way you treat human beings. If they call you nude, calmly reply them C4, I am sure yr supporters will be more than willing to supply you a long list of their wrong doings, you will never run out of ideas to counter-attack them. Learn fr C4 their thick skin & buat tak tau tactic FOR THE SAKE OF RAKYAT & OUR NATION, PLS DON’T QUIT !

Something is extremely wrong with that home minister & Khir, each time they open their mouths we know clearer that they are not qualified to sit in the Malaysian government management team. Don’t worry, the rakyat will chase them out soon, if the rakyat are not powerful enough, GOD will. They made me laugh when they used the word “immoral”, I should say these are the last ones to criticise anyone “immoral”, if they want to know what’s the real meaning of “immoral”, go look into the mirror, mirror will tell them who are “immoral”.

413. ghostline - February 18, 2009

Dear Liz,

Please know that you have the tremendous goodwill and support of all right-thinking Malaysians behind you.

You are in our thoughts, and we hope that despite this vile personal attack, you will not resign. Please do not resign. You are among our brightest lights, and a torchbearer for the much-needed change.

What have those foul, subhuman UMNO creatures gained, but a little more time to luxuriate and rot in their own filth?

You on the other hand will only come through this stronger.

414. oA - February 18, 2009


to fend off lies you must always tell the truth.

to fend off immorality aspersion cast on you .. you must stand your ground …

any idea from you to resign will only prove them right … so why give them the benefit of satisfaction for their low class behavior…

show us your strength in adversities


415. Dusty - February 18, 2009

You did nothing which you should feel ashamed, or embarrassed about. I appeal to you, “stand your ground”, hold your head high, and do the work that is desperately for the people. You were victimized, and exploited. Do not let others follow in your footsteps. You have the power to prevail…through this..find the courage. You were..victimized! How can anyone think otherwise? When sleeping..what control do you have at your disposal to stop someone from taking photos of you? The photos I have seen are from from sexual. Please..again..I implore you..Stand your ground…

416. BCLEE - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli
take a short rest ,go for a holiday, and come back stronger to fight again , we malaysian need you,dont quit

417. Harsh Words - February 18, 2009

You have my symphaty for your mishap. However, that aside, you are just another woman who cannot handle your emotion and another stupid politician. Where is all your philisophy and ideology when you join PKR? Was it PKR’s ideology or was it yours? If it is the earlier, then you should just quit. For you are elected to serve your party and not your constituents.

You could use this incident and channel your anger and sadness into your motivation to fight this kind of activity. You could stress the importance for public enforcement in solving your crime. Yes, you lodge a police report, so what? How many cases did the reported criminal get solve and go unnotice? You have every reason to shape it right, which i think is your philosophy when you get into public service.

Yes, i am not the victim and i will never understand what you have been through. But look at the 400 comments here! No one is gonna judge you or whatsoever. Look at the thick face Chua shoi lek.

If you cannot handle your EQ, then i think probably you should just quit for you cannot handle what lies ahead. And don’t quack about Malaysia’s system anymore.

418. Thres - ex INSAN Melbourne - February 18, 2009

Hi Eli,

As a single woman and an old friend, I support your stand on the issue of fight against “gutter policy” and victimisation of women in politics.
Very proud of you as always..and may collective spirit stay with us always..

419. True Patriot - February 18, 2009

Reply to “Anti Adultery”

Firstly, the Christians will be ashame of you if you are truly a Christian, which I doubt so. If you are a Muslim, then the Muslims will be ashame of you, which I hope you are not either. I don’t want to tell you which religion I come from, as I don’t want a hypocrite to associate with my religion, in case you want to make some distorted comments using my religion.

The way you can’t even judge this matter logically has already disqualified you from giving any comment. Don’t be surprise if one day some one snap you or your loved one’s nude photos & lead you thru’ the whole painful process, in order to teach you a lesson.

If you truly believe in GOD, have some wisdom, treat people with compassion & be careful when you comment.

420. Anisah Alyahya - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

I read this news from the BBC and I am utterly shocked by the depths of the shallowness malaysian politicians have resorted to. Stand up for your rights and do not succumb to the smear tactics. You are educated and smart, take a break and come back stronger!

421. Dragonfly - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,

do not be despair
they thought they can bring you down by those photograph
but it will back fired on them because of your resignation
for they had make you a heroine

a new by election will be held and PKR will win easily
you did that unselfishly for your party
BN will add another loss after the KT byelection

just take a break and go for a holiday, you deserved it
then come back and stand for election again in the near future

if Chua Soi Lek caught with his pants down can make a comeback
you can always come back into the arena later and this time with a much much bigger support from the rakyat

just like arnold schwarzenegger said.. ‘I’LL BE BACK”
im sure you will…

to those who asked Eli not to quit, please look at the bigger picture. who is at the losing end now. Eli did nothing wrong.

to the person who took the pictures and to the people who distribute it, may the maggots of a hundred dead dogs infect your private part and your hand are too short to scratch….

422. rakyat - February 18, 2009


423. rakyat - February 18, 2009


424. Dan from America - February 18, 2009

Please do not let this bring you down. Yo did nothing wrong but someone else did. Do not let them win, be strong. It seems you have many supporters and people that love you. I hope all works out for you, you are in my prayers.

425. Thomas - February 18, 2009

I am so confused by the comments. Is Malaysia as bad as Sweden? Is it just normal to screw your boyfriend or girlfriend through your 20s to late 30s without even being engaged, much less married? Look, I know it is a normal behaviour, I know it happens in all countries, even Wahhabbi, but is it considered okay, no problem, nothing wrong there?

And why do you keep considering that finding this behaviour immoral is Muslim? Since when do Christians and Chinese all hook up freely?

That said, I am not aiming this comment at Miss Wong. If her boyfriend did indeed betray her, that is terrible. I am not here to judge her for having sex, but I will say that while I don’t doubt the government members exploiting this situation are mostly hypocrites, it is a corruption in itself to find morally destructive beahviour okay and normal.

What, you disagree that it is destructive because assumedly people were consenting? Well, Miss Wong does not look too happy now, not just because someone potentially tried to blackmail her and then publicly embarrassed her, but because she got intimate with someone who betrayed her. Does that not teach people a lesson in itself? It is a tragedy to be betrayed, but it hurts so much more if you have virtually married the person.

Immorality is not immoral just because God said so, it is immoral because it hurts people. That lesson serves well for Christians, Muslims, atheists, Malay, Chinese, etc.

426. Thomas - February 18, 2009

New Patriot, in his comment to Anti Adultery: ‘Don’t be surprise if one day some one snap you or your loved one’s nude photos & lead you thru’ the whole painful process, in order to teach you a lesson.’

Well obviously Anti Adultery appeared to be a Muslim speaking of Islamic law, not a Christian, but do you really think he or MOST PEOPLE have NUDE PHOTOS? I think this behaviour (having nude photos taken of oneself), while not wrong in itself at all, is abnormal. I don’t think it is easy to get blackmailed this way.

427. Siraj - February 18, 2009


I have only one advice for you…..Don’t QUIT……What ever has happened is your personal life and has no bearing on your serving the people’s need. There are people who have committed the real crime in BN and yet choose to critisize you in return. People like Khinzir Toyo have done greater damage to tax payer’s money and yet has the gall to comment about you…..

428. Siraj - February 18, 2009

I am behind you all the way…..Stay the course….

429. Benedikt Kristinsson - February 18, 2009

Just a little support from iceland!

430. Squidster - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,
Everybody I know is praying for you. We support whatever decision you make. Please continue to serve the people as you’ve done..We appreciate and love you for all the work you’ve done for the Bt. Lanjan people..

431. mystic - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

Just want to let you know that you have in your short term of public service gained much respect from many and proven you put the interest of the rakyat before yours at all times. I for one admire your unquestionable commitment to fight for justive. To make a decision to offer to quit is hard enough for any public figure but in such difficult times as what you are facing, it takes courage that only a person who is totally selfless like you can make. Please do not make any apology. The system has failed you. I hope you will continue to maintain your positive and idealistic attitude as we need more people like you to help make a difference to this country and the world we live in.

Be strong and know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of many.

432. Nori - February 18, 2009

Plz Don’t Quit! It’s just another dirty political tactic used by BN… Bear with it lah.. We are behind you anyway!!!

433. women around the world - February 18, 2009

You are a wonderful woman. We are proud of you! Stay strong!

434. yihfeng - February 18, 2009

Why quit if you have done nothing wrong? If you have said:

I have done nothing wrong.

Then what are you taking responsibility for?

The fact that you stood up (at least in you statement),

I wish to state that I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law. I stand by the fundamental principle in a democracy that everyone has a right to privacy.

shows that you have the courage to highlight gender equality in a country that increasingly (not decreasingly) discriminate base on gender, race, religion and class.

While I have not previously heard of you nor the work you do, I find it silly for you to offer your resignation. Whats more, as you said, there’s overwhelming support from you friends, families, constituients and the general public. In cases such as this, it isn’t uncommon for vocal bigotary minorities to have more than their fair say. Even though the decision is ultimately yours to make, I would suggest the alternative to what you’ve chosen.

The fact that complete strangers (such as myself) has taken time to voice out his/her opinions will hopefully encourage you to soldier on. Even if you do resign, I hope you’ll continue to live life as you have always done so. I also sincerely hope that Malaysia is a country that protects and support the victim rather than victimise her.

Unless this act is mostly for political reasons, in which case I should probably shut up, since my political acumen is severely lacking.

Best wishes.

435. keneoh - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth

Please do not resign, you have done nothing wrong. You are doing a great job for the people of BL. Many,many people support you and this is just gutter politics. Anyway, you are a beautiful lady, the ugly wives of the Umnoputras are very jealous! Stay strong


436. arnie_nymous - February 18, 2009

It’s a dirty game. They resort to trickery, blackmail, lies and bullying. You should not give them the pleasure of seeing you succumb. Please, just shrug this off, stare it down and say, “So What!? What the blazes, my private life is my own business!” They would have won if you quit. Just stand strong. Take a break, a holiday to get away from this. In a few weeks, all will boil over, and you will stronger than before, and ready to give them hell again. God bless.

437. Yeahwho - February 18, 2009

I have read all the 413 responses and most of them want you to stay back.You need to pull enough courage to face the reality of the political world….So listen to the majority.


Abu Dhabi, UAE

438. Vancouver resident - February 18, 2009


I respect your courage to offer to resign but I will respect your even more if you stay on to represent the people who have elected you. Do not disappoint the constituents of Bukit Lanjan. Stand tall to fight again the evildoers. You are not alone, millions of people including people like me who have migrated overseas are behind you.

439. Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman) - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth, see how much support you’re getting! That means continuing being a brilliant, young woman MP is your ministry (i.e service for God for every Christ believer, not just for priests and nuns as misunderstood), to serve God, but only through serving for the good of humanity (if you believe God that is, I don’t want to impose, apology if I do). As Pastor Rick Warren says in his New York Times best seller book, “The Purpose Driven Life (Zondervan, USA, 2002, pg: 285)” God intentionally allows you to go through painful experiences to equip you for ministry to others….If you really desire to be used by God, you must understand a powerful truth: The very experiences that you have regretted or resented most in life – the ones you wanted to hide and forget – are the experiences God wants to use to help others. They are your ministry!”

By the way, Cilipadi, thanks for the kind words. But such earthly freedom is only temporary. What matters is the eternal one, since this world will forever be vicious and cruel, due to endless mankind’s selfishness and greed! But I will not stop struggling for the freedom, justice and equality for other Malaysians, in my own small way as guided by Christ in me of course!

And True Patriot, Anti Adultery is likely a Muslim because he’s talking about Islamic law and morality in his own perverted interpretation and used the Islamic term “khalwat”! He might be Khir Toyo for all we know!

So dear Elizabeth, say to the macho perverted minded Khir Toyo, c’est la vie! This is is the life!

Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

440. Pemuda Pelapis - February 18, 2009


Better quit la… Masa buat, masa syok you tak mahu fikir. Sekarang you cakap you tak admit the mistakes, how come? Do you think you boleh amalkan budaya hidup bebas dan seks bebas sampai jerat diri sendiri?

Click to read the chronology of the incident then baru you boleh nampak wujud skandal seks atau pun tidak. Pakatan supporters must read since all of you are nuts… Sorry to say that but it’s true.

Eli yang seronok-seronok dengan boy friend dia, bila sangkut boy friend dia buat dajal apa pasal pulak BN kena tuduh? So stupid moron all of you…. Use brain before commenting.

441. YUSOF - February 18, 2009


442. Lim Teow Chye - February 18, 2009

Please do not give up so easily. I believe most of your constituents who voted for you do not want you to resign. Why don’t you go out and meet your constituents and gauge their support directly. Go to the markets, shopping centres, etc and meet the people who voted for you. Even Anwar Ibrahim who was jailed and charged a 2nd time for sodomy won the seat of Permatang Pauh with a biggger majority. Your case is a minor thing – it’s not even criminal in nature. By giving up you are giving your enemies within and without a victory that they don’t deserve. Please revert back to your constituents by visiting them to gauge their support. We, the public, need you to be there fighting against tyranny/corruption/abuse of power.

443. peminatliz - February 18, 2009


That’s a very principled stand and I respect your decision. Please serve us, the Malaysians citizen in whicever capacity you choose.

btw I’ve seen the photo. Nothing to be ashamed of, OK! 37?

444. backStreetGluttons - February 18, 2009

Hi !
Its so strange as because of the things that happen , we have now become your fan .

It is so interesting to know that we have extraordinary people like yourself in our midst and we hope to meet up soon.

Good luck !

445. T Y Lee - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I understand why you resigned. And though I also understand the anguish of your constituents, in the long run, I think your actions demonstrate that you truly understand the importance of politicians having to be seen to do the right thing, as well as doing the right thing.

This, despite the fact that I also agree: you have done nothing wrong.

Your resignation will be a great blow to the opposition but it gives them an example to contrast ever so clearly with the behaviour that comes from BN politicians. You don’t need to explain yourself, your actions are clear.

If you must go, then go. If nothing else it will be better that you do not have to deal with the further muckraking sure to follow. Life is long, your service is noted, and there will be ample opportunity for you to make a comeback, your head held high. Surely you will come back.

You go, girl. You make me proud to be a Malaysian woman.

446. Tse Yin Lee - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

You’re right: you’ve done nothing wrong. But I also understand why you’ve resigned.

I share the anguish of your constituents but, in the long run, Malaysians will be able to look to you and say: here is a politician who demonstrates principles, not just mouths them.

As others have pointed out, please contrast with the behaviour that Barisan accepts of its leaders.

Do come back once this rubbish has blown over. You can hold your head high. You make me proud to be a Malaysian woman.

447. Alice - February 18, 2009

8Mar08 brought about a need for change for the betterment for Malaysia. Subsequent to that, it also shows that democratic rights are possible and there is hope that we can build a nation that people can be proud of. Thus far, I heard only very possitive comments about your work and dedication to serve the people.

You know you did no wrong, held your head high – the culprit must be caught and taught a lesson. My deepest sympathy to the torment that has inflicted on you and your loved ones. Stay strong.

I urge you to consider your decission to quit. The reprecaussion on the message that the culprit can achieve his/her objective will have a very negative impact on the society. I fear that this trick will be used again and again to inflict pain on decent hardworking people.

While I respect your right to make a decission however I do urge you to reconsider it after your rest.

My prayers and that of the rakyat is with you and your family.

448. Richard from California USA - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
Wherever it is in this world, politics brings on a wide range of tactics, few are moral while most are not. So, you have been betrayed. It is a blessing that you still have your life, move on. The question is do you need to be in politics to serve humanity ! Politics are dirty businesses ! It has always been.

449. Richard Martin - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,

You are completely innocent and a victim of dirty politics in Malaysia.

The Hope of you and new PR govenrment to bring changes to the long dirty politics of dominance, manipulation etc has just started to germinate.

With sincere hopes, “please, please please don’t resign” so that the culprit behind the whole conspiracy do not get what he wants.

Your pictures will only bring more support and respect to you as a sign of appreciation for your sacrifice.

Please continue your fight and most malaysians love you and support you.

450. Hassnan - February 18, 2009

Poor Eli,what can I say,you’ve tendered your resignation,but its not the end of the world.I respect your decission.Orang melayu kata “kalau hendak berlawan dengan hantu kenal asal usul nya” So you bukan hantu,yang ambil gambar tu hantu.Kekadang, orang yang kita sayang selalu keciwakan kite.Seratus peratus rumah tangga yang bergolak kerana keciwa atau cemburu diantara satu.
Eli, bekas teman you cemburu kerana seluruh bukit Lanjan Sayang kat you.
Saya orang Johor.Majority Fanatic UMNO.tapi I tak pilih Bangsa.Hampir satu tahun I obsurve you.Your credibility impress me.Dalam dunia ada jutaan Muitara ” pearls” tapi satu mutiara yang kita sayang akan hilang membuat
kita sedih.kita ada satu matahari.kalau matahari hilang kita ada bulan .hantu suka pada bulan.takut pada matahari.so ELI jadilah matahari .
jangan jadi bulan….fikir kembali itu baru CHECK..Belum CHECK MATE..you ada Pilihan………

451. Christopher Gan - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

I’m am sorry to hear about your current situation and I know these are trying times for you. But I have a question. Are you a fighter or are you like a little girl who squeals and cries when your candies are taken away? If you have done nothing wrong and are a fighter, why must you resign? If PKR MPs are easily intimidated over dirty tactics and start resigning over little setbacks, how can they serve the people effectively? Learn from Chua Soi Lek!! That’s a great comeback. Your situation is nothing like his, yet you crumble so easily. I say you should fight back and go kick the butts of those dirty opponents of yours. Not only will the people look up to you for this, but you will give hope to justice and a balanced Malaysian politics in general. Best regards – Chris Gan

452. VP - February 18, 2009

As all the rest have said you have done wrong. Resigning is just what your enemies want. Please, please don’t give in to them. We desperately need more upright politicians and your resignation will not improve this.

YBs of Pakatan – please do not accept her resignation.

I am a nobody in this country and if YB Eli goes, we are the bigger loosers.

453. VP - February 18, 2009

oop, sorry, I meant “You have NOT done wrong”

454. Robert Hor - February 18, 2009

Ms. Elizabeth,

Please do not resign as this would only mean a victory to the perpetrator(s). This is exactly what the perpetrator(s) want you to do.

As you have rightly pointed out, you have done no wrong! Take the MB’s advice and take some time off away from all these.

As for the impact to PKR’s image, I wouldn’t underestimate the maturity and intelligence of our voters out there. If you stay on, this will only help in PKR’s cause for the “new” politics. It will show the rakyat that PKR stands by its principle of fighting “gutter” politics – that its leaders are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

The BN leaders who are taking advantage of the situation are only making it worse for themselves and their party. If you resign it means you are not denying the accusations thrown at you. So please stay on as it will only make PKR (and PR) stronger in the eyes of the people.

455. Christopher Gan - February 18, 2009

What are you made of, Eliza? Are you a woman of substance? What do you achieve by quitting? When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!

456. Rakyat malaysia - February 18, 2009

Resign only put an end to a small whirlpool, but a hurricane of privacy invasion is on its way….Fight for it, we’re behind you. We need you to fight the hurricane, dont let the small current pull u down.

457. Inner Voice - February 18, 2009

When you say that you are a victim or have not done anything wrong, why quit? You must stay alive politically to fight back and clear your name. It is obvious someone wants to bring you and PKR down. The support of your constitutients and the general public remains strong and steadfast. You have no reason to quit and play into the hands of your political enemies who themselves are no better off in terms of morality, integrity and character. If the rakyat monies (state and federal coffers) are being raped or robbed by unscrupulous politicians in the corriders of power, so what authority have they to talk about morality, integrity and character. From the Buddhist perceptive, if you did not do it intentionally, there is no karma involved. The exposure is a case of violation of privacy and for political assassination. The person who do it has sold his soul and will be dealt by his God. One must stay alive to clear one’s name and family honour when it is trampled or discredit. As long as you have the support of the general public you should continue to hold your head high and walk with confidence. Political opponents comments are no yardsticks as they are tainted with alterior motives. Public perceptions is one of the best barometer on whatever we do in private or public. Even when you regard what you do is right, but if the public perveptions say it is not, you are goner. The other barometer is your conscience, the inner voice of your soul. If your conscience is clear as you have said so, you have done no wrong. Go rest and come back to fight it out. A quitter or a dead person can’t do anything right because he/she has no soul. Please have your soul back. God bless.

458. copperheadgold - February 18, 2009

u got class..it is humbling to know while being hurt,u actually apologise.
we r with you.

012 206 1596

459. Ng - February 18, 2009

You did nothing wrong. I feel very sorry about the incident but it is sadder to hear that you resign. That will only makes those bad people think this dirty trick works and continue to do it on other members. Please consider. Anyway, I respect your decision.

460. Sheep in black - February 18, 2009

Please don’t quit! Show these people that intimidation won’t prevent you from doing your job.

461. Three Hills To Conquer by cencurut dot com - February 18, 2009

[…] third hill is Bukit Lanjan in Selangor where Elizabeth Wong win the seat last year with more than 5000 majority. PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat), Selangor Menteri […]

462. Drachen - February 18, 2009


Remember that 99% of the people out there have not seen the photos and have no interest to. You are just a mortal among mortals. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

463. thanaif - February 18, 2009

YB Cik Elizabeth,
Tidak semua kaedah yang dilakukan di barat perlu diikuti oelh kita di sini.(meletakkan jawatan untuk mengambil sikap kebertanggung-jawaban).

YB dipilih oleh warga di ADUN Bukit Lanjan dan setakat ini masih belum diketahui iapa pula kehendak parti yang YB wakili.
Namun keadilan itu tidak boleh diterima berdasarkan penganiyaan justeru itu mengabaikan kehendak pengundi tidak mencerminkan makna saksama di dalam demokrasi.

Berkongsi kisah Rasul kami Muhammad SAW ketika berdepan dengan Malaikat Jibrail untuk diiktiraf sebagai Pemimpin.
Ketakutan yang dirasai saat itu memperlihatkan bahawa manusia bersifat lemah dan serba kekurangan memerlukan sokongan.
Penyokong Nabi ketika itu hanya isterinya Siti Khadijah dan seorang Nasrani buta yang celik dan peka kepada kebenaran sejarah Kitab Injil yang asli.
Jibrail diumpamakan sebagai tekanan/ujian/kesukaran/ yang dihadapi oleh ummat pada masa kini (warga cina juga ummat manusia) yang menjadi cabaran pertarungan untuk manusia mengenali yang hak dan batil.

Masa yang dimiliki terlalu singkat sedangkan usaha semakin banyak perlu dilakukan.
Peluang dan kesempatan tidak wajar disia-siakan.

464. CK - February 18, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

Please do not fall in the trap of certian squatter anymore. You should stand up and work harder for the Rakyat who are supporting you all the time. Your resignation of all the posts will only fulfill the targets of certain squatters.

Please reconsider your action taken and we will support you at all time.

465. pete - February 18, 2009

Omg, I don’t support any political party in Malaysia (including PKR and BN) but I certainly don’t support anyone who resorts to bullying tactics through the national media either. It’s unbelievable the stuff they show on tv these days, especially the sensationalization of Opposition shortcomings, etc. As a Malaysian, I feel sad that the current government apparently thinks we are toddlers who’ll lap up every single thing they see on tv. And when they realise that we don’t, they blame blogs for ‘influencing’ our fragile and nubile minds! Who are they kidding?! We’re grownups who can think for ourselves, who can figure out the political charade behind the news ‘reporting’ around this issue. Even kids are smart enough to figure it out. If this government wins the next general election, they will do so DESPITE, not BECAUSE of the national media which they have so blatantly abused to further their own means.

I think you are by far the more honorable person than they are, because you didn’t run away from this issue. You made a stand, and I (as a fellow human being and a person) respect you for that.

466. kate - February 18, 2009

Please stay on. You didn’t deserve this low blow but please consider staying on. Your offer to resign is also admirable – this is exactly the kind of responsible, professional behaviour that SOME low life gutter politicians should emulate. You have my unstinting support, Ms Wong. Respect!

467. Klang valley - February 18, 2009

Eli. ignore Anti Adultery …Nothing to do with you, problem is not with you….. We support you..

468. SG - February 18, 2009

Greetings from Singapore,

Please do not quit !
You are an attractive women and have done no wrong.
It is those that publish your phote that is in the wrong.
May their KARMA punish them for their evil deeds.

469. man - February 18, 2009

come on… please lah…
hey people who read this, are you holly enough to judge the other people’s life…
just think for a while, is it violence to sleep in nude? are you never nude in your life…?
come on politician… you should never look for other people mistake…
do you know and realize your mistake in other people mind?

hmmm… we are tired to listen this isuues in the media,
why not all the politician just concentrate for our development country purposes only huh?
why now all the barisan always busy other people lifes? this not good lah, that was no moral lah…
hey people, how you should gain all the people confident for you (barisan that we call government)?
just focusing all the people needs, infrastructure, welfare, subsidiary, education,
budgeting, economics, bla bla bla and… blaaaa….. there was a lot of things to do dude!
why now all over the country busy for just only 1 people privacy???!!
there was a lot of nudity things outside there,
in the sofisticated phone, vcd, internet…. among of this is our local girls…
why dont you take action for all our girls getting nude,
having sex with their husband and boyfriend even thier fiance??
if you are in thier position, confirm you will say “some other people sabotaj us”,etc…
and you feel no guilty for this becoz you have your own privacy life dude!!!
do you want all your life style always been watching by other people? even when we are taking bath,
make love with our couple, changing our pants, etc????!!!!
of course not!!!

do your daughter, moms, grandma, granddughter all cleans from doing the same crisis as EW?
dont lie lah… nobodys perfect!!!!
just accept who we are and who they are….
if you always “jaga tepi kain orang”, you are still inside the box and no where you can go for this habits
you will live in no freedom in this independence country!!

we are normal people who always doing wrong and even sabotaj by other people to make we are doing wrongs!!
who care??!!! lets all of us, rakyat Malaysia move on to the next level for our mission this coming years 2020!!
we give the people and country priority to get ready for this great mission…
who ever we are, “pembangkang” or “kerajaan”, we are the same position, same target, same mission!!!
so about this thing, think deeply from the basics for all the party in Malaysia. then you will agree with me…

so at last, I thought and my advie is,
don’t give up EW, no need to quit… dont care what people talk about you,
people is always looking for the wrongs and bad thing that we do once,
BUT people always forgot what we do the good things, the best things for them…
and never down for this 1 mistake…

come on people… hmmmm…. I hope all of you will understand….

470. arief - February 18, 2009

stay put eli, dont give up, its mere thier trap, dont fall unto it!..

471. MC - February 18, 2009

Painful as it is, I salute you Eliazabeth for being so principled. Follow your heart, come back stronger. Let the furore die down.

May God bless you. Weeping may last for the night but joy will come in the morning.

472. cuddlyfamily - February 18, 2009

PLease sign the petition

or email khalid@selangor.gov.my

Stay on Elizabeth!

473. 侠客 - February 18, 2009

Hope you can stay and continue to serve the people who voted you during election. “Tough things never last, but tough people DO”

474. Abid - February 18, 2009

Dont Quit! your not only the hottest and sexiest politician but also a smartest one in Malaysia…we need you!

475. leadershipworks - February 18, 2009

Leadership work is never easy. There are many leaders today who would attest to it. I am sure you did not get into leadership because you thought it was going to be easy. Your ideals of justice and human rights are not easily won. This is another challenge on the road to a more democratic Malaysia. You have faced and overcome challenges in the past. There are many more challenges to come yet. So don’t resign, please! You have overwhelming support from the people of Malaysia.

476. tara ng - February 18, 2009

ELI, you have nothing wrong, please seriously consider to w/draw your resignation. Many women out there look upon you as their role model. No women shall feel ashame of their own sexuality, especially with the one they love! Your resignation not only let many people down but you have unintentionally make a mistake by sending the following wrong signal to the socitety at large : – that it is immoral to be naked at home and it is a moral act to invade privacy!! This is a very wrong message to send to the society! Only those who with their consipiracy to destroy you and your good work to the Rakayt will condemn a woman when she exercises her right as a human and will support the criminal act of invasion of privacy! By your resignation, your giving up on fighting, you concede to the conspiracy of UMNO but you let us down as we really need you and need your service to the Rakyat!
I am a highly educated highly successful career woman. I am 39, single and I believe I am attractive. I am also a religious person my religion uphold a high moral value, even by a strict measurement you have done nothing wrong. When cornered, please fight back. Don’t let them take away your spirit!
We will all stand behind you!

477. matmoto - February 18, 2009

Eli..as a Liverpool Fan, i’m always song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, hope that you also got the same passion with that song. Obviously, as a Selangorian, I’m had opposed your tender to resignantion from EXCO and Bukit Lanjan Adun. Plz rethink again. Let the Khir Toyol terjun bersama labu labunya.

478. Eddy - February 18, 2009

YB, many had said about why you should not resign but every vote count. I’m writing to tell you to please take back your offer to resign.

479. Bryan Koh - February 18, 2009

Don’t give up, we all will still support you. Remember our Malaysian spirit, Malaysia Boleh ! Elizabeth Boleh!

480. L.T.Chew - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Eli, where is your “kuat hei”. but quitting you have allowed evil to triumph over good. and the same evil method may be used again on many more good representatives.because its effective in forcing good representative to quit.

Please know that there are thousands and millions of people in this country counting on good rep like you to effect change in this country, which had started,so dont run away from it.

Dont let evil triump over good.

My sincere apology for the not so nice language used.

God bless you with strength, good health and wisdom.

481. glojet - February 18, 2009

Just watching and listening to the news on Malaysia all the way over in the USA. You were the one who was wronged. Please do not resign. Stay on and fight for this, on behalf of all the women. If you leave, you have totally played into the game. You have nothing to lose by just standing.

Malaysia has claimed to be fair to its citizens and protects women’s rights. It claims to respect people but when one’s basic rights are violated, the victim is often blamed. Who knows which one of the ladies in our government will be the next target? If I can’t sleep in safety and peace in Malaysia, I do not think I will return permanently.

Please stop the rot.

482. leowbh - February 18, 2009

You can show your support to Elizabeth Wong by clicking one of buttons below. It is important that we gather our strength and show Eli that we the rakyat is behind her all the way. Can we get 50,000 votes for her? Please spread the word and show your support below.


483. Terry - February 18, 2009

You should be ashamed of yourself. Can you just quit quietly and not make a big fuss out of it, who do you think you are, you are what you are today because people elected you and place their trust on your leadership but woman with such low moral credibility like you shouldn’t be allowed anymore to lead. You are no different to Chua Soi Lek.

484. Perakian - February 18, 2009


there’s no big deal about the photo till somebody expose it publicly.

You think ppl in B eNd never commit such? they were lucky as they were not caught. See, they play dirty tricks on Pakatan ppl. But Pakatan ppl never commit such hideous trick. first was the men from Perak who were bribed with siu long lui. it’s not the first time. ppl can see that. why let the ghost child have his day?

Nevermind, let the next election avenge for you k?! let them B eNded for good.

Be strong!!!

485. Mary - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
You have done nothing wrong or illegal. Who cares what the hypocrites think??? Take a short leave of absence, spend some quality time with your friends and family. Then come back.
WE NEED YOU BACK to FIGHT the gutter politics.

486. z - February 18, 2009

Saya menetap di Terengganu dan telah melihat bagaimana jitu pihak PR berusaha untuk memenangkan calon dari PR, saya juga melihat bagaimana jijik dan kotornya BN membeli pengundi2 semasa PRK P036.

Saya tidak hairan jika mereka akan menggunakan cara yang jijik ini juga untuk menjatuhkan MP/ADUN PR yang lain. Jangan tunduk dengan kumpulan orang yang sebegini.

Cadangan saya, YB pergilah bercuti sementara kes ini dirujuk kepada pihak tertinggi PR. Saya yakin majoriti rakyat terutama pengundi di kawasan YB masih jitu menyokong YB.

Harapan saya YB akan lebih berjaya lagi selepas ini.


487. Veron - February 18, 2009

Please do not quit, you have did nothing wrong, be brave and strong to handle your problem, we are behind of you and to support you.

488. Michael Gan - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

There is no reason for you to resign. Please remember that you will be barred for standing for elections for 5 years and you’ll have to miss the next general elections.

The sacrifice is too great. And for what? For nothing. This is like penalizing a rape victim. The people need you and the Selangor govt needs your integrity, hardworking attitude and dedication.

Please withdraw your offer to resign. Don’t let the scums win.

489. Denming Ho - February 18, 2009

Please dun resign, u done nothing wrong at all.

All graduates from overseas have the same habits, and me too. It is not shamful at all, and it is our rights to do so.

Stand firm, and together we can kick away those politicians and go or a better Malaysia. For the sake of PKR, better Malaysia and better tmr for kids, please fight back.

490. ibu husna - February 18, 2009

you resign – the culprit KETAWA TERBAHAK-BAHAK!!!


you are very lucky..thousand of supporters still need u !! malaysian still need u…esp US..the young generation..

491. MLAW - February 18, 2009

Yes you did wrong. You compromise your party. Just imagine that BARISAN NASIONAL using all your photos for the by election.
Many will be turn away from voting PKR. Just because of your indiscretion, a lot of votes will be lost.


JUST LIKE THE politician in BN ?

And furthermore, you admitted only after the press got hold of your photos. What else did your ex extort from you before this ?

492. nick - February 18, 2009

And tell that Toyo robber to eat more tempeh and shove it up his bloody arse! Fake broom master. I am very happy now!

493. MLAW - February 18, 2009


494. Dreamteam - February 18, 2009

Liz, although I do not know you, I have heard a lot of good things you did for the rakyat. I know your decision to quit or stay-on is a very difficult one. If you stay on, those shallow minded, disgusted and ruthless politician(s) that intends to topple the Selangor government will make use of your topic to damage the PR coalition, and we can’t stop them as they control most of the media. If you quit, the people that voted you into the office will be disappointed. It is difficult decision for you, indeed….
I am here to urge everyone to respect whatever outcome of the final decision from Liz or the party and the Selangor government. We know the dirty tricks that our present enemy is capable of. Only through the hardship and sacrifice that we can change the day. We have to continue to fight intelligently and bravely. I salute to Liz and you will be forever remembered as a great person.

495. Lai Shao Bin - February 18, 2009

I don’t know what to say. I will pray for you. You shall have my support, wishes and no matter what’s the outcome, please carry on to uphold and build the dream that you have!

496. Richie GC - February 18, 2009

I’m representing a big family and the familes of my closest friends when we all say that “YOU DID NO WRONG, LIZ”. You are a victim because UMNO is unable to take the heat anymore. This is the action of very desperate individuals intending to cling on to power no matter what the cost, and in your case, shows how low these people can get. We would like to commend you for your resignation to prove to stupid idiots like Khir Toyo who can’t differentiate between a criminal and a victim, that you’ve always the welfare of the people in your heart. But we have strong confidence that the leadership of Pakatan will not accept your resignation to allow you to continue serving the people in PJ, especially those nearby Taman Tun and Bandar Utama. Rest assured, we’ll back you to the end! All the best from us all.

497. Lauren from Canada - February 18, 2009

Dear Ms Wong,

I am so sorry that you have been the victim of an unforgiveable invasion of privacy. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling but I am sure that all decent people are fully supportive of you. A person’s private life is sacred and those people behind this outrage should hang their heads in shame. You, however, have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

I hope you will change your mind about your resignation. Your country needs good people like you. Please show your opponents how strong you are.

498. twist08 - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,
u must stay on to fight a good battle to twist the destiny of Malaysia.

499. Grey - February 18, 2009

We are always here for you Eli! Do not give up!
My family and I think you deserve much more and we will be championing you all the way!

Be strong YB!

500. AZMI BIN ANUAR - February 18, 2009

I’m sure you’ll be much stronger with a bigger support from all after this turmoil. My prayers go with you, and I’m sure truth will prevail

501. Chiew - February 18, 2009

It was indeed a sad day, to hear of news of your privacy being invaded. Even sadder to know that certain quarters would stoop so low to bring you down.

You must be doing something right! For those guilty to resort to such actions to discredit you. For Khir, to leverage on your circumstances, to increase his popularity. What desperate attempts! And how ugly the incoming UMNO power can be.

UMNO has certainly not learn from their march 8 mistakes. Instead, they proudly display their arrogance, and continue as the GodFathers of this country.

Keep your head high! Let all the women in our country be proud of you! Stay strong and Fight the Good Fight!

502. Malaysian - February 18, 2009

don’t quit just like that !!
be tough..

503. C Chen - February 18, 2009

We look forward to your return, Eli.

504. mk - February 18, 2009

Dont resign. You are just doing exactly what this ‘person’ wants you to do. The outcome is a by-election.

505. Grey - February 18, 2009

396. DICK UP – February 18, 2009
430. MLAW – February 18, 2009

Who are you to judge Eli on her relationship with her religion and her god? Why do you carry that holier than thou attitude, assuming that she had sexual relation with whoever leaked the photos? And even if she did, why do you single her out?

It’s people like you who can’t see through the smog of your own judgemental closed mind to freely criticise people during their hardship.

We don’t need you here. Go away.

506. Hannah - February 18, 2009

We all have private lives. We are all naked underneath our clothes and our bedsheets. And we are all sexual beings. This is how God made us. So where is the shame in that? There is no shame in being human. The only ones who should be ashamed are those who violated Elizabeth’s privacy. Her ex-boyfriend who violated her trust and took those pictures without her consent should be jailed for a very long time. The papers who printed the pictures should be boycotted and put out of business. But Elizabeth should hold her head up high and get back to work.

507. Mel - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You need not resign because you are NOT at wrong. Why you have to bear all these responsibilities since you have done nothing wrong ?

You are the victim in this incident. The suspect is now gone and free. This is truly unfair to you.

Stand tall and fight back for your right.

The people at Adun Bkt Lanjang need you. Do not fall into the trap that set by your rival. Not worth it.

Please reconsider ! Do not resign, please !

508. jessie - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth, be tough!be firm to those who intend to hurt you, smear your’s reputation, and try to attack party keadilan rakyat.

I can understand your feeling now.No doubt.

You are so bravo, because you choose to said it out, and we believe and we claim that,is not your fault, the one who try to smear you and try to force you resign, misunderstanding you,not believe in you you,they are the one who is wrong.

Elizabeth put alot of effort to serve for our rakyat, our country, our home.You do not need to resign.

I am readers of feminine magazine, and saw the interview of you last year in 2008 March.

I still remember in the articles, you mentioned you put alot of effort to prove your family you also can be a excellent female politician,and you make it.

And i stil remeber that because you active in politics, and alot of things need to be solve to improve in malaysia,so you rather choose to late married.

Is such a big sacrified, but no one see it..

I m here to apologise my english no good,but what i want to tell is,

You are not wrong and just pls to serve for our country our rakyat.

If you dont mind, we would like to make an interview with you, and let others who not understand you, who hurt you, to know the truth and to feel shame to do such thing or said bad things to you.

YB, you are our forever YB, no one can destroyed it.


509. jessie - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth, be tough!be firm to those who intend to hurt you, smear your’s reputation, and try to attack party keadilan rakyat.

I can understand your feeling now.No doubt.

You are so bravo, because you choose to said it out, and we believe and we claim that,is not your fault, the one who try to smear you and try to force you resign, misunderstanding you,not believe in you you,they are the one who is wrong.

Elizabeth put alot of effort to serve for our rakyat, our country, our home.You do not need to resign.

I am readers of feminine magazine, and saw the interview of you last year in 2008 March.

I still remember in the articles, you mentioned you put alot of effort to prove your family you also can be a excellent female politician,and you make it.

And i stil remeber that because you active in politics, and alot of things need to be solve to improve in malaysia,so you rather choose to late married.

Is such a big sacrified, but no one see it..

I m here to apologise my english no good,but what i want to tell is,

You are not wrong and just pls to serve for our country our rakyat.

If you dont mind, i hope someone can make an indepth interview with you, and let others who not understand you, who hurt you, to know the truth, and to let them feel shame to do such thing or said bad things to you.

YB, you are our forever YB, no one can destroyed it.


510. Jennifer - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,


As any other people from this entire blog, the people of malaysia, my friends, families, are ALL behind you!

Why do you feel ashamed? As stated by many people here, STAND TALL AND STRONG! DO NOT BEND IN BY BN JERKS WHO SET THIS TRAP FOR YOU!

This action will only makes the Opposition stronger. By jolly hell I’m going to make sure BN lose big time again in the next election.

Please Eli, don’t quit. PLEASE!!!

511. Forgiven - February 18, 2009

To those who wants to talk abt religion, pls do not be hypocrite here.

Yes, Christianity do not allow adultery (sex with someone not your spouse in a marriage) or fornication (sex before marriage). They are all sin. But who can claim that they are without sin except our Lord Jesus Christ! Therefore, He forgives our sin.
Let us not judge others and being a hypocrite, for we may be doing the same things. We should forgive one another and pray for her in moment like this.
Furthermore, we do not have all the details of what happen. As far as we know, it was taken without her knowledge and consent. It is totally shameful act of betrayal by her partner.
So, let us not judge her or anyone for there is only one great judge that we are accountable for. And we are all answerable to HIM.

512. Shama - February 18, 2009

Ms. Wong

The whole world may be pointing fingers at you now but have faith in the Lord and stand tall. I agree with Lauren from Canada, that these intruders are the ones who should be ashamed of themselves. Please do not give up so easily….One with you in prayer!

513. monsterball - February 18, 2009

Thousands of commentators urging Eli not to resign.
I think this is Malaysian book of record for her.
She should feel very proud.
Only Toyo and Jed Yoong feeling happy over her resignations.
One look like a glorified monkey…….the other…a female ugly sicko.
Both of them are meant for each other.
Even some UMNO and MCA guys have sympathy for her.
Eli is on leave. Good! Rest…forget everything. Go back to see your relatives and friends…to be your normal self.
Get energized….recharged with full power and face the music with smiles…wits and your usual sharp smart personality.
Never let your enemy like Toyo and Jed Yoong win the day.
People’s Power is behind Liz….go read blogs and papers…all supporting her.
She should feel extremely happy…knowing when she is victimized…relatives…friends..party members…supporters/voters…even strangers…all standing besides her.
Are you not a lucky woman?
Don’t worry…be happy!!
Lets pray culprit is caught.

514. johnny - February 18, 2009

Dearest YB Eli,

Let’s take a break. Return with burning spirit to fight those rascals that did shameful acts. Never say surrender!! Be Strong YB.
Lastly, let’s kick toyol ass out from Selangor. We do not need this idiot here.


515. mie - taman melati - February 18, 2009

Y.B Eli,

Jangan mengalah dan teruskan perjuangan, rakyat Bukit Lanjan & Selangor perlu kan YB. Ini semua angkara politik jahat B.N. sabar Y.B jgn buat keputusan terburu-buru.

Gambar tu x lucah pun, masih tertutup.. dnt worry..
Ambil tindakan pada org itu, jgn biarkan dia terlepas. Dia telah menceroboh peribadi Y.B.


516. Peter Davie - February 18, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,
We met briefly last year when you were helping residents address serious grievances by a property developer.

You impressed me no end for your humor, courage and conviction in doing what was right for your constituents no matter what.

I think this episode has to be one of the stupidest, lowest and most crass things in Malaysian politics, there are plenty worse, but this sets a new low for attacking women and emotional and mental violation just because you stood up for your community.

I admire your courage and your bearing no matter what you decide. I would love to see you stay, but whatever choice you make it is yours and yours alone. Please do not make a choice you will regret.

I wish you good spaces and I sincerely hope you show the women-hating idiots that they did not kill your spirit. That is what they want.

517. Eric - February 18, 2009

Eli,Please stay on. You Have our family’s support.

518. Richard Martin - February 18, 2009

Hi, everybody,
The incident of Eli is just very unfortunate, whereby, the sinner gets free and the victim suffers.


519. Boyd Komomo - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Eli,
As a Liverpool fan says “You’ll never walk alone”.
I m a Sabahan will support you all the way. All we can do now is pray for you. May God Bless you!

Boyd Komomo

520. AndY - February 18, 2009

I am sorry to hear about the sad incident that has happened.
The most important bid is to plan ahead for your future. Based on your contributions to the community and the hard work put it, I believe you can walk with your head held high.
The circumstances have been twisted out of context and have been manipulated to cast a negative light on you. Well, that is politics and one has to handle and manage it.
You are a good nature person with good intention to help others, I believe the people will support you with whatever decision you make.
All the best in your future endeavour.

521. BL - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You should not resign because if you do so, you are giving the BN government the ammunition it needs. What you do in private is no one else’s business and clearly this is a violation of your privacy. The BN government is bankrupt of ideas and UMNO needs all the morale booster for their upcoming March 8 elections to lift their sagging spirits after the March 8 and KT elections debacle. Please persevere through this storm and stay on as MP, Elizabeth. The Malaysian society needs hardworking MPs like you.

522. natural - February 18, 2009

Dont resign,keep on fighting, It’s always darkest just before the dawn.

523. Yean - February 18, 2009

I am angry, not because you have resigned, but merely because your right as a human being has been violated.

You have done nothing wrong, for that, we are sure.

You are a politician, who shouldered the responsibility to represent the Rakyat, but as a Rakyat, I have the responsibility to respect your privacy and your decision.

I know you have been tired all these days for facing all these crab. Take a rest, but after that, please stand up and come back for your Rakyat. The people need justice, the people need a leader, that could be you.

I might be nobody, but you have my full support!

524. guruyahya - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Wong,

Take a good care of yourself. Do not trust anyone.

525. dharma - February 18, 2009

dear Eli,
pls do not quit…stay on. there is nothing to be ashamed of here. Somebody has infringed on yr privacy. You shouldnt quit because of that. It’s also a chance for PKR to proof that it respects individual privacy.
But if you do quit, pls continue your activism for human rights and the environment by whatever means.

526. siew ling - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Eli,
Ok …you resign! no one knows what in you mind…even though we as THE PEOPLE want you to stay….but you might have your own plan. ALL THE BEST TO YOU….WE ARE ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE….


527. Sem - February 18, 2009

Resign = Surrender = Give up

I am just a layman. I don’t know what to consider when it comes to politic. But If u resign it generally means u give up. If it is for the best of your party, then u are wrong (unless they want u to).

This scandal is so stupid. Only lame people will buy the idea.

You shoud be proud.They want u to get ‘out of the picture’ is because u are real capable.

If every capable activist quit because of this kind of scandal then Malaysia will only left lame people to rule.

Malaysia no hope = Malaysian no hope.

FIGHT ON~! The country needs you (at least your justice brain).

528. Mystery Vitara - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Eli,

“…that she asked to have her name withdrawn from consideration, not because she isn’t great, but because she isn’t petty. Because those two conflicting leadership traits, could not live as one within her body or her soul. Greatness. It comes in many forms. Sometimes it comes in the form of sacrifice. That is the loneliest form.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKZdOc0nkwU <–link here

Again I quote the lines from the movie “The Contender”. You are our “Laine Hanson”. With all our love and support, you will never, ever be lonely.

529. mamangangri - February 18, 2009

Please do NOT quit!!!!!

Let it be; one unable to control what the other says, so what?

We need you!

530. Charlotte - February 18, 2009

PKR leaders should stand up against this atrocity and PUSH FORTH THE FACT that SHE ISN’T WRONG, and that if anyone should be focused on, it should be the one who circulated a private picture.

We need incorrupted leaders like Eli, so PKR leaders, protect and fight for what is right and reject the resignation letter of the representative whom I voted for on March 8.

531. Goh Keat Peng - February 18, 2009

I refer to Comment No. 270 above by a so-called Anti-Adultery purportedly writing on behalf of his 3,000 Non-Muslim Anti-Adultery Front claiming he is a Christian and that his 3000 members had voted for YB Eli and that they are now retracting their support for her.

I am writing as a Christian to call their bluff. Not only has this shameless nameless being insulted Eli but also the Christian Faith.

This comment is in the same category as the evil act of invasion of privacy which has caused Eli so much pain and anguish. How dare you speak such unkindness in the name of a religion you most certainly don’t understand let alone represent. Come out in the open and name yourself and the office bearers of your so-called NGO! You want to condemn people don’t hide behind the reputable cover of CHRISTIAN and NON-MUSLIM!

Unlike this kind of cowardice and unthinking condemnation of others, Jesus faced the enraged mob who wanted to stone a helpless woman and said: “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”.

May the peace, love and presence of God be with you, Eli.

532. A PROUD SELANGORIAN - February 18, 2009






533. Jo-Ann - February 18, 2009

Those who have called for your resignation are not supported by right thinking Malaysians. It is those who have spoken out in your support and condemned the release of those photos who will be thought of well by the public. Please keep up the good work in speaking up for the rakyat and working hard for us.

534. mamangangri - February 18, 2009


535. Linda - February 18, 2009

My dear Miss Wong,

Take some time off if you will but don’t resign for something you’re not responsible for. Your personal life was violated but was that your fault or the pervert? You are the victim here.

I trust you have a sound mind of what’s going on. There is no need to reconsider not stepping down – just don’t do it.

We, your supporters, stand with you.

536. 沙巴人 - February 18, 2009


537. Vinnie - February 18, 2009

You’re a beautiful person and you should be proud of it. We need someone to look up to and you are that person. So don’t quit. don’t let the fuckwits get you. There a song Called “in a Darken room” by skid row. this is the verse:

Why can’t I steer the ship before
it hits the storm
I’ve fallen to the sea but still
I swim for shore

Ride the storm Sister….Ride the storm.

538. dr. who - February 18, 2009

Having sex with non-married partner is NOT adultery. Sleeping naked is not a crime or immoral. I sleep naked all the time and only put clothes on during winter because it’s cold. I even sun bathed on nude beach before the camera phone was invented. We were borned naked. We should celebrate the body which God gave us.

Even if you do quit, you can still help promote democracy in other capacity. But follow your heart and passion where it takes you. Don’t let other intimidate you, especailly that low-life good for nothing ex. and those who threatened to publish your private pictures. Start kicking some ass to show them you’re for real and not to be mess with.

Cheer up. Good night and sleep tight, don’t let the bed bug bite.

539. ivan - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,
I just want to say ‘ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”! My family and I prays for you. Please, re-consider your decision to resign and there is so much more you can do for the people and fulfil that destiny God has provided for you.Learn that there will be thieves, robbers, despicable, nitwits and criminals along the road we walk in our daily quest to serve God, our leaders, our people and our nation!
If you fall, stand up and continually be accounted as a fighter – don’t quit. Be a freedom fighter! God bless you!

540. Zainal Abidin Bin Abu Bakar - February 18, 2009

Eliza, saya bersama-sama yang lain menyokong Saudari mempertahankan hak Saudari sebagai individu yang teraniaya. Saya juga percaya bahawa kepimpinan tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat turut sama akan membantu Saudari menangani isu ini. Nasihat YAB Menteri Besar agar Saudari mengambil cuti berehat, meluangkan sedikit masa merenung kembali keputusan yang telah Saudari ambil itu. Besar harapan saya dan para pendukung PKR untuk melihat Saudari terus berkhidmat sebagai ADUN dan EXCO. Sememangnya inilah antara asam garam dan rencah permainan politik. Ketabahan, kesabaran dan semangat juang yang tinggi mengharung rintangan sebegini akan menambahkan kualiti dan kematangan Saudari dalam arena politik.

Saya fikir amat bertepatan kata-kata semangat Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang tidak lapuk dek hujan tidak lekang dek panas:-

Kalau takut dilambung ombak, Jangan berumah di tepi pantai.

Di bawah ini, saya lampirkan komentar yang saya kirimkan ke Blog Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim (17hb Feb 2009) berhubung isu yang meruntun jiwa dan memberi tekanan hebat terhadap Saudari.

Assalamu’alaikum YAB Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, kepimpinan tertinggi PKR, para pendukung dan penyokong Parti Keadilan Rakyat. Semoga DSAI dan kita semua sentiasa berada dalam lingkungan rahmat dan kasih sayangNYA.

Pertama sekali, simpati saya buat YB Cik Elizabeth Wong (Eliza), EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Selangor dan ADUN Bukit Lanjan perihal yang hebat diperkatakan sekarang ini. Tentu sahaja beliau sedang sugul dan tertekan.
Dari episod Si Katak dan Rampasan Kuasa di Perak ke episod Penderhakaan Rakyat kepada Sultan dan Raja-Raja ke episod 2 buah bukit nun di utara tanahair sedang menanti diadakan PRK. Terkini episod makin menggila, membahang rasa dan membakar jiwa setiap warga mendengar cerita yang diolah sedemikian rupa kononnya ADUN PKR dari nun di puncak Bukit Lanjan beronar di puncak Bukit Gasing.
Ya! Pemimpin harus beretika, berakhlak mulia, berhemah tingi dan semua yang baik dalam kehidupannya harus diserlahkan. Agar pemimpin itu akan sentiasa dilihat baik di mata rakyat banyak, apatah lagi pada pandangan kalangan rakyat yang telah memberi kepercayaan menerusi undi mereka.
Walau bagaimana ganas dan rakusnya strategi Umno yang muflis moral itu, PKR khasnya dan PR amnya tidak harus bingkas melatah. Dalam situasi musuh berkeadaan menyerang, kita harus menggunakan kebijakkan strategi mengilas dan menyerang kembali dengan kematangan dan kesabaran yang tinggi. Tidak dinafikan bahawa episod demi episod yang berlaku makin merimaskan pemimpin bawahan yang berhadapan dengan rakyat (masyarakat sekeliling) secara terus. Di pejabat, di kilang, di pasar, di gerai teh tarik, di tengah-tengah kesibukan Kotaraya malah di mana jua, tidak dapat tidak terdengar dek telinga akan bibit cerita mengenai topik-topik mutakhir sebegini dan komentar yang langsung menjurus kepada keelokkan dan keburukan PKR khasnya dan PR amnya. Justeru, maklumat yang tepat mengenai isu-isu semasa harus segera sampai kepada pemimpin bawahan agar kami dapat mempersiapkan kubu dan benteng pertahanan daripada diserang oleh musuh. Umum mengetahui bahawa Umno itu sudah sedia korup dan onar susilanya dari dulu dan selama-lamanya akan begitu. Rasuah, Fitnah, Seks, Hasad, Dengki dan Umno tidak dapat dipisahkan. Umpama isi dan kuku! Biarkan! Biarkan! Usah kita terperangkap dengan rentak paluan gendang bacul mereka itu.

Saya berpendapat, Eliza tidak perlu meletakkan jawatan (EXCO dan ADUN) walau beliau mengaku kesahihan gambar-gambar tersebut kerana:
1. Gambar-gambar berkenaan diambil tanpa kebenaran beliau.
2. Samada tarikh ianya diambil pada ketika beliau belum dipilih sebagai ADUN dan dilantik menjadi EXCO.
3. Kisah kehidupan peribadi dan hak ‘privasi’ beliau telah dicabul.
4. Beliau seorang bujang (pada masa kejadian itu), malah sehingga sekarang pun masih berstatus yang sama.
5. Beliau bukan beragama ISLAM dan tidak tertakluk kepada undang-undang Syariah.
6. Mengapa hanya kisah seorang perempuan bujang yang dikatakan tidur bogel sahaja (dalam konteks ini ialah Eliza) yang dihebahkan? Apa pula kisahnya dengan realiti hari ini, jutaan lagi warga Malaysia (lelaki / perempuan) yang tidur bogel atau mandi bogel?
7. Laksanakan pendakwaan di mahkamah terbuka ke atas orang yang disyakki mengambil, mengedar dan memanipulasi gambar-gambar tersebut. (berwaspadalah wahai ADUN Pasir Panjang! Tangan yang mencincang, bahu jua yang akan menggalasnya!)

Masa ini adalah masa terbaik buat kita semua ahli PKR mengetahui siapa kawan dan siapa lawan. Siapa yang pandai bercakap, siapa yang pandai buat. Mungkin hari ini hari Eliza, mungkin esok atau lusa giliran kita pula yang menghadapi dugaan yang lebih dahsyat lagi. Pada saat ini, Eliza mendambakan semangat setiakawan dan sokongan jitu daripada kita semua.

Salam Perjuangan.


Zainal Abidin Bin Abu Bakar
Pengundi berdaftar di PJ Utara

541. kerp - February 18, 2009

Elizabetn Wong, i demand you to stay on and continue doing the wonderful job you’ve done for the people. trust me, you have majority of people’s support, do not bow to any pressure from your detractors. please reconsider, alright?

542. LKT - February 18, 2009

thanks for resign…save the ass of anwar ibrahim

everybody….anyone want to know who is her boyfriend and who taking the picture

ahahahha…its malay guy from PKR

543. bamboo river© - February 18, 2009

Eli, I am not going to say much to you. So far 496 comments and more is coming in.

Just this short one….”Do whatever you think is best for you and your family.”

544. Little Girl - February 18, 2009

该下台的人不下台 ,不该下台的人为什么要下台?Eli , 挺住 ~站稳~反击 , 不要辞职 ,我们支持你!

545. doc - February 18, 2009

Hang in there gal! The tremendous unsolicited support you are getting is spontaneous, and the Spirit of God shall give you the strength and fortitude to endure all the evil that are thrown at you and God’s people, for in the end, it’s really the Will of God that matters and HE KNOWS. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is the change in Malaysia going to happen overnight, but happen it will when finally the injustice, evil, corruption of power will be finally swept away by the raayat and a new dawn for Malaysia shall emerge, where every raayat will have a place in the sun. Just be patience. You are going against a monstrosity that has clung on like seemingly indelible fungus, but we know that any species of fungus can be eliminated and so it will be….in time. For history has proven time and time again, and will prove again and again, that tyrants can never ever kill the human spirit and they can never triumph over good. You will emerge stronger from this baptism of fire for always remember that you are the righteousness of God in Christ and his favour is on you. Be steadfast……and anchor yourself with hope…and patience is certainly a virtue for you, PKR and all who truely loves Malaysia. Malaysia, Oh Malaysia, what have ‘they’ turn you into?

546. viniita - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
PLEASE STAY. This is our message to you from all my colleagues and I. You have all our support. Please be brave and strong. Take a vacation, recharge, and come back fight the battle again. Never give up.

547. Miko - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth .. Please grow up ! Try go to places where women bath by the pool without shame. Or maybe go to a nudist beach.
What ! is a picture of you, naked ! That is nothing ! I would still marry you if I am your boyfriend.
Don’t let the stalker get away.. We must not let “them” win … which is why you were elected in the first place.
Don’t let us down ! If you don’t know .. ” there are millions out there behind you ! ”
You are wrong here !!! dead wrong. If you leave, you won’t be doing Anwar any favor….In fact his popularity will surely faked !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

548. Jason - February 18, 2009

She already tender her resignation ?

549. Nor, Puchong - February 18, 2009

Eli, I wish to express my strong support to you..don’t give up.. to be a politician you have to go through a lot of possible worst scenario that you might not even think it can happen… lot of example of good leaders such as Aung San, Mahatma, Benazir that have gone through it.. so think twice not only fr yourself.. but for us rakyat who still need you.. face bravely all of these typhoon.. believe in youself.. believe that God in your side… Please stay!!

550. Alexandra - February 18, 2009

You have done no wrong. This is only a minor obstacle in life. Stand up, stand tall and brace it as another challenge. It will not be easy and nobody said it is easy to live life but it all depends on how you tackle it. Why give up so easily??

There is no shame being a victim of circumstances…..the shame is on those who are behind this evil deed. I do hope you can reconsider your resignation. Turn the table around and use this as an advantage to gain a milestone. You will never know if you give in to the devil!!

Not sure if this will help……I told my 14, 12 and 10 yrs old children about this whole case out of curiousity sake. Asked them if your resignation is justifiable. They all said : “Why resign? It is not her mistake.” If kids can see the logic behind this, why shouldn’t you?

Stand up, Elizabeth…..wipe off your tears and accept it as another challenge of life. The support is on your side. Make a different!!

551. K - February 18, 2009

This is not your fault. You shouldn’t resign. Resignation means you had surrendered.
We don’t really care about your private as well as Dr Chua’s. What we expect is the ‘change’ of Malaysia to a better country. The current most critical matter is financial crisis. We hope you can stay and assist the government in the problem with your experience.
Please consider to stay or we should speak out our mind: you ‘must’ stay on the current position for better future.
What is big deal about others’ view.

552. Elise Lee - February 18, 2009

Who cares what you did…we all do what you did! Except we have not have ours stolen by stupid cowards who deserve HELL. You are doing your job, very well. You should stay and be with us instead of running. That is wrong. Dont go..we the rakyat will NEVER remembers incident like this because you are a victim. There are ppl like Khir Toyol who needs to go instead as he is not a contributor to our society at all. We dont like him. YOU STAY n WE HELP YOU TO BE STRONG.


553. Voter - February 18, 2009

I am a Christian and if one should resign because he/she has done wrong/sin, then ALL our State Assembly & Members of Parliment should resign immediately, including those who are Christians.

And in this context I think those who have called for resignation based on their so called “high moral grounds” are either hypocrites (e.g. Toyo) or ignorant (e.g. Toyo) … and yes, including some who are “religious”, who strangely cannot see the log in their own eyes but can see the speck in someone else’s eye …

Should I think she should resign … of course not! And if she had a chance to go back to her voters, no one in BN will stand a ghost of a chance of beating her … infact, he/she may even loose his/her deposit …

554. Ah Sir - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth:
You Are:
1. EXCELLENT as a assemblywoman/councillor.
2. LOVELY as a person
3. INTELLIGENT as a scholar
4. ZEALOUS in social works
5. AMBITIOUS in politics
6. BEAUTIFUL in your speech
7. EXTRAORDINARY in facing this trial
8. TALENTED in music
9. HARDWORKING in fighting for human rights
Threfore, you have no excuse to resign/quit!

555. Abang Dane - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Setelah bertahun-tahun berjuang…berhadapan berbagai taktik kotor BN, kenapa kini YB nak menyerah? Teruskan…!! Now u know that u’re not alone…

Please reconsider..don’t let them senyum kerana berjaya membuatkan u berundur…!!

556. Alai - February 18, 2009

Eli, just show the pic..

Then all Malaysian can judge whether it is a nude photo or not..

557. Arni Aidil - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth..

I don’t give a flying f8ck if you had an orgy with 6 midgets because that’s your personal choice. You’re not even a Muslim so I don’t think that khalwat law apply to you, so please… suck it up, and fight back!!

You have done nothing wrong. Please don’t quit. Show them that just because you’re a woman, doesn’t mean that you’re intimidated by this. Please lah Eli.. the rakyat is counting on YOU.

Plus, a by-election costs money, and i sure think the money could be spent on other more important stuff.

558. Henry Chew - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,

Please stay on. You are the victim, don’t victimise yourself by resigning. You are the new hope that we had a better SELANGOR.

I’m a ex-GERAKAN Penang Youth Liason Committee & currently staying in SELANGOR. Joining GERAKAN for believing GERAKAN believe in non-racial & anti-ISA.

Cheers & stay on.

559. chin - February 18, 2009

R u on the take ? R those pic circulated by urself so that u can resign ? U r a politician….u r suppose to be thick skin….so what is so big deal about those pics ? How can u resign just like that ? V voted u ppl in but it looks like all talk nonsense only…really dissappointed

560. Law TH - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

you are just one of the victim of dirty politic trick. The more stupid things these people do, the faster they’ll become history. Remember you are not alone, the whole Malaysian are backing you up. So don’t cry and defeated, together we fight against the immoral. Only the people has the final right to dismiss the ADUN not the opposition.

Keep up, waiting to see your return ^_^

561. viperroom - February 18, 2009

dear YB,

pls don’t resign….u are a very good YB. I’ve seen what u’ve done to help people and pls don’t get confuse when people talk about moral. for god sake it got nothing to do with moral. U’re the victim here….and that is so clear to us, the Rakyat….so be brave and fight to the end and don’t be a quitter…once u’re a quitter, u will always be a quitter..so don’t be…

562. Topics about Dogs and Life with Pets » For you, you and you.We must picture hell as a state where everyone - February 18, 2009

[…] Press Release 17 Feb 2009 « elizabeth wong […]

563. wudan - February 18, 2009

MLAW – February 18, 2009

Yes, It is a SIn and let Eli be answerable to GOD in the afterlife but it is not a Crime. Who are you to judge her entire life based on those pictures? Even prostitutes are not beyond salvation.

564. anomie - February 18, 2009

Yes, U have let me & many people down, after we’ve spend so much time to get U elected.


Emotionally U r not? For not been able to quit quickly & earlier while knowing U r living a life with an abuser! There is just NO excuses for that with yr educational background & achievement. R U an epitome of all those WOMEN who r been so well written within those mills&boon romantic novels? Highly educated & yet emotional weak, thus been easily exploit by the handsome psycho white-knight?

Yet, here is an exception! Scarlet O’Hara of Gone With The Wind.

Can U be HER? Tomorrow is just another day!

Go & fight for it.

565. Jason Law - February 18, 2009

Hi, Elizabeth,
I remember you when we were in Sydney in the year of 1992/93.
It was an activity organised by you and others under the “Overseas Students Collective”, where a group of students from different universities and of various nationalities, came together and spent a weekend at Narooma, NSW.
That was one of the very memorable events for the entire of my overseas life. I remember you as a VERY DETERMINANT, MATURE and VERY INDEPENDENT lady. You have been very dedicated since then, in fighting for human rights, and you are very devoted to work, especially on the social welfare of the people.
It is the inert quality of you to serve the people in your natural way. From a distance, I support you both spiritually and emotionally, and hope that you will continue to be strong and work your way through this dip in your life. You have done no wrong!

566. daphne - February 18, 2009

Hang in there Eli!

Do not admit defeat as there’s no need for that.

567. klmc - February 18, 2009

So whats being done so far? Anyone starting up a petition to show the Selangor PKR we want miss wong to stay on? anyone ?

568. Anti Hypocrite - February 18, 2009

HarakahDaily.net Pas dan skandal seks pemimpin parti lawan — Ahmad Tajdid
“Setakat ini, ramai yang menyatakan simpati terhadap apa yang dialami olehnya termasuk Pergerakan Wanita MCA. Bagaimanapun, ada juga pemimpin Umno yang mendesak beliau meletakkan jawatan.

Antara yang terawal memberi komen ialah bekas Menteri Besar Selangor yang juga calon Ketua Pemuda Umno, Datuk Seri Mohd Khir Toyo. Turut sama mengalu-alukan keputusan Elizabeth untuk meletakkan jawatan ialah Ketua Menteri Melaka yang juga calon Timbalan Presiden Umno, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam.

Begitulah gelagat pemimpin Umno. Mereka sibuk dengan soal moral dan akhlak pemimpin-pemimpin bukan Islam (seperti yang menimpa Elizabeth dan Adun Bukit Selambau, V. Arumugam di Kedah), tetapi tidak pula prihatin dengan akhlak dan moral para pemimpin parti mereka sendiri, yang rata-ratanya berbangsa Melayu dan beragama Islam.

Ketika Mohd Khir Toyo menjawat Pengerusi Perhubungan Umno Selangor, tiga skandal peribadi membabitkan dua ahli Dewan Rakyat dan seorang ahli Dewan Negara Umno Selangor cuba dipendamkan beliau dari pengetahuan umum.
Khir tidak pula sibuk mendesak ketiga-tiga pemimpin Umno negeri itu supaya meletakkan jawatan, malah tempoh “senatorship” salah seorang daripada mereka dilanjutkan!

Dan sebenarnya, jika skandal seks dan moral para pemimpin Umno didedahkan satu persatu kepada umum, pastinya kita akan loya dan muntah apabila mendengarnya!
Bagi mereka yang agak ragu-ragu, percayalah… Ini bukannya “cubaan”, tetapi benar-benar kejadian!
Penulis tidak berhasrat untuk mengaibkan mereka, tetapi cukuplah untuk memberi amaran kepada para pemimpin parti tertentu supaya tidak bertindak di luar batasan.”

569. jk - February 18, 2009

don’t stop. you are a good soul, you respect the environment, you are a modern and liberal woman. and i won’t call you YB, although you are deserving so much respect from everyone around you, even more so now. don’t stop…

570. mohd basir - February 18, 2009

Hai YB Eli, with a quick glances of the people opinion and sympathy of action, I feel that you must not resign come back please to do good for your constitiency and start doing your good job. Forget all the nude photos as nothing happen good luck God bless you, !

571. Benson - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Why should you resign? You committed no wrong and thus no SIN. Do you have to resign for the culprit who is expected to go scot free?

Just sleep over the whole matter like you’ve innocently slept when your picture was taken.

All the papers that carried the damn stories will tomorrow be cast away and filled the bins.

Pull your head high up and walk upright with dignity.

Please don’t go !

“Winners don’t quit and Quitters don’t win”

All of us need you.

572. macakmy - February 18, 2009

YB Elizabeth Wong,
I think you got the message. We, the people, don’t care about the pictures. We care a lot about YOU. Its YOU who serves us well. Its YOU we elected to represent us. Its YOU we want as our YB. Although I must admit that the reason is You are good for US. Please stay on and fight. Meet them head on and these cowards will be scampering with their tails between their legs (especially the traitor with the pics and the collaborating medias). Sue them and make sure the people knows who these scumbags are. Expose them so that never again will another have to suffer what you’ve been through.

573. soon su seong - February 18, 2009

this is not the end, and you must not throw in the towel. the people and public are behind you. fight on and never give up.

574. David - February 18, 2009

A million thanks to BN for creating a WONDERWOMEN( Theresa Kok) by putting her in ISA detention… Now a zillion Thanks to them as they are trying to create a SUPERWOMEN in you by putting you thru all these predicament…stay strong and dun quit and you will come out of this even stronger and more loved by the people just like YB Theresa Kok.The key point is, if you have done no wrong dun quit. Should the people dun like you we will vote you out the next election but in the mean time the people of Bkt Lanjang (YOUR BOSS)-people who put you in this job hereby REJECT YOUR RESIGNATION!!! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

575. RaJ - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

It’s sad to hear that you are facing a tough time in your life and we all respect the decision that you made yesterday.

But we really hope you will reverse the decision and come back strongly.We know you are good person and an excellent people representative.We’ve been waiting for a representative like you for a long time to turn to course of Malaysia’s future.

Your resignation will prove to the people that you are wrong.It will send a message to the group that want bring you down that ‘if we use the same tactic again, we can bring down others too’.

We know you are a strong woman.Why don’t you fight back ? This time I’m confident that when you stand up, you will not be alone.This time when you stand up, a lot of people will stand up with you too and fight with for a better country.This time no matter how many attacks we receive in greater magnitude, we will continue to stand up and keep fighting for our common goals.

After this incident, one thing for sure.You have a much greater support.I hope you will reverse the decision.Final decision is yours.Whatever the outcome, we will be always support you.
You’ll Never Walk Alone.Be Strong & Keep Smiling Eli.

576. hamba allah yang budiman - February 18, 2009

dah lah tu kalau dah salah mengaku je dan jangan nak salahkan orang..pandai buat pandai simpan..tak pandai simpan ni lah jadinya so saya nasihat berhenti secara orang yang matang..

577. hamba allah yang budiman - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Wong.

Patah tumbuh hilang berganti..jangan lah nak risaukan ramai lagi yang boleh mengambil alih tugasan u..berani kerana benar takut kerana salah..lepas ni u bawa boy friend u to pergi rehat..tenangkan fikiran..

578. hc - February 18, 2009

Dear Miss Wong,

No way! Victim are no need to resign!
you should sue your ex (devil), put him into jail.

579. zanikamari - February 18, 2009

My simple mind thinks:…

PLEASE reconsider your decision to resign..it may be just the action the Dentist and his hooligans were hoping for. Yes, they’d be saying..”one down..let’s do this to another PKR ADUN..”. The other party is doing exactly what they are good at.: remem ber??They sent a flunked-uni student to trap DSAI, they sent a guy to offer sex with the Perak PKR reps, and one even said ” we well use whatever means to bring PKR down..”. but they always get away with sleaze..eg sex with underaged Malaccan girl, groping YB from pahang, port dickson incident etc etc..so there you go!!

Then again, if its a by-election they want: LETS GIVE IT TO THEM!!

580. zanikamari - February 18, 2009

hey…they want a by-election?? LETS GIVE THEM ONE!!!

581. dailou - February 18, 2009


582. smiles - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,

You should not resign because :-

1. The whole episode had been hatched by the BN/UMNO to assasinate you politically thus hoping to cause your downfall as well as PKR.
2. This photo was taken in the privacy of your own home without your permission and thus is intrusion into your private life.

Having said that have you ever give a thought that this person was someone planted into your personal and political life to extract information from your activities in the pressure groups as well as your political party.

Just as Saiful was carefully introduced into the political circle of DSAI , so a
lot of up and coming politicians will face the same problem.

Why I said this was because of the timing of the release of these photos. Khir Toyo did hint that the Selangor govt will fall. How can the PR state govt fall when they do not have the numbers ? Simple . Using despicable means.

By now, the person would have gone into hiding just as in the case of PI Bala.

Sounds familiar eh !

583. weng yow lee - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,

I don’t and will not sympathize with your predicament. Instead, I am asking you not to stand down as YB and state exco member. Show yourself that you truly stand up for individual rights and the rights of women in Malaysia.

If you truly believe in the importance and sanctity of this rights, please reconsider your decision and challenge critics who asked you to stand down for this incident. By doing so, you would advance individual rights and women’s rights far more than if you were to return back to the ways of NGOs activitism.

584. wwmnasay - February 18, 2009

Saya harap anda akan menggunakan sepenuhnya masa rehat (cuti) ini untuk muhasabah diri dan memohon kepada tuhan agar diberikan ketenangan dan hidayat dalam apa jua keputusan anda. Tidak kira apa anutan anda, tetapi hanya Dia yang berkuasa menentukan segalanya. Kita hanya merancang tetapi Dia yang menentukannya. Dari itu hendaklah kita sentiasa mengingati dan memohon restu Dia agar kita mendapat rahmatNya.

Dalan naluri saya, anda sepatutnya cekal dan teruskan perjuangan anda.

585. Kelchong - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,
Do Not Resign!

There No good for u to do it

586. Obama - February 18, 2009

Please don’t resign ! We can’t live without your services as state assemblywoman.

587. jyuno_zen - February 18, 2009

its not ur fault!此只只会导致仇者快,亲者痛。该受处罚的十无耻的偷拍者和散播者!

588. jyuno_zen - February 18, 2009

错的、该受处罚的是无耻的偷拍者和散播者!not ur fault!

589. Melvis Goh - February 18, 2009

this is EXACTLY what your enemies want – for you to resign! PLEASE don’t sing and dance to their tunes! Give them a fight before you resign – stay until the end of your term.
Don’t give your enemies what they’re fishing for.
Be strong and see beyond the actions, no matter how much it hurts. You can only make a change if you stay on, not by resigning.
Rethink your decision!

590. Manday - February 18, 2009

I support u forever !

Anyway, could someone here please tell me why yesterday the weather is so hot till make me sleepless all night long. Thanks .

591. chegubard - February 18, 2009

sis eli……

u adalah mangsa keadaan dan politik yang tak kenal kawan dan lawan….

semua sila klik link di bawah …baca dan fikirkan http://chegubard.blogspot.com/2009/02/vcd-gelagat-menteri-islam-hadhari.html

592. Jo - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
We are appealing to you not to resign. Stay and fight back. We badly need ppl like you around. Stay for the betterment of the rakyat. We need you.

593. Shannen - February 18, 2009

Because you are a POLITICIAN and that’s why you became a victim to this drama. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything – so FIGHT for it. This issue will get stale overnights.

Please do not resign by being emotional. Reconsider it!

594. din ramboi - February 18, 2009

Eli. u nak resign, resign. tapi jangan selalu tuduh ada conpirasi. Jangan cepat tuduh your opponent party yang selalu buat hal, biar polis buat siasatan dulu than baru boleh cakap macam macam. sabar Eli

595. david28xxx - February 18, 2009

Please don’t resign,take a break,go Nepal to heal ur wound,then come back to us,we need u.best regards.

596. bclee66 - February 18, 2009

hang on don’t fall in thier setup Eli. Wong, you were elected on your capability to lead the peoples need you.
stay on,hang on just ignore what peoples said.
Bee N will be out of business on GE13 for sure.

597. Gulli - February 18, 2009

Stay on and fight. Don’t succumb to Evil UMNO. UMNO/BN are fearful of principled and ethical leaders like you.

PKR needs you to carry on the struggle. We need all the good people to topple UMNO/BN in the coming 2 by-elections and finally bury them on the 13th General Election.


598. Gabriel Sherman Zabala - February 18, 2009

Dear Miss Elizabeth,

I may not be in the same state as you are (I’m a Sabahan) BUT I fully support you in this matter. Please do not resign… Just take a leave overseas till this matter subsides… Those who did this to you are worse than animals as they have no morality,respect and dignity for they are sooooo cheap to be bought with money… I hope you are reading this… What goes round comes round so one day they will get what they have earned… I see that you have done nothing wrong, so why are you resigning.?

There is a Malay saying stating that “Berani kerana benar, Takut kerana salah…”

I know that as a woman,it is embarassing for your photos to be published. I am not trying to rub salt into a wound but just merely stating the facts…

Sot me this is just a dark history of your life but at least you gained our sympathy because you do deserve it….And you DID NOT anything wrong…

Unlike those so-called “holier than thou” idiots our there, you are better off than them…

So think and act rationally…



599. LL Tan - February 18, 2009

Eli Wong is a million times better as my state exco member as compared to ‘holy’ scums who criticise her. Besides, she did nothing wrong, really. All I know is she’s dedicated and serves the people well. If we proceed to judge someone, by whose standards do we do so? As a member of Eli’s ‘community’, if I could say that, for want of a better term, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with what people are implying she had done. So, there you have my vote on the ‘morality’ issue.

I’d also like to comment on Thomas of no.414’s comment, who asked ‘is Malaysia as bad as Sweden…’. I’m a Malaysian studying in Sweden, whose fees are being subsidised in full by the Swedish state, whereas my own country Malaysia does not care one shred for me as I’m of the wrong skin colour. So, despite what you think about Swedes and promiscuity, they’re actually very different from your average Swede as seen through American eyes (Swedish bikini team etc). They’re a decent and civilised society who cares for all regardless of nationality let alone skin colour. Swedes, who ‘screw’ around, as you put it, are heads and shoulders more moral than holy Malaysians.

600. kid69 - February 18, 2009

no! you shouldn’t resign!
no no no no no no!
we need you!

601. youngin' - February 18, 2009

Dear Miss Wong,

It is almost unbelievable that politics in Malaysia has reached a new low but it is a signal that your opponents are so terrified and desperate that they have to choose such a dastardly method to “subdue” your political prowess.
You are much stronger than this and it is only a matter of time before you gather your strength and fight back.
You may have lost hope and faith in yourself but we haven’t lost faith in you. Please don’t kill our hopes. Stay in your job.

602. Bravery when your in the right - February 18, 2009

how can a person enter your house so easily and then took all those photos? BN plans? hah! One night stand is it?

Dont drink too much with people you dont know next time

603. Leonardo - February 18, 2009

YB Elizabeth Wong,

I understand and accept your decision to submit your resignation for the good of PKR. This is a very courageous, honourable and selfless decision on your part (which is the exact opposite of those useless examples of humanity who are attacking you).

HOWEVER, should your resignation be rejected (and I sincerely hope that it is), you must now stand proud and tall and fight for your rights, for your constituents’ rights, for Malaysian women’s rights, and for the rights of every Malaysian citizen.

You are an example of what a good politician is, beloved and respected, by your constituents and colleauges, and now new supporters like me from all over Malaysia. Leaders like you give us hope that politics can change for good and not just fester with corruption as it has under the status quo. Politicians like you are the catalyst for change for a better and brighter Malaysian future.

Something everybody should know. I am no expert, but having worked in Telecommunications and IT a few years back. I know that it is very easy to track the source of pictures or videos (or anything) sent by MMS (or other programs). Every machine, phone, computer that connects to cyberspace has a unique identifier. And in this security conscious day and age, one only has check the logs to trace the source from sender to sender until you come back to the original sender. I suggest you ask the Selangor Gov to subpoena these records from the telecom providers. Do a little computer forensics and find out who set you up. Should be relative fast if the original sender is in Malaysia.

604. leong koon choy - February 18, 2009

dear ms wong,

the above for for themselves & for you. You go means they win. surely you don’t want that. PR & PKR leadership surely do not want that too !!! Tell them so if they haven’t already come to that conclusion !!!

USE the press. get a friendly editor to report the simple truth of the overwhelming support you’re receiving. can anyone find any website where there are similarly so many calls for you to resign ? i think not.

605. leong koon choy - February 18, 2009

dear ms wong,

the above speak for themselves & for you. You go means they win. surely you don’t want that. PR & PKR leadership surely do not want that too !!! Tell them so if they haven’t already come to that conclusion !!!

USE the press. get a friendly editor to report the simple truth of the overwhelming support you’re receiving. can anyone find any website where there are similarly so many calls for you to resign ? i think not.

606. Epi - February 18, 2009

Adakah tidur tanpa baju di bilik tidur sendiri satu kesalahan? Anda telah teraniaya. Tolong jangan letak jawatan.. Anda tidak boleh disamakan dengan Chua Soi Lek. Nasha Aziz juga pernah dirakamkan gambarnya. Dia tidak di banned pun. So, kenapa pulak YB patut meletak jawatan?? Teruskan khidmat cemerlang YB pada masyarakat..

607. Kenny Gan - February 18, 2009

Dear Liz Wong,

Whatever you do, pleased don’t resign as an assemblyman. You’ll be barred from contesting for 5 years which means you will miss the next general elections. This may put you out of holding public office for the next 9 years.

Your political enemies will be jumping for joy at the prospect. They can’t win the by-election but they would have succeeded in keeping you out of active politics for a long time.

You’ve don’t nothing wrong. Don’t throw away away a brilliant career in the future Pakatan Rakyat government. One day I hope to see your name in print – as YAB Minister Elizabeth Wong!

608. Frank - February 18, 2009

566 comments I have evaluated and rationalized as at below:-

1) More than 95 % are comments from non-partisan supporters believed to be the decent rakyat and your constituents plus some few foreign friends who took the trouble to write words of encouragement!

2) Less that 5% are comments believed to be generated by the utterly corrupted and pariah – you know which political parties, either their goons or popularly know us cyber-troopers they had failed to gain any headway in MT, switchover to your blog with evil intention of infiltration and instigation!

3) Less than 1% are those religious bigots we consider them hypocrites they could not take care of their own brethren committed adultery, raping their own siblings, having sex with the premature adolescence etc etc and came to your compound and barked like mongrels! These peanut share you can totally ignore and leave them out and put them in scumbags!

Therefore, (1) – (2) & (3), you have more than 95% solid and faithful supporters pouring in their heart words wanting you to stay – Q.E.D.

Do I need to draw out a pure maths equation to help you make a decision? Eli, don’t be a loser OK?!

It’s silly to predestine yourself with the fate of Hee. Your future is crystal, her’s gone with the cow dung in the cesspool!…..Choose one yourself!

609. kenny cheong - February 18, 2009

Dearest Eli,

A cowardly act of betrayal is on the brink of robbing the electorate of an able and tenacious rep, whose only blame (if at all!) is a momentary lapse of judgment.

A voice of reason will thus be gone, sorely missed by the down-trodden, victims of social injustice and recipients of anti-social justice.

That said, I beg you to soldier on!

610. Anti Adultery - February 18, 2009

408. True Patriot – February 18, 2009

Reply to “Anti Adultery”

Firstly, the Christians will be ashame of you if you are truly a Christian, which I doubt so. If you are a Muslim, then the Muslims will be ashame of you, which I hope you are not either. I don’t want to tell you which religion I come from, as I don’t want a hypocrite to associate with my religion, in case you want to make some distorted comments using my religion.

You are nobody to speak for “the Christians” and inform me on behalf of my brethren that they are ashamed of me. Only a Bishop can speak authoritatively for the Christian religion, the Church. As I am a lay Christian, I wish to make a point that an excellent example of a Christian ruler is U.S. President George W Bush, a deeply religious man who in defense of human rights signed a Cohabitation Act (“Khalwat”) passed by the U.S. Congress (then dominated by his Conservative Republican Party).

The Christian Conservatives too believe Cohabitation (“Khalwat”) is immoral and I as the spokesman for Bukit Lanjang Christian electorate who are against adultery call for Elizabeth Wong to immediately step down as Bukit Lanjang assemblywoman as she has made her electorate (including me) ashamed of having a prostitute as our ADUN. If Elizabeth Wong refuses to resign as ADUN, we will hold a mass demonstration outside her service center.

True Patriot, you better tell us your religion, so we can judge you by your own religious standards. If you fail to reveal your religion, we will declare you non religious and thus you are automatically immoral like Elizabeth Wong who broke religious values by committing adultery with her boyfriend.

The way you can’t even judge this matter logically has already disqualified you from giving any comment. Don’t be surprise if one day some one snap you or your loved one’s nude photos & lead you thru’ the whole painful process, in order to teach you a lesson.

You are nobody to tell me about logic, as your own posts sounds very illogical (as non religious people like Elizabeth Wong are illogical). HH Pope Benedict XVI has shown us religion is basis of logic and without religion, people tend to be illogical. You are also nobody to disqualify me from giving comments (unless you are the immoral adulteress Elizabeth Wong who will not get the Christian vote anymore).

If you truly believe in GOD, have some wisdom, treat people with compassion & be careful when you comment.

You are nobody to speak about belief in God, until you tell us your religion to us. Belief in God can only happen if you profess religion, and religion is essentially community. Thus, religious politics is always communal politics.

Elizabeth Wong is disgraced forever and ever, and she has no moral ground to ever speak about human rights as the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly forbids adultery, fornication, and prostitution, all which dehumanise the woman.

611. Khai - February 18, 2009

Sabar ye Eli… orang yg benar sentiasa akan menang…. all da best dear..

612. monsterball - February 18, 2009

All your adult life…you sacrificed unselfishly fighting for justice.
Now you have the golden chance to fight for Malaysians.
What is the big deal of some nude photos?
Ignore those UMNO corrupted hypocrites and religious fanatic….urging you to resign.
At first…it sounds right to protect your party….but the calls from Malaysians..right here.and all over…so many.. so clear..keDAILan will be a fool to let you resign.
I do not believe you care for your personal happiness..when you have sacrificed so much…all your life. That’s your destiny. That’s your life…..to serve the country.
Can one man destroy your future with some photos?
Can few idiots and jealous blokes irritate and upset you… so easily?
Rest…enjoy your short holiday.
Sleep well….recharge your battery….come back and serve Malaysians.
Read all the messages and don’t tell me…none touches your heart.
Yes yes yes….like some kind soul advising you to …do what you think… best for your self.
I disagree…as some people like you are destined and compelled to do best for others. You are trully blessed with such a useful and purposeful life.
Think…Mahatma Gandhi…..Princess Diana….Mother Teresa…..and your experiences with few PR great souls…like Eng Guan….Kit Siang and Anwar.
You joined keDAILan…inspired and .admiring Anwar’s sacrifices…..who came out…from jail after 6 years…still having endless false accusations. He is suffering 100 times more than you…yet still standing tall…fighting with calmness and clear mind.
Give him your support….all the way.
Forget about yourself. That’s why you stood for election and won.
Support keDAILan all the way….till 13th election.
You are needed so much.
Stay put and fight!!
How lucky you are.

613. sam - February 18, 2009

hold on tight liz.

the world never learns — we all have a chance to become better no matter what frivolity we went thro in our past

“life must go on” .. and for the better – cheer up

614. TYKo - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You have done NO wrong. Be Strong and the People of Selangor, Malaysia and the World will stand by You.
Please do not resign.
We will support you.

615. monsterball - February 18, 2009

Who is this idiot….Anti-Adultery writer…talking cock and bull all the way.
He/she/it…a Christian?
Christians my foot!!
Hi…Your Lord said..”Whoever have not sinned…cast the first stone” and HE further said..”Judge not others as you want not others to judge you”
You Christian….labelling Liz..an adultress?
What proof have you got? Show us.
You bring shame to the Christians world…just like Bush ..did so.
Shut your mouth..or forever be condemned to hell.
Bishops you say? Why so many are homos and sacked.
Better pray for Jesus to guide you.
World is full of shit holy men.

616. Sincere thoughts - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
Please stay on and fight till the end. Do not lose hope. Do not fall into the trap of those who can’t wait to get rid of you. If you resing, those scum bags and so-called “holy souls” will gloat and continue to prey on the next victim. Words and actions are hurtful only if you allow them to. It is now “mind over matter”. You can change OUR FUTURE and fight for women’s right. If those women who suffered autrocities such as rape, torture etc during world war two or khmer rouge regime can survive, YOU CAN TO. On a lighter note, think of those actresses whose privacy have been invaded and nude photo or video being circulated. They moved on too and some became even more famous and even won oscars! Don’t give up hope as we have not given up on you. You are not alone as our prayers and thoughts will always be with you throughout this ordeal. we have faith in you to emerge as a winner and prove those scoundrels wrong. Trust me, what goes around, comes around. They will get their “just” desserts. Stay on, please.

617. hang kebun - February 18, 2009

What a waste YB
You would make a Good Federal Minister indeed when PR takeover the govt after 13th GE. God Bless, Best Wishes.

618. sabahan - February 18, 2009

Don’t quit. PR need you in this difficult time. Don’t be a burden to your party.Now they have a lot of problems, C4 looking very hard to destroy Selangor. Don’t fall into his traps.

We will take back Perak but you have be strong and help to defend Selangor, otherwise you will be disappointing you supporter.

619. lame basket - February 18, 2009


whether u quit or stay, I’d respect your decision.
but I’d rather u stay cuz there is no reason to quit.

Take care, stay strong.

620. Clare - February 18, 2009

With every good wish at this tough time. Stay strong. There is so much in this world that needs fixing!

621. sabahan - February 18, 2009

Assalam Alaikum 270-Anti adultery,
Do you mean that you never sleep with your girl/wife in nude? Do you mean that you perform Khalwat and Zina with your clothes on ? ridiculous!
The only thing is your nude picture never leak out. Otherwise you will be charged Khalwat and Zina.
Why don’t you go and sleep with your good friend Khir Anak Toyo and perform “broke back mountain”

You weird species.

622. Tu Lan - February 18, 2009

How can Liz be an adulteress if she’s not married? Stupid anti-Adultery writer, should go back to school to learn English.

623. sabahan - February 18, 2009

Why no reply? are you perform adultery now!
Don’t talk about GOD. you are GOD creation.

If you really sincere and holy, show you nude picture. let us inspect your “barang” to see whether it has tasted any glory hole or not.

By the way, are you the member of “broke back mountain”?
If you want to reply, cut the thing short. Don’t talk about your orgasm story. We are waiting for you. Satanic species!!

624. Frank - February 18, 2009

Yeas Monsterball, served him right! A lunatic son of the bitch in the name of God resorted to vulgarity and defamatory accusation…calling YB by name of prostitute, threatening a mass demonstration as if the rogues…must be associates of the mongrels, Umno rogues!

Anti adultery? You are no proxy of the Christian but chief of adulterer hob nob with Khir toyo with every intend to incite hatred amongst religious community! Dare yourself to prove that you are Christian by holding poster of ‘Bush’, the bush beneath my pubic, and see how many shoes you will earn for your demonic face! I for one will thrust forcibly one high heel into your arse!

Monsterball is your Lord, his command you must hear – shut up and get the hell out of here or you will be condemned to the abyssal hellhole!

Post your maniacal sermon to the Najib blog if you have balls! Pot shots are not welcome here!…By the way, are you the peeping tom or the pariah perpetrator who earned a living by being a pariah?!

625. Borhan Haji Desa - February 18, 2009

Jangan resign, anda tidakbersalah yang bersalah adalah adalah orang yang mengambil dan mengedar gambar anda. Anda harus lawan,,,, ini adalah taktik pihaklawan…. anda mestikuat kuatkan semangat untuk terus mencari siapa dalangnya.
Kalau anda resign bermakna anda bersalah….. Untuk berpolitik anda mesti pandai dan berani untuk menghadapi apa saja…
Apa yang berlaku tidak menjadi satu kesalahan….. Apa nak heran Isteri pemimpin bercium pipi dengan Shah Rukh Khan… Suaminya tak malu pun padahal itu salah kerana dia muslim….. Anda perlu berfikiran secara waras…. jangan terburu-buru

626. Syahredzan Johan - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Eli,

You do not know me. Nor do I believe you personally know the countless number of commentators here. But we know you. We have seen what you have done. And we, the people of Selangor, are so thankful that we have such a dedicated Exco and assemblywoman.

Are we to be robbed of you just because of the repugnant actions of a few? Will the people of Selangor be deprived of hard-working leader just because of the machinations of evildoers?

No YB, we should not. For far too long we have lived under the heartless and distant BN regime. You have been a breath of fresh air, and now you’re going to throw the towel and resign?

No YB, the people of Bukit Lanjan and the people of Selangor did not vote for you because of your private life. We voted for you for change and you have shown us how what it might be like when we are blessed with selfless leaders.

YB, please stay.

627. Capt - February 18, 2009

615.monsterball – February 18, 2009

Monsterball, you spoke my mind very well.. Anti-Adultery is just another hypocrite.. Human compassion for the down trodden and bullied is missing in him, he’s heartless – Anti-Adultery should be familiar that even Jesus reached out to a lady that the crowd was about to stone her, and she lived to sit beside Jesus. Was Jesus ashamed to have a friend like her??

Ms Wong is a capable young politician who reaches out to all the rakyat all the time, unlike her 2 predeccesors from Gerakan. BU residents adore her and are mostly united for her to remain their ADUN..

628. nkteong - February 18, 2009

Most of what I want to say is already said by the majority of the commentators here.

So, pls stay. We cannot afford to loose you. Be strong and weather this storm. We support you.

629. wchris - February 18, 2009

Hi! I suggest just stop firing around, cause we are no GODs either judges . We’re human exactly. GOD still judge us based on what we have doned during days of our living. The 1st person who irresponsible to starts the fire in this blog, please better put a stop. No one is houlier than thou. Not even I. Not even the “evil goons”. We can try to be holy as possible but don’t let our heads high. Please give her a rest.
Mdm, if you read the blogs sent by various people, they may upset to see you resign (just ignore “rubbish” send by irresponsible repliers). But bad news is, that gives those “goons” small victories.
I see the 8pm news. I’m “surprise” the police is really investigating your case. Hope it don’t hurts you. Those culprits did it in the 1st place shall be punished in another way. Repent and pray to GOD. GOD is the understanding and patience. That’s all my advise. Still got time to uphold justice. Sound the alarm to members. Corruption and dirty politics must be stopped. Unite we stand against the “evil goons” or devided we fall. It is sounds crazy but in reality it is worth to achive. Carry on to serve good community. As I said again, GOD speed, mdm.

630. Gadfly - February 18, 2009

It is natural to feel ashamed of the exposure of privacy. But, don’t let natural and healthy shame turn into toxic shame. There is a bigger picture than sexuality.

631. K - February 18, 2009

We should try to spread our words to media and not only in this blog. Try to direct the media to notice this blog. She maybe too sad to check everything. I cant find any news provider link to media le.

Anyway, you must not give up over such a matter. We all are supporting you.

632. mei - February 18, 2009

My Dear

You have done nothing wrong. You are single and you have your every right to be in such position in your home. Where morality is concerned, you have done nothing wrong and you know it. No one will judge you. Stand up to those people who have wronged you. Tell them that we Malaysian thinks nothing of a single lady being nude in one’s own home. Tell them not to threaten us ladies anymore with this dirty tactic.

The current political scene in Malaysia is already sickening enough.Please don’t make it worst. Don’t take this as an excuse to abandon those people who have supported and voted for you.

Set your mind straight, your priority is your people.

Please don’t resign.

633. Ausman96 - February 18, 2009

Do not resign over this hypocrites called themselves “Thou Art Holier then thee”.
My wife and I support YOU. Those “bastards” (pardon my words) need to go to school and learn the meaning of morality again. It so distasteful of them to equate you with Chua Soi Lek & Vijandran. You have don’t nothing wrong. So be strong and courageous. We believe in in YOU!

BN will never get my vote anymore because of you.

634. Eric - February 18, 2009

I do believe that the people have risen up and spoken. I need not say more to elaborate on the underhanded tactics and money politics involved here. These perpetrators have sold their integrity, value and pride for mere money. I know the economy is failing and money is hard to come by, but this goes way way off the scale. Religion, race and culture aside, i see you as a human, as an individual and each one of us has our own divine right to do our own personal things without having to answer anyone, as long as its within the boundary of the law.

Like i mentioned in my earlier post, people who have called vehemently for your resignation are opportunists and blackguards. They won’t last long, as we as Malaysians will stand together and ensure that they won’t even be able to get their asses on the seat. They are insignificant little gnats. I know and feel you asking, why is this happening to me? Let me tell you this. Worst things happens to the best of us. Just pick yourself up, dust off the dirt, lift your head up and walk tall, strong and proud just like the person you are.

If you need a friend, we’re all here for you. Drop me an e-mail anytime. Once more, i’ll say this, I won’t stand behind you, but fight beside you in these trying times.

Stay strong and believe that everything will be fine soon.

Best Regards,


635. Lung - February 19, 2009

Dear Eli,

I sincerely believe you can walk into almost any home and you will be warmly embraced as a sister or a daughter.

This incident only enhances your stature & do not for a moment think otherwise.

So walk tall as you have the love & understanding of so many.

Do not resign.

Continue with your good work & together we all will make Malaysia a better place.

636. rudy - February 19, 2009

I admire your offer to quit for whatever your reason. Return the power to the people. Let them choose you back.

637. True Patriot - February 19, 2009

Reply to “610. Anti Adultery – February 18, 2009”

“Anti Adultery said – You are nobody to speak about belief in God, until you tell us your religion to us. Belief in God can only happen if you profess religion, and religion is essentially community.”

Oh, really? I respect GOD believer who walks the way of GOD, doesn’t matter he or she comes from which religion or which race, but not those who claimed to be religious or attach to any religion, yet doesn’t talk, act or think like one.

GOD exists within and without us. GOD is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. GOD loves all without discrimination, just like the Sun shines without discrimination. GOD exists when a religious person or even one who doesn’t attach to any religion WALKS the way of GOD. GOD also exists if a person who claimed to be religious doesn’t WALKS the way of GOD, but such person won’t be able to recognise GOD, the so-called belief insuch person becomes a theory without essence, hence such person doesn’t “fear” GOD.

I have absolutely no interest in judging you or yr group, if there’s any at all. It was you who illogically condemned YB Eliz, a State Assemblyman who sincerely served the NATION and who was being victimised. Instead of pointing your finger at the culprit, you pointed at the wrong target, and by your words, you are indirectly encouraging the invasion of privacy for whatever motive behind that made me speak up for her.

BTW, I must apologize for saying that you or your loved ones may be snapped nude, I should have counted till 10 before putting those words down.

And obviously our understanding levels about GOD are very different!
No more comment or reply from me.


638. Concerned Brother - February 19, 2009

Dear Sis Elis
Why do you need to resign? If you do, those idiots will start enjoying as they have succeeded in doing what they do and this will encourage them too go for the next victim. Show them we mean business and I know you know who has done that to you. That jelly fish must have been offered RM 5 mill to release those photos and I am sure the jelly fish will join those corrupted party. I bet he is going too deny this but don’t worry, his days will be nunbered and he won’t last for long so also those who are behind this. The Fire of Hell is waiting for them and they will not escape and they will not die an easy death. They saying goeslikethis, If you do bad to others, others will do bad to you and this always happen. I live long to see this materialise and i have personally seen many. They think they can escape, NEVER , they will be caught eventually. They can pary 10 times a day but eventually they will still be caught. May not be now but they will eventiually be caught..
Listen to me, My blessing to you and i want to see you stay back.. Never run away from problem. You and I are christians and we never run away from problems, we solve the problem, right????

639. ianec - February 19, 2009

Up to 90% of the people support you, you should think about for the people. Be strong and don’t quit, do not allow others to craft succeed, otherwise there will be more victims. After all, your situation was different with Dr. Chuah…

640. Lee Hwai Bin/Lee Hwai Chi - February 19, 2009

Keat Ping

Just wanted to drop a note to let you know that we support you, and that you should not feel alone. This incident is horrible and malicious, and should not be condoned. It would be a bigger loss to your supporters and the nation if you should step down, when you are already contributing in so many ways. Please know regardless of your decision, you are in our hearts.

641. Dragonfly - February 19, 2009

YB Eli

You’ll be back one day as a Federal Minister, won’t you?
I’m pretty sure you will…

642. Budak Jawa - February 19, 2009

Eli. Aku lagi ni.

Eli. Baca mesej aku ni baik2 tau.

Hari ni bitrthday aku ke 30 (18 Feb). Walaupun hari ni hari penting aku tapi aku tetap nak sumpah saper yang memalukan kau tu. SIAL betul lah bangsat yang buat keje tu! Aku dengar bangsat tu Melayu! Aku peduli ape! Aku tetap sumpah dia sesial-sialnya walaupun aku sendiri orang Melayu! Bangsat tu set-set Melayu BN la ni. Aku konfirm! Aku doakan Allah laknat dia dunia akhirat! Aku percaya Allah mmg dah laknat dia pun!

Eli. Bukan kau sorang yang malu. Tapi aku jugak dan semua orang yang sokong kau. So kau jangan putus asa Eli. Kau tak berseorangan. Kau tengok baper ratus orang yang komen bagi semangat untuk kau kat blog kau ni?

Jadi, jangan letak jawatan!

Tabahkan hati, Eli. Tuhan, dan kami semua bersama-sama kau!

643. one sen - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I don’t know whether you will read this comment or not. I am going to post it anyway.

What has happened merely confirms my beliefs about this useless country.

Malaysia will never be ready for the type of politics that Pakatan wants to bring in.

Things in Malaysia will always remain backward because the people wants it to be so.

There is simply no will for change.

But then how come five states fell, generating hopes for progressive changes?

Spontaneous and emotive reactions that topples a government overnight is simply not strong enough to provide the foundation for progressive reforms.

Malaysians are at the bottom of their hearts reactionaries. Forget about them. They deserved the type of government they put in place.

The only solution is to migrate to another country.

644. penang 71 - February 19, 2009

Honey, If a strong woman like u with so much of support quits now over something which she is entirely blameless of, what hope do other women who have been betrayed and abused by the men they love have?
Please stay and fight.
We are all behind you.

645. dr. who - February 19, 2009

Reply to #610, Anti Adultery:

Quote: “As I am a lay Christian, I wish to make a point that an excellent example of a Christian ruler is U.S. President George W Bush, a deeply religious man who in defense of human rights signed a Cohabitation Act (”Khalwat”) passed by the U.S. Congress (then dominated by his Conservative Republican Party”
What the hell are you talking about? I’ve been living in the U.S. for over 30 years and I never heard of such an Act. Beside, Bush only becomes Methodist because he wants to be government of Texas and president of U.S. knowing that only Christian can or will be elected. Afterall, it’s “In God we Trust” country. By the way, he is a “Man of Fake”. Just ask any American besides his family members.

I can believe you’re conservative Christian who talks nonsense. Please read your Bible.

646. Joel - February 19, 2009

I’m a christian myself .

I’d like to say for those who criticise YB Elizabeth, i’d like for those who themselves have done no wrong SECRETLY to metaphorically throw the first stone. Else, you should shy away from your judgements.

Frankly, i don’t NEED to know why YB Elizabeth was with a man. Some might consider that a mistake, some might consider that evil. We can see what the TOYO thinks about it. And seeing as such that he’s righteous, he DOES deserve to throw the first stone (which he naturally did).

Whether or not it’s a mistake, it’s DIRTY and UNCIVILIZED for the ruling party of the nation to stoop to this level.

But doesn’t matter. i’m planning to show them my disgust for them come the next General Elections. I hope the rest of my fellow brothers and sisters of Malaysia does so too. If not, our nation is at the mercy of hooligans, murderers and corrupted brats.

647. nkkhoo - February 19, 2009

As a non-Muslim, legally speaking Elizabeth Wong is nothing wrong in law.

But I can tell you Elizabeth Wong, premarital intimate relationship with any man is morally wrong whether you are God believer or not as at today’s moral value system in our society.


648. mi - February 19, 2009

awak sabar n tabahkan hati ok..

649. altamirano zam - February 19, 2009

offering resignation? dont!
you do not do anything wrong

it is not a sex video pictures like those malaysian’s ex-minister(oh how i wish i can type his name, but i cannot because i heard we were not as free as other country!!!!!!!)

yelah, and i am quite surprised when a minister from JOhore ( i wish i can tell his name but yeah, cannot tell his name because we are not as free as other country!!!!!!) has said that PKR should check the background of its assemblymen or what ever ( he means you)
just tell him to jaga his own people first lah

just stick to the post
dont resign
you should not resign
your supporters not budak kecil
can easily influenced by those pictures!
just hang on there
and keep the post
brave yourself
brave the days
take care
and still wanting see you on the Suara keadilan newspapers or any where

650. BaNi MusTajaB - February 19, 2009


Bersabarlah. Kebenaran pasti akan terlihat juga.
Anda harus kuat menghadapi cobaan ini.
Tapi percayalah, badai akan berlalu. Dan semua akan baik-baik saja.
Semoga Tuhan melindungimu.amin

651. natural - February 19, 2009

when u fall down ,u can get up back, someone purposely want you to fall..so don’t give in the chance of the opportunity. Fight back.

652. Rainstorm - February 19, 2009

Hi Eli.
PLEASE reconsider. As you have said, you’ve done nothing wrong. My family voted you in the last GE. We support you and lots of people out there also support you, please don’t quit..

653. malaysia classifieds - February 19, 2009

True leaders are servants of the community. They are pioneers and initiators who take the pain to lead and care for the rakyat. They wake up earlier than others. They work longer than others. They are the first inline when it comes to sacrifice. It is not the title they have after their name, that matters. They have the heart to serve, wisdom to organize things. Their faith move mountains. They have vision for all people regardless of their skin colours. They work for long term. They ultimately win the hearts of people.

654. Christopher Gan - February 19, 2009

Eliza, you have the strong support of the Malaysian people.

The ones calling for your resignation are from the wolves, and not the people. So why give in to the wolves when it will only make them stronger? This is the time when the people need you most to stand up to the wolves, and what did you decide on instead? – You want to quit!! Will running away solve anything at all? Will crying all day gain the sympathy and forgiveness of the wolves? What will you leave behind for your party if you quit? If you are blameless, there is no reason to quit, because quitting is tantamount to admitting your guilt!!

Do you honestly think that by crying like a little girl, playing the role of the victim and quitting in the face of a mini crisis will “save” your party, as you believe? This will only encourage the wolves to further their agenda and eventually weaken PKR. What will voters think about PRK MPs as a result of your action? A bunch of losers and weaklings when faced with challenges, especially a small one? Please reconsider your decision and think about the overall consequences carefully, after all this is not just about YOU, it’s about the PEOPLE who voted you in. Think for the sake of your VOTERS!!

655. monsterball - February 19, 2009

“one-sen” writer is a balless commentator…..advising Liz to migrate.
He/She is not worth one sen.!
Never in the history of Malaysia have gained so much freedom and democratic rights….and we are about to throw UMNI into the dustbin…here… this bloody idiot is giving his/her one sen reasons….why Liz should migrate.
This is another stunt by pro UMNO member….trying to be too smart…with his/her twisting tongue.
Go migrate yourself…run as fast and as far as you can,.,.,.,.save your bloody selfish good for nothing one sen….and stop giving your cock and bull advise…on migration.
Many Malaysians are not migrating….but seeking jobs and wealth they cannot get from UMNO government.
They prefer to wash dishes …do lowly jobs…than to submit to UMNO’s double standards…..on jobs.with key positions.always reserved for UMNO members…no matter how far more intelligent .educated and smarter you can be….you must always be under a racialist idiot from UMNO’s controlled ….working conditions.
Those Malaysians working overseas….are 100% non UMNO members…..mostly non muslims.
One sen…KNOWS… People’s Party led by Anwar Ibrahim….is getting stronger and stronger.
The more incidents like what is happening ..in Perak and to Liz….are signs of UMNO desperate position….and this worthless…one sen writer seems to think…..the power of Malaysians vast majority voters…will loose put to cunning ..UMNO ikan bilis.
Even if one sen is not pro UMNO…he/she is not a sincere..true Malaysian.
So he/she get loss….less one balless selfish idiot….the better.
Finally…..if you read between the lines….he is also saying UMNO will rule forever.

656. Tu Lan - February 19, 2009

What nude photos? The press keep talking about nude photos but the only photo in circulation is a woman sleeping fully clothed. All this sandiwara has been created by the BN controlled press to trick Eli into resigning. There are NO NUDE PHOTOS. Get it?

657. lee - February 19, 2009

Do understand that you are sustain a great pressure now but it shoudn’t come to the stage of tender the resignation letter. You had been said that you do nothing wrong then you should stay it on !! The backbone of support is the Rakyat who elect you to be a ADUN. We all are staying behind you. Don’t trap into the dirty games of the politics.

658. Property Malaysia - February 19, 2009

YB Elizabeth,
We are speaking without fear or favour. As you can see there are hundreds of encouraging comments here. There are thousands of positive words from people of all walks of life, in other blogs as well. You have the mandate of the rakyat!

A word to all rakyat Malaysia. Losing a good leader is a loss to the community.

YB, you have taken up the challenge to be a politician not for yourself but for others. Ups and downs in life is normal. The recent problem is not your fault but done by others with malice.

Please stay on course and stay with us.

Let us all back YB and take her as a role model for Living for Greater Good. You have the track record of serving the public. We expect to see you again at the parliament.

Heartiest Regards,

659. chiew ka 4...! - February 19, 2009

Now that you’ve resign. Say if S’gor MB accept…. We will have an election. Say if PKR still pick you as rep…. We will of course vote you in.
But if PKR pick another rep…, can we still vote for you ??? BN has burn you very nicely. They denied, but the rakyat knows better lah………!!
If not…, be an Independant but support PKR…! We vote for you !

BIG slap for BN yah…..!

660. NK Lai - February 19, 2009

Just want to ENCOURAGE you with some words from ABOVE:

Deliver me from my enemies, O God;
protect me from those who rise up against me.
Deliver me from evildoers
and save me from bloodthirsty men.

See how they lie in wait for me!
Fierce men conspire against me
for no offense or sin of mine, O LORD.
I have done no wrong, yet they are ready to attack me.
Arise to help me; look on my plight!

O LORD God Almighty, the God of Israel,
rouse yourself to punish all the nations;
show no mercy to wicked traitors.
(Psalm 59: 1-5)

661. wang - February 19, 2009

Malaysians should not tolerate a loose woman like Eli Wong.I am digusted with her behaviour. Malaysians sould not give her any support at all. So good bye Eli and good riddance for your digusting behaviour and what a let down for those who had voted her.

662. pete - February 19, 2009



I can see through your posts that you are most probably Catholic, as I am. While it is true that adultery is a grave sin, according to the Cathechism it is defined as marital infidelity ‘when two partners, of whom one is married to another party, have sexual relations… they commit adultery.’ The problem is, I have yet to make up my mind if she did indeed commit adultery. As far as I know, she’s single. I know nothing about her ex-beau. Thus, as regards to the question of whether she committed adultery or not, I presume her innocent until proven guilty.

If you ask for my own personal point of view, my faith in the Catholic Church stems from the belief that God’s love is extended to all. He is the Creator that loves his Children, regardless of who they are. But who are we to judge God’s love, when his arms are always open even when we commit sin? The tale of the prodigal son illustrates this. You mentioned His Holiness, the Pope, and his attributes as a logical and calculating person. Yet I believe that he was not chosen for those attributes alone.. only those who understand the Church inside and out, with tremendous faith and love for the Almighty and his fellow Man, can be the Pope. Thus, I don’t assume to know what he thinks, especially when it comes to matters of faith… and neither should you IMO. Finally, it has to be said that I don’t claim to be the best Catholic in the world. Neither do I intend to judge you (if this post comes across as judging you, then I apologise). But, at the basest level, I do believe that Jesus came and died for the salvation of sinners. Otherwise, he would’ve agreed with the Pharisees (the ‘holy men’, whom you might recall as the ‘holier than thou’ type of people) at every turn. So.. yes, Elizabeth has sinned. But what is done, is done. Only God gets to decide the rest, not us. However, I believe He has plenty of love for her, and His arms are always wide open. The fact that she has already offered to resign is a sign that she has already learnt a valuable lesson, don’t you think. And who knows what God’s designs are for her? Who knows if He intends for her to stay on? At this point, I would say to Elizabeth.. pray for the Lord’s guidance, for He is like a candle in times of darkness.

God Bless, to both EW and Anti Adultery. Shalom.

663. Ong T K - February 19, 2009


You have done great deed for the people.

Please continue the fight against all the corrupted leaders and politician.

664. Tintin Prihatiningrum - February 19, 2009

Not need to resign. I think there are more important issue. Forget about the pictures, it’s nothing.

665. NAD - February 19, 2009

Pls reconsider, Elizabeth.

We, the rakyat, needs you now more than ever.

666. public - February 19, 2009

If you resign, they’ve accomplished 100% of their objectives. If you don’t, they get 0%. Why? Because the public still vote you!

667. Michael Gan - February 19, 2009

To nkkhoo (no. 646)

Although I respect your views on pre-marital sex, please do not try to impose your standard of morality on others. It is not wrong in law and this is a personal matter for her to decide.

Society’s views on morality is evolving and most people would not find pre-marital sex between consenting adults immoral. If it is wrong under your religion than this is again a personal matter between you and your God.

In short, don’t judge others by your personal standard of morality.

668. Rocket - February 19, 2009


So many coments on whether could have sex before marry, value lah, legal or not….hello people what is that to do with EW’s performance as YB?

We have our role to play in this word, God has his role to play too. Please don’t judge other people value, that is God’s job, you and I are not God, know your role, please.

Once again, as YB, EW has done excellent job. Let new blood, sincere people, hard working, dynamic young lady to serve the country.

Ask yourself, could you sacrify your time time & effort to serve people? How many so called politicians have sincere heart to serve Rakyat? How many corruption cases in Malaysia already? How many ministers ready fight for environment issues? Who want to fight with big developers on hillslope developmnet unless someone dead again?

I know I cannot do what EW had done so far. So, I shut my mount and give all my credits to EW for what she had done as YB and state Exco. I know my role, I am not God, I am not here to judge her private life.

EW is not a nun, she is just a woman, so she has right to have her own life. Look at EW good value, be thankful for having her as Wakil Rakyat and be proud that Malaysia has dynamic leader like her EW.

EW – you are elected as YB, You should not quit. We elected you as YB because of your capability, talents and ready to serve. Take the challenge, I am and many many more are with you.

Party Keadilah, you should not fear of bad cooments to EW or you may lose in by elections because of nude pictures. Face them, bad comments, criticims always there no matter how good you are if people have intention to damage you. People are smart now. Believe your Rakyat, do not accept her resignation or force her or advise her to resign.


669. abuali - February 19, 2009

liZ, nothing wrong with u,this is life. Dont let people punish u, please stay and fight. I love u.

670. Ipoh Lai - February 19, 2009

The only way to ride a storm is to STAY on course in full speed.

671. nkkhoo - February 19, 2009

Nobody can force Elizabeth to resign if she did nothing wrong legally and morally.

I urge her supporters think carefully before you pointing your fingers to blame BN or others for her fall.

How many of you know her private life? As a public figure, her private life is scrutinized by the society as well.

Do you accept a leader with “koyak” lifestyle like Chua Sok Lek? MCA elected Chua as a vice president is a tragic event for Chinese community, its wrong message is to encourage more Chua go play around with young ladies.

672. fk - February 19, 2009

YB, for the sake of your party, you have decided to resign. However, that in some ways will become a victory for the wrong doers. May be there is another option. You can still “protect” your party by resigning from the party but do not step down from your elected position. You can become an independant and as we all know, you will not be the first one to do so. You will then be able to continue to represent the interest of your voters in the state assembly and continue all the good work you have done.

673. jelas.info » Eli Wong’s offer to resign = admission of guilt? Pressured by party? from jelas.info by Nathaniel Tan - February 19, 2009

[…] reflected in her eloquent statement, I think the consensus reached was that this could drag on for days, weeks and months. The actions […]

674. K - February 19, 2009


The pressure from superiors plays a role in resign decision. They worry about the chain effect of this matter on the rest elections. We should claim that they are 2 different matters and don’t mix them together. So she can reconsider the resignation calmly. Don’t give up.

Tekanan daripada pegawai kanan mengganggu pilihan Eli. Mereka bimbang akan akibat peristiwa ini terhadap undi lain. Kita harus mengumumkan bahawa peristiwa ini tidak akan mengaruh pandangan kita dalam undi, barulah Eli boleh membuat keputusan tenang. Eli, kita menyokong awak!

675. chun - February 19, 2009

Dear Eli,

We will always support u, pls don’t resign. Take a break, go for a vacation and come back to service the ppl who voted you on 8/3/2008 !

676. kim - February 19, 2009

Hi Miss Elizabeth,

I know you feel very sad and I think all Malaysian also know how sad u feel right now, as u mentioned, you still want to fight for better economy, fight for corruption, then you should not resign!!!! If you resign, indirectly, you are supporting corruption, indirectly, you make us losing hope for a better Malaysia.

I hope you think it as a whole

677. Ben - February 19, 2009

Eli, we stand by you… it’s not your fault and its no big deal really! Your resignation will only encourage more despicable politicians to play dirty politic in Malaysia. You have the support from Rakyat!

678. malaysian tidak boleh - February 19, 2009

I admire your profession, your talents and your hard work to get to the top.
I met some chinese girls and even close ones going out with malay guys. I have to say many chinese girls were cheated by malay guys including malay girls. anyway its could happen to any race.
However, being so educated, how can you disgrace yourself and your family going out with a malay man?
I feel sad for you because of what I came across but I don’t feel sorry for you being stupid when come to relationship with a malay man.
In my book, you deserve what your boyfriend done to you, you know malays are allow to have 4 wives, they also have betrayed the non malays, they are double standards, etc, etc and yet you give yourself away to a malay man. I believe you will be a janda tua now. Blame it on yerself………….Good luck and take care.

679. malaysian tidak boleh - February 19, 2009

I have read some comments from some fellow christains. I am deeply shocked by the commenst saying that there is nothing wrong having intimate relationship before marriage, worst of all having an intimate relationship with a non christain especially with a muslim, muslims also have their beliefs and punishments for adultery.
Anyway shame on you Elizabeth for having intimate relationship with a malay man and let alone being a christain and not married.

680. angeldream - February 19, 2009

No need to quit and runaway .


681. Lexus - February 19, 2009


682. monsterball - February 19, 2009

If Afro Americans think like “one sen” and “malaysian tidak boleh”…writers..there won’t be a President name…Barrack Obama….in USA..today.
So many Malaysians are hypocrites….totally selfish…no manners…talking low class logics and giving shit advises….behaving so righteous and heavenly souls..which are infact….religious fanatics……who knows next to nothing…just afraid to go to hell.
And where is hell or heaven..God only knows.
I wonder why some Malaysians have such low IQ.

683. malaysian tidak boleh - February 19, 2009

Monsterball, are you a chinese, are you married with children especially, do you have a daugther or two. Will you give blessing to your daughter to go out with a malay man.
Ask deeply in your heart if it really happens

684. fariyusof - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

If you think you have to quit over this, then it’s all right. It’s okay either way. There are many ways to play the game. They can’t keep a good (wo)man down.

Nature abhors evil, all that is dirty and corrupt. Rest assured that the people behind this are actually plotting for their own downfall.

You have the support of many people and hordes of angels of all denominations. Have a good holiday 🙂

685. moo_t - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
Please be remind that what you been through are NOTHING compare to what happens to Hong Kong actor Lau Kar Ling (刘嘉玲).

She have been abducted, raped, blackmailed, videotaped by gangster. The Hong Kong society condemed the act, and today, Lau Kar Ling are still standing strong in the Chinese entertainment business. Lau Kar Ling has help relief the burden of other actors that being victimised by the gangster.

If you resign today, it give a strong image to minority and woman that have been victimised/blackmailed to hide and defeat to the bully/dirty force. Is this what you want?

686. monsterball - February 19, 2009

Malaysian tidak boleh…I am a Malaysian Chinese.. with 5 children and 8 grandchildren..from 2 sons and two daughters.
One daughter is still single…still very young and studying.
I do not look at race…like you do.
My daughters can go out with any race from any religion…..as long as that man is decent and trustworthy.
In any case….even if I disagree…I am sure my daughters may curi curi…as their minds are set….and only out of respect….ask my permission.
Permission not granted…I think they will go ahead with their own feelings and decisions.
Fortunately…all the guys they introduced to me…are OK…and one got married to an Indonesian man.
Ask deeply to my hearts…you say?..well young man…every father will love to see their daughters stay virgin….till married.
It depends on the age….and the circumstances.
Do not fool yourself…..their first love does not always ending at the alter!!
Ask myself deeply….you say?
All I care are my daughters happy and well….have loving responsible and capable husbands..and they must be produce.. be parents…and they know….I am still their best friend….if ever needed.
Elizabeth is close to 40 years old…yet some of you.. talk cock and bull about no sex before marriage stuffs….judging her so harshly.
You ask yourself…if you have a daughter at age near 40…..you think she is still a virgin?
If so…she should be a confirmed spinster or a nun to be..marry to Jesus. By the way…..I am a Buddhist.
I believe Liz …still ..never had good luck to find the right partner…YET!!!…..and if I am her father…I will tell her not to feel shameful….or disappointed.
Forget the past..and look forward…knowing how lucky she is.to find our BF is lousy..even before getting married. What if she married to that idiot and have children….quarrel..and out come some nude photos of hers?
Instead of supporting her…pity her…..few of want to judge her?
By the way…my 2 sons and 3 daughters are from 3 wives…age ranging from 42..29…38…34 and 17…and not all my wives are Chinese too.
I have a fourth one…not married..but together for more than 7 years..also not Chinese.
Want to know more??

687. sweeliang - February 19, 2009

别忘了还有千千万万人( 包括远在国外的我)都在默默的支持你。。。
YB 别让我们失望…….

688. aMotherToo - February 19, 2009

malaysian tidak boleh, God have mercy on you for your tactless and heartless words. You yourself know what intentions you have in mind.

This issue is not about inter-racial relationships, intimate relationship before marriage. It IS about the invasion and violation of someone’s privacy. Whatever it is, it does not grant any party to take and circulate such pictures.

Ask yourself this – If the same had happened to your daughter, will you be angry that her privacy is violated too or will you be so preoccupied about her inter-racial relationship?

Put things back into context. Remember, God also judges what you say and think!

689. sweeliang - February 19, 2009

dont resign plsssss

690. Sharan - February 19, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,
Don’t let this episode bring u down. We are all against the invasion of ur privacy. It was honourable of u to tender in ur resignation but there are always two sides of a ‘sword’. All we can hope now is that MB Khalid does not accept it.
Just remember that the masses are with u.

691. klconfidential - February 19, 2009


It is clear that you are the victim here. The sooner we all realise that the better. I don’t who is the no good piece of shit who did this to you, but it is clear that they have violated your privacy and are in the wrong.

I hope they catch whoever did this. Whoever it is, should be exposed as the scum that they are. If it’s your ex then I really want to whack him.

Some people just have no integrity. No honor and lack breeding. They are like the scum that bred them. We all must accept that. Some people are just evil.

But I strongly feel you shouldn’t quit. Hold your head up high and ride this wave like you will the next. It’s just a wave. Don’t let ANYONE shake you into relenting your post. You must realise that there is more at stake here. Bigger things will be affected. When you took this post, you knew it would be daunting and your private life will no longer be private. That is why I didn’t do it myself.

Don’t be apologetic, Eli. Don’t even give the IMPRESSION of being apologetic. Like you said, you have done nothing wrong.

Sigh, in Malaysia (and some other places) the victim usually ends up as the bad guy. Please don’t be one of that statistic.

692. Peter Sng - February 19, 2009

Politics is no bed of roses; politics is dirty.
If you can’t stand the heat just get out of the kitchen.
In your heart of heart if you really have not done anything wrong, then stay on an fight until the evil BN is topple. Period.

In life everyone make mistakes now and then. Life on earth is a school.
We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

So far you have proven that you DOES make a difference to Selangor Govt and your constituents. Majority are with you in your hour of need; so don’t quit.

693. amir danial - February 20, 2009

dear YB Eli,

Saya rasa YB tak salah sebab apa yg berlaku itu adalah sebelum YB joint politik dan apa bila YB menang PRU12 benda ini baru ditunjukkan..YB ada hak dan berani lawan seperti mana YB mempertahan dan melawan untuk hak rakyat,dan kali ini YB sendiri hendak melawan untuk diri YB.

Dengan cara YB lepaskan jawatan dan adun YB tak akan juga selesaikan masaalah ini. Ini adalah pengajaran untuk semua orang dan berhati-hati lah dengan semua orang ada disekeliling kita.

YB saya secara peribadi amat menyokong YB dan jangan lah YB mengambil jalan mudah dan kerana tak tahan dengan cemuhan orang yang hendak memusnahkan karier kita YB hendak berhenti.

Kalau YB hendak berhenti Exco tak apalah dan jangan YB lepas kan Adun sebab kesihanlah pada orang yang mengundi YB selama ini. Mereka amat mengharapkan jasa dan pertolongan YB untuk membawa suara mereka keatas(mesyuarat adun ).jangan hampakan pengundi.

Jawatan Exco tak penting, yang penting usaha YB untuk membantu rakyat di Bukit Lanjan dan seluruh rakyat Malaysia.

Pls jangan berhenti…..tolong……

694. Mohammad Harris - February 20, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth….

i’m as a Malay will be very malu… malu teramat sangat if that malay guy is the person who publish the photo in the internet…. that person who do this kind of things memang dasar tak belajar agama! Membuka aib orang pada masyarakat adalah salah satu dosa besar!!! betapa jahat nya manusia sekarang….

i understand perasaan yang YB alami…. if i were you.. this will be the worst ever thing that ever happened in my whole life!

but dont worry! Kami Melayu Cina India tetap with you! InsyaAllah tuhan akan tunjukkan kebenaran…. doa orang teraniaya pasti tuhan akan tunaikan… !!!

be strong! we will always beside you!

p/s: i donno why… i cried while typing this messege! OMG why this is happening! betapa jahatnya some people… !!!!!

695. BAHA - February 20, 2009

I’m not from your ADUN but feel proud of you. You have done a lot to your rakyat. It is a hard time to you but pls be strong and don’t resign. U have to regain strength. The people need you. Be yourself. You will supported by voters.I’m proud if you are ADUN at my place. The hardship will make you stronger.

696. penduduk ukay perdana - February 20, 2009

pity for YB Eli, her personal life being interrupted…and it cost her job.
but please bear in mind, politicians chose their way already…so be it. to be politician, they have to ready to face this kinda thing…u make mistake, u out..simple. yes, even personal matter will be dug out by opponents…that’s how politic run. Chua Soi Lek…remember? He is a MINISTER n head of a party, not just an ordinary YB. his personal matter exposed, he quit. conclusion is, everybody knows politics is a terrible world. whoever wants to jump in, he or she has to prepare for this…. Good luck and good bye to Eli…

697. lonely voice - February 20, 2009

Dear Ms Wong,

I hope you will find comfort in the lyrics of this song just as I did in a time of my most personal crisis. This is what our Lord himself wants to say to you, open your heart to listen to him.

I know what you’ve been hearing
I’ve seen you hide your tears
Embarassed by your weakness
Afraid to let me near
I wish you know how much I long
For you to understand
No matter what may happen child
I’ll never let go of your hand

I know you’ve been forsaken
By all you’ve known before
When you fail their expectations
They frown and close the door
But even though your heart itself
Should loose the will to stand
I’ll NEVER, NEVER let go of your hand

698. timber - February 20, 2009

Don’t be a quiter.
FUCK back whoever do this to you.


699. Christopher Gan - February 20, 2009

Despite the strong support from the people, our dear Eliza is still determined to leave office. Oh well, maybe she’s unfit to continue her term. An MP who runs away at the sight of a small crisis is probably not fit to be a leader and is not strong enough to overcome challenges. Maybe it’s better for her to go – it’s her choice anyway, and she knows her own abilities better. Who are we to decide for her anyway?

A true leader will hang on and face any crisis, especially if the crisis is not their own fault, and our Eliza has proven that she is no true leader and crumbles like a jelly & runs like rabbit when crisis comes knocking. We wish you all the best, Eliza and have a great long vacation. You’ll be remembered in history for letting PKR and your faithful voters down along with that other Perak DAP woman MP Hee.

700. bamboo river© - February 20, 2009

Dear Eli,
As I read about your determination to relinquish your position as the state assemblywoman and will not reconsider no matter what . I respect your decision.
I just want to convey our sincere thanks and gratitude for your sacrifices, contributions,services and most important your leadership towards the betterment of our state and country.
I am very sure many of your friends,supporters and people in the political scene will understand your decision.

I for one hoped that https://elizabethwong.wordpress.com will continue with many more postings in years to come.

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‘Valley of Hope’

701. johnny - February 20, 2009

YB Eli,

Great to hear that you were off for a break. Wish you have wonderful break and take care eli.
When you come home with a crystal clear mind and soul we will greet you with our open heart. We are always behind you. Lets forget the past and start a new ride with burning flame to kick all those bn rascals out from selangor.

702. luke teoh - February 20, 2009

Be brave
Don’t ever let toxic people hurt you
Arm yourself with indifference
This will take time
But you will definitely come back stronger

It’s a blessing in disguise
To rid someone early
Rather than be hurt for the rest of your life

You – only you yourself
Can make you happy or sad
It’s up to you
No one else can really do that

Take care
God bless

703. Phang - February 20, 2009

YB Eli Wong,

Please do not resign.

Please find the courage to stand strong and hold firm with your principles, and never to give in to impossibly malicious attempts to remove the best of us when you have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG.

The people of Selangor and the people of Malaysia are with you.

and no, we do not accept your resignation 🙂

704. Mystery Vitara - February 20, 2009

“This is the darkest hour of my life. I have never felt so alone, vulnerable and humiliated.”

YB Eli Wong has left the country. I read her statement. It is heart wrenching. So much has been taken away from her. Let us give back to Eli, her privacy and her right to determine her future. We should support and respect what ever decision she decides.

705. putra - February 20, 2009

Nama pun orang terkenal.. mesti akan digosip / difitnah macam artis juga.. tapi kalau rasa anda tidak tabah nak menghadapi keadaan sedemikian ada baiknya undur diri, dari menerima macam-macam dugaan lagi dimasa akan datang.. tapi kalau anda rasa masih kuat dan tabah teruskanlah perjuangan.. kata perpatah “kalau takut di landa ombak jangan berumah ditepi pantai”
saya bukan penyokong PKR,PAS,DAP mahupun BN tapi hanya sekadar bagi pandangan..

706. BaNi MusTajaB - February 21, 2009

Dear YB. Elizabeth Wong
Warm greetings from Jakarta
I respect you and your decision.
This is not the darkest episode in your life. You are not alone.
Yes, you need to rest and to search for peace of mind.
But you had done a good job and there is no reason that you should leave.
You must seek justice.
Keep your spirits up and stay the fight.

Please read my writing.
Antara Foto Bugil Elizabeth Wong dengan Video Mesum Maria Eva

707. BaNi MusTajaB - February 21, 2009

Dear YB. Elizabeth Wong
Warm greetings from Jakarta
I respect you and your decision.
This is not the darkest episode in your life. You are not alone.
Yes, you need to rest and to search for peace of mind.
But you had done a good job and there is no reason that you should leave.
You must seek justice.
Keep your spirits up and stay the fight.

708. Jas (S'wak) - February 21, 2009


709. redgh - February 22, 2009

You have my earnest support. I believe you are a victim in this incident. Whether who is right or wrong is no longer important. May you be blessed in your future happenings, and move on.

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