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On Comments

Allow me to preface this page with a reminder:-


“..[Y]our mouth is open and sound is coming from it.
This is never good.”
— Buffy in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I generally let all comments through, based on the premise that you are accountable for what you say, write and believe.

So if you make intelligent, reasoned remarks, readers will assume you are indeed an intelligent person. If you want to flame other commentators, don’t be surprised if you’re not invited for drinks and social events. If you make racist, xenophobic remarks, it is thus reasonable for readers to assume you are a bigot.

That’s really nothing I can do about that. I can only be accountable for my work and words.

Remember what Buffy said. Think before you bash your keyboard 🙂



1. Samuel Goh - August 20, 2007

Feel thankful there are still people like you on earth who care for others who are in need.

Keep up with all the good work.

For those who wish to be motivated (practically daily thru’ poems) please visit/share http://motivationinmotion.blogspot.com

With best wishes to all bloggers (for the good of mankind) worldwide!

Samuel Goh

Mon. 20th Aug. 2007.

2. eteraz - September 4, 2007

Dear Susan and Elizabeth,

I’m a reformist Muslim blogger in the US and often read your blogs.

I am concerned about the rise of Shariah law in Malaysia. However, I do not know the facts. Can you please comment on this situation? I would love to learn your thoughts.


A. Eteraz

CC’D to Susan Loone

3. zainal - September 14, 2007

kalau liz ada masa saya nak ajak liz. teh tarik.,
tapi pada bulan oktober,sekarang saya berada di DAHRAN.

selamat munulis liz.

4. zainal - September 14, 2007


wish you luck

5. kayrulzam - September 22, 2007

heloo. Mis Liz. Can I have ur contct number?

6. Uncle JJ - October 2, 2007

first time reading your blogs, please allow me to comment on my personal feelings.
I totally agreed that our country is eroding from bad to worst, be it from corruption to scandal and power control by the higher authority making it looks more like dictatorship
All the blogs in RPK, Malaysiakini and many other bloggers calling for Royal Commission and the petition to our Agong and the rulers to act seems to me had not been useful till now.
My understand is all these corruption, scandals and many others are not something new, the walk of justice (which I strongly support) is the 3rd time (if I’m right) and many other memorandum request to the rulers have till today fell on deaf ears. Rather dissappointed that even our rulers are not able to mitigate least uphold the petition or because constitutional they are just being restricted and if so what other source do we have to correct all those mistake. Let’s hope we wouldn’t have to resort as what Mynamar is doing now but a more peaceful and respectable solutions to solve all those unsolve and disgraceful jobs that had been expose.

7. stevefwwong - October 15, 2007

please somebody out there help me to be on blog….

8. stevefwwong - October 15, 2007

In fact this si the first time to write on line as I am a bit rusty having 50 over years living and new things on blog is really fantastic ok………………

9. Jeyapalan.T.S.Mahesan - November 6, 2007

I always wondered who you were when I first encountered you on the Broga matter some four years ago{or so}!
Syabas ! I am just getting used to all of this website/blogs etc and had some encouragement from Jeff Ooi & Raja Petra Kamaruddin!
There are many many many incidents and events that I encounter everyday wherein the persons “managing” our system/s abuse the powers with impunity.{Justice Dato Hishamuddin’s recent judgement} hints to such things happening! I experience it almost every day and am in despair as I see many people getting “injured” especially psychologically!
My young team of Legal Eagles are constantly attempting to fix the problems in their small ways but are rapidly losing faith!
So it is very hearting & refreshing to visit your site!
Perhaps with your permission , we could quote or send you material ,which if cleared by you , could be published!
Once again – Thank You

10. Ken - November 12, 2007

Hi KP,

Keep up the good work!!


Ken Yeh

11. CK - November 15, 2007

Hi Eli Wong, this is CK. Just saw your profile. And thought you’d like to join a loud band. I wanted to do a side project that makes some real songs on Malaysian atmospheric political situation or plain society malfunctions. Maybe even record a theme song for any of your NGO connections if you’re interested. And.. it will be loud. Thought of having you penning the lyrics as well, but I’ll be able to produce the rest. Mail me if you’re interested. I actually caught you a few times on many occasions.

12. simon - November 18, 2007

Dear Elizabeth,

I sincerely do hope that you and or your organisation and other human rights orgs would spend much much more time giving talks to students at their educational institutions where permitted by their respective institution managements.

I remember a time when I was schooling and there were many many speakers at our schools from outside organisations. And that was even at primary school level in Malaysia. With increased educational censorship that may not be possible now; but you should still target that as a primary objective.

Try! I am sure some international schools, pre-u, colleges or twinning uni would be supportive of human rights talks to their students.

Capacity building for human rights may not be glamorous or make you famous in the short term; it is a dedicated and sure way to achieve your long term goals.

If you can help to influence the mindset of even one young student who may happen to be a future minister or prime minister of malaysia that means you have truly make a difference in this world.

The alternative is to have a series of public lectures on human rights, which are well publized and held very near to educational premises.

13. stcin - November 19, 2007

-A forsaken victim of SUHAKAM-

SUHAKAM has humiliated and toyed me around since 24-7-2000 when I was called to KL from Ipoh, to attend its very 1st historic INQUIRY on my ‘quest for justice’ !! I have to stay in the costly city to meet with its chairman,exDPM who shook my hand on 31-7-2000 and promised me, ” dun worry, we’ll do our best to get JUSTICE for you !”

But no action for months, then I complained to the press in March 2001, only then the commissioner, Dato something, sitting and sleeping on my case , caught on the phone when I called repeatedly, ordered me arrogantly to send certain particulars : ” who is the commissioner, you or I ?”, ” do it as I said !” ,” send it to me !!” …..!!

I swallowed all bitterness and complied. I waited for months and months and SHOCKED to read in the press SUHAKAM has formed a new committe chaired by a new man. Again and again, I made costly phone calls, sent reg. letters and emails too, finally SUHAKAM said it’s beyond its jurisdiction to handle my case !!!

BUT the previous committe comprising exDPM, retired highcourt judges, professors and some learned people have thoroughly studied my case submitted 3 months earlier and that’s why I was called to KL, not 5 or 50 BUT 500km, to-fro Ipoh , without any reimbursement and allowance . The chairman ate his words !!

I was treated in a ‘ indifferent, inhuman, insensitive and cold-blooded ‘ manners as a silly old ‘ guinea-pig’ for the commissioners to experience and try out how INQUIRY could be conducted on 24-7-2000 !!
I was told the commissoners are enjoying and laughing with all the benefits from the taxpayers hardearned money and the government has spent millions and millions on SUHAKAM since 2000!!

SIGH…. !!! SIGH …!!! SIGH …!!!

14. brian - December 9, 2007

We are fed up of the goverment treating us like children…..I know who Im voting for this elections!!!!!!!

15. motivationinmotion - December 10, 2007

RIGHTS IN SIGHT – Human Rights Day – Dec. 10th
As a human being you have your basic rights
To live fully in any earthly situation bright
To appear justly anywhere in proper limelight
To receive natural justice that is clearly in sight

FLAME IN FRAME – Human Rights Day – Dec. 10th
It’s indeed a crying shame
If any innocent ones are to be blamed
As though they are those who caused the flame
When it can be proven otherwise by camera frame by frame

LAW ON LAWS – Human Rights Day – Dec. 10th
While it’s good that no one is above the laws
It’s bad if anyone is suppressed under the laws
It won’t be fair if some can get around the laws
It’s worst when there’s flagrant abuse of the laws

BOARD HANDLING – Human Rights Day – Dec. 10th
When everything is done above board
There’s no need to go over board
Worse still to try to knock board
When it’s merely a peace board

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 101207
Mon. 10th Dec. 2007.

16. an adult - December 14, 2007

When I saw your site, I know now that things are worse-off than what everyone sees on the surface. Eg. the burning of a Malaysian’s car in police custody. I am very very dissapointed, disillushioned and full on contempt. How can instruments of a government be subordinated towards the aims of a political party ? The misuse and abuse is too deep..

17. King Danie - December 18, 2007

Some times I ask my self, is there any justice in this world and I doubt it. But when I see a people like you it inspire me more than what i doubt.

18. Haji Ali Ramakrishnan Tan - December 29, 2007

Dear Elizabeth

the various posts and commentary relating to the state of Malaysia as perceived by yourself and those in agreement with your views for some reason appears to side step the single problem which lies at the core of the great socio economic and political divide that is Malaysia. And that is the separation of races inherited from the colonial administration and nurtured by Malaysians since independence.

Malaysia is an apartheid state. One may not call it apartheid in Malaysia as the word apartheid is Afrikaaner and not English or Malay.

There is a failure on the part of Malaysian Chinese, Indians and Malays to identify that problem and to concentrate instead on the side issues that are a manifestation of or symptom o that greater issue the separation of races by a racist constitution. It cannot therefore only be the problem of either the Badawi government or the Mahathir government ( if one accepts the practice of the cult of personality) but of all Malaysians Indians and Chinese included.

The Barisan National the successor to the Alliance party has as constituent components Indian and Chinese interests. The Malay forms a majority of that coalition and is further disadvantaged because of the inflexible nature of his religion. Arabism of the Wahabi variety disguised as Islam. Totalitarian and uncompromising in its theology backed by the sanction of extra constitutional often in barbaric form, the Malay is as much a prisoner of this morality driven imperative of divine law as others of non Malay origin in Malaysia.

The resistance to government laws and regulations which are by any universal definition repugnant to civilised society must therefore be dealt with in an efficient manner and not by populist blogging of trendy sloganeers whose writings, ranting and ravings have as much value as the graffitti on a public toilet wall.

The legal fraternity in Malaysia, often relied upon for their legal skills to advocate the position of opponents to government policy and legislation deemed to be unfair and irresponsible, are themselves people of dubious distinction, skills and knowledge. It is here that the government is able to stiffle dissent and opposition because lawyers andsocial commentators are habbitually negligent in the way in which they draft or plead their causes.

Malaysians must be prepared to seek out the assistance of outsiders who share similar views, common objectives, values and perceptions with respect to humanity and the quality of life and liberty everywhere.

I hope the new year will bring about a paradigm shift in the way all of you think with respect to the problems you face ni Malaysia. We are one, diverse in our styles though we be. We must unite and compare notes lest we reduce ourselves to the chaos and anarchy that is Pakistan today.

That poor country began as a democratic society even if only in a dream. They then awoke to a nightmare which has now taken demonic proportions largely due the prominence of and pre eminence given to religion. Islam.

I would go so far as to suggest with conviction that Malaysia with all its impressive “glass beads of the present” (tall buildings, mass transit so futuristic, 3 car families and overgeared home loans) will face a fate similar o what South Africa endured for more than 2 decades, a bloody war of attrition waged in suburbia if an international effort to expose the fundamental problem of the “new Apartheid state” is not internationalised then nuetralised.

19. Yong Tze Tein - January 3, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,
I am sorry to bother you but my main reason for writing is that I lost contact with my chidhood friend,Elizabeth Yap a.ka.Beth Yahp.So,I googled her and found this site which is an eye opener for me who seldom surf the net and who is kind of out of touch being away from home.It is encouraging to find the lively debates and thoughts of my fellow contrymen/women.Keep up the good work.
Would be grateful if you can just forward my email to Beth

20. Yasmin Saulnier - January 20, 2008

Hi Eli,

Hope you still remember me….(during the early days of KEADILAN and BUDI). Keep up the good work and anytime if you happen to stop over in Boston…you are most welcome to my humble abode.

Regards to Cynthia too.


21. hanafi - February 14, 2008

Salam from Indonesia. A sea change is sweeping in Southeast Asia. Malaysia should prove it this March 8.

22. kucheng - February 25, 2008

inilah negara yg kita mahu

23. JustTruth - February 27, 2008

“When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”: P. J. O’Rourke – (1947- ) US humorist, journalist, & political commentator

“If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” — Samuel Adams

“Formerly no one was allowed to think freely; now it is permitted, but no one is capable of it any more. Now people want to think only what they are supposed to think, and this they consider freedom.”: Oswald Spengler – (1880-1936) Source: The Decline of the West, 1926

“A people may prefer a free government, but if, from indolence, or carelessness, or cowardice, or want of public spirit, they are unequal to the exertions necessary for preserving it; if they will not fight for it when it is directly attacked; if they can be deluded by the artifices used to cheat them out of it; if by momentary discouragement, or temporary panic, or a fit of enthusiasm for an individual, they can be induced to lay their liberties at the feet even of a great man, or trust him with powers which enable him to subvert their institutions; in all these cases they are more or less unfit for liberty: and though it may be for their good to have had it even for a short time, they are unlikely long to enjoy it.” — John Stuart Mill, Representative Government, 1861

“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air — however slight — lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” : William O Douglas

“The greatest country, the richest country, is not that which has the most capitalists, monopolists, immense grabbings, vast fortunes, with its sad, sad soil of extreme, degrading, damning poverty, but the land in which there are the most homesteads, freeholds-where wealth does not show such contrasts high and low, where all men have enough-a modest living-and no man is made possessor beyond the sane and beautiful necessities.”: Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never, to forget.” : Allan Clements World Dharma

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”- Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980)

The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is a knowledge of our own ignorance: Benjamin Franklin

“The most effective means of preventing tyranny is to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts.”: Thomas Jefferson

Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” Albert Einstein

If… the machine of government… is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law: Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobediance, 1849

24. yapchongyee - March 1, 2008

Khairy Jamaluddin DO NOT BULLSHIT, here is a real case for you and if you are a real OXFORD UNIVERSITY GRADUATE then you will know that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali needs to be prosecuted for committing criminal offences.

I refer readers to my post on this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin, son in law of the Prime Minister and play-boy with a fleet of very expensive cars, please go to http://yap.chongyee.blogspot.com.

Dear Khairy Jamaluddin is all hot air, lots of empty talk before election and nothing but promises after the election. He has been put into the deputy leadership of UMNO Youth. Where else can his father in law “fast track” him into the front ranks of UMNO and eventually to succeed Ahmad Bedawi as Prime Minister ? I have observed many times that Malaysia is an oligarchy in the IRON GRIP of UMNO elite. The promises he has made so far can only exist in his mind alone and in fact cannot be realized. They are mere empty promises and are not to be taken seriously.

Let me draw this Khairy Jamaluddin’s attention to the ongoing ROYAL COMMISSION INTO JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ! What is Khairy Jamaluddin going to do to ADDRESS JUDICIAL CORRUPTION ? This is what solid and down to earth ISSUES that need to be addressed; and has he said anything about it ? Let me cite my wife’s CASE : ORIGINATING PETITION No.: D2-26-41 of 2001 in the HIGH COURT IN KL was struck out by the PRESIDING JUDGE ZAINON BINTI MOHD. ALI, who is now promoted to the court of Appeal. It is hilariously funny that judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali was so IGNORANT OF THE LAW THAT SHE AWARDED TO THE RESPONDENTS WONG KEM CHEN, STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN AND KWONG SEA YOON 2 directly OPPOSING ORDERS (a) for security for costs, which my wife paid in the sum of RM.60,000; therefore by this payment by my wife there is nothing else to be done except to go to court; but instead judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali went on to ILLEGALLY AWARD TO THE NAMED RESPONDENTS A SECOND AND OPPOSING ORDER TO STRIKE OUT PETITION.

The ignorance of this judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali is so comically profound THAT ALL HER ACTIONS ON THE BENCH IN HER ADJUDICATION OF MY WIFE’S PETITION WERE CRIMINAL. She committed the following criminal OFFENCES :

(1) Aiding & Abetting respondents Wong Kem Chen, Stephen Lim and Kwong Sea Yoon TO COMMIT the criminal offences of PERJURY & FORGERY
(2) Acting jointly with above criminal respondents in A CONSPIRACY TO PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE
(3) Acting jointly in a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences
(4) Acting jointly in a conspiracy to obstruct police investigating criminal offences
(5) Committed the criminal offences of Malfeasance.

I had written countless letters to the Malaysian A.-G, Chief Judge of High Court of Malaya, copies to President & Secretary of Malaysian Bar Council and to this day I have not received any response. Here is a Judge of the Highest Court of Malaysia who does not KNOW THAT SHE WAS IN FACT COMMITTING SEVERAL CRIMINAL OFFENCES WHILE PERFORMING HER JUDICIAL DUTIES. I have invited the Malaysian A,G, and all those mentioned above to come to Australia to obtain my EXTRADITION FOR SEDITION so why have they failed to clear the name of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali ? Why bother for the Malaysian Government to spend several millions of Ringgit to hold a bullshit Royal commission when criminal behaviour of Judge Zainon Binti Mohd. Ali is all there to READY FOR PROSECUTION.

What is this fellow Khairy Jamaluddin going to do about a REAL CASE and not one that is hot air. I invite the Malaysian Government to come to Australia to get my EXTRADITION.

25. Faiza Mardzoeki - March 11, 2008

Congratulation! Selamat! Bravo!
WELCOME to the real Politic:)
Keep on struggle…

Here in Jakarta, sedang ramai jelang pemilu 2009. Many young women politician berjuang untuk berpartisipasi dalam dunia politik juga….

Salam perjuangan dari Jakarta
Faiza Mardzoeki

26. Jeferson Labunda - March 11, 2008


27. private - March 11, 2008

Congratulation to u all.

here a song to celebrate

28. Faisal Hassan - March 12, 2008

I’m a 19 year old student. I’m very happy and delighted that my dream of a new Malaysia where my voice as a young adult is been spoken. I hope that with the new government in Selangor, I can talk freely base on freedom of speech. I hope that the new government will also implement on hearing our voice and opinions to improve this quality of Malaysia.

Thank You.

29. Francis Tan Abdullah - March 13, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,
Firstly, congratulation on your (our) VICTORY. It’s about time.
Can I have your email address, as I would like to seek your help on one issue. Kindly email to me at francistcy@gmail.com
Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you

30. klchan - March 14, 2008

I’d like to volunteer in one of your MAJLIS PERBANDARAN exco or any committee. I have exp in planning large infrastructures and townships having worked in the Melbourne Metropolitant Board of Works Australia.I believe I can play an active role in making Selangor a better place for all.Thanks kl chan.

31. Nigel - March 17, 2008

Hey Elizabeth

Congrats on the stunning upset. Have just started a more “political” blog to focus my rants. Was hoping you’d be ok with putting you on my blogroll? If it isn’t drop me a note at my hotmail address and I’ll remove it.

Ta much

EW: No probs.

32. Juan - March 18, 2008

Dear Eli,

It’s Juan here from Sri Damansara. Hope you can still remember.

Try reaching you at bukitlanjan08@gmail.com but failed. Any alternative email address?

I have suggested in one of my comments in your blog that you post on your blog your service centre and contact details.

True enough, I have people here asking about the whereabouts of your service centre, contact details and scheduled time to see you. Please don’t disappoint people that have voted for you.

I’d appreciate very much if you could email me the details.

I’d like to suggest that you also create a dedicated website for the Bukit Lanjan folks so that they can visit for information and updates.

Look forward to receiving a reply email from you, Yang Berkhidmat.

Thanks & regards,

EW: Dear Juan,
(1) the service centres (yes there’s more than one – as I’ve promised!) will be up and running no later than 1 April – at least the first one. We are now trying to gather volunteers, staff, fundraising and identifying the best location for the most affordable prices. I shall be posting the details once they are up and running.
(2) there will be another official website for Bukit Lanjan.
(3) I certainly haven’t forgotten everyone 🙂 Alas, I’m receiving more than 100 emails, comments, not to mention SMSs, phone calls, so for the moment, there will be a temporary backlog. My sincerest apologies to all and we’ll be in touch soon.
(4) The email should be: bukitlanjan2008@gmail.com

33. CH Yong - March 19, 2008

Hello Elizabeth,

Such cowards clearing up the paper trail, grrr. Oh well, a clean slate doesn’t mean a clean state, plenty of work now at nation (re)building.

A great music video to celebrate the rakyat’s victory:

Looking forward to a better Malaysia,
YCH (DM fan and creationist)

34. Juan - March 22, 2008

Dear Eli,

If it is true, as reported in MalaysiaKini, that you will be sworn in as an Exco member of the Selangor State Assembly this coming Monday, let me be the first one to congratulate you.

If it is true, it’s a glorious moment too for all Bukit Lanjan’s folks who voted for you!

We all shall look forward to excellent services and greater development to people in Selangor.

35. arfah - March 26, 2008

I was reading your aufheben. Interesting . I would like to share an article that u might be interested. It is in PDF file and how do i send it to u?

36. harrison - March 26, 2008

dear elizabeth,

we at apartment idaman, damansara damai, are looking forward to meet you, our new representative for bukit lanjan. i hope you can make time and come down here in the near future. there are 1001 problems here, relating to the maintenance of our apartment and also the roads surrounding.

p/s. can i have your hp no as well.

37. adieks - March 26, 2008

Puan Elizabeth Wong.

Salam sejahtera.

Terlebih dahulu saya ucapkan tahniah atas kejayaan anda. Harus diingat, sokongan itu tidak datang dari undi kaum cina sahaja, malah India dan Melayu terutamanya. Rakyat telah menolak undi berasaskan perkauman. Maka bertugaslah dengan bertanggungjawab, anda akan merasai sendiri pengalaman mentadbir dan menguruskan kerenah rakyat.

Namun, saya mengambil pendirian tegas di sini, saya anjurkan tanggungjawab kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia untuk menghormati Bahasa Malaysia sebagai bahasa rasmi. Walau apa pun jawaban puan, saya rasa puan tidaklah keterbelakang sekiranya mengendalikan blog ini di dalam Bahasa Malaysia.

Secara jujur, saya sedih apabila melihat terlalu ramai masyarakat cina malu untuk menggunakan Bahasa Malaysia dan semakin ramai juga masyarakat Melayu sedang menuruti.

Apakah kita malu dengan identiti kita? apakah kita kolot dengan bahasa kita? Ubah mentaliti, Perancis, Russia, Jepun dan Korea malah China antara negara membangun yang masih kekal dengan bahasa mereka sebagai bahasa komunikasi negara.

Tolonglah… perjuangkanlah bahasa kita. Ubah segera.

38. Ng Shee Pheng - March 27, 2008

Hello Elizabeth,

Congrats on being appointed into the State Exco in charge of Toursim. I hope you will be able to settle down quickly and start on planning for the Selangor state tourism. Firstly, the facilities at all tourist spot must be properly maintained. No point in having first class tourist spot but third world mentality in maintenance especially the toilets.

The first impression a tourist has of the state is very important that will determine whether the toursit will ever come back again or not. Not to mention, the bad experience the tourist suffered, at least four of his friends will know about it. The good experience, the tourist will share with his/her friends too.

I really enjoyed visiting Australia Zoo and National Parks which are very well maintained. Not to mention some of China tourist spot such as Jzhuizaigao and HuanLong which earned the UNESCO’s national park heritage.

Also, the golf, health and eco toursim which can be promoted throughout the Selangor state.

Anyway, wish you all the best in your task to rebuild Selangor state toursim. You definitely will have my support.

39. Shanker - March 27, 2008

Dear Elizabeth

I refer to the interview by Tan Sri Khalid with MalaysiaKini – http://politics101malaysia.blogsome.com/2008/03/26/qa-we-will-pursue-khir-toyo

Of particular concern are the following statements:-

1. Q – On Istana Zakaria, nothing has happened to that. Will there be any legal action taken?

A – He (Ronnie Liu) has indicated to me that he will be looking at the facts again and we will have discussions with the Klang local council on the matter. Maybe then we will correct the situation.

2. Q – The Penang state government has directed its leading government officers to declare their assets publicly.

A – We’ll do it also. I think we’ve also made the same statement, but the timing of its implementation will take time.

Q – Will they declare to you or directly to the public?

A – I’ll have to ask my excos first. Some do not want to make their declarations public for family reasons.

Q – Even the Barisan Nasional-led federal government is directing cabinet ministers to declare their assets publicly.

A – Well, it’s up to my excos. If they feel they want to make it public, then we’ll make it public. But there are reasons for this, because they say they do not want to show their shareholdings to the public.

Q – Doesn’t that raise questions regarding the excos’ transparency?

A – No, no, no. They will give their details, but they do not want it to be public. There’s a difference. In some countries they do that. But most likely, we’ll make it public. I must get their agreement.

My concerns:-

1. Istana Zakaria – I am surprised that Tan Sri seems to be “careful” with his choice of words – “Maybe” then we will correct the situation?? There should be no “Maybe” but ” We Will”, upon finding wrongdoings??

2. Why does there seem to be a rolling back of public asset declaration by certain exco? Before coming to power, everyone was so gung ho about it – now, sudah soften approach pulak?

Answers such as – “timing will take implementation” (didn’t Badawi say the same thing bout the IPCMC when he too was “all for it” pre-GE 11?), or “Well, it’s up to my excos. If they feel they want to make it public, then we’ll make it public”

The MB is the Chief. If he directs the exco to declare publicly, then should it be “up to my excos”?

Perhaps you can offer your opinion.

I must say that the “mood” & choice of Tan Sri’s replies seem very guarded, and I hate to say this – but BN-ish in some respects, such as above.

40. Theresa - March 27, 2008

Dear Juan,

Thanks for asking about the service centre details. We are sure waiting for it. Hope Eli will contribute in making her constituency a better place to live. I’m sure BSD can be improved further!

Dear Ms Eli,

Hope to meet you soon. And congrats!


41. ttdiplaza - March 28, 2008

Ms Elizabeth,
Now that you are an MP – a representative of people who elected you, you should write more often in your blog to brief us on what is going on and what has been done to improve Bukit Lanchang and Selangor. We must be transparent and open to let the people how it was managed before and what are your plans for the future.
May I suggest you start formulating policies on how to improve personal safety and security for the state. If you want KL or Selangor to go up the rankings on “The Best Places to live in”, start working on the safety/security factor.
If you need a Personal Assistant to help you govern, let me know.


42. KL - March 30, 2008

Dear Yang Berkhidmat Elizaberth,
This morning I went to the Nirwana Memorial Park together with my siblings for the Ching Ming and it was the first inregards to Chin Ming. I have heard about the jam all the way to the Park previous years but I thought that just normal and nor a big deal. After experienced it myself I just think something must wrong some where that cause the jam. I do not want to indulge to the matter too much but jus want to appeal to the new state government to look into the problem that arise very year regarding the jam. The jam will become worst next year and the years to come when more good souls are going to buy their resting place at the Park and the Nirwana taukeh keeps expanding his business at the Park but cannot see any contingency strategies to overcome the traffic vows of his clients and the most important those poor kampung folks who I am sure cursing everybody who drived pass through their quiet and clean air kampungs. Perhaps you can get a taste of it next year by driving to the Park either from Semenyih or Hulu Langat/Ampang side on the peak Sunday prior to the occasion. Please do something. Ask the boss of the Park to plan or to have an effective and professional traffic management during the period or the best an alternative road system to and fro the Park. Thank you.

43. novice101 - March 31, 2008

The most important thing, now, for the ‘new’ Malaysia, is to improve the quality of life of all Malaysians. Most Malaysians can consider ourselves to be fortunate and should feel privileged for what we have. But there are still many of our compatriots who are not in this situation. Improving their lot should be our most urgent priority.

Malaysia is a truly blessed nation! It is showered with abundant blessings – it is free of natural disasters (no earthquakes, disastrous floods), free of man-made disasters (no wars, conflicts and dis-stability).

It is endowed with natural resources (tin, rubber, oil palm, oil), and blessed with peace and harmony amongst the races. These gifts should be treasured, they should be preserved for our future generations.

Taking care of the less-privileged, the marginalised compatriots and preserving the gifts for our future generations are no easy tasks. These are heavy responsibilities, they demand more than lip-service. They demand our commitment to keep them, constantly in sight, not to deviate from the chosen course for any reason, or under any circumstance.

The politicians, in this ‘new’ nation of ours, have to live up to these responsibilities. They have to come up with genuine programs to uplift the lives of the less-privileged and the marginalised.

Other Malaysians (non-politicians), have an equal responsibility to play. They have to actively support politicians who are committed to these tasks, not only during election times, but throughout this chosen journey.

All politicians must endeavor to practise proper management of all these given resources. Proper management of the revenues generated by these resources should also judiciously applied.

The non-politicians, should, at the same time, put all politicians under close scrutiny, chastising, reprimanding and correcting them when they deviate from the course.

44. harrison - March 31, 2008

yb elizabeth,

i hope u can reply to my comment soon. i have help your party during the campaign and convinced other residents here to vote for barisan alternatif, simply because barisan nasional failed in helping the residents here. i believe u can change things. we are all waiting for u here.

45. Chopin - April 1, 2008

Dear Ms. Elizabeth,

Being a Malaysian and love for this country is truly unspoken feelings to me and I believe the same feeling is shared by others. I want to see this country progressively going to develop free from corruptions, nepotisme, chronisme.

Let people come from all over the world and quote us, Malaysians as example how people from different background of religion, cultures and races could live harmonically. To start this we voted other than Barisan Nasional and that is you.

Despite your routine of listening, taking notes of people plights here and there, please take serious thought of national unity where races are no longer a barrier but truly one as Malaysian at the same time emphasizing and preserving each others’ cultures and religions. Baba and Nyonya is one of the classical example.

Let’s us start looking into future from 8th of March 2008 with more confident. And of course, we will be watching you closely so that you would perform accordingly.

46. novice101 - April 2, 2008

The BN leaders, all, express desire to hold ‘soul-searching’ sessions to determine what caused them the humiliating defeat in the recent election. They need not crack their heads, as most of their work had been done for them, by their own members, the members of the press and the memebers from the academia. The comments given by the lady and gentlemen below are pertinent and incisive! They are to the point, no wishy-washy’, beating-around-the-bush’ statements.

Abdullah Badawi, Najid Abd. Razak, Ong Ka Ting, Samy Vellu, Koh Tzu Koon and Kayveas, take heed. Ignore them at your own peril!

Rita Sim’s analysis :-

The more mature generation vented their frustration against political arrogance, corruption and inefficiency in government. Many of these sentiments are “postponed feelings”, accumulated over the years.

The Chinese are not angry with the Malays but they are angry with Umno’s arrogance

At another level, it was a generational shift of younger voters who do not share the historical baggage of their parents’ generation.

Tan Sri Dr Sak Cheng Lum’s analysis:-

The younger voters were looking at more universal aspirations like fairness, an equitable and open society, media freedom, accountability and economic issues.
The writing is on the wall. We cannot hesitate over reforms. I won’t say the Opposition will do much better than us but they can’t do worse than us.

DAP strategist and Bukit Bendera MP Liew Chin Tong’s analysis:-

The key word is equal opportunity be it in education, politics or business. The demand for equal opportunity will be the driving issue in future elections as more young Chinese Malaysians come of voting age.

Prof James Chin of Monash University said :-

Despite the limelight surrounding issues like Chinese schools, pig-rearing and scholarships, Chinese interests are also largely national issues.

Solving problems behind closed doors does not work for today’s generation.

They want fair treatment, a level playing field and they are critical of corruption. They want to see sustainable economic growth and less interference by the government in the private sector. The Chinese business sector believes that too much interference leads to inefficiency, corruption and does not encourage a level playing field. They want their leaders to articulate a vision for not just Chinese Malaysians but all Malaysians. That’s why a significant number went for PKR which, on paper at least, speaks for all Malaysians. And it is quite clear by now that the MCA and Gerakan style of solving problems behind closed doors does not work for today’s generation. They want vocal leaders who speak out when there is injustice and in a rational and intelligent fashion. Speaking out and justifying what you do is part of being transparent. The Barisan Nasional’s formula of consensus politics is fine except that over the years, the Chinese feel it is more about giving in to the demands of Umno.

Penang Gerakan politician Teng Chang Yeow:-

Even Gerakan, which started off as the voice of conscience, lost its way when it allowed the politics of the day to take over. We keep asking the Chinese for full support so that they will be well represented in government. But wasn’t that what they gave us in 2004, total support? Now you know why they’re fed-up,

Leaders like Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein and Khairy Jamaluddin must realise this. People equated their behaviour with Umno’s inability to change with the times. If an Oxford-educated guy still talks like an Umno politician of 10 years ago, what hope do we have for the rest of Umno?

The Chinese were disappointed that well-educated Malay professionals in Umno Youth, beneficiaries of the NEP, were still speaking the political language of a decade ago. It is time Malay politicians keep the keris out of politics. The message from the voters is very clear. They are prepared to put the opposing side in power. Not all the Chinese votes were strictly about protest, as evident from the nasi kandar boycott in Penang. Locals were disgusted with the demonstration against the new state government by Umno members and supporters and nasi kandar shops run by Indian Muslims have reported slow business in Chinese areas.

47. Lau - April 2, 2008

Dear Ms YB Elizabeth Wong,

Could you please help us to solve the “cement truck depot” issue in BU 11 and BU12 at Bandar Utama. The noise apart from other nuisance created is unbearable to us. It was once a serene and peaceful place to stay! Despite complaints to MBPJ and even highlighted in the newspaper please refer to the web address : http://www.bu6wawasan.com.my/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=876&Itemid=2 , we are still very much hoping for someone to help us.

Thank you.

48. James Chai - April 3, 2008

I came to your blog by accident and enjoyed reading your articles. I am from Sarawak, a government servant by profession. I would like to contact lawyer ,YB R. Sivarasa for his views about my arrest by the police. I knew from the papers that he won a case in High Court of a person arrested under ISA. I would like to contact him by email as my case was similiar ( arrested under Emergency Act 3 (1) ) in 2000.

Thank you and sorry for troubling you.

49. X-BN supporter - April 3, 2008

good morning elizabeth:
welcome to bukit lanjan. we love our neighborhood especially sri damansara. lovely trees, green hills and spacious parks. come visit us sometime. one of the reasons why i switched camps was because we never saw or heard from the previous rep. at one point i actually thought she was non-existent. so liz, dont be a stranger in your new constituency. hope to c u sometime soon!

EW: Where is your area? I’ve touched based with all ‘Kawasan Peti Undi’ since 8 March 2008, with the exception of the Temuan settlement at Dsara Perdana, which will be next weekend.

50. nawawi - April 3, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

Maybe this is too late to congratulate you as an ADUN ..but there is nothing late compared to 50 years of the BN’s cheating . robbing etc.. I just want to share my real experience at Bilik Gerakan Keadilan at Section 5 Kota Damansara . On the day of its opening 4-5 days before election I was there and honestly that is the first time I saw you ..in my heart saying , who is this lady ..why she looks too busy here ?…haha…I am sorry , I only know Sivarasa and Dr Nasir as I am live in Kota Damansara and being volunteer of 2004 election. .. then when I move in to the bilik Gerakan and collecting the poster , phampelate and so many articles there …wooww somebody told me you are Dr Wan Azizah special officer or PA …and reading your background as an Ngo’s internationally …a few days later ..I am there again to staple your “face” …hehe ..to be hang , and that was enjoying even I am only with 3 volunteers there until 1:30 am ..and now I think I want claim my tea tarik ..just one cup ..not more than that …

On the day before election , the moment I see Dr Nasir , you and Sivarasa …hmmmm….this people surely will get experience being candidate , not more than that …ohhh ..GOD IS Great …my thinking was totally wrong on the night of 8th Mac ..the moment I move from Polling Centre after counting the vote at Sekolah Keb Sek 7 Kota Damansara ..and now Dr Nasir is my Adun , you are Exco …Sivarasa is my MP ….

So when can I have the cup of tea tarik ?….

51. Joshua - April 3, 2008

Dear YB,

I came from Johor, and now reside in Shah Alam. My normal weekend do was travel to difference places within Selangor.

I have noticed that in the state of Selangor, there is a lot of nice places to visit unfortunately there is lack of develpment, publicity & attraction.

Let me provide a example, Kuala Selangor; Kuala Selangor is popular of its sea food, fireflies and some local products. But, no many people would like to stay there for more than a day. Perhaps the problem is lack of attraction, entertainment, good hotel & etc. If your department could perhaps pull all attractions together such as local folk dance, handicraft making, introdue good hotel, clean environment, some nice handouts near the river. Perhaps, its could be a tourist place.

In fact, this is only one example, there are many others places that has pontential such as the jejarom, where the buddist tample is near by, puala carey a nice sea food place etc.

52. KL - April 4, 2008

Dear M/s Eli,
I have read all the comments before me. I believe all of them are eagerly waiting for your reply or at least hi! Where are you? I heard all the PKR-DAP-PAS ADUNs and MPs are busy preparing the new Selangor state government master development plan. If so, then we understand. Wish the new state government the very best and that you all can deliver the promises and do very much better than the old arrogance regime.

EW: Dear KL, there is no new Selangor state govt master development plan. It is interesting that you mentioned this and it’d be great if you let me know where you heard this from. There is the Selangor structure plan, and the various draft local plans.

53. harrison - April 5, 2008

hello!! yang berhormat,
the least u could do is get your pa / staff to reply my comment or even email me with a simple ‘we’ll look into it’! refer my first coment 26th march.
please dont let us down, and show us here in apartment idaman, damansara damai that we voted for the right candidate / party.

EW: Tks Harrison. I just got my PA on April 1 la! And pls see my reply to your email address. It is in fact immaterial whether a person voted for me or otherwise, as problems crop up regardless of political affiliation and we have to assist wherever possible.

54. KL - April 5, 2008

Dear Yang Berkhidmat Eli,
I hope the above reply to Harrison’s post was not from you. I think it was a bit out of order in term of voters’ expectation of their representative they have voted in. To put it in a not so nice word… similar to the behaviour of the old regime representative… arrogance!

EW: Alas it is from me. Eeeks. My friends help with approving comments but otherwise these little replies and posts are mine. My apologies if the above had offended any party. Perhaps the brevity does not allow a clearer explanation.

Anwar Ibrahim, in one of his taklimat clearly stressed to us all:- we are not ‘wakil ahli PKR’ or ‘wakil’ of those who voted for us. We work for everyone irrespective of partisan affiliations and try to assist wherever possible. Poverty, crime, disease, disasters and tragedy strike us all irrespective of class, race, gender and political affiliations. In my speeches during my rounds, I have stressed this point.

Hope this helps!
ps. We are all hopeful that we will finally have internet access by mid-April in the Shah Alam office! Then I’ll get more net time than the couple of hours every few days at home.

55. KL - April 5, 2008

Dear Yang Berkhidmat Eli,
Sorry, I just saw your reply to my posting after I have posted my comment to your reply to Harrison’s posting.
Thank you and very much appreciated by your acknowledgment.
Sorry again if my posting regarding my statement of the new Selangor state government master plan is inaccurate and thank you for your correction. As the source of the news, it was from a colleague who claims to know some datuks, bigshots and a member of your PKR colleague whom he could not see at his/her office after the QE but contacted through phone which he got that reply.

EW: If there is one, this blog will be amongt the first to publish the announcement. Indeed it would be something interesting to ponder over. BTW: I am still trying to work out to whom your complaint about traffic congestion can be forwarded to, in order for it to be dealt with.

56. KL - April 5, 2008

Dear Yang Berkhidmat Eli,
Suddenly I see the bright future and wonderful environment in this beloved country and cannot wait to see the new regime to take over sooner. Hopefully many would now say, ‘we have picked the right team’. Thank you.

57. RAJ RAMAN - April 6, 2008

Just going trou your profile,interesting.Hope you will the nobble few will be around for the sake of this country.Our country.

will continue about more comments after seeing some results in bukit lanjan area.Meanwhile my best wishes to you elizabert.

thanks.raj raman.06.04.08

58. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - April 6, 2008

It’s good that people are no longer complacent
For fear of being ‘victims’ of displacement
It’s time to make good for the public’s contentment
And not to take unfair advantage of law in biased enforcement

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060408
Sun. 6th April 2008,

59. zamani ab wahid - April 7, 2008


Regarding the attractions in Selangor, theres another hidden gem, the quartz reef behind taman melawati, there are only two like this , the other one in south africa. Its full of beautiful natural quartz crystals, and aromatic shrubs. The cliff look like limestone hills but its actually pure quartz crystals. Previous lack of interest has seen this place vandanlised. Many peolpe thought the beautiful quartz crystals are immature diamonds and start digging it out. The thick carpet of soft mosses on top of the hills usally get rosak when some boys lepak on them over the weekends.

60. Theresa - April 7, 2008

Dear YB Eli,

It’s good to finally see that you are replying the comments. This only imply you are now more in tune with your busy schedule. 🙂

Would like to find out for residents in Bandar Sri Damansara (the little township on the left after LDP Penchala Toll), which service centre we should go to. I am not sure if you have ever stepped into this area yet, but it’s a beautiful housing area with a small hill as backdrop.

This is a neighbourhood where one can find different kind of birds (blue, yellow, grey, black….I just don’t know their names!), and not forgetting the little squirel and monkey which will check out the fruits from the fruit trees planted by residents quite often. My neighbour said she has seen a musang family too!

But all these may not last long if the developer keeps building more houses by cutting down more trees. So, please pay a visit, talk to the residents. I’m sure everyone would love to talk to you!

Take care and best wishes.

61. Jim Sia - April 7, 2008

Dear Elizabeth
fantastic,great, we whip BN, keep on the good work, reform local govt to perform fairly and efficiently, recently went to EPF, quite efficient,MBPJ certainly needs to improve.Come next election we push all the corrupt politicians out

BU resident

62. nawawi - April 8, 2008

Dear YB Elli,

Since you are appointed as Exco of Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment , if any news on Hutan Simpan Kota Damansara please update to the group
the group consists of 200 people , it is good if your PA or your assistant joint can joint the group.

We want to preserve the jungle to have enough oxygen to DUN Kota Damansara and Bukit Lanjan. You can e-mail to me.

Thank you.

63. Chee Seng Yow - April 9, 2008

Dear Elizabeth Wong,

First of all i would like to extend my best wishes and congratulations to you on your win in the March 2008 general election and your subsequent apppoinment as EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Selagor.

The rakyat has made their decision via the ballot box and it my sincere believe that your have all all the required qualities to carry out the duties and responsibilites that was given to you by the rakyat.

Please do not disappoint the rakyat espcially the constituents of Bukit Lanjan.

Thank you and you are more than welcome to e-mail to me if you would like to exchange ideas to make Selangor the premier state of malaysia.


64. KL - April 11, 2008

Dear YB Eli,
May I suggest that the state gov. carry out a much vigorous program to enhance tourism activities to the Semenyih Dam/Nirvarna Memorial Park area. I think the area has a great potential in tourism industry. The dam, the memorial park, the ostrich farm, banana farms, the home stay program, water falls and picnic areas, beautiful sceenary etc. are the attractions that can lure tourists especially from oversea such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and the Europeans. The state gov needs to upgrade the infrastructures to the area such road system, land scape and carry out promotion to bring these tourists to the area. The Nirvana Memorial Park boss should be persuaded to spearhead the program because I think his business entity would be the main attraction to the industry. The previous regime, I think because of its race base mentality, discrimination and small brain did not really and seriously carry tourism program to that vast potential area. Perhaps, with the active tourism activities to the area, the annual Ching Ming traffic jam can be solved at the same time, just like one stone kills two birds.TQ.

65. par - April 12, 2008

YB, I write to inform about my housing area at Bandar Sri Damansara Phase 1.

Last week YB, in celebrating your victory you had a dinner in our area. Our residents tried to hand over a letter regarding the many issues we have faced in the last 10 years.

YB should give immediate priority to the following matters:-
a) the roads in our area was tarred 10 years ago. Many poth holes are there and MPPJ has not taken care about that even tough complaints was made.

b) due to the roads done at high gradient water which runs downstream flows into neighbours house and does not go into the drain. some water just holds on to the roads. due to heavy rain, holes have started to appear and it has become from small to big.

e) infront of my house the hole was so big, which i could not bear it, i have to buy cement and granite to closed the hole.

f) we need the road to be tarred soonest possible.

g) the rubbish collection is not done at the schedule time. many contractors have been changing hand.

h) the walking path at the backyard of the house which was orignally tarred now has grown with grass. it looks ugly when these backyards should look neat.

i) no MPPJ workers are seen to clean the drains, which contains silt and rubbish which blocks the flow of water in the drain and during heavy rain it carries a lot of leaves, rubbish, sometimes small timbers which prevent the flow of water to the main drain.

I wish to point out that our neighbouring housing estate, DESA JAYA AND TAMAN EHSAN, the roads was tarred yearly. Why was our housing area was not tarred for more than 10 years. 2 elections have gone.

On behalf of the residence at SD 2/2D, Bandar Sri Damansara, I appeal to YB to do something to our views highlighted above.

EW: Thanks. We will be in touch with your RA. It is interesting though to note that D Jaya and T Ehsan folks say that their roads have not been tarred for 20 years or more.

66. Rosie Lockhart - April 14, 2008

Dear Elizabeth Wong,
I’m a fourth year BA (media and communications) student at the university of Sydney, Australia. I spent some time working as a journalist in Malaysia over Jan/Feb 2008 and am doing a research paper on alternative news websites in Malaysia. I’m particularly interested in media coverage of the Hindraf rally which occurred last year. I wanted to ask you a few questions and possibly get an email contact for Beth Yahp as I’d love to chat to her about her open letter to the PM and her views on the Hindraf rally. I would really appreciate your help and am on a tight deadline (wednesday). I’ve just located you both by accident looking for some last minute information.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Rosie Lockhart

67. suriani - April 15, 2008

to yb,
i have read your plan to rebrand the tourism in selangor in particular heritage tourism. I’m fully support your intentions. Just to inform that, apart from Klang the districf of Kuala Langat (where the pig issue is the big news now!!!) also has lots of potential for heritage tourism as the history of selangor sultanate is originated from Jugra (in Kuala Langat district). Infact the historical building and monumens in the district is just ‘like the forgotten history’ ……

EW: TQ. I’m in fact going through ‘A History of Selangor’ (MBRAS).

68. par - April 17, 2008

Thanks for your reply. I am not aware of the Resident Association in Phase 1. We dont receive any newsletters from RA of Sri Damansara. The last I saw was more than 2 years ago.

Desa Jaya and Taman Ehsan are in the Selayang Municipality. Sp the allocations was used from this to tar their roads. I was surprised to see that their roads was taken good care.

YB should call for a meeting with Bandar Sri Damansara residents. Phase 1 AND Phase 2 separetly. In phase 1 we will have different problems compared with phase 2.

The problems must be heard directly by YB. I can send you our the various other problems. I need your email address. I also need the address and contact nos. of your bilik gerakan.

Jalan Angsana SD2/2D

EW: Thanks, Par. In fact there appears to be 3 RAS in Sri Damansara Phase 1 — BSD RA, Jati RA and Cemara RA, which I am in touch with for preliminary matters. Definitely a public meeting will be in the books, together with the new councillors and concerned authorities from the local councils.
My service centre HQ details are as below:-
Add: BU3 MBPJ Community Centre (1st Floor)
Hp: 012 7355025
Email: bukitlanjan2008@gmail.com

69. KL - April 18, 2008

Dear Yang Berkhidmat Eli,
If you wonder around to our many housing estates, surely you will see many of them are in a very bad shape in terms of landscape, tidiness and cleanliness. I would like to suggest to the state government through its local councils to carry out a comprehensive program to improve the surrounding of all the housing estates to a level that is comparable to those in Singapore. Suitable trees or plants should be planted along the road systems, especially the main entrance to each of the estates to make the environment of the residential areas a well maintain gardens, clean and aesthetically.

70. Yasmin Rasyid - April 22, 2008

Dear Elizabeth

I have been trying to locate your email address but to no avail. I’d like to invite you to check out our latest effort called Eco Film Fest 2009 (www.ecoknights.com). I don’t know how this might interest you but our volunteers felt that you would be the right person to hear this. And I totally agree with them. Thanks! – Yasmin

71. par - April 24, 2008

Thanks for your prompt reply. Your comments noted.

72. flyer168 - April 25, 2008

Dear Ms.Elizabeth Wong,

My heartiest congratulations (belated) to you in the March 2008 general election and apppoinment in the Selangor EXCO.

With your early exposure in Sydney Australia, I am confident you have what it takes to propel the Selangor Exco & this state to greater heights !

My family & I used to be a Sydneysider, so we share your sentiments with regards to what has been a decadent administration/state of affair to this beautiful city, state & country which we all call…
“Home” !

Keep up the good work.

flyer168 BTRA

73. Chris - April 25, 2008

Hi Liz,

congrats! since you been elected, probably is a good time for you to share some of you plans or thoughts on making our area to a better place?

74. William Liow T. F. - April 28, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,
I am staying in Putra Crest, Just off Putra Height and is next to USJ 24. Does your constituency cover this area as well. Just curious. In case I need any help I might need to contact your service centre. Appreciate if you can provide me with the information such as the address and the telephone numbers or the handphone numbers of your personal assistance. BTW congrats. Looks like there will be a lot to do now that the elections is over.
Thank you
William Liow

75. David Lim - April 30, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

Just would like to congratulate you and all PKR candidates for their recent success and hope it is not too late.

After being suppressed for 50 years and the People Power has given you all a mandate to CHANGE and yes, we have done it.

Yet, those corrupted UMNO_BN government has not change either and still want to be as arrogant and trying to bully the PK State Governments.

A noted example is Tourism under Azalina who want to severe any relationship with the PR States. Who does she think she/he is?

My purpose is to help you and PR in the Tourism sector in all these States.

If you could give me your email, I would be glad to send you more as to how WE can overcome the ‘boycott by UMNO_BN’.

All the best and hope that I can contribute in anyway so enable ALL MALAYSIANS to have a great future.

David Lim

Email: davidlim5@yahoo.com

76. Theresa - April 30, 2008

Dear Eli,

I found another web site of yours, http://www.elizabethwong.org/site/ which I believe was created for your election campaign. Will this be your official Bukit Lanjan web site? See not much update though.

You may want to put up the list of needies in your service centres (fax machine, PC, printer, chairs, tables etc) in this blog so that everyone who supports you can help. 🙂

Take care.

EW: Ta heaps, Theresa. Right now, I’ve not had time to update that site, and not even this one. But definitely we are looking for two desktops for the service centre.

77. par - May 1, 2008

YB, I have received Berita BSDRA (Persatuan Penduduk Bandar Sri Damansara ) at about 7.45pm today being delivered house to house after a long time. In my earlier mail to you I told 2 years never received the newsletter.
The address of BSDRA is at Lot PT21779, Persiaran Margosa, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-62779172
Fax: 03-62779172

YB I hope you can move on with the above information. This Persatuan actually is in Phase 2. If this is the only association representing BSDRA, then when was BSDRA for Jati and Cemara formed and registered.

Please check as I am now too confused.

36 Jln Angsana SD2/2D
Bandar Sri Damansara

EW: Phase 1 has two – Jati and Cemara. BSDRA operates mainly in Phase 2, but I don’tt see why residents from Phase 1 shouldn’t join it.

78. RZ - May 2, 2008


Good afternoon to you.

Please be informed here that i have some gossip to share with the auntie and uncle here and this is not a defamation email or sedition letter.

These was what i heard from a friend of mine…..He said that if you want to obtain a Law Degree ( External Programme only ) in one of Local University and pass CLP exam, it is so easy like “makan kacang putih”.

The question papers can be obtained via a “channel”. You only required to do is purchase the exam paper, memorised the answers and you will pass it at least a “B”.

Is that true ??? A friend of mine added : ” I heard it from a friend…friend of mine. Nobody is going to bother the crime act cause nobody will able to trace the “channel”. If you have a few hundred ringgit , you can be a lawyer in the period of 4 years from now. Furthermore, these activities has been happened since the year of 2001. I commented : ” Gosh!…..It is cheap in cost. But where can i find this “channel” ??? “. A friend of mine added :” Once you have registered the law course, someone will approach you somewhere ….somehow. Just save some money now…..who knows they are charging each paper or subject RM200 each. With this RM200, you will get the exam paper in one whole set one month before the exam. You will have enough time to prepare the answer and memorised. You “tidak perlu baca” the whole book lah……

I said : ” Now, everybody can be a legal adviser”. mmmmmm……..My friend quiestioned : ” Shall we report it to respective party like the university or the CLP board ??? But we don’t have any proof. ” I immediately replied : ” You better don’t talk so loud. Later , both of us kena warn by somebody because being acting as a busybody. ”

God Bless All of Us…….with no more under table money incident.

79. RZ - May 2, 2008

I wonder : ” Where can i get to know this “channel” ? ” Could it be the admin staff ? the printer ? or the officer ?

Nahhhhhhhhh……….i am just have a blank thought. No bad intention here to point the arrow to who it is …..Just a wonder before i go to play my football.


80. Mike - May 5, 2008

Dear Ms. Elizabeth,

Now that the elections are way over and all MPs sworn in, its time to get into 1st gear and fulfilled the promises that you made to those who voted for you. It is truly refreshing to see a fresh face with fresh hope that things will actually be done to the area that I am currently residing, Bandar Utama (BU).

Prior to the elections, there were plans to build a police station in BU but right now what I see is just an empty land with nothing going on. Besides that, crime has recently increased with more alarming situations reported (parang wielding robbers, robbers robbing in bright daylight! etc.). We, people in BU, do feel like adopted children sometimes as we fall under Bukit Lanjan which in on the other end, which comprises a bigger land area (equates to more votes).

I would truly hope that you and your people would truly look into these matters instead of concentrating so much on environment. Each time, you appear on news, it would be most probably on “environment news”. There are other more pressing matters which involves innocent lives.

Yours truly,


81. Ng Hiak Hian - May 6, 2008

Hi Elizabeth Wong,

Recently I saw your comments/plans about the rebranding the tourism in Selangor, among others, Templer Park.

I personally has some comments about the rubbish inside the Templer Park. If you encourage more visitors to Templer Park, I am afraid we are endangering the lovely jungle. We, particularly, have been bringing a lot of food, drink, chemical (sulphurs to keep away from snake during night time camping inside the jungle!), civilised inventions to the green jungles and left behind them when we left the park. It is sad to see the man made destructions to the environment, not only to Templer Park, but also Morib, Port Dickson (opps, out of your territory), to name but a few….

Can I suggest that the ticketing booth collect RM50 as the deposit for the visitor who want to explore the jungle and also give the visitors a rubbish bag to collect back the food, empty cans,trash they consumed. The deposit can be refunded upon giving the trash bag with rubbish to the ticket booth.

I hope we can do a little bit of taking care on our lovely green jungles, seaside.. for the sake of our next generations amd also the animals and trees….

Kind regards


82. Steve Ng - May 14, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

Sorry I have to “approach” you this way, but I don’t know how else I can reach you.

Firstly, my belated congrats for your winning the election. I was thrilled by the good performance of PRK, DAP and PAS, and somewhat disappointed that we didn’t win the Parliament majority.

I am a resident of Bandar Sri Damansara. I am a Chinese male, married to a lovely Indian woman. We have 3 beautiful children–2 girls 1 boy. We are Catholics.

I am a real estate negotiator with no fix income. My wife gives tuitions at home. Financially we are just getting by.

Desperation is too strong a word, but you can guess I must be near it that I should write to you this way.

You see, my eldest daughter has got 9A1s and 2A2s for her SPM. We have applied for scolarships to JPA, Bank Negara, 8TV, Petronas, Security Commission, NST, The Star and a host of others. None is successful. Including JPA, despite their announcement in the newspapers recently that all students with 9As will get scholarship.

I can not begin to tell you how disappointed we are. Some of my daughter’s malay friends with 6As were awarded the scholarships. But we know we are not unique in this. We heard and read about many others just like us who are not of the right race.

I am seeking your help in any way possible, because I want to give my daughter a better foundation for a better future than mine.

What do you think we should do? What can we do?

I hope for a reply from you. I am not demanding, just hope.

You and your party can always count on my support.

Yours faithfully,
Steve Ng

83. par - May 17, 2008

A new police station is set up at Sri Damansara Phase 1. Almost all is complete.

Are you invited to attend the official opening? If Yb is coming, can we have the date of the opening ceremony.

84. Brian Lew - May 17, 2008

Councillor Wong – As an elected representative of the people who places such importance on human rights, I found it shocking and extremely regrettable that you were quoted to have said “nab them…catch them” with reference to illegal immigrants in the greater Selangor area. Last I checked, they were humans too, and should therefore be accorded the minimum, at least, of decorum one would expect from a fellow human being.

85. christopher raja selvan - May 20, 2008

Hai Liz,

Tried to find out if there is a Keadilan office in Rawang – Country Homes in particular but there was no reply . Can you please give me a contact person and hand phone number Thanks

Mahathir must resign now because if DSAI does take over it is the end for him and should be so . I have for the last 20 years had so much anger for this desplicable man . He has caused misery to countless people .

Take care but do contact me if you are in Coubtry homes – rawang

012 – 2180525

86. peter khoo - May 20, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

You remind so much of Penny Wong of Australia.
Are you related or by any chance pals?Both of you
were graduate of Australian Uni.
Really admire both of you for the dedication,tenacity
and drive to achieve your politiacl goals to make the country
a better place to live in.Penny has impacted Australia and world
at large with her astute handling of Global warming issues as the
Minister of Climate Change and Water and I forsee you too be
the Minister of “Climate” Change in Malaysia soon.

87. Save The Damansara Perdana Forest - May 24, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,
I quote from the Star report on the speech of HRH the Sultan of Selangor at the opening of the Selangor State Assembly on 21st May 2008,
“On development projects,he called for an end to development on Level 3 and 4 highlands, as well as the clearing of jungles and open burning, adding that he wanted at least 30% of green areas retained.”
Thank you, Tuanku! HRH is truely the People’s Ruler ! I am sure all the rakyat of Selangor are proud of our beloved Sultan.
Let no one dare question our Sultan on HRH’s directive ! I hope the Selangor Government will now review and revoke the zoning of the Damansara Perdana Forest for development and zone at least 30% of the 800 acres former Orang Asli Reserve land, i.e. 240 acres as green areas as our Sultan have proclaimed. It will be treason for anyone to go against the Sultan’s directive.

For Steve Ng of Bandar Sri Damansara, my heart goes out to you and family for your plight. It is such a blessing to have a gifted child with 9 A1s and 2A2s for her SPM. Do not despair, I am sure YB Elizabeth will try to help. I remember I obtained 7 distinctions in MCE in 1993 and I was the top student in Pahang then, yet I could not get a Federal Government Scholarship. I never once despair, and I managed to get to England and obtained a 1st Class Honours Degree from Leeds University on my Father’s Own Scholarship ( my father was not rich but he managed to scrape together my air-fare and 1st year tuition fees ) and I worked the graveyard shift in factories making bread, ice-cream and plastic components. The experience of fending for myself in England made a man out of me.
It was a blessing in disguise for me as I was not tied to any government service like some of my friends. I run my own business and am now financially independant. Thanks to my dear Father who just passed away. So, Steve,I pray that you will get a scholarship for your child, but whatever happens, your daughter will be fine simply because she is blessed by GOD.
GOD bless you.

88. Save The Damansara Perdana Forest - May 24, 2008

Sorry, I meant I obtained 7 distinctions in MCE in 1973……..

89. RZ - May 27, 2008

To Ms Wong,

Bar Vocational Course
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Bar Vocational Course (usually termed the BVC) is a graduate course that is completed by those wishing to be called to the Bar, i.e. to practise as a barrister in England and Wales. The ten institutes that run the BVC along with the four Inns of Court are often collectively referred to as ‘Bar School’.

This vocational stage is the second of the three stages of legal education, the first being the academic stage and the third being the practical stage, i.e. pupillage. No person can practise as a barrister unless he has successfully completed this course.

Entry requirements
Although the minimum entry requirements for the BVC is a qualifying law degree with no less than lower second class (2:2) honours, or a degree in another subject with no less than 2:2 honours in addition to a pass in the in the Common Professional Examination (CPE), applicants for the BVC should demonstrate a strong academic profile (preferably pper Second Class Honours degree and above from a leading university and excellent extra-curricular activities). Additionally, a suitable candidate should provide strong evidence of a commitment to the English Bar.

In 2006:

3,227 students applied for the BVC,
1,932 got a place,
1,425 passed the BVC,
598 got pupillage,
544 got tenancy.

As a result of the apparent over-supply of barristers, the Bar Standards Board recently considered four controversial proposals:

Capping the number of BVC places
Deferring call till the completion of pupillage
Raising the minimum entry standards to a 2:1 degree (implemented into some BVC offering institutions)
Mandating a minimum IELTS score of 7.5/9 for foreign students (implemented into some BVC offering institutions)
As of 2008, only two of these proposals have been able to find enough support to be implemented.

Course options
The course bridges the gap between academic study and the practical work of a barrister by teaching subjects with which a practising barrister will need to be familiar with. Core modules include:

Criminal Advocacy
Civil Advocacy
Opinion Writing
Client Conferencing
Criminal Litigation and Sentencing
Civil Litigation and Evidence
Legal Research
Case Preparation and Analysis
Professional Conduct and Ethics
Two optional modules (these vary from institute to institute)

Students successfully completing the course may be awarded the overall grade of “Outstanding”, “Very Competent” or “Competent”.

To gain the award of “Outstanding” a candidate must have passed all assessments at the first attempt and must achieve either an overall mark of 85% or above, or six or more grades in the outstanding category.
To gain the award of “Very Competent” a candidate must have failed no more than one assessment at the first attempt and must achieve either an overall mark 70% or eight or more grades in the very competent or outstanding categories.
To gain the award of “Competent” a candidate must pass each assessment subject to the rules governing the opportunity to re-sit.

BVC Providers
Institution Location Circuit Approx. course fees
BPP Professional Education London South Eastern £13,495
BPP Professional Education Leeds North Eastern £10,250
University of the West of England Bristol Western £9,775
Cardiff University Cardiff Wales and Chester £8,500
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham Midland Circuit £9,675
College of Law London South Eastern £12,375
College of Law Birmingham Midland Circuit £9,900
City University London South Eastern £12,770
Manchester Metropolitan University Manchester Northern £8,705
Northumbria University Newcastle upon Tyne North Eastern £9,155

BPP Law School, London
Number of places: 264 full-time, 96 part-time
BPP is not just a professional education provider, it’s a public company with a website providing as much information about corporate governance and share performance as careers guidance. If the school ’s motto – Serving the Client – isn’t enough of a giveaway, its swanky glass and steel building should leave you in no doubt that this school “takes itself very seriously.” With state-of-the-art facilities, including a series of mock courtrooms, nothing is spared to make the experience as realistic as possible. Students are even required to wear suits on certain days. Competition for places is intensified by the minimum requirement of a 2:1 which, except in “exceptional circumstances,” forms the school’s admissions policy. Once there, students describe the BPP experience as “a very time-intensive course… they keep you busy with exercises and a structured schedule.” Tuition is arguably geared towards those who may have difficulty passing the course – “they are very professional about getting you to pass if you’re struggling” – and, on the downside, this can leave brighter sparks feeling uncatered for. Advocacy, negotiation and conference skills are the mostly highly praised parts of the course and these are taught by practising barristers in court dress. A total of nine electives are offered including Judicial Review, Company Law, Property and Chancery. Each student is required to complete five hours of pro bono activities over the year and there are also plenty of mooting competitions to get involved in.

BPP Law School, Leeds
Number of places: 48 full-time, 48 part-time
BPP jumped at the chance to exploit the northern market by opening a brand-new BVC programme in Leeds in September 2006. With the inaugural year nearing completion, we spoke to course director Nicki McLaren to find out if it had been a success. Following the London model, there is an almost identical course structure and equally modern facilities in Leeds, but the fact that the course is so much smaller means that “each student knows everyone on the course” and at meet-and-greet sessions with the local Bar “the chances of being able to network and make those connections is much better.” A BPP London advocacy tutor spent time in Leeds in the first year to ensure continuity with the quality of teaching in the capital, while two practising barristers and a series of professional actors helped students perfect their skills in time for their final assessments. To assist with dining requirements and save the trip to London, a black-tie dinner organised in Leeds was a storming success. For mooting, while Leeds has its own competition, a team also entered the London-wide mooting competition, going up against BPP ’s London team. Pro bono opportunities are available. Heavy involvement from members of the Northern Circuit and fees significantly lower than in London have ensured high application numbers. Experience already shows that successful candidates invariably put BPP as their first choice.

Nottingham Law School
Number of places: 120 full-time
Nottingham Law School offers arguably the best BVC; one which competes very well against its London rivals. Indeed, twice as many first-round first-choice applications are made to NLS as there are places available and this allows the school to only take on those applicants with a fighting chance of pupillage. On average 50% of enrolling students will have secured one by the March following the end of the course. NLS claims to have the highest pupillage rate for its BVC students. To stand a chance of getting onto this BVC, you will need a 2:1, good A-levels or a good post-grad degree (usually an LLM), evidence of interaction with the legal profession (usually a minimum of three weeks’ pupillages or vacation schemes), evidence of public speaking and initiative (eg through positions of responsibility). NLS has a relatively low intake of international students – usually less than 10%. By keeping student numbers down and having a dedicated BVC building, staff and students can get to know each other well. The school’s director James Wakefield reveals: “Staff meet every month to decide which students need pressure put on them or taken off them … this is not a place to come to be anonymous.” The BVC year at NLS is judged by students to be a demanding one and they know they are expected to spend five full days a week on their studies. Skills and knowledge learning focus on the seven briefs that are followed throughout the year. Criminal advocacy sessions are held in courtrooms at Nottingham’s old Guildhall in formal dress. The appointment of a full-time pro bono co-ordinator and a public-access advice clinic at NLS have enhanced the range of real-life experiences open to students, and there is no shortage of links with professionals in London and the Midlands. Barristers and judges present guest lectures on a regular basis, and there are sponsored plea-in-mitigation and mooting competitions plus a marshalling scheme. A pupillage-interview training day assists those who have not yet secured training and, to help students keep contact with their Inns in London, there are coaches to the capital for qualifying sessions. NLS can also dangle the carrot of an LLB for all those who successfully complete the GDL and BVC, and students can also tap into the social, sporting and other facilities offered by Nottingham Trent University. By 2010, NLS intends to offer the BVC at its award winning London operation with Kaplan.

Bristol Institute of Legal Practice
Number of places: 120 full-time, 48 part-time
If you’re drawn to the South West, competitive prices and strong connections with the Western Circuit make this course well worth considering. Although stats show fewer high-calibre students are attracted to Bristol than some of its rivals, the institute responds by pointing out that a “less traditional intake” does not prevent the course from scoring highly in terms of added value. Course director Stephen Migdal believes “passing the BVC at UWE is something that has to be earned, but thereby provides a real sense of achievement. ” Entrance requirement for students with ESL is a minimum band score of 7.5 on the IELTS. Students work in groups of 12 or fewer for 90% of the time and are given a base room, complete with their own set of keys, to which they have access seven days a week. These rooms are equipped with books and IT facilities and become like “a second home” to many students. The commitment and dedication of staff is “constantly remarked upon by students,” leaving us in no doubt that Bristol is working hard to achieve its goals. Students also commented on the “strong sense of community.” Involving BVC students in the local community is one of the institute’s core values, for example through mock trials in schools. Students can use pro bono work for FRU, alongside two weeks of compulsory work experience, to fulfil both of their optional modules. A new initiative also enables students to attend inquests, represent juveniles at police stations and carry out prison visits: vital preparation if you ’re thinking of going into criminal practice. Members of the local Bar assist in advocacy teaching, something students practise during three full trials, while the provision of digital cameras facilitates sometimes-excruciating self-scrutiny. The location of the university off the M4 is a downer. Said one: “I didn’t realise how far away from the city centre it was.” However, ample campus facilities mean students have full access to a range of sporting and social activities.

Cardiff Law School
Number of places: 72 full-time
Course leader Jetsun Lebasci sums up the BVC at Cardiff as “an intense year where high standards are expected, but that is ultimately vastly rewarding. ” If you’re looking for a well-established, university-based law school you’d do well to give Cardiff some thought. But make sure you put it as your first choice – “95% of our offers are taken up by candidates who have put us in first place.” Located on a campus that is “green, pleasant and seconds away from the city centre,” the law school is small enough for staff and students to know each other by name, which “gives us a chance to change, adapt and be flexible in a way that other providers can ’t.” While a number of students are from Wales, many come from other parts of the UK and around 25% are international students who benefit from compulsory two-hour TEFL sessions on a weekly basis if the school judges that it would be in their interest. The school prides itself on the “quantity and quality” of its skills teaching (advocacy, negotiation and conferencing) and goes beyond the mandatory syllabus, with tuition for these modules delivered to groups of four or six students. Coming in both written and oral form, feedback on students ’ complete performance over the two hours is extremely thorough. In turn, students are encouraged to complete anonymous online questionnaires to ensure any problems are quickly addressed. Jetsun explained that there is still a strong emphasis on the knowledge-based subjects during the first two terms as “we feel that they need this to underpin the other skills.” Having said that, the course is now “less front-loaded than in the past” and a regular dialogue between the school and local practitioners ensures that the materials used are of an appropriate nature. Mini-pupillages and court marshalling are organised for students during two placement weeks. Other extra curricular activities include the recently launched Innocence Project, in which students investigate alleged wrongful convictions. This programme has received a lot of press attention over the last year.

College of Law, London
Number of places: 240 full-time, 48 part-time
Its London branch situated just off Tottenham Court Road, the College of Law is a thoroughly well-established supplier of legal education in the capital. It has recently gained new degree-awarding powers, meaning students who complete the GDL and BVC at the College will automatically gain an LLB. An LLM is also available if you ’re willing to put in extra time at the end of the year. The teaching on the course follows the litigation process, meaning the timetable “is never the same from week to week” and everything is done through classes (as opposed to lectures). These are based on groups of 12 students (or fewer for certain oral skills sessions) who work together until their optional subjects start in the final term. Judges and practitioners visit the college to give students feedback on advocacy and preside over mock trials. There are also after-hours speaker programmes on subjects such as commercial awareness and law and justice, which “draw in high-profile lawyers and professionals from the business world, and provide plenty of opportunity for mingling afterwards. ” Many students become involved in the Tribunal Representation Service, which provides opportunities to appear at the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal around the corner from the College. Students have also been able to handle small claims, social security and employment cases. Two teams enter the National Negotiation Competition each year; mooting is encouraged at all levels of proficiency, and for the last two years the College has organised prison visits. In short, “our extensive extra curricular activities are one aspect of the course that we’re immensely proud of,” said course director Jacqueline Cheltenham.

College of Law, Birmingham
Number of places: 96 full-time plus part-time places
Starting in September 2007, the College of Law’s Birmingham course will be identical in content and structure to that offered in the capital. A weekend part-time course will also be offered. Expect the college to capitalise on its strong links with local set St Philip ’s Chambers, one of the largest barristers chambers in the country, and to encourage plenty of networking with the local Bar. On both the London and Birmingham courses, a 2:2 is the minimum required degree grade, but don ’t let this mislead you as the grading system used by the college still gives more marks to a 2:1 applicant. The GDL and LPC have long been available in this city; now that the BVC has arrived too, this course will no doubt be inundated with applications.

Inns of Court School of Law, City University, London
Number of places: 575 full-time, 75 part-time
Once upon a time ICSL was the only BVC provider. The school developed the course and is still author of a series of manuals that are used by many students elsewhere and even those starting out in practice. Sited at the edge of Gray ’s Inn, the school has occupied a position in the heart of legal London for a very long time and, despite the undermining of its hegemony, ICSL still makes much of its longevity and traditional appeal. It educates more full-time BVC students than the other two London providers combined. Some question the school ’s ability to deliver the best course because of the sheer size of the student body, but City/ICSL points out that the majority of classes take place in groups of 12 (six for advocacy) and that students are split into four manageable cohorts, each with a deputy course director. The course does include some larger group sessions, albeit that these make full use of some pretty smart facilities in the interactive lecture theatre. Pro bono opportunities are plentiful as the school enjoys links with numerous organisations across the capital, including FRU (with which students can complete one of their two option subjects). Relationships with practising barristers and judges are strong, and practitioners visit regularly for a variety of evening events. Keen students can choose to tack an LLM in Professional Legal Practice onto their BVC.

Manchester Metropolitan University
Number of places: 108 full-time, 48 part-time
Renowned for its close involvement with members of the Northern Circuit, MMU is a cracking choice for anyone wanting to break into the Bar in this part of the country. The strength of its professional links are impressive: at least seven two-hour advocacy master classes per year see local barristers coming in to give students feedback, and professionals also get involved in MMU ’s practitioner-mentor scheme, offering useful careers and study advice. Another way to rub shoulders with potential recruiters is attendance on the Additional Professional Programme. The BVC is taught at the university ’s five-year-old law faculty building and MMU adopts a ‘syndicate group’ approach, organising its students into groups of 12 with their own rooms with IT facilities and core texts. When they arrived, the 2007 students found brand new computers and audio-visual equipment in their rooms. MMU is massively oversubscribed: course director Alan Gibb informed us that for the 108 full-time places on the 2007/08 course there were 220 applicants who put MMU as their first choice. It allows the university to be picky, usually taking only those with a 2:1, sometimes offering places to candidates with a 2:2 but otherwise remarkable CVs. Those who pass muster on grades still have to produce an impressive application detailing “clear, articulate reasons” for wanting a career at the Bar. Alan advises that students “approach the application form as if it were an application for pupillage, making sure it is word-perfect. ” What will not count against you is a lack of northern credentials: “We are happy to take people from anywhere as we know that students put us first because they want to practise on the Northern Circuit. ” Around 15% of students intend to return to practise overseas, and typically around 30% of domestic students will have gained pupillage by the time they finish the course. Recognising a lack of organised pro bono activities, the university appointed a pro bono director in 2007 and he hopes to put in place some programmes for BVC students during 2008. All in all, competitive fees, good facilities, and those all-important links to professionals make this provider stand out up north.

University of Northumbria, Newcastle
Number of places: 80 full-time, 48 part-time + 40 on exempting LLB
In addition to its conventional BVC, Northumbria offers an integrated LLB and BVC programme carried out over four years. Students apply for a place on this ‘exempting degree’ during the second year of their undergraduate LLB and, if successful, spend the following two years combining undergraduate options with components of the BVC. A parallel LLB/LPC course is also run. There are some very practical benefits to combining the two courses, not least a saving in cost, and students are generally able to extend their student loan to cover all four years. For those who are too late to take advantage of this programme, there are still benefits in taking the conventional BVC at Northumbria, which as of September 2007 will also offer 48 part-time places. The well-respected course has just gained a new lease of life by moving into swish purpose-built premises complete with mock courtrooms and live video-link equipment. The nationally recognised Student Law Office has also benefited from the extra space, which allows even more students and members of the public to benefit from the free advice clinics on offer. Take a few extra months to complete a research project and you could bag yourself an LLM in Advanced Legal Practice or an MA in Legal Practice & Policy. Having five practising barristers teaching on the course is an undoubted asset, yet with only a handful of sets based in Newcastle, staff encourage students to be realistic about their prospects of gaining pupillage in the city. “We never mislead people at law fairs… they need to look beyond Newcastle.” Networking opportunities arise at guest lectures, moots, mock trials and Wednesday evening ‘practitioner sessions’. In terms of structure, the course is described as “short and fat,” with all the teaching squeezed into the first two terms. This allows the whole of the summer term to be spent on revision. The university provides a series of revision lectures and seminars and is relaxed about giving students free time to organise their own revision schedules, something which “helps prepare them for their own practice.” There is an IELTS requirement for students whose country’s first official language is not English. The requirement for 2008/2009 appears to be the highest among all providers for the speaking category with at least an 8.0 for the speaking category with an overall of 7.5.

The above info might be helpful to you in one day.

Thank You

90. RZ - May 27, 2008

My Personal view here :-
Although this is not a big issue comparing with other problem like China Disaster , JPA Scholarship Heartbreaks, PMR or SPM too easy, UTAR: Qualitative Insights …etc however, i strongly believe that ” The bamboo tree need to be strengthen straight standing before it will bend aside forever.”

If all of us want our UM rank back to TOP 100 in next few year, we all should look deep into our exam system and the candidates.

” Work hard to achieve good result and not work hard to “pay” for the result ! “. Shame on them who purchase for the paper to complete their law degree.

I was very upset with the reports of ” Malaysian Lawyers under fire ” posted at the New Straits Times dated 26 May 2008 at page 6 & page 7. The Court of Appeal Judge Datuk Gopal Sri Ram said the Professional standard of lawyers has declined in the last 10 years.

Who should we complaint to ? To the University ? or to those evil people who sell the paper ? or to those students who purchase the paper?

Upset parents here.

91. karenleehs - June 6, 2008

H Eli…..

Saw this at the Star today…… Great Job PR’s MPs….. we have suffered for so many years……… finally, someone higher up is listening….

Source :The Star
Friday June 6, 2008 By CHRISTINA TAN
LANDOWNERS at Kampung Johan Setia will face court action or have their land titles revoked by the Selangor state government if they fail to take care of the land and avoid open burning.

State tourism, consumer affairs and environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said the government had identified 1,512 landowners holding Temporary Occupancy Licences (TOL) on 1,183ha of agricultural land nearby.

Looking on: Wong (front) looking out over the peat fields at the Kampung Johan Setia area.
“The land was awarded in good faith, unfortunately, they did not take good care of it, left it abandoned and allowed it to be taken over by trespassers who caused the open burning.

“We want all the land owners to be responsible and the state government will not hesitate to take back the titles if they fail to take care of the land,” she said after visiting some of the open burning sites.

Department of Environment director Che Asmah Ibrahim, Kota Raja MP Dr Siti Maria Mahmud and representatives from various agencies including Rela, the Fire and Rescue Services Department, the Land Office and the Drainage and Irrigation Department were also present.

Wong said the government had ordered the Land Office to conduct a detailed survey to identify the boundaries of each plot of land.

“The government has tried to bring some of the land owners to court for causing open burning but the cases were struck out because the authorities failed to prove the exact boundaries of the land where the fires occurred,” she said.

Wong added that the detailed survey by the Land Office would assist in legal issues.

Wong said many landowners left their land idle, giving an opportunity for trespassers to clear the land and hire illegal immigrants to carry out farming.

“We realise that going after the illegal immigrants will not serve as a long-term solution and we have to get to the root of the problem,” she said.

The trespassers started fires to clear the land and the smouldering peat soil usually released thick smoke and haze that, since the late 1990s, had engulfed surrounding areas including Shah Alam, Klang and Kuala Langat where more than 200,000 people were affected.

Wong also said the state government had appointed an experienced consultant, Global Environment Centre, to work with the related government agencies to find effective ways to prevent open burning.

She added that the immediate steps taken so far were damming part of a nearby river to raise water level at the peat area, building more dams at critical dry areas and diverting water from adjacent rivers to the peat areas.

92. Alex - June 10, 2008

Dear YB,

Kudos to your ‘green’ initiatives! May I however give my suggestions:-

1. Engage fast food operators like McDonald’s. The use thousands of those tiny plastic thingy to hold chilly/tomato ketchup. Perhaps they can find some greener alternatives;
2. I live in Sri Damansara and I have noticed that MBPJ’s landscape cotnractors use those blue plastics bags for fallen leaves etc. Perhaps YB can do sth about it.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

93. lovebug - June 10, 2008

Im looking for Lettre à D. Histoire d’un amour. I have looked almost everywhere for it. I dont know if there is an english version of it or not. If anyone could give me any information on where i could purchase both versions if available it would be so helpful! If you have information post it and I will check back. Thank you!

94. junior ong - June 12, 2008

1st and foremost, i do so apologize that i’ve to post tis here but it was my only means of highlighting the concerns of us (residents @ metropolitan square condo in damansara perdana) after every other avenue has failed us terribly. MSQ condos has been around for a year and half now and the residents have been plight with many problems ‘thrown’ at us by the developer n management, who thinks that they are above the law!!! The number of break ins are worrying and still there are no efforts to step up security. when we purchased the units, they assured the buyers of many things but till today has yet to be seen and the residents feel extremely cheated. recently a JMB was formed but it became a playground for the management and developers to launch personal attacks on former residents who were meeting to solve certain issues long before the JMB was formed.
And there is the construction noise that we have to put up with till 4AM IN THE MORNING EVEN ON SUNDAYS AND PUBLIC HOLS!!! there has been several attempts of reporting it to the police at the pondok police in Mutiara Damansara but we were told to just bugger off cause there is nothing that the police can do as it is not within their jurisdiction to stop construction work that goes way beyond the permitted time.
I personally have been physically and verbally abused (and i have a police report to support that statement) by representatives of the management and developer sometime back in 2007!!! what triggered it, you may ask? i was approached by a potential buyer during a launch of a new block by the management and i invited the potential buyers to our then residents meeting to judge for themselves. There was no slandering nor any advise on my end to stop them from purchasing, just an invitation and the conversation was overheard by a representative of the developer and management who then preceded to grab me by the collar and punched me in the face and continued to hurl verbal abuse at me!
The matter was brought to the police immediately but till today, there has been no follow ups by the authorities. instead i was told by the investigating officer not to pursue the matter further as i will end up holding the shorter end of the stick! It has come to a point where the investigating officer no longer picks up my calls and my case has been ignored since.
I would love to invite you to my unit to witness/hear for yourself the construction noise and the deca-decimals it reaches during wee hours of the morning even on sundays.

thank you so much for reading through that and i do wish to say that it was an honor for me to have been a part of your team during the election and i’m further honored to be represented by you.

95. Keny - June 16, 2008


7 Eleven Malaysia is planning to recruit more than 10,000 Nepalese to replace current 7 Eleven store staffs. Majority of the current store staff are Bumiputra, which means there will be more than 10,000 will be out of work or out of income. Most of them are working part-time to subsidy their small income. We the citizen of Malaysia need to do something about this especially in time of high unemployment and high cost of living.

It is really unfair that 7 Eleven store can raise the selling price of goods but not the salary of its staff. The staff in 7 Eleven also have family to feed and also need money to survive. This unscrupulous company is ruining the country and its people. Imagine 10,000 Nepalese remitting RM400 to their country each month, that is RM4mil and RM48 mil per year. I do not know how the Malaysia Immigration Dept grant them the license to import the Nepalese.

Y.B. you are now in position to do something about it. Please do something fast to prevent these tycoon and foreigners to ruin our nation.

Please save the nation.

96. Kam Nan,Koh Lipe - June 30, 2008

I met you and like your style. Even your managers, they are bunch of nice people. You are most welcome to Langkawi again YB. Keep it up and may God bless you.

97. wizurai - August 28, 2008

dear yb eli,
congrats to all people, voters, supporters n members of reformasi.

may this is just another step towards the next level,…

time has changed, but not the people… the still more to come frm them..

as we’ll want to see a new ‘independent.. justice’ malaysia frm power abuse.. corruption n irrelevant ‘timbang kati @ dacing’

-=y n w a=-

98. wtan - September 2, 2008

Good blog,views are given without fear, continue to do what you do best.
I have left home over 20 years,nothing has changed but one consolation there are still people like you saying things are not OK!

I will shake your hand when you drop in God’s country down under from M’sia

99. Lim Toon Eng - September 8, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

I am currently running a social research on environment awarness and conservation in Malaysia. I understand that you are one of the YB that is actively promoting green. I also saw your video during the world environment day with NTV 7. I am very interested to set up an interview with you to gather more information for the research. I would appreciate if you could contact me via e-mail to see if it’s possible to meet up. At the mean time, do check out our blog to see the progress of our research http://thegreenchronicles.blogspot.com/

100. matt - September 8, 2008

You people just don’t see the bigger picture like in the comment i sent you.

101. Lim Toon Eng - September 9, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

I am working on a social research on environmental awareness and conservation in Malaysia. I have been interviewing a number of people from NGO, schools and also corporations. I would also like to speak to government representative on this matter. I saw your video on NTV7 for the world earth day campaign and i also know that you are also promoting the eco film feast. Therefore, i gather that you will be the right person i should speak to regarding the environment in Malaysia. Do let me know if it’s possible to meet up and also check out the progress of our research on our blog http://thegreenchronicles.blogspot.com/

102. klm - September 12, 2008

Dear YB Elizabeth

I would like to award your and your co-members from PKR on the trip to Taiwan with the title of Frog Buster. This is with referencing to the jumping MPs (to PKR ?).

Go Frog Buster!

103. H. L. Vee - September 15, 2008

G Evening!
Dearest YB Elizabeth

How are you? How about your trip in Taiwan? Success? How to contect you? By email or h/phone?

104. Lim - September 23, 2008

Nice to know what u r set on doing. I hv never seen the light in a “change” until u n yr mates at PKR came along…..

my prayers for you and your team.

PS. How do I get to become a memebr of PKR….

105. ventura - September 26, 2008

It is awe that you have opened a business with invitation to many of the clienteles and visitors. Most of the blogger would have bias their preview with the intent to cause detention and selection in accordance to their manipulative preview and prevent their view unto the blog. Similar like ISA select the idea base on their preconceive belief and added more spice and intend to boost one goal and glory. Prefer to silence their opponent without trial of opinions and views.

As many as from different, back ground belief and culture, both views may be different at time. Tantalizing occasionally and at age maybe offensive…..

Whatever purpose and intent they are just a point of view of resolution in spec of the world we live on and at the end of the day the summary of the perspective is there are a set of statistic behind in all the views and comments. Therein this will be the voice of the people talking at large.

Business is just a business nothing personal… similar…
a view and opinion is just an expression it is too nothing personal….

106. Shah - October 2, 2008

The BNputras are sticking out like a bunch of CLOWNS !!!

107. Tan Kian Meng - October 10, 2008

我多次投诉环境局,但是每次处理的官员都是来自Sabak Bernam,

Jalan Masjid, Off Jalan Simpang Tiga,
45800 Jeram, Kuala Selangor.


108. Ha. - October 13, 2008

Hi ping ping,
We bet , you should remenber the words you have mention on sms ” I wont let you down”, you know we always support you in whatever sutuition, so do what you gotta to do now, EXCO Selangor.
Wish u best of luck.

109. Jalan Kuching - November 10, 2008

Dear YB:

I am not living in selangor but I am glad that the people in your area are lucky to have some one like you to help.

109 is not a bad number. Keep up your good works.

I do hope Selangor being most advance state could take the lead in giving any good example in environment protection including land use for other states to follow. (I hope you can visit Singapore to study their City Planning Unit, they are nice people and many malaysian are working there too; that took them 25 years to build their beautiful environment – a place to work and play. ).

a short 4 years is not a long time, i hope you have made a strategic plan to reach your goals and complete your tasks. if you need more hands, please do email me. I will try my best to offer my service whenever possible.

110. Razman - November 27, 2008

Dear YB .. oops sorry Ms Elizabeth,

I would like to write on behalf of many of my neighbors surrounding Jalan Kapar including those at Aman Perdana. it is regarding the terrible smoke pollution of factories.We have spoken to various organization including our own MP Manikavasagam (PKR) in the area. yet nothing has been done to solve this. Factories keep blowing smoke at certain hours especially night time to avoid being detected by environment dept. We suffer, every day. Although i know we cant get rid of the factories, Im sure today there is a solution where equipment to detect air pollution beyond hazard level can be installed in housing areas. This equipment could then send information pertaining to dangerous hazard level automatically to the authorities once triggered. We really do hope that the government can look into implementing this type of solution. I know there is one from USM. Since you are the member of the Selangor state executive council, in charge of Tourism, Consumer affairs and the Environment i surely do hope that you look into this and keep track of the progress of the factories here.

For the sake of my one year old daughter im begging you YB

thank you and regards

111. Tengku Izzuddin - January 3, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Would appreciate it if you could use the “Save the IJN” logo on your website. You cand find the logo on my blogsite: http://simedarbywatch.blogspot.com

Thanks a million

112. SKP - January 12, 2009

You seems to be well learned and easy to get along with.
Could you please YB Husam (Pas Selangor) to obtain the concurrence of other Pakatan Members before opening their mouth.
This is important or else Pakatan will just wither off and that is the last thing we want.
Secondly, please request Charles Santiago and Teng to stop bickering in the public.
I agree there will be differences but those differences need to be addressed tactfully.
We have a bigger agenda, that is to see the end of tyranny, corruption and discrimination.
Keep up the good work and I am sure we will one day make it.

113. Perakean - January 12, 2009

I want to ask this since last year. What are your plans to develop or promote tourism in Selangor?

You seem to be carried away by petty politicking. So far, I have not heard any changes of policy making in regards to your portfolio and new ideas to enhance tourism prospects in Selangor.

Dont give excuses that your hands are tied by the Federal Ministry of Tourism. The question is that; do you know what to do within the scope of your portfolio.

114. Perakean - January 12, 2009

Barisan Nasional is and still in talking fest, now the Pakatan Rakyat pulak.

115. Woo Lian - January 28, 2009

Since 1974, when did we last hear about the ACA taking up serious investigations on some of the top petronas officials? Can we categorically say that Petronas is clean and free from any element of corrupt practice since 1974? Todate why was there no ‘significant’ culprit brought to book? Has ACA investigated the lifestyle of some of Petronas officials (like what the Inland Revenue can do) and see if there was any trace of money laundering for example?

116. zico - February 8, 2009

hye..i have and consider your point why you say bout problem in Perak but the way the previous govt which is pakatan rakyat was not suitable n do not hav such respect to Sultan..

there are many way to protest but not hina sultan..that is one of our contrct social n also our Rukun Negara

i admit the vote of no cnfidnce must be done before asking for resignation but when you thnk clearly pakkatan rakyat did not having majority..so it is better to step down..

most important think is the way pakatan rakyat behave juz like they protest with their own beloved leader who suggestin g dis such stupid idea of lompat parti in federal level..so, shame on them..

117. eugene - February 16, 2009

They can capture your body, but they cannot capture your soul, stay strong my dear YB.

118. Choi har - February 16, 2009

Elizabeth Wong,
I am member of Save Taman Melawati Hill Association. I could see how good job you and Pakatan members have done to our hill saving program since Pakatan took over Selangor. I could see the efficiency and sincerity of you guys to server rakayt as compare to previuos government which did know nothing,
I feel angry to read about your pictures circulated in public, no respect to people priovacy. You are nothing wrong in this case but this happened is not something that unexpected.
I know you are stong lady, at this moment, when your enemy wants to see you cry, please be ever stronger, stand firm and cold, you have me and all people with clear consent to stand behind you, to support you because we want you to to continue to fight for us, to have efficient and to have sincere representative to work with us. Don’t give up, I believe in you.

119. bluskyes - February 16, 2009

Hang in there and please be strong…you have done NOTHING wrong. Brave the fight and show these idiots that you will not be indimated and stopped in your quest for a better Malaysia by their cowardly acts.

120. leeya - February 16, 2009

Wong , I would like to said i keep all support on you whichever is it. keep on, carry on. work on. The devil will end , victory will come soon.


121. ed - February 16, 2009

Hi Eli

Be bold and be proud. Be strong against those who want to bring you down by trying to corrupt your image. We the rakyat knows what we want. Change is what we want. The rakyat has voted for change and believe me, the latest action are by those who are afraid of the changes being implemented. These are the people that should be ashamed of themselve and that is way the rakyat want you to execute what you believe is for the benefits of all Malaysian. Keep up the good work!


122. SKP - February 16, 2009

Dear Liz,

This issue with this nude photographs is very unfortunate.
However this should not dampen your spirits.
These bastards from BN will do anything to discredit pakatan rakyat.
Please hold yourself and come back with blazing gun.
These perverts who are trying to discredit you can’t pick on your performance so they stop so low in divulging into personal issues.
Please Liz, God is great and he should protect you from all evil.
So, please dn’t give up. Giving up is a very sad thing.
We need you to continue.


123. Rutz - February 16, 2009

Do not succumb to the darkness of the evil forces. Be true to what you believe and what you have been fighting for, cos’ this is YOU and no one will take that away from you.

Do not quit amid all these difficult situation. People have elected you because they believe in your capability that can bring a difference to thier lives, and not the off court issue that they pick you.

I’m glad that you are facing it and challenging it. For all you know, all these dirty tactics shall not and will not fall person who is true to serve the people.

Be strong
And stand strong,
Serve as a leader,
And never tender.

124. kh khoo - February 16, 2009


I am a Malaysian now making my living in Singapore. For years, I supported BN and by default, UMNO and even the NEP in its earlier as I naively believed in its principles to create more middle class Malays so that Malaysian society will be more civil and harmonious. I remained an optimist until the late 90s. I even gave up hope for the country ….. until Mar 2008. and not only did I see the PR victories, I saw the PR brain power in much the same way that I see the brain power in the Singapore Govt. The Malaysian cabinet are made up of nincoompoops.
So I urge you not to consider calls to resign, you are one such brain power that PR and the country needs. My support and sympathies are with you in this hour, be strong. I know its difficult, but please, be strong.
And as for Khir Toyo who is calling for your resignation bcos he is drawing parallels between your situation and Chua Soi Lek’s it just shows his lack or absence of brain power.

125. Sri_layang - February 16, 2009

Sabar di atas kemudaratan yg sedang di hadapi

126. Patrick Teoh - February 16, 2009

Dear Ms. Wong,

I am disgusted at the recent turn of events and the dastardly act of the ‘people’ who are circulating this photograph and accusing you of being immoral. This is Malaysian politics at its ugliest and we as loyal citizens must fight with all we have against this sort of underhanded actions by desperate people with no morals.

I do not know how I can be of assistance in your fight against this latest attempt by those cowardly politicians to hang on to power. But please allow me to offer you sincerely whatever help I can.

patrick teoh

127. Steven Tan - February 16, 2009

All these talks about you having to resign is total nonsense. You are the victim here. Please do NOT resign. You still have our full support. Shame on the perpetrators and shame on those calling for your resignation.

128. Special Agent Mat Bond - February 16, 2009

Dear YB,


Sorry to hear about this picture episode. All I want to say is calm your mind down, face it head on with a firm steely resolve.

You are a good person, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone just because an ex partner has stooped to such low levels! Please don’t have doubts whether the people see you differently now! Your saham is till intact!

Im not sure of the expectations of the various component parties within PR and the dynamics therein, I think you know how to sort that out! But as far as the people are concerned, most like minded folks will more than understand the situation, don’t feel a need to “extra” explain.

It can happen to just about anyone!

Easy for me to say all this, I can just about imagine the bloody stress this must be causing you!

My last words – You are an ardent environmentalist, look to nature for your strength! You will be just fine!


Mat Bond

129. Ambross Pakang,sabah - February 16, 2009

kepada,Elizabeth W.teruskan perjuangan utk membela nasib rakyat di bawah naungan ( DUN ) yb,kerana perkara yg belum selesai yg menjadi rintihan penduduk di kawasan yb selama ini,saya yakin selagi yb berdiri di atas perkara yg benar segala tomahan dan cercaan dari pihak lawan pastinya terjawab sendiri,seperkara yang sengat menjijikkan sekarang ( dlm politik ) malaysia segala hal peribadi menjadi bahan kempen sesetangah parti politik,tapi mereka lupa tindakan mereka memakan diri sendiri pada pru ke 12 yg lalu,sehingga keputusannya menjadi track record dlm sejarah bumi malaysia,sekian

130. Dr Suresh Kumar - February 16, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
I am truly saddened and also angry with what I just read with regards to those photos.As a responsible Malaysian,I find it imperative to write to you to lift your spirits and also to tell you that,I am with you.

Do not take what Khir Toyo is saying seriously,as he doesnt make any sense at all,by comparing you with Chua Soi Lek.You did not commit any offence at all.You have been made a victim instead, by some uncsrupulous and coward elements.The person who ought to be ashamed is,the one who took those snapshots of an unsuspecting person.Fight this injustice with your head held high.Carry out your duties for the rakyat,graciously as you always have been.

This is a gross violation of your privacy and remember you are the victim here.I take this opportunity to wish you all the best in all your future endeavours and may the culprit be brought to justice soon.As a public figure and a bright lady,be aware of your surrondings and be careful who you befriend in the future.

Regards and have a nice day.

Dr Suresh,

131. soulsberry - February 16, 2009

eli, don’t let the bad incident harm your spirit for a better malaysia. we are all behind you. hope you will get through it and come back stronger!

you will never walk alone!

132. CHL - February 16, 2009

PPL are with you. You have done nothing wrong. Be strong! carry on with your job. No man is void of such sins!GOD BLESS!

133. bgr[ - February 16, 2009


134. Dr Jee Soon Leong - February 16, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth,

Do not let the dirty and gutter politics of the day distract you from your noble deeds. Keep up the good work and continue the fight for a better Malaysia.

All this only makes BN more despiced and hated. What kind of leaders do they have to stoop so low. We the people are not so easily fooled.

Keep your head up.

135. Karina Bahrin - February 16, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

As another woman, I am deeply enraged by this episode. To me, it marks not only a gross invasion of another woman’s privacy but also a new low in our nation’s political landscape. That someone would stoop so low to undermine you, using such underhanded tactics makes me ashamed to be part of this system.

There are many moments since March 8 when I have grown tired of this country and its petty politics. Now I am well and truly fed up.

Thank you for deciding to persevere and continue serving the people. Just know that this episode has, I suspect, actually had the reverse effect of what was perhaps intended by this malicious act. It has won you greater support from many of us.

Stay strong.

136. NONPartisan - February 16, 2009

BN is scared of people like you. Don’t give in to their sinister mafia like style of intimidation. Stand strong and never say resign. To resign is falling right into the hands of the BN.

137. Noor - February 16, 2009

Dear Ms. Wong,

In this difficult time, I hope you will remain strong both mentally and emotionally. Just keep in mind you have the support from millions of Malaysians regardless of religion and race, and not just the voters of Bukit Lanjan. Don’t step down. Chin up and keep holding to your principles. You have served the people well.

138. YNWA - February 16, 2009

Dear Ms. Wong

I was so furious with brainless Khir Toyol comment on this matter. After a deep thought, we should thanks to these kind of incompetence leadership from BN to allow us to succeed in the future.

Just keep up your good work, we will support you!

139. hunter - February 16, 2009

be carefull Y.B… dont believe anybody accept yourself..
Only you can decide……

140. Edward - February 16, 2009

hi Elize,
God is there to shower his blessings upon you and his angels to guide you through, so don’t worry every dark clouds have a silver linning

141. XY - February 16, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I am writing to show my support to you during this difficult time. It is unfortunate that you have fallen into a victim to the yet-another dirty political tricks. However, minded people like us will not be fooled by them.
Please be brave and stay calm. There are a lot of supports out there. Whenever you are ready, we hope to see a stronger you!

142. vivian - February 16, 2009

Eli ,
No one have right to say u were wrong . You are the victim . Be strong , you have done NOTHING wrong . I support you .

143. hassan - February 16, 2009

be strong, stay strong, google nasha aziz

144. Kim Tan - February 16, 2009


Stay on and fight on with all your fighting spirit. It is time for Malaysians to, once and for all, tell the nation that we are not for this kind of gutter politics.

Khir Toyo made the most idiotic comments I have ever heard from a person. He can’t seem to tell that you are a victim in this case. Is there any wonder why he is no longer the MB of Selangor?

I want and hope the entire PR leadership stand by you. This is no longer about politics but about the sanctity of our personal life and respect to privacy.

Fight on!


145. angie seng - February 17, 2009

dear liz, this is yet just another scandalous political drama leading to u-kno-wat on 01 Apr. Who you choose to be with in private life has got nothing to do with your ability to serve the people. Do not give up but stay strong and sail this through with ease. Prove the bastards wrong! 🙂 Smile.

146. cheah - February 17, 2009

miss elizabeth,
RAKYAT support u…. stay strong…

147. rod - February 17, 2009

halo yb i ingat u tak payah melatah pasal politik memang mcm ni lagipun bila kita suka cari salah dan buruk org lama2 keburukan kita akan terjumpa dgn sendirinya.I pun kesian sama u tapi hukum dunia memang jelas apa yg awk buat itu yg awk dpt jadi sabarlah cuma buatlah kebaikan jauhi memburukan orang sebab kita tak payah terlalu menganggap diri bersih sgt sampai org lain kotor

148. edwin - February 17, 2009

In fact, do not need to care about other people’s views. Busy people who all know eyes are political conspiracy.
I support you. . .

149. edwin - February 17, 2009

(Mohamed Kiel is also the former Minister of Selangor. He accepts the “China reported that” electric exercise that he was informed that this message was shocked, but he did not think this is politically motivated, but moral issues.

He pointed out that the Minister of Selangor丹斯里卡legislation should take action, including the resignation of instructions HUANG Jie-Bing, to fulfill its commitment to a just government to do) If this is your privacy, I believe you would not say such things of. . Only your privacy but not be beat.

150. shx - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Sorry for your predicament. I would like to say how much I appreciate the good work you have done, I remember a few months back reading about some plantation companies being charged for open burning thanks to your efforts.

But as I remember, more fires were started and the timing of it seemed to suggest it was a retaliation.

I can’t remember anyone else doing anything for the environment. Especially with the risk of annoying people with deep pockets.

The previous government left the entire state with mutilated trees, an eyesore and insult to God’s wonderful creation, and sad to say, a far cry from Singapore’s beautiful landscape. (They used to buy plants from us.)

There was this fine MPPJ staff, back in the 70’s, who was in charge of the landscaping and was largely instrumental in making PJ a beautiful town. As I understand, he didn’t hold any landscaping qualification unlike the ones currently in charge, but he had something more. A genuine love for the environment and pride in his work.

In the last eight or nine years, the ones entrusted with landscaping have either betrayed the people or are so clueless about the what exactly their responsibilities are, that one day, an officer from the landscaping dept. explained to me over the phone that “Jabatan Lanskap hanya potong pokok sahaja, lain lain takde”

Guess it all boils down to desire, and courage to go against the flow,

You have loads of that. Keep on keeping on.

151. Keowteow - February 17, 2009

This unfortunate incident will become the true test of the Pakatan alliances; a friend in need is a friend indeed. Is everyone going to stand up to mud-throwing or cave under it’s pressure. This will be THE test for you and on a broader scheme of things the future of Pakatan. The people is watching…

152. Christy Marie - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth Wong, I admire you.

This group is for you and all your supporters! May this help you pull through a tough time like this and continue doing what you do best!


In support of Elizabeth Wong!

153. Christy Marie - February 17, 2009

In Support of Elizabeth Wong!

We love you Elizabeth!
Keep on doing what you do best! Don’t let this bring you down!


154. Johnjo - February 17, 2009

Dear Liz
As much as sadden by what hapened to you i don’t want to give you any sympathy. I know you don’t need it. You just need to move on. One thing i can say is in 24 hours in a day at one time or another we are all naked by ourselves and with technology this can happen to any one of us. Then what have we got to say? I can only say you are the victim whose privacy has been violated and the perperator must be punished.

155. Kelvin - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You are a fine example of exactly what the country needs, a young progressive politician. Pls dont succumb to the evil calls of you to quit. Pls hang in there, this is not a scandal .. it is an invasion of privacy and a crime by the culprits (i’m guessing khir toyol has a big hand in this).

Pls dont quit .. everyone who has half a brain and heart is behind you.

156. James Ho - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

The photos are meant to embrasss you, but they certainly do not affect your credibility and the work you doing. In fact, I think you doing so well
that somebody is resorting to gutter tactics to discredit you. The use of these photos is that of a deranged person with infantile mentality – not worthy of anything at all.

Be strong and steadfast and believe in yourself.

157. Ambiga - February 17, 2009

Personally i read enough of your good workand that is all i need to know. Take this little setback as a small test and carry on with your good work. What you do with life is in your hands and you don;t need anyone to tell you how to run it. Take Care and my Wishes that you come back to get this guys.

158. Andrew Wong Koi Min - February 17, 2009

Hi Liz,

What have you done wrong that you have to resign?

You have our full support and blessing. Please carry on with the good work.

159. A Malaysian from Singapore - February 17, 2009

What you situation is difference from Ex-Health Minister. You need not to resign as YB also have private life. Every one have the right to do what their like inside their own hrs. as long as not giving other ppl troubles. Is their a rule stated when we sleeping must wear clothing further you are in your own hrs. why cant? Most importatn is that YOU DO NOTHING WRONG BECAUSE WHAT YOU DOING IS IN YOUR OWN HRS. Dont just because no brain ppl(he must be left his brain on the toilet bowl the nite before and forget to put backhis brain) said that you shd resign and you shd not give up yourself. I believed most of the ppl still support you.
Now most important is find out the facts.

160. ct lim - February 17, 2009

You have done nothing wrong. why should u resign. People get away with murder or murders.This is a personal matter as our spiritual leader said there are more whose photos were not distributed.Please be strong.I am sure you do not need to resign.we shall see this through.

161. Overseas Observer - February 17, 2009

You should not resigned just because there are scum bags who will be do anything for personal gain. Today you are the victim, next day it could be someone else.

By quitting, you are sending a wrong message to those responsible. Let the efficient police carry out the investigations.

Politics is dirty particularly in this country. If every sincere and dedicated politician quit because of unwanted publicity, soon there will not be no one left to carry on the struggle.

Don’t quit !

162. lim ct - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,
This is a personal matter. Why should you resign? You have to be strong and pull through this isuue. There are people who commit murder and get away with it. This is something very personal.Everyone knows your hard work and good work for the constituents. I also live in your constituency. Ever since u were elected our area is cleaned by MBPJ staff regularly. i can testify to that thank you for the job well done. I hope you do not resign.

163. Richard Yiap, Perlis - February 17, 2009

YB Elizabeth Wong,

The people who had openly criticized you remind me of the so-called “righteous” people during Jesus’ time who want to stone the woman caught in committing sin, and when they asked Jesus to condemn her, Jesus said, “let those among you who do not sin cast the first stone.” They should realize that when they point their finger at you, their own three fingers are pointing back at them.

Be strong, YB and find strength and comfort in the Lord, for He is your Tower of refuge. I pray that God’s grace be upon you during this hour and will guide you in all your ways.

164. Wei Hui - February 17, 2009

such shameful acts of such loser, using women as sexual objects and as an exploitation of women for political use.
to ridicule a pair of breast is to ridicule oneself, one wife, one daughter, one own mother, ancester, sister and all your fellow woman friends, relatives!

165. KLTAN - February 17, 2009

We will support U….

166. razak - February 17, 2009


I am a lawyer and most recently, have just “given up” politics in this beloved country of mine. Nonetheless, being a male, I am most ashamed with that which has happened to you. No one ought to be treated that way on account of their political leanings. From what I have heard, you have done a great job.

Look, we all have made mistakes. I am not even sure if what has happened is due to you “mistake’ but no one has the right to condemn you.

Please do NOT resign. Please carry on with your good work. Do not let your voters down. Do not give in to the “pengecut(s)’ as people like you are a rare breed nowdays.

167. Joe Ho - February 17, 2009

Sad to hear that you have became the victim of the dirty politician motive. I understand this is a very tough time for you to make the decision whether to stay or leave. Bu bare in mind that, the people needs you and hope that you can stay and serve the people with your best effort.
We wants a good leader and government but not the stupid who playing fool of people. As you know, people’s human right and privacy is stripping by certain party to achive their political intention. Why we have to give way to fulfil their greed?
Elizabeth, please stay. People needs you!

168. CK Chong - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli:

You don’t have to resign – you didn’t do anything wrong, but only victimised! Instead you should stay on to tell fellow Malaysians that we don’t need and will not accept this as a means to achieve any ill-intentioned political objectives. Malaysian politics have to develop out of such dirty tricks.

Stay strong – many are supporting you.


169. tokUban - February 17, 2009

At the moment you will be trapped – not by events – but by your emotions. Ur experiencing a nasty bout of ‘unhealthy ‘ emotions
and currently disoriented – in other words you are not in control.
Look outwards – with more than 8 billion people X 5 (problems for each..) there will be about 40 billions problems..and yours is one of them.
I think ur one of those ‘ useful ‘ persons in this country. Stay on and face the music. Who knows you make like the music.

A strong person will weather the storm.

170. Johnny Lee - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth Wong,
The people are always behind you in your moment of stress and confusion. Move ahead. We still need you to fight for the right of the people of Malaysia. Do not be deterred by what the opposition (BN)leaders told you to quit. They did face the same thing but they never realise of their own setbacks. Keep it up with high spirit, your truth will prevail.

171. Rocket - February 17, 2009

“I have done no wrong and I am not ashamed of my sexuality as a woman and as a single person. I have broken no law and everyone has a right to privacy.”

I total agree with you. I am crying, That is very sad to see see environment lover, someone sincere to serve to be treated as such. But I tell myself, don’t give up, same to EW, don’t give up, we have our right and all right to privacy should be respected!

Take care

172. Aaron - February 17, 2009


Stay strong!
It’s not worth to quit because of some uneducated remarks.
Selangor folks need you!

173. HO G K - February 17, 2009

Somebody smear your name to make you resign all your post. Please do not let them win by doing this kind of trick. We sure hope no by election to needed as you are doing a good job. DON’T GIVE UP!

174. edwin - February 17, 2009

Is it those who said they had no privacy nonsense it? That their son Jiazuan out from there?
It just has not been shot. Otherwise called the people who talk nonsense eunuchs do it. And YB are the victims of what you said to?

175. tak puas hati - February 17, 2009


jgn berhenti!
anda tidak melakukan apa apa kesalahan!

176. OrdinaryINC - February 17, 2009

stay strong elizabeth…
dont give up…
you dont have to resign….
be strong pls… 🙂

177. Esther Lee - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

As a woman, I believe in individual expression and woman’s right and this is an outrage, abuse and invasion of your privacy. You do not need to step down as indeed, you have done no wrong. We have had ex Minister in sex videos who made a come back – so what is the big deal ?

I have never been one that have a clear stand in politics but with this, I am convince that I have be a supporter of human rights, politics with accountability and definitely, opposition irregardless who stands.

Continue to stand for what you believe.

A Woman who believes in woman’s right

178. Ryan - February 17, 2009

Dont be stupid and resign.It only shows that you are weak,

Stay strong and overcome this.

If you step down than you loose respect because of a small thing like this you cannot even handle.Then it shows that you are not fit to be a leader.

Im not even an PKR fan but u should do the right thing by not resigning.

179. SCH - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

So many calling you not to resign, including me, in my heart and in my conversation with friends. But I understand why you still did. That’s politics!

Only God can help us and to return justice to the nation. But when there are God-less people leading the country – they couldn’t care less! Let’s all pray for our nation!

180. xstan - February 17, 2009

Trully sad. Wish u could carry on the fight. Stay on ur post & ur responsibility as YB.

My heart crashed when u annouce ur resignation offerings. U R indeed precious asset to the party & state. Please do not adhere to the advice of the Toyo & Azalina. They will be smilling all the way as thier battle already half won.

Just like one blogger take a bite on Khir ToyoL’s remark , reminding him tat he is like accusing & blaming her own daughter for been raped. For god sake, u r the VICTIM. A tough one…not just cry away.

Please STAY ON. For the sake of us M’sian.

181. YB Wong's supporter - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Wong,

truely sympathy to you for the nude photo..
it is not your fault, but you have make a mistake of loving an animal that rape u, snap ur photo and sell it to be rich. he steal your love, your dignity and thanks u with killing ur political life..so sad that u had fall for such an animal ? …a successful woman, intelligent and pretty but destroy by????
i suggest that you come back to God’s first love, that you had fall short of..come back to Jesus, all mankind’s savior and ask for forgiveness, He loves u and will bless your life & forgive your sins..the people will forgive u too..don’t resign, wake up and improve your life..

182. TAN LOCK AAN - February 17, 2009



183. TAN CHOO YEOW - February 17, 2009

Dear, We all are give you full support and please dont let those bastard achieved their purpose.


184. naza - February 17, 2009

I am not a supporter of your party but I am deeply disturbed by what has happened to you. No one deserves to be treated the way you have been treated and I am sorry that politics has got to such a dirty and low point. Your privacy and your personal life should have remained your personal life and anyone who violated that for whatever reason it may be deserves punishment. I hope that you will not quit and will continue to fight for what you believe in.

God always side with those who are right so be strong.

185. james - February 17, 2009

Continue your work… we support you!

If you resigned, it shows that their work has mission accomplished.

186. ccpling - February 17, 2009

Please do not submit your resignation. I see no point. It is merely our privacy for our personal life without nothing to do with politics.
It is not worthwhile to step down due to the immoral activities done by others.

187. Susanna - February 17, 2009

Don’t quit! Malaysia need you. So sad to see all the capable politician being pull down one by one. How to see HOPE in this country?

188. GL - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

Please stand still… you hv did nothing wrong instead and there is no reasons for you to quit from the position just because of the pictures, they are too childish by using this unethical manner to threaten you… Ask them, are they too sleep with office attire?? what’s wrong with sleep with naked or half naked ? Is there a law says that we are not allow to sleep naked especially politician ? whose have so childish should be punish instead.. Elizabeth, we all SUPPORT you… never never step down because of their childish attitude !! STAND STILL !!

189. Paul Yong - February 17, 2009


I’m from Penang and I hope I can offer some comfort here to you. I believe the multitude of Penang people are behind you and for you. We appreciate you as a leader for the people and your noble intentions to fight for us all. In this time of difficulty, please have in mind that we will always be supportive of what you do. It may seem to be a battle lost but the war is not over yet. We await for your come back… God bless you always!!!

190. Perakian - February 17, 2009

Under which rule, says that we are not allow to sleep naked or half naked (same to politician) ???? what a joke !!! Please don’t trap into the childish trick set by the idiot !!! BE STRONG and NEVER NEVER QUIT !!!

191. Lee - February 17, 2009

why, why resign ? Why the “bad” person stay and you quit ? Selangor need you, i know you love Malaysia, that’s why you are hardworking. Unlike the person who only “said” i love Malaysia, but did nothing…. Be strong…

192. Girl - February 17, 2009


193. james and irene - February 17, 2009

firstly l am so so sorry for what happen again your privacy.that must came from your opposition politian.that was very-very dirty politi.secondly very sad to see you quits!anyway wish you have a very good future

194. Mongol - February 17, 2009

If you quit, those buggers will win. You cannot allow that to happen.
How can DSAI accept your resignation when he had been scandalised even more? It’s so wrong.

Stay on, dear Eli, we the rakyat need people like you yo stand up to those evil doers.

195. joseph chieng - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
I am a sarawakian following the political development in West malaysia.

I strongly believe you should not resign your posts as it is the work of those mischief maker(s). It is not a scandal either as it is simply the work of those who are jealous of your ability and integrity.

Hope the Selangor ‘MB will not accept your resignation and I am sure the people of your contituency will continue to support your good work.

196. SKP - February 17, 2009

Don’t resign.
You are clean. Why worry?
The maniac who took these photos and distributed it around should be punished accordingly.
The monkey moron “Khir Toyo” has no right to ask for your resignation.
You can’t quit now.
Pray to god so that he gives you the courage and energy to defeat the evil.

197. jaginder singh - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong,

I am extremely proud of your difficult decision to resign although if it was up to me I would rather you remain as you are. I can only wish the Sultan (since the MB said he is seeking the Sultan’s audience regarding this) will find it in his wisdom to allow you to live your life as you see fit as that is your right and that he will brush aside this rubbish talk by The Supreme Bigot of A Lesser Man KHIR.
I am even more proud of you when you decided not to apologies for you private life.
Your decision has reversed the intended effect of you attackers, more Malaysians will support Pakatan.
Another surprising pleasant outcome of this unfortunate event is the kind words of support from our PAS leaders, I say “our” because they have showed more integrity and backbone than UMNO bigot like Yang Amat TIDAK Berhormat Mohd. KHIR. I as a non malay or muslim would give my humble vote to PAS on any day as long as they remain learned and do not resort to scare and awe tactics like BN.
Please pass this humble rakyat’s appreciation to our PAS leaders for their level thinking, my apologies as i do not have their names right now.
This goes to show that PAKATAN is stronger and wiser than some media are portraying it to be.
3 cheers from you unknown supporter!

198. BL - February 17, 2009

I am all for it that you should continue in discharging your duties as you have before this nonsense came about. I’m not even bothered to read too much into it – just the headlines tell me that this once again dirty tactics or gutter politics as you so aptly put it. You have your rights as a private person and this was definitely underhanded and unworthy of further attention!

199. Anita - February 17, 2009

Keep up with your good work! There are always jealous people around you trying to tumble your victory. Do not resign, stand strong and let them know that their evil tactics will not tumble your victory.

200. Kim - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Do not give up your fight for justice! The moment you give up the fight and resign, you have succumb to the underhandedness of those who want to see you fall. Why should you, the victim be penalised? We are living in the 21st Century, for crying out loud and you have not broken any laws. In fact, the person who has been circulating your photos should be charged!
You can see this through and know that there are those like in me in the public who are utterly disgusted with the person or persons who have invaded your private space!

201. GUO JENG - February 17, 2009



202. Ramesh - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,

From a personal stand point of view, I feel sorry to have learnt that some quarters are using “gutter political” tactics to run you(and your party) down.

The Malaysian public recognizes your contribution and commitment towards human rights and justice in our country.

I hope you will stay on to serve the community. Best wishes and god bless.


203. joe Wong. - February 17, 2009

Hi Eli ,
Be strong and fight till the end, if you are pure and clean there is nothing to be scard of, the lord above is with you and will guide you always.

204. MCA member, heart with PR! - February 17, 2009

It’s a pity that S’gor is losing another dedicated rep.
YB Elizabeth, be strong, sincerely hope you’ll change your mind.
We are 100% behind you!

On the comments by BN’s unwanted leaders:
Khir Toyo, should think of all the $$ he has plundered from Sgor before opening his mouth on credibility, only God knows, and he’ll meet Him one day!
Azalina, talking about morality when she, a Muslim, is not even wearing a tudung!
Wong KM, I trust that he has never looked at an unclothed woman other than his wife in his life! (I presumed that he’s married)
I guess this bunch of hypocrites must be having their clothes on 24/7.

205. jaginder singh - February 17, 2009

I would like to also add here with aquestion, how often do BN leaders, UMNO leaders in particular offer to resign? when scandals after scandals have landed on them?
Lets take 2 examples:
Khir Toyo:
1. Spreading false news about Teresa Kok, which jeopardized racial harmony in the country.
2. Was his wife was linked to the disappearance of funds in certain organisation? Which was suppose to do charity!

We do I start? LOL….what a joke…

When will these people face the book?

You both have less guts than this woman!

206. abe - February 17, 2009


First of all, I’m sorry that you have to face this.

Well, welcome to Tanah Melayu….

Stay strong though….

Have a nice day….

207. Annie - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizebeth,

You really done nothing wrong and whatver your decision is, We will always support you.

208. Kang - February 17, 2009

Why do you quit when you have done nothing wrong?!

Please fight for your rights! According to the law, even if you committed a crime(which you did not), you are innocent until proven guilty.

209. A Malaysian from Singapore - February 17, 2009

so sad come to know YB resign.
In fact YB do nothing wrong.
You shd not resign Malaysia need you.

210. A Heng - February 17, 2009

YB, you should not quit. by quitting you are falling into their trap. You are right in saying you have done nothing wrong, in fact the perpetrator should be ashamed of what he has done; he is robbing Malaysian of a capable leader and robbing his own future or his children’s future in Malaysia. Please be strong and stay, if Malaysian rejects you because of the photos, then quit, but until then stay and fight, for I am sure no sound minded Malaysian will judge you any less capable as a leader.

211. Eva - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth – there is overwhelming support for you. Our politics is tainted enough already. To lose someone as young and vibrant as you is a great tragedy.
And over what?
Self righteous babbling idiots who cannot differentiate between a man caught in the act of lechery and a woman photographed without consent sleeping in the privacy of her own home.
And too many people on Malaysia Today have shared that they sleep nakkid…. (yeeesh! didn’t need to know that guys!)
This will all be forgotten soon – why? Because it is inconsequential – and will pale in significance to your contributions to this country. Malaysians are above all that tripe – they tried it with Anwar didn’t they? And those small minded buffoons who bay for your resignation because of so called morality need to look at themselves first – let he who hath not sinned cast the first stone no?
As a fellow professional young female – I offer you a big hug and a stiff drink. Listen to the people – they love you. They don’t want you to go.

212. letsbefair - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth.

Do not quit! If you do then the opposition will have won without a fight. They will not stop after you quit!
Will the next ADUN do the same like you do and just throw in the towel?

Think before you commit yourself for the sake of the country. Others can fight on why not you?

Be strong!!!

213. stereomanic - February 17, 2009

Hey Elizabeth, i would like to say that you shouldn’t resign..remember say NO to intimidation.
As for your private pictures circulating the net, well, it’s definitely not good enough in my book for you to quit especially since you are more of an unwilling victim.
I know it looks bad right now but hey, things change over time right..look at US..
Right…i won’t take much of your time but let your heart not be troubled nor let it be afraid..especially in this current times..

214. steven - February 17, 2009


YOU did not have wrong or mistake,YOU ARE THE VICTIM!
The people who took your picture had disturb your privacy life,they must judge by the law,not YOU.AND YOU did not damage the image as a leader,because it is YOUR’S PRIVACY LIFE,and you never public release them.
Hope the Government will understand it.

215. Vic - February 17, 2009


Smart, beautiful and strong. Your country needs you and the great work you perform. Be proud that you are now one of the hottest politicians on the planet as well.
You must learn to pick better guys. I am available.

Good Luck.

216. Malchindian - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth.

I know you are strong person! And I know nobody has the rights to stop u from resigning. But, if u really dont want all ur effort all this while to just gone by the wind, I hope u will still stay. Because, a great human told once.. ” God will give all sorts of trouble to good people (like u), but will not fail them, And to bad people( we all know who), God will give evrtything they want, and at last, will make them fall, to teach them a lesson.

I hope u will stay!!

Respect u for who u r!!

217. Lim - February 17, 2009

Yes, you have done nothing wrong, why quit ?

I really do not understand what happen to Malaysia ?
The person who did the wrong thing stay but you quit ?
You love Malaysia, that is why you work hard for Malaysia, but
why the person who only ” SAID ” i love Malaysia but did nothing
stay ?

We will support you, Eli, be strong……

218. jack teh - February 17, 2009

How can you resign ? The action only embolden your enemy.
You are smarter than this. Take a few weeks off and come back to work your heart out for Selangor people

219. tm - February 17, 2009

I think you don’t have to resign. Please be strong and we will all support you. STAND FIRM and face the problems , I m sure you will win the situation soon.

220. Franky - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You have done all chinese women proud since winning the election. You must stay strong and continue to belief in yourself.

221. LCK - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,

Don’t quit…you done nothing wrong. The people need you. Don’t give up!

222. GL - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

You have did nothing wrong and no reason for you to step down… PLEASE STAY PUT and don’t be fall into the losser’s trap, indeed they should feel shameful, using this unethical manner as an attack for political matter…. NO WAY, NO SCARE of them !!!! BE BRAVE !! GOD WILL PUNISH THEM !!!
REMEMBER: You still have us to support you all the way..

223. M.Padhma - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

This is not the time for you to quit. This is the time for you to be strong and fight it till the end.
What has been done towards you is totally dispiable. Don’t forget that there are many women out there who are going through the same situation as yours. The only thing is they are not public figures. But you are.
You are now the voice of many women who have fallen victims to various malicious scums. Don’t quit now. Its time to fight it till th end.
People are with you. You have the support of the people. Remember, when people are with you, you can never be shaken.
Fight it!!!!!

224. BY - February 17, 2009

Please do not give up.

225. We-r-behind-u - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
We understand how u feel now……being put to shame in such a manner perhaps even betrayed by someone u once trusted….but all this is in the past. No one is qualified to throw the first stone at you ……pick yourself up and overcome this difficult times with your passion to serve the people and fight for justice. You are among the small group of people who dare to fight GOLIATH no matter how long it takes – do not let the rivers be contaminated AND hills be barren. You are among an alliance of people who said “the line must be drawn here, this far and no further.” Do not resign, take your long leave and come back stronger to serve the people.

226. cmchang - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Please do not quit. Pray hard to get through this trying time. It is indeed a very sad chapter for Malaysia’s politic where they have totally ignored your personal life.

227. M - February 17, 2009


This incident, as despicable and traumatic as it is personally, must not be allowed to derail you from doing what you believe in. Whether you choose to stay or go as an elected official, please continue to fight for an exemplary Malaysia. Malaysia is a wonderful country and deserves courageous and ethical leaders with progressive values. Do not let this incident prevent you from striving to be the best leader that you can be. Unless you’re guilty which I believe is not the case at all, please do not quit easily. There may be another victim and if we allow these incidents to be stumbling blocks, we may only be left with the perpetrators of these acts as the remaining guiding hands in this country. That will be tragic.

228. KSY - February 17, 2009

The values and our cultures are all upside down! Since the Mar08 election, everything that’s happening in Msia is like a free for all… no sense of responsibilities, committment, respect etc Why did the media published such news? Shouldnt they call in the police to investigate? Elizabeth did nothing wrong!!! This is an invasion of privacy. Sleeping in the nude is no violation of any moral values… what is Khir talking about? Men walk about shirtless in public dont forget that! Are they being immoral too? It just goes to show how cruel humans can be and the extent of destruction too!!!

Keep your head up… you have done nothing wrong!


229. yen - February 17, 2009

Please don’t resign. Be strong!We support you.

230. Brad Mo - February 17, 2009

You have not done anything wrong. That you feel compelled to resign (though without sufficient reason) to protect the dignity of the party and state institution speaks volumes about your integrity and sincerity which are qualities thinking people look for in a politician. So I hope that you retract your resignation and continue your good political work.

It is a black day for Malaysia when the victim, rather than the perpetrator of a crime , is maligned. What will happen next? Malign a rape victim rather than use the full force of the law against the rapist? For surely, you have been emotionally violated, arguably not much less severely than a rape victim.

What you do in your personal life is of no concern to me as it does not affect my well-being. What concerns me about a politician is whether the person is incompetent, corrupt, greedy or self-serving. From all accounts, you have led an exemplary political life. So, lift your chin up and be damned with the criticisms of small-minded or vicious people who are determined to take us down the road to damnation rather than progress towards achieving Vision 2020.

Thank you for all the good work you have done and best regards.

231. Ooi - February 17, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

Why should you resign? We the voters voted for you in the GE and will still vote and support you. Hypocrites has no right to ask you to resign. The right belongs to the people. As Jesus has said, “Let he who has not sin cast the first stone”.
To those who has cause you this anguish and those fools that ask you to resign, let them beware of a saying in the Dhammapada “So long as an evil deed has not ripened, the fool thinks it as sweet as honey. But when the evil deed ripens, the fool comes to grief”. So be strong and the truth shall always prevail.

232. Geok Lan - February 17, 2009


You can help Malaysia move forward…..politically and economic wise. Do not let this incidence get you down, stay focus on your fight.
We are behind you!

233. yeefei - February 17, 2009

Keep your chin up!
I believe all your old friends stand by you. Take care!

234. KPLee - February 17, 2009

Eliz, please dont resign. You have been doing a great job. Sure , you are under pressure now. This despicable act by unethical and greedy bum/s should not deter you from you job. The rakyat needs you. Especially in the current political scenario. Hope you reconsider your decision. You have 100% support from us. Just have courage and move on. A great woman like you is what the country needs now.
Do not resign

235. david meek - February 17, 2009

Hi just heard in the uk what is happening and needed to send a message of support.
This will blow over as painful as it may be but neither your country or the world at large can afford to lose a politician or person like you.
We can’t let all the demons run amok.
Good luck and know you have people wishing you well from all over the world

236. BL Ling - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizaberth,

Please don’t give the wrong signal to prove that the dirty tactics are workable in Malaysian politics.

Democracy is not suspose to die in this way.

You are entitle to your private life, be strong and retract your resignation.

237. sahapj - February 17, 2009

Aiyaa,,amoi,..Ini kecik punya hal, apasal lu mau resign. Itu gambar lu sedang tidur di rumah maa…bukan hotel. Biasalah kalau tidur rumah sendiri. Saya pun tidur rumah sendiri cuma pakai underware saja maa…kadang-kadang tak pakai apa pun. Apasal ini hal pun mau resign. Ini takda kena mengena dengan moral maa.. kalau itu Soi Lek, baru betul moral problem.

238. Sara Feenan - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

We’ve heard about your resignation in the UK newspapers, don’t do it! As you have said, you haven’t done anything wrong and, while it might appear to be humiliating now, in time, it will be the person who has sold their soul (not yours, theirs) who will face the ultimate himiliation. We’re thinking of you in the UK and wish you all the strength to fight these little boys who are throwing their toys out of the pram. When they see what we see (a strong, intelligent woman) I’m not surprised they get insecure, but they’re the embarrassment, not you! Best of luck, I’ll be following the story from over here and hope to see an update that you have retracted your resignation!! 🙂

239. Z. Hashim - February 17, 2009

Dear YB,

Just a short note to say “Chin up” and stay focused in what you have planned to do. In Malay, we have a saying, that if you are ‘ikhlas’ or sincere in your plans you will succeed, insya’Allah.

Take it as a test for your betterment of the world, in baby steps.

What has happened is a gross invasion of privacy and words cannot undo what has been done. I just hope that you will continue with your good work as at the end of teh day you may stand proud.

Good luck.

240. tan - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizaberth,

You have my support and my family !! ^^

don’t resign, stay with us 🙂

241. Kate - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

It is atrocious that a newspaper is able to take advantage of such an invasion of your right to a private life. The newspaper, and people who seek to benefit from this betrayal of you, should be utterly ashamed. In the meantime you have the support of the international community as well as your admirers at home. This must be truly terrible for you, but please do not let your political rivals turn this to their advantage by resigning.

242. Tee - February 17, 2009

I read your news story on another website regarding the photos that were taken of you. I just wanted to seek you out and encourage you to stay strong. Do not be ashamed – you have done nothing wrong. I hope you will continue to fight for justice and I wish you the best of luck.


243. David Mombourquette - February 17, 2009

Dear Ms. Wong,

I read with sorrow and anger, the treatment you have received from your political opponents in your country. As a lawyer who does a great deal of work in the field of human rights, I know the mentality you are dealing with. We are fortunate in Canada to have a fully free and independent government and media with guaranteed human rights, but that still does not prevent the type of sleazy political attacks you have unfortunately had to deal with. I admire your courage in publicly facing your opponents and defending yourself with dignity. You are a shining example to all of us. Best wishes in your career as you move forward in your fight for justice.


David Mombourquette
Fredericton, New Brunswick

244. albert loh - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Dont let BN be the winner… Do not resign. Continue your battle. I am sure PKR leaders like Kirpal Singh, Guan Eng, Teresa Kok even Anwar and our MP for Bukit Lanjan Sivarasa also feel the same like you.

Democracy will prevail. BN will loose more seats if such tactic are used by them.

Be strong …we the constituents are with you 100 percent

Please retract your resignation

245. C L Lim - February 17, 2009

Hi! Dearest YB! I am from Penang. No matter how, i will always support u. U r the best!!

246. zztop - February 17, 2009

Eliz, it was sad indeed that you decided to resign. We wanted you to know that most rakyat do not care about people private lifes. As long as she/he can deliver what are expected of them as people representatives, we will support him/her irrespective.
We like you to know that we are with you all the way. We hope you will reconsider your resignation for the sake of the rakyat and the country. I have a bunch of comrade here with me who are damn angry at this despicable act. We beleive someone close to you now or before has been influenced by greed. Do not resign. Take a rest and come back to lead the rakyat again. Just ignore all these despicable and greedy bums or friends.
God bless you.

247. Chris L - February 17, 2009

YB be strong! We will continue to support you. We knew clearly who framed you and we will use our vote to punish them!

248. Grace - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
No matter what decision you make, I support you. If you stay, of course good Malaysians benefit. If you resign, at least you don’t have to keep sitting among the worst slimebags in Malaysia. You can instead work in other projects where your team mates are smarter and more constructive.
Can the people with such dirty tricks sustain Malaysia with their stupidity, out dated ideas, corruption and inefficiency? If Malaysia has to fall before it can rise again, then so be it.

249. June - February 17, 2009

Dear Eli,

Please be strong and stand tough. You should be happy to see that you have overwhelming support from all walks of life. Please do not resign…We will support you all the way.

Don’t be so upset about the photo. Actually our body is just like a robot which carry our soul. When we die, we can’t take anything along with us. We can only take our soul and our karma along. So stay on…serve the people and indirectly you will earn tons and tons of good karma.

To those who are trying to bring Eli down, you watch out. The world is round. Whatever goes around comes around. Be GOOD and Don’t DO BAD. Think about your future and your next..next generations…Law of Karma definitely will come after you…

Eli, Be Strong….Don’t Resign…We need Leader Like U.

250. Chooi - February 17, 2009

Politician like other people, make mistakes, but they should be given a second chance to redeem themselves.

251. DAIJEK - February 17, 2009


We support you. U r our heroine. Till the end we still support u.
Even u resign…..U r our heroine…4ever

252. JEBAT - February 17, 2009

Dear YB Eli…,

253. Mahen the Dragon - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I am currently in Scotland but I am a Malaysian. I know this is hard for you. This is the time where you need to have a clear state of mind and think about the people who need your help, the people who hoping for a change in their life, the people who is suffering from untruthful and injustice, the people who wanted a fair ruling and not being a slave under the government who can’t even protect the people. Please do not resign from your post because the public needs good people like yourself.

I know that, this might be one of the dirty tactics of Barisan Nasional to take back Selangor to their hands again. Look what they have done to Perak and now in Selangor. They can’t simply win the last year’s election where most of the people voted the opposition party (last year 2008) and not BN. They can’t simply accept the fact. “Pity them”, a disgrace! Further more the statement which was given by Khir Toyo yesterday in Malysia Kini about yourself, I can’t accept it at all. First of all, I think he and Najib should point themselves before pointing at others. It’s just that they digging their own grave. “The of Law of Karma says, whatever goes around, will come back again with a BONUS.”

I am so embarrassed that the Malaysian politics especially UMNO have become so unprofessional disgusting.

But Elizabeth, this should never fade your good thoughts and the purpose for the public and also the community. Remember one thing, “NOMATTER PEOPLE SAY OR DO TO YOU, YOU ARE STILL A LOVABLE AND A CAPABLE PERSON.”

Please, I mean Please DO NOT resign from your post. You will have the full support and strength to fight not only from Malaysia but also around the World. Go for it Elizabeth! Go for it! Don’t worry we are there for you.

254. Francis - February 17, 2009

Dear Liz

Although I am from Penang, I certainly hope that you reconsider your decision

This is NOT your mistake or problem. Its your life and we dont care and want to know what you do personally

I BEG you to pls reconsider your decision not to resign. Please do not. Malaysia needs more people like you

255. Albert LIm - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You have done no wrong.If you quit,indirectly you would have told the devil they have won.That bloody stupid Khir Toyol says it is a moral issue.If that monkey have any brains at all,this is not a question of morality.You were photographed in the privacy of your own home.What morality is he talking about.You mean you can’t be naked in the privacy of your own room! If that is the case,ask this bloody Khir Toyol to ask his wife to take showers fully clothed.Some idiots are also baying for your blood by commenting that how come there is a man in your room when you are not married.Don’t these people realise that you are not a muslim and you have a right to love and be loved.I honestly hate it when people compare you to Chua Soi Lek.Chua Soi Lek is a married man having extra marital affairs.You are single and you have the absolute right who you want to be acquainted with.Easier said that done,I honestly hope you would not break so easily as you have thousands of voters standing solidly behind you

256. Lulu - February 17, 2009

Dear Eliz,please don’t resign. Keep on your good work… let’s believe that sooner or later the maniac will be punished by God.

257. Tham Ze King - February 17, 2009

saw you have a cat photo on the travel page…
maybe this can help u relax a bit…

that is my cat, it had been a very supportive pet to our whole families.

hope she can support you some how.

and me and my families support too…… but i think the cat work better.

258. Anak Sarawak - February 17, 2009

Dearest Eliz,be strong and uphold ur principle. Please expose the ‘demon’ identity so that there won’t be any future casualty.

259. Chong - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth, please don’t resign. You are a great leader. Please fight on for the sake of this country and the people. We will support you!

260. ZA - Battousai - February 17, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place… it don´t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if ONLY you let it. You, or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But it’s not about how hard you hit… It’s about HOW HARD YOU CAN GET HIT, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD… how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That´s how winning is done. If you know what you worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits.”

Brave the current storm to the end… and never once give up. Continue to be the face and inspiration of millions in Malaysia, that are looking for change… whose hope is to be able to have a better life, for themselves, as well as, their children (and their future generation).

Take Care Always,

261. Benjamin - February 17, 2009

YB Eli, I have seen your press conference and read your press statement.

You have made your decision with your party’s interest in mind. Understood.

You are in no way admitting or even implying defeat at any level. Understood.

So, while some may question your offer to quit your posts, I support your decision. It is probably the right thing to do, looking at the big picture.

And, like most people who do not wish to see you relinquish any posts, I too, hope that at the end of the day, you will not have to.

In the end, regardless of whether there is going to be 2 or 3 “Bukit” by-elections, let us once again reduce BN into muttering that phrase they made famous after PP and KT… “Democracy Is Still Alive”.

Which is their way of saying “We Lost… Again”.

262. Kenny - February 17, 2009

Elizabeth, i know this is a very tough moment for you.. but please stay strong and overcome this challenge.

I agree that it is outrageous that how your privacy was offended. I don’t think that it is your fault at all so please don’t blame yourself!

Me and my family will continue to support you.

263. Keith - February 18, 2009


Dont give up. It is just a matter of time. Time can rub it off.
Most important you did nothing wrong. No point looking back, go on and get you deserve. The devil will get their punishment from GOD later…
We will always be your supporter!!


264. alex - February 18, 2009

Hi YB,

I’m sure the world seems to be closing in on you and I cannot even begin to understand the emotional roller-coaster that you must be going through right now. All I can offer is my words and I hope they reach you in good steed.

“We have only one life to live. Live it to the fullest and embrace those that are closest, dearest and matters the most to you. This is a mere hiccup that makes up life’s many trials and tribulations. We learn and we move on…so please be all that you can and continue the good fight for mother nature, as she needs all the help that we can spare. Be it from the political arena or otherwise.”

May you find peace and happiness in all your future endeavors.

from a fellow environmentalist.

265. David Ang - February 18, 2009

hi YB,
Have a GOOD GOOD rest ! Do not let all the thngs that happens destroy you . Many people out here love you and we all believe in you . Our mighthy GOD is watching and he will send many many angel to you . Be strong !
Take good care of yourself !

266. simson loong - February 18, 2009

Dear honourable YB,
I would just like to say that you have the support of my family and we are always there to pray that you will overcome this dark episode in your life which we believe you will be able to tide this little thing over very soon. Be strong, be brave…..and i believe you know that there are thousands….millions of people out there who are behind you.

267. Janice - February 18, 2009

Hi YB,
The last one stand to win the game. Please don’t quit and continue your fight until the end, at least the next GE where we will let the ‘RAHMAN’ legency word become history. May the god bless our country & rakyat.
Please do not fall into their trap!

268. Jason Chung - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I reiterate what others have said…don’t give up so easily without a good fight, like they say in the movies “It ain’t over ’til it’s over”…the perpetrator & whomever behind this plot ought be apprehended big time…victimizing a human being is already bad enough, victimizing specifically women is really unforgivable! The rakyat have not abandoned you, they hear your plight…so let’s not abandon the rakyat…reconsider…turn sorrow into strength…

Thanks & Best regards,
Jason Chung (Singapore)

269. victor g phillips - February 18, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

We all know these are tough times for you, BUT as the saying goes “tough times don,t last, tough people do” Your predicament is the result of desperate times calls for desperate measures by certain parties. But the truth will always prevail. Hang in there Eli, our hopes, wishes and prayers are with you.
Take care and god bless,
victor and family

270. People from oversea who still care... - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I’m feel bad about of your happening. Do not blame yourself, as you said ” HAVE NO LAW BREAK”. Everyone had to gone thru own bad time. When it’s over, means it’s over.
All my votes and my family votes, will vote for the PEOPLE WHO FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY.

271. Michael (USA) - February 18, 2009

I wanted to send my support and encouragement after you having to deal with such a disgusting act of violence against you and your privacy! It makes sick, as a man, to realize people would still use sexual attitude to denigrate women in power as a way to control them.

272. francess raymundo - February 18, 2009

Dear Miss Wong,

Although I may not be from your country, I agree with the rest who have asked you to reconsider your decision to resign.
You should not resign! What for?
Please don’t forget that you are a human rights activist. You have all the right in this world to go to sleep at night without clothes on. You have all the right in this world to have a man in your room, at night. And in your bed, for that matter, even if you are not married to this man.
Why resign when you did not do anything unconstitutional? Why resign when you are the victim of a serious violation? Why resign when it’s you now, who has to be your own champion?
Please don’t cry. Please don’t be sad, embarrassed, or ashamed. Hold your head high and smile, please. Tell “them” off with, ” I’m a good woman and I have a beautiful body. I can’t be held responsible for the way that people choose to express their admiration for me.”
It’s just skin.
No one has ever been born with their clothes on, “Naked came I”, as the very old line goes.
How can these people be worse than us, Catholics? Based on my experiences there in Malaysia’s capital city, I can say that those who have given you pain because of this, are hypocrites.
Muslim Malay, Malaysian Indian,and Malaysian Chinese men, most of those who I’ve encountered didn’t exactly have the purest of intentions in their hearts or their minds,at all times. Making friends with female tourists, trying to see if any of us would be fine with the idea of a one night stand. And that’s just one example.How much does anybody want to wager on if these men were to be questioned about why they choose to be disrespectful towards women or immoral that they would answer, ” It’s our right. We only answer to our God.” To be possibly very precise about the aforementioned predictable response? I will replace the other line with this very infamous “Malaysian” “battle-cry” , ” We only answer to Allah.”
My heart goes out to you, simple as this thought may be. Something like this shouldn’t be happening anymore.
Coming from the only Catholic country in Asia that is only ever so full of Catholic fanatics, no one here would ever resign over such a matter. We’re the ones who shouldn’t be able to accept, be able to forgive, or be able to understand any single woman who chooses to act against Catholic doctrine when it comes to heterosexual relationships. And yet, we are able to accept, to forgive, and to understand.
Finding myself in a situation not so different from yours (except for the fact that I am not a politician nor am I a well- known human rights activist) and not so long ago, an archbishop told me, ” Don’t be so hard on yourself. Everybody makes mistakes.” He is my mother’s uncle.

Miss Wong, I visit your nation and study its culture because its a nation that knows how to run its economy well. Now it should really start learning how to treat its citizens in a much better way.

Malaysia needs tourists but tourists don’t need Malaysia. I’m including this since I’m writing this using the point of view of a frequent visitor.
Well, not so frequent ever since ‘they’ started confiscating Bibles at the KLIA and refusing to accommodate foreigners who wear crucifixes as necklace pendants at a number of foreign currency exchange airport counters and hotel front desks.

You’re the type of leader that your country needs. You really don’t have to resign. God bless you, Ms. Wong. And I do hope, with all my heart, that you’ll be as strong as you can be.

273. syahli - February 18, 2009

Dear Eliz,

Saya warga negara Indonesia, Eliz janganlah menyerah/mundur hanya karena foto itu, karena ini hanyalah ombak kecil yang menghantam perahu yang sedang cik Elis kayuh bersama parti keadilan. Lihatlah Anwar Ibrahim, 2 badai telah menghantamnya tapi dia tak menyerah karena dia yakin yang berjuang untuk kebenaran pasti akan menang. Politik dengan cara kuno tak zamannya lagi, rakyat sudah pandai dan tak bisa dibohongi lagi, masyarakat bisa membedakan mana yang baik dan mana yang buruk, mana salah dan mana yang benar. Teruslah berjuang untuk rakyat Malaysia…! Untuk Perubahan & Kejayaan Malaysia.

From my heart for you and Malaysia.

274. JIRAN - February 18, 2009

Dear Eliz,

Jangan mundur & menyerah Eliz demi demokrasi dan keadilan.
Jangan biarkan mereka tertawa karena mereka pikir politik kotornya telah berhasil, teruslah berjuang suatu hari nanti mereka akan menyesali perbuatannya.
Datuk Anwar, tolong support Elizbeth agar tak mundur.

Best Regards,
Jiran – Batam

275. Balack - February 18, 2009

Hi Liz, it is sad to hear what has happened. I am truly respect whatever your decision is. Don’t worry u aren’t quitter!….God is great…whoever responsible will definitely get punished!…
God Bless you….Take care

276. Equalizer - February 18, 2009

Any sane mature person will know that Eli is not guilty. Those who were silence and refuse to speak aloud and condemn such a atrocious acts equals to ‘rape’ is a real hypocrite and reflects on their mental maturity. They have no right to preach about morality as they cannot even recognize the difference what morality is because they themselves are not moral. Stop the hypocrisy. Eliz will become a more dynamic MP and becomes more effective because she now has the support of even more voters due to the cruelty and oppression cast on her. Malaysia cannot afford to loose anymore good leaders because this world is going down due to the new economic order. To the person/s who took the photos: “you are a coward and a bully that prey on weak people” you should repent and ask for forgiveness.

277. Rani - February 18, 2009

I agree with Michael wholeheartedly. I thought your statement was beautifully written, and I support you. What a terrible thing it is that we do in this world when we constantly try to knock down people who are working for the good of others.

278. eric - February 18, 2009

good evening from Ireland i like to think your one fine lady, thank god there is a majorty of fine and grace full lady,s out and its up to you what you do in your own 4 walls that nobody,s business i suport you all the way. myself i live in Ireland but nationalty is Dutch…
is not about time that women”lady,s show eachother respect regardless what gender or back groud ore other weise show some respect to humans this world is big its only the mind of people who do this is small…
those people do not know it takes a life time to build a reputation but only its seconds todistroy it!!!!

Eric from Ireland with love

279. thepplway - February 18, 2009

you will never alone,Eli!the people will walk with you.

280. C Kool - February 18, 2009

Keep Fighting Eli don’t give up!

281. Veera Reddy - February 18, 2009

This is very bad news to whole world n shame for malaysia……Govt have to make strict laws….Elizabeth is THE DYNAMIC AND POWERFUL OPPOSITION LEADER.SHE IS ALSO CALLED LADY TIGER OF SELANGOR…

At a very young age she fought against all odds and she is the most cherished leader among all her contemporaries in current opposition.

Some people who don’t want to see her bright future, those only did these kind of shameless things……BUT I HOPE SHE WILL BE THE RAISING STAR IN MALAYSIA FUTURE POLITICS……

A Country character depends upon the people character of that country……

As a indian i’m supporting ELIZABETH WONG……

Veera Reddy, Software Engg, USA.

282. Lawrence - February 18, 2009

Hi Eli, after watched your press release presentation, I totally cannot believe my ear you want to quit. Is there no any other better reason to support this decision? You always have your own right to be defensive however those dirty politic is cornering you aside. Initially you stand up for the people and want a change to the political arena in the country. Most of the people look at you with hope and now you called it a quit …has Eli’s mission accomplished? Please stay on, the rakyat need you, they support you, you are not just a beautiful lady but a strong, good and smart fighter we cant afford to loose.

283. Nick Van der Graaf - February 18, 2009

Very sorry you have been victimized in this manner. Fight back! Please don’t resign!

284. Zhuge Liang - February 18, 2009

You have already done the necessary. Take a break to clear your mind. You will emerge stronger once you get your views into perspective.

285. Kelly - February 18, 2009

Miss Eli,
辞职一事,我希望你能再三考虑,不要轻言放弃。从308大选至今,你为人民所作的,我们有目共睹。感谢您! 你是在民主制度下由选民投选出来的, 选民没有放弃你, 一直以来默默支持你, 你也不能放弃! 不要辜负人民对你的期望, 化悲愤为力量, 再次站起来为人民服务, 那才是当前最为重要的, 你同意吗?

286. unhappy rakyat - February 18, 2009

In this bodoh country, rakyat cannot afford to lose a great YB like you. You are the hope of rakyat.Don’t let the unscrupulous bastard to knock you down. Keep up your spirit. Stay on. Move on.

287. Steven Tan - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,

Do NOT fall into the trap set up by BN, especially UMNO ! They want you to resign. Remember, the RAKYAT, especially those who have voted for you WANT you to stay put and fight. Fight not for yourself but for the rakyat and for the future of the state and country. You owe it to us. We all know the type of games UMNO play and we know you are smart enough not to fall into their trap. Hee YF had disgraced us, the Malaysian Chinese but you did not. Stay on to fight and be one of our heros. Be strong, be angry. Fight them UMNO devils with the fire inside you. You will have the rakyats’ support. Rakyat will re-elect you again and again.
Do you know that you are more popular now ? And the good thing is, people see you as a political victim of unfair and unethical tactic employed by UMNO and NOT as a “dirty” person.
YB, we wish you luck and we need your strength to fight injustice and corruption in this country.

288. KHYeap - February 18, 2009

Eli, you should stand in the by election as an independent and show to the world Malaysia public is not stupid and you could easily get 20 % more votes.Those tactics they are using are stupid,childish and insulting our intelligence. Maybe they still don’t realised that.

289. Alvin - February 18, 2009

Don’t quit, because if you do you are letting them win. What is there to lose if you continue your good work? Precisely, nothing…

I quote Francess Raymundo – February 18, 2009, “No one has ever been born with their clothes on, “Naked came I”, as the very old line goes.”

Nudity in the good perspective, is nature, art and beauty.

Quiting will give future terrorist a new weapon…spy cameras everywhere. If you don’t quit, it means destroying this weapon to bring down someone.

290. Edward - February 18, 2009

Be brave, you have broken no law, and there is NO WAY this incident is comparable to Uncle Chua.

I see yourself as a brave and responsible to protect a collective responsibility (of PKR’s image). I shall be waiting to hear what is your final decision.

291. zoe - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You are an outstanding and one of very few politician in Malaysia who truly cares. I respect and support you whole heartily. Unfortunately, being a politician is not as simple as giving your best service to the people. Perhalps you are too ‘pure’ and ‘perfect’ to be in such ugly stage. However, looking back at history, the best leaders and often final standing winners, are those like yourself who have the support of general public. It is no doubt a difficult path, a path with many tests designed to make you stronger and better. I pray for your greater courage and determination for the road ahead. Best Wishes, Zoe.

292. Albert - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth Wong, I wish that YB continue to serve the people who have vote u. Rakyat know that …it is ur political enemy behind this case. I hope u will not resign. Never give-up, never retreat and never lost heart. Stand firm and let ‘them’ know that YB will . never ..never bow to their threat. “FIGHT UNTIL THE END”

293. Joekhannaz - February 18, 2009

Hai YB. Eli,

Saya bersimpati dengan apa yang terjadi dengan YB. Apa yang berlaku memang sudah ditakdirkan. Pada pendapat saya, YB Eli memang tidak bersalah. Pencerobohan hak telah berlaku terhadap YB. Walaupun saya penyokong BN dan tetap setia dengan BN,
saya berharap YB tidak meletakkan jawatan YB. YB tidak bersalah, kes YB ini tidak sama dengan kes salah seorang Menteri BN dulu. setakat ambil gambar tidur, itu hak YB. Saya memang tidak bersetuju perkara seperti ini dipolitikkan.Perkara ini adalah perkara peribadi.Biarlah undang-undang menghukum pesalah yang menyebarkan gambar YB. Yang cuba untuk menangguk di air yang keruh. yang hanya pandai bercakap,yang hanya pandai menghentam orang, yang menyuruh YB meletakkan jawatan,tapi diri sendiri macam mana? bila dah ada kuasa, berlagak, penyapu dihadiahkan pada orang. Adab Melayu pun tak tahu, Tidakkah YB terfikir, yang YB dipilih oleh rakyat. Teruskanlah tanggungjawab YB untuk membela nasib rakyat di kawasan YB.Jangan buat kerja separuh jalan, masih banyak lagi perkara yang perlu YB lakukan.Jangan ikutkan hati, dengarlah suara orang yang telah mengundi YB.YB telah dipilih untuk menjadi pemimpin mereka, ini adalah takdir. liku-liku politik banyak cabarannya. Masih banyak lagi yang perlu YB lalui.Selagi rakyat memilih YB selagi itulah YB terus bekerja untuk rakyat. Abaikanlah hasrat YB untuk berundur.

294. Sudeeb Menon - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth Wong

The anguish you are going through in your personal life cannot be fully comprehended by anyone other than yourself. Our words can only be the strength and support needed during this turmoil for you to remain steadfast in your principles and goals. The community needs your vision and leadership after years of abusiveness by the Barisan Nasional government.

What had happened to you is shameful, not to you, but to the perpetrators and the schemers behind the whole issue. What is being talked about is personal and the issue should remain personal. However, in the political scenario, it is considered as weapon, especially amongst “small brain – big talk” BN politicians, such as Syed Hamid and Khir Toyo. They might even misspell the word “morality” and “leadership”. For sure they know not the meaning of these two words. Having served before at the Selangor State’s Education Arm ‘Industri Pendidikan Negeri Selangor Sdn. Bhd.’ as their Director of Corporate Services I can say definitely that there is no issue in your situation. What happened in private remains private. You are not to be faulted.

The ultimate interpretation that majority of simple folks talk about this issue is that it shows that you’re only human. Brave on and please DO NOT RESIGN. That is the peoples’ choice. Our support will always be with you and your family.

295. catherine - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth

You are an outstanding politician and Malaysia needs more of such people. You have in no way done anything wrong, so please, don’t let the perpetrators get their way. Like all your other supporters, i hope that you will be back in office after your break. Malaysia cannot loose another good warrior for justice!

Please continue your good works for the Selangor Rakyats.

God bless you.

God bless you.


296. Jeremy Loh - February 18, 2009

Dear YB Elizabeth Wong, please do not resign, you have done nothing wrong! Never give up! WE support you!!

297. judgedred - February 18, 2009

msians should no longer be silence abt injustice in ur country. The criminal acts of certain people in your political opponent will get worse if you do not stand up and ‘fight’. Your malaysian political culture had changed to Al Capone Syndicate style where immoral acts are used to trap, threaten, blackmail innocent people to achieve their gain. Every Msian who believe in good moral must now stand up and make your stand loud and clear, or else your children will have to live in an oppressive environment worse than the days of Mahathir. parents of children, rise up and be heard. enough is enough for the sake of your children, rise and make your sound of detest be heard. Elizabeth has just been ‘raped’ and she has to suffer the consequence of the actions of political criminals who ‘rape’ her through the media.What injustice! mothers, women cry this day. the oppression done on elizabeth is an oppression and abuse on all women of the world. STOP THIS PRECEDENCE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! stop the political blackmails, extortions……

298. Mabel Wong - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,

I am so sick of people using women as sexual objects and excuses. I am dissapointed that you have resigned!! But u have made your choice, however, I hope that you keep on hanging tough..and I believe you can handle this. We are young open minded Malaysians, as long as you can serve the country, and for the interest for Malaysia….I beleive we will keep supporting you.

299. yasmin - February 18, 2009

dear my sister Elizabeth Wong. we hope u don’t simply free your hand.I hope u will not resign.we will support u ,we will stand in ur behind.

300. Jammy仔 - February 18, 2009

i’m wondering….

“mesra, cepat dan betul” ??
where r the cops now… (coffee shop may b)

finally i know the meaning of the word ‘rubbish’,
ur boyfren should b thrown into the dumb

anyway, what i wanna say :
i’d support u elizabeth
i’d back pakatan rakyat

301. cclim - February 18, 2009

dear YB Elizabeth Wong.we hope u don’t resign .all malaysian rakyat also need u .god already give us the nice person like u .we will suport u n we will love.god bless u. we will stand with u ..

302. Mun - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

Although i’m not a voter in your area but i strongly support you not to quit your position. You are the 100% victim in this case. Do not let this case bring you down. You must be strong and brave to stand against it.

This is no way to broke you image because this is your privacy and your most private life. No shamed to face it. Everyone have the sexual need even the presidents or the beggar. This is not wrong, this shouldn’t be use as a weapon to bring someone down.

Be strong and Keep it Up!!!

303. Tony Pereira - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth:
I was saddened to read about your situation. Like most of those who have responded, I would like to emphasise -you have done nothing wrong and those who try and claim otherwise should take a good hard look at themselves. One very naive politician has tried to compare your situation with those of the ex Minister of Health. Suffice to say that such a comparison speaks loudly of the lack on intelligence of that politician. You should remain strong. We are indebted to you and many others who make sacrifices and put your whole life up for public consumption. If you are forced to resign, our loss will be great. I hope common sense prevails. I am disappointed our PM has chosen to stay quiet when one his party members and ex MB of Selangor has made such silly comments. Ultimately, the people will support you and that is all that matters.
I wish you well.

304. jerrie - February 18, 2009


305. Anthony L.A.K - February 18, 2009

Dear YB, be strong , we all from oversea support u.
No give up, no resign, face to it…. everyone know who is using this kind of dirty tactics. Keep fighting and no retreat, we support u!!!!

306. jeanhoo - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I am a Singaporean who happened to saw your articles on news. I won’t comment whether you made the right or wrong decision as there isn’t any right or wrong decision in the world. If you are firm in your decision, be proud of it. I believe you know what is the best for you. I may not have a chance to vote for you. But I will pray the best for you in your future endeavor. Smile and laugh those away. You make the women proud. =) Jean

307. Yeshulavani - February 18, 2009

Stay strong, NEVER RESIGN, dont fall on their trap. we are there to support you

308. Lee Y T - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth… I am your very old friend who stayed under one roof during our Taylor’s College time @ Bangsar area.. I have followed your news ever since 308 and was really proud of you for what you have done for the nation. I wish to give you my unlimited moral support on the late incident and hope it will bring you another glory chapters… for yourself, for us and for the country. Keep it up !! God will bless you all the way….

309. Rocket - February 18, 2009

Letter to PM & MB Selangor

Dear Pak Lah & YB Khalid,
Hope you are fine.
After heard about of pictures of Elizabeth circulating in public, as a woman live in Malaysia, I feel very insecure because my privacy or any woman could be invaded by anyone. I am very upset and disappointed with some politicians used this opportunity to hurt the victim further than try to solve the problem to make this country better.
Every Rakyat has right to live or to feel live safely in Malaysia regardless race, sex, from different party and age. When we are the victim of violence and bully by unethical person,as government and Captain of Country, you should ensure we are protected and punish person who does wrong. We need to live in safe country, basic human right.
In this case, Elizabeth is a victim, she done nothing wrong. She has carried out her job well this has proved from the 11 months performance since she elected as YB. She is one of the talented, committted, responsible, capable and dynamic ADUNs in this Country, You should proud that Malaysia has a young lady like her who is dedicated to Malaysia.
At this moment, she is facing hard time which she definitely not deserve for. We, especially you, PM of Malaysia and Khalid, MB of Selangor, Leader of this country, should help her to fight thru this hard time. She will face all the challenges if she continue as ADUN but I am very sure, if we work together as team, you give your support and lots of public already shown their support, her tough time will end and she as tough people will last.
Please do not punish victim, rather please impose heavy punishment to wrong doer, please allow this young & energetic lady to continue to serve people. As a leader, shows people that no-one could take advantage,to threaten her to quit because he/she has her “nuke” pictures or video clip, time changes, we should learn how to differential what is people private life and what is work. In EW’s case, she done no wrong, her private life is nothing to do with her performance.
She should allow to continue to use her ability to serve people, until and unless she does not do her job well.
Here, I sincerely requested you, do not accept Elizabeth Wong’s resignation and shut those mounth that wants her to resign because we need clean, fresh and capable person to serve Rakyat, ie Elizabeth Wong.

310. YK - February 18, 2009

Dear YB,

“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If you quit, however it will lasts forever.’ pls reconsider your decision and RAKYAT will be your biggest strenght to overcome your pain.

“Hidup Rakyat”

311. Charles D. E. Laanstra - February 18, 2009

Elizabeth Wong,

Everyone is naked.



312. Will Fong - February 18, 2009

Hi Liza,
Although I am not from Malaysia, I feel that you should not resign but be stong and stay on and fight those who had stood so low to be a BEAST to sell their soul to the devil that practise gutter politics because they have run out of ideals. Doing what they did is all that they know.
For the good of the people who voted you in, you must stay for them to look after their interests and not play into the hands of corrupt BEASTS that did what they did.
I wish you, your family and your Political Party well and that your Party will one day soon be the New Government of Malaysia.
Evil will NEVER triumph.
Warmest regards,
Will Fong.

313. kenneth - February 18, 2009

dear YB ,please stay strong and do not resign as you are doing so,,,you are cought by the others..all the people in Malaysia with sense of logic and want a fair country will stand behind you,,,be strong and calm,,we all supporting you all way out…may God bless you.

314. Mastura, Singapore - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli

Im a Malaysian who work in Spore. When I heard the news from a “big fat liar” channel ,TV3.. the first thing came out from my mouth…RUBBISH! This is just another set up from stupid BN;Who is trying very hard to get rid of good YBs, a party who cant accept the fact they were defeated badly in 2008 election

I beg you not to quit. Please dun surrender easily. Take it as a challenge in your life as a YB .Proof to THEM that you are capable to accept any challenges that comes .Stop crying and face it !

Message to BN –
(Hey BN! Though you are denying that you are not involve in this issue , BARE IN MIND, Rakyat is not stupid and I’m sure Rakyat knows who is the Mastermind).

315. alex lek - February 18, 2009

Hi Miss Elizabeth Wong, my name is alex, i’m from singapore. i have seen your profile. regarding the scandal news, they using the way to deal with you is very….CRUEL. i hope that you don’t resign. don’t let those beast feel happy that their plan is success. i believe you put alot of effort to serve the (malaysia) countries. i hope you don’t give up so easily.Be strong & i will support you. Miss Wong….( Jia You)…..

316. Hazel - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,

Please do not resign! To resign is to admit defeat and admit guilt. I am with you all the way and so are at least a few thousand of Malaysians who appreciate all your good work.

If you think that we, the public will disown you over a couple of pictures, you have totally underestimated us. We still respect you, we still care and we will still support you. We do not think any less of you!

Please don’t give up.Don’t let them win. They don’t deserve it.

317. Bob - February 18, 2009

Dear Ms Wong.

As a man, I am sorry to hear that you feel you need to resign from your position. For in this situation you are the victim of a scurrilous attack upon your person.

Those who attack you are certainly not men of honour. They are men who see no limits to the heights of wickedness to which they can climb. They are driven by a religion of hate and intolerance against women and those of us who deem that being human is more important than any creed.

To give in now would be to give in to those who would step from the path of enlightenment and tolerance for all the peoples of Malaysia.

Stand and fight for what you believe. Endure, and preserve yourself for better things. If not for yourself then at least for the younger generations. Let them see you hold a beacon to those fundamental principles to which you aspire, and maybe they will carry that beacon forward.

318. siti - February 18, 2009

dear yb eli, be strong let them bark to the mountain!!!!!

319. orange - February 18, 2009


320. Niall - February 18, 2009

Please do not resign – You are the victim not the perpetrator. Do not let this despicable act against your privacy get you down. Stand Strong true to your beliefs and know you have our complete support and backing

321. kar wei - February 18, 2009

Stay strong, don’t give up. We will support you.

322. Eddy - February 18, 2009

Hello YB,

Your title as ‘Yang Berhormat’ should be reflected in your personal life as well……so…I dot think you deserve to be the ‘Yang Berhormat’ anymore…

323. A Malaysian from Singapore - February 18, 2009

Dear YB, I’m sad to hear that you resign even I not from Selangor.What ever decision you make I believed your supporters will accept it but will be sad if you decided to resign. I would said you do nothing wrong it is your personal life and you not did it in public area.Just look ard. the ppl trust you that why the ppl sad when come to know YB gng resign.Just look ard. the ppl supporting you “YOU NEVER WALK ALONE.”
I will support YB regardless what decision YB decided.

324. From Seremban - February 18, 2009

Dear Eli,

You will certainly grow from here. You will grow to be wiser, stronger, belief more in yourself, and most of all, you will know that your struggles are in the right path.

Our thoughts are with you!

Stand your ground on your beliefs.

May You Be Blessed.

325. rani - February 18, 2009

dear YB Eli
sebenarnya u are the lucky person.sebab ur exboyfriend buat kerja macam ni masa sebelum kamu kahwin dengan dia.kalau kamu dah kahwin dgn dia lagi tension .org jahat mesti akan kena hukuman.Eli kamu tak salah.harap kamu jangan resign.kalau kamu resign org-org keji(eg:KHIR..TO.najib)lagi akan ambil kesempatan.so i minta tolong tolong tolong Eli jangan resign.semua rakyat perlu kamu

326. aku anak malaysia - February 18, 2009

korang semua dah kena kencing..termasuk yang dot dot dot..ha ha ha

327. din ramboi - February 18, 2009

Hello Mastura Singapore.
Jgn cakap sebarangan & tuduh BN yang punya angkara. Awak tu tahu pun tak nak tuduh2. Kan masih dalam siasatan lagi. macam2 kemungkinan akan berlaku, mana tahu silap2 ada org dalam parti sendiri yang dengki kat Eli, macam mana!. Sabar jangan cepat melatah tau, we are malaysian and not singaporean

328. John - February 18, 2009

Miss Elizabeth,

I do understand and fully support your decision to resign. It will be very difficult for you to portray a very good example or a role model for what you have been doing and/or fighting all these while. Even your own bosses have politicized this personal matters of yours for their own popularity. Just lay back and enjoy the other truly meaning of life as a commoner..

329. Jon - February 18, 2009

Don’t Resign

You were sleeping in your room, in your private room.

How you dress while you are asleep is never our concern and should never be.

The person who took the pictures, violated your personal space, worst when you have given him so much trust.

You are a victim, and the person who took the pictures a scumbag. Why should you resign ? If we Malaysians can support you, don’t you think you should give yourself a chance.

You have not made a mistake, Don’t Make One Now !!!!

330. ccy - February 18, 2009

親愛的 Eli,

希望你要更加堅强, 站穩立场, 不要放弃,你应該昂首向前, 堅守你的信念, 继續為人民斗爭, 千萬不要誏用卑鄙骯髒手段打擊他人的小人得逞, 人民就是你最有力的後盾.

永远支持你, 加油!

331. Melinda - February 18, 2009

YB Elizabeth, This is my first time expressing myself in any blog. My friends and I who are Malaysians and who are against “dirty” politics and intrusion of privacy fully support you. Be STRONG and do not resign especially from being a YB. We need people like you to fight and believe me, all those pix will soon be forgotten.

All we care is you are truly here to serve and fight…. .
May God bless u and do not quit.

332. Mugiyanto - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

This is Mugi or Robby, the colleague of your from the former leader of the People’s Democratic Party (PRD) Indonesia.

You have been doing great works for democracy, justice and human rights for the people, not only in Malaysia.

We are proud of you, and will be supporting you for your commitment to keep struggling for justice and freedom in Malaysia.

333. winner - February 18, 2009

Hi Elizabeth,

Do not resign. If you do you are sending a wrong message for our future generation. There is a thin line between right and wrong. In this case you were victimized. Those who purposefully conduct crimes like corruption, malicious intimidation, cause racial segregation and disharmony. They are the ones who should resign…NOT SOMEONE LIKE YOU WHO HAVE SERVE THE COUNTRY WELL. Do not dissappoint the majority of people who trust you. Do not make your enemy smile and happy. The good people of MALAYSIA hates it when the bad politicians win.

334. William Lee - February 18, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
We are unable to help you during this difficult time.
We would like to let you know we will continue to support you, support you FULLY!!!
Please stand up for the sake of JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS.

335. Anak Selangor - February 18, 2009

YB, much have been said about your case. A large majority would want you to be strong and stay on. Of course there are also some who agreed with you to resign and one, Eddy guy ( post 317) who suggested that this case made you “Tak Berhormat”. Frankly, I think he’s just one of those cybernet “lepak kaki” who does not really understand the whole situation. Have a heart to forgive him. And then….. there are people who compared your case with that of Chua Sok Lek! Personally, I think that’s STUPID, really stupid. What to do, we have people like that running our country and that’s why the country and its people need you to be strong to fight for us. You have not disgraced your party. You have not disgraced your state government. I believe, if you were to “turun padang” tomorrow, you’ll be cheered and people will rush to shake your hands and welcome you. If you choose to stay as YB, I believe this case will actually make you stronger and more popular. Running away from problem will not erase what has happened but pressing on, bringing those responsible to book, showing the country that you represent the strong womanfolks and turn this case to your advantage IS WHAT WE EXPECT OF YOU. Women today are not like those of the 60’s or 70’s. Women are no longer timid and weak. Women should not be easily intimidated or suppressed. Lift up your head high….walk tall….we’re behind you all the way.

336. Yang Anggun of the General Malaysian Public - February 18, 2009

Hi YB.
I am dissapointed that u finally succumbed to the pressure. I know it must have been tremendous, but I still fail to understand how your party would be embarrased by those photo’s of yours. Worse personal videos have emerged from other politician, of activities deliberately performed and yet he was still welcomed back with open arms by his party members. Your case is not even worth mentioning. You were not even a willing party.

Sadly, Malaysian politics today, are for unscrupolous politicians only. Normal citizen like us out here, doesn’t matter anymore. State government can change by the day without taking into account what their constituents wants. People who can afford to play the political chess at the electorate level, do so without considering their pawns, us. Everyone wants to be in power, everyone has their interests to protect.
We are a nation going down the drains. I am sorry for my children and the younger Malaysian. We are going to leave them a sick Malaysia with sick values filled with corruption, economic monopolies and a lousy education system, where money, power and connection in the right places can get you away with murder.(all puns intended).

We need good working administrators, people like you, and not politicians like the majority rest.

And you should name the culprit who made the photos public. Like someone said, the younger generation will be confused by the thin line that separates the right and wrong here.

As with every other political scandals that has been hatching one after another in front of us, truth will prevail in the end.

God Bless You YB

337. K - February 18, 2009

ADVANCE or TURN BACK. There are 2 choices only. This is the first time Malaysia is facing a ‘change’. You may not be the most critical role but you are indispensable in this. The people need you and you need our support. We are giving you our support now and what is your decision? You can just throw away our trust because you are the one deciding your path. But, is this the right time to run away? Is this the correct choice? Actually we don’t care the past of someone. We are not god and we are always making mistakes. Moreover, this is not your mistake. Let bygone be bygone. The most admirable spirit of people is to be brave to face and even overcome the obstacles. Come on. Let us (people) to stand up together with you. Okay? Don’t give up easily.

ADVANCE or TURN BACK. Make a choice.

338. Kim Tan - February 18, 2009

You should not resign. Your resignation will not make your party, PKR better, but it’ll make the rakyat bitter.

Ask yourself the following questions.
1) Did you do anything illegal?
2) Did you serve your rakyat well?
3) Are you ashame of your sexuality?

If the answers are NO, then please stay on and DO NOT resign. You are still the YB and this outpouring of support cannot be ignored. The rakyat are not stupid. They can smell when something is rotten out there.

Your have been a fighter and there is no reason to quit fighting, especially now.

Insya Allah!

339. K - February 19, 2009

Try to direct our voice in this blog to media. Let our voice being heard by everyone.

340. Cowboys & Indians - February 19, 2009

whatever porn tag the enemy wants to label you is not important. You did not destroy, kill, threaten, steal, kidnap, hurt innocent people unlike those who point 1 finger at you and unknowingly had 3 fingers pointing back at themselves. The people will understand the needs of humanness in everyone of us. No one is excluded from the needs of the flesh. This is why you will be respected and respected more when you put up a fight and stand and conquer. If you quit, you will betray the mass of people who support you. Look what happen to DAP hee who had become contempt among those who voted for her, seen as the worse of the worse in the malaysian history of MPs. If you stand and fight, you will be the model for generation to come and give hope to a bright future for malaysia. the nation will now rise to form a tide against the evil conspirators. People in general do not like to see a spineless leader. God have mercy on your enemies.

341. A supporter of transparency and good governance - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong,

I understand that you must have gone through a very difficult period right now. Although I am not in your shoe, I still feel the pain of what you are currently undergoing. Suffering a relationship break down is painful enough, and to suffer betrayal in the most despicable manner in full public glare, is even more hurting. I cannot imagine what you are going through right now.

No matter what happen now, will you please be strong for all Malaysians. There are many who support you and your cause, we are the new generation, and we can differentiate between the good politicians, royals and the bad ones. And there are many bad apples out there, but they are only up there because they have the money and wealth to do so. The good ones are the oppressed ones because you all are fighting for the genuine causes, which we, the rakyat, have felt and truly appreciates. We believe, ultimately, the GOOD will prevail again the BAD ones, justice will come sooner or later.

You are not a quitter, and you have come this far not to quit so suddenly because of this issue. Take it as a challenge. I know there are people out there trying to get you down. I know there are people questioning your morality when clearly they have none themselves. You have been a victim in this, and you must not bend down at this point as your actions will set precedence to others in future. You must set a courageous example by holding on to your post despite all this issue. It is very unfair for you to step down when we Rakyat still wants you to hold the post and do what is right for the nation. For the short time you have been the YB, you have demonstrated a strong will and excellent execution of work. You are the exemplary politician. Please don’t quit. I am a rakyat, and I represent the majority of the younger generation voice. Many of us, my friends, my neighbours, my colleagues are all supportive of you. And our numbers are in several thousands out there. We don’t want you to quit. Please, for Malaysian sake, don’t quit. We have never progressed for the past 50+ years after independence, and you injected the fresh blood into Malaysian politics. If you quit now, it means that we regress again, rather than progress.

Please Elizabeth, DON’T QUIT. For each minister out there trying to discredit you, please know that, we the RAKYAT, numbering thousands of us, are fully supportive of you. Don’t let the few ministers bring you down, let the thousand of supportive rakyat bring you UP!


342. ST - February 19, 2009

HI Elizabeth
We are 100% behind you. Remember when someone point his indexfinger at you. 4 other fingers are pointing back to himself. Don’t resign. We need real and true politician like you. Be strong.

343. Angela K - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

I can only imagine how violated you felt. Please stay strong. The fact that ‘they’ are trying so hard, using such outrageous tactics to force you out of your current role of YB means that you are making a difference (a positive change). Soon, “they” will realize that Malaysians are sick and tired of the old ways, of the corruptions, of the inequality and widespread systemic failure (and abuse) of politicians and those in power. These kind of smear campaign and violation are what we despise most of the “old” age.

The men and women on the streets are not concern about what you do in your private life. The very fact that you HAVE a normal personal life just makes you more human, more like us 🙂

The men and women on the street are concern about their livelihood, access to decent education, healthcare, safety and the future of their children, grandchildren…etc.
Please stay strong and persevere. “They” cannot (do not have the right to) use this kind of outrageous tactics to defeat a well meaning, qualified and dutiful office holder.

A wise person once told me “you need to stay in the circle to influence what happens in the circle”. I hope you stay in the ‘circle’. You are so close. Please don’t give up!

I would like to end this comment with a quote by Abraham Lincoln:

Character is like a tree and reputation like its shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.

Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865), Lincoln’s Own Stories

344. Joanna - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

The Malaysian public is mature enough to see through the shameless, childish attempts to discredit you. Know that we stand behind you, know that we sympathise, and above all, know that we are aware that you have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Your resignation has upset many of us, as we feel that it is an admission of guilt to a crime that does not exist. While we don’t pretend to understand what you are going through, we’d love to see you hang in there, and show that you are capable of rising above the “gutter politics” that infest this nation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

345. Gerry Tucker - February 19, 2009

Dear Ms Wong

I am a British citizen, and a Permanent Resident and Registered Voter in Hong Kong, presently working in New Delhi. I have worked in Malaysia on a number of occasions.

I was saddened to read in the Times of India of this photo episode, which no doubt continues to both distress and anger you, but I would be saddened even more if whoever perpetrated this shoddy little trick was successful in interdicting your valuable service to your State, your Country and South-East Asia generally. All of them can benefit from your continued service, and your constituents and party are lucky to have you.

Do take a little time to clear your head, but then – don’t get mad, get even: at the next election’s ballot box. My thoughts are with you, but hang in there.

346. BCLEE - February 19, 2009

Dear Eli
take a good rest for a few days,than come back to do your good work for us again ,we need you

347. Thres - Melbourne - February 19, 2009


In solidarity from Chuin M, See M, OT and myself.
Keep up the struggle.

348. Andrew C.K.Chin - February 19, 2009

Dear Eli ,
I have read a lot of the misfortune that befalls you but i feel that as a Women , you had done a tremendous brave and daring moves in the political arena that had set to change the political game rules in Malaysia and i feel that you should not give up but learn from it and forged ahead with your own determination for greater heights in politics for the sake of this Nation which is still in the maturing stage after having just awaken from its dormant sleep of 50 years since Independance ….
I am not your supporter nor am i a pro-goverment one too but a coward that do occassionally voiced out in one way or another when i feel that it is right to say something that is within the law .
I hoped that one day , i will be able to come out of my cowardice and face reality like what Mr.Tian Chuan is doing before he is elected by the Rakyat to Parliment facing the warth of the enforcement agencies and the tormentation of detentions ….
I am happy for PKR for having make a dream come truth to be able to stand in Parliment and voiced issues of people’s aspirations to make our dormant society a more vibrant one and to assist the people’s to realised their rights that had been so long buried and to come to a sense to utilised it for the betterment of this nation across borders of racial and religious barriers .
As for yourself , i hoped that you could recover from this shocking event and move more aggressively in this arena for the sake of our dormant citizen that need to be awaken from their sleep to exercised their democratic rights for the betterment of this Nation that have yet a long way to go and also for yourself to lead the `lost sheeps ‘to the right path in life journey .
As a man , i thanks god that i am not a lowdown creature that have hurt others through unethical ways but i am a real coward cos i left my ex without saying goodbye by just fading away …like a mist in the morning dawn of yesterday .
I hoped that one day , i will be able to throw out my cowardice and contribute to the political maturisation of this nation in a more dynamic and fruitful manner than being a behind the screen operator …and i hoped that the day will be come ….
Finally take care , nursed your wounds and make a comeback in the political arena for the sake of this Nation and its millions of lost souls that need your enegetic , aggressive and yet gentle persuasive nature to make their realisation to democrary revolution come true …..as for myself i believed in one thing ….i come into this World to discharge my liabilities and duties and then fade away when it is done like the saying of ‘ a soldier never dies but he fades away into society to fight another day ‘
Forget this `nightmare’ and forged a `New Dream’ for the betterment of the masses and not least yourself in your beliefs in life and others that had yet to be awaken from their dormant sleep .

349. Toh from JB - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

We, citizen of Malaysia support and love you. Don’t let this dirty trick stop you from fighting for human rights.

350. stereomanic - February 19, 2009

i 100% agree with tenacity of a young bull with Gerry Tucker…
don’t let the corrupt win mate…
you’re one of the good ones…man, god knows we need the good ones on our side…unless we want Malaysia to die, in which case, is far worse than nude pictures on the internet..especially ones that was not generated by oneself.

351. dzherba - February 19, 2009

This is more to the moral issues. You should be a mirror to others to follow. But now, first an for most What relegious are you practicing. IS your releigious allows u to have sex before marriage. Is ‘Bersekedudukan’ is ok for you all. For your supporters on this blog, Why should we support this type of ‘immoral’ person to be a leader.

352. SL - February 19, 2009

Ms Elizabeth
I feel really sad that your BF did this to you. You did nothing wrong. It’s totally innocent. I want you to be stay positive and don’t give up and don’t resign.
Your case is not like that MCA’s politician case. Bottom line is you did not do anything wrong. Some people out there out to get you and if you resign, they achieve victory. It’s not the end of the world. So deny them the Victory – Stay and Fight on!
Fellow M’sian in US

353. 海阔天空 - February 19, 2009

Dear Eliz, please don’t give up and don’t resign, 我们会一直为你加油打气, gam-ba-tei!!!

354. Cecilia - February 19, 2009

YB – sleeping in your own room, partially unclad is in no way scandalous – the scandalous behaviuor is that of the person taking pics without your knowledge and disseminating it. Even if the pics were knowingly taken; the person distributing it is the criminal, not you.

My friends and I are all Bukit Lanjan voters- we voted you, not a nun – pls stay and continue your good work.

Note to PKR – stop saying ‘nude’ (Eli is not nude); stop saying ‘scandal’ – she’s not done anything scandalous – pls do condemn the perpetrator(s) of this gutter action.

And I’m glad Dr Khinzir Toyol shows himself up as the hypocritical scumbag he is! Thank goodness he’s not the MB anymore! Resigning would let him and others like him win out!

355. GOH HOE HOE - February 19, 2009

乎在于人心。裸睡者,益身乎,害身乎,中西医各有己见。裸者,何其错 ,何其
兴都教神像, 印尼巴厘岛女众裸体者比比皆是。日本净土宗画家所画马雅夫人画

356. 笔者:吴和豪 - February 19, 2009

乎在于人心。裸睡者,益身乎,害身乎,中西医各有己见。裸者,何其错 ,何其
兴都教神像, 印尼巴厘岛女众裸体者比比皆是。日本净土宗画家所画马雅夫人画

357. Joseph Alexander Renang - February 19, 2009

Dear Lizbeth,
I am ashamed and disgusted with how certain Malaysians behaved and carried themselves. I know all reasonable Malaysians are with and behind you. I know too that this episode is a test of your strength and tenacity.
I am very proud of you and keep up your struggle for the betterment of our country.

358. Kee H Yong - February 19, 2009


I am not sure if you would even get the chance to read my comment, judging from the volumes of it on this site and elsewhere. But if you do, here is what I have to say. This is nothing new as I am sure you have already heard of this or have thought of it yourself.

Do not resign. As you said, “I have nothing wrong.” Personally, I don’t care what you do in your private live. The fact that “he” is a Muslim makes no different to me. Having said that, you should take advantage of the public sentiments for you. This is a great opportunity for you to not only help yourself but also for PR and, more importantly, the hidden voices and silences of so many Malaysians who are so, so sick of the violent racist, sexist, and whatever discourses that have prevailed for too long in Malaysia. I have been telling my friends that Malaysia could very well be a model within all postcolonial nation-states that finally transcends the legacies they inherited. Apparently it is no longer true. This is precisely why I am writing to you. You and others known to you are our only hope. Don’t give in to petty issues like who you slept with and how he/she has sold you out for what ever reason. Rise above it. Be a Malaysian Edith Piaf or, in the contemporary sense, fight like Cervela Vargas. Do not resigned yourself in what you have been fighting for.

Your fellow Malaysian
Kee Howe Yong

359. Ashley - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth

I’m supporting you in all way.

Take care of yourself and be strong.

360. 笔者:吴和豪 - February 19, 2009



361. 笔者:吴和豪 - February 19, 2009

I dedicate the following my composed song to Elizabeth and hope
Elizabeth will keep moving on the right tracks for the benifits of rakyat

Unbeaten by rain
, by wind
Neither by the snow nor the summer heat
Having a healthy body
Freed from greed
Never getting angry
Always smiling quietly

Doing things
Without calculating selfish ego
Seeing, asking, and understanding things well
not forgetting








362. justly4all - February 19, 2009

Dear Liza,
I am not from Malaysia. I believe in Justice and fair play. You should be your strongest self now that this devil and those devils behind him is out to destroy you and your party. You should not give in to evil. Sometimes it is good to have evil so that the good will prevail. Stay in your position to serve those who had voted for you. Do not quit and play into the hands of devils.
I sincerely wish that your political party will one day soon form the next Government to weed out all corruptions in the country.
I wish you, your family and your political party well.

363. observer NWO - February 19, 2009

Elizabeth had been ‘raped’ repeatly by BN backed media when they said they said they may publish her intimate photos…..worse and done in public. Rape in the public….editors should be held in question of their integrity and morality. this is clearly wrong and worse she suffer the result of the injustice. speak up speak up for the new generation for their sakes for their future. don’t make malaysia into a colombia or a zimbabwe.

364. jj - February 19, 2009

be strong Eli!!

365. jj - February 19, 2009

Lu Bian Huan HO Ok Eli? God Bless u!!!

366. KeH Poh Chi - February 19, 2009

Lu Bian Huan Ho Ok !! Lu mai Kia !!

367. Alfred Pang - February 19, 2009

Hi Elizabert,

Dont be sad.In life,there is up & down.Never give yourself up mentally.You are iron lady.Always be strong no matter what lies up.You are a top political figure in Malaysia.You cannot been knock down just like that.you are somebody which is not common to the rest of us.If you yourself give your political life just like that,how would you want others to follow your footstep.A top political figure must endure to the end.You must prove to yourself.Get a month or two for leave.Yes ,i agreed you need a rest.Recharge yourself & come back to the party.Nothing to be ashame of as a human being.I am sure you will be stronger after taking your leave.Prove to your opponent that after this incident you are even more tougher than they thought.

368. MK.Phang - February 19, 2009

Ms Eli,

U’ve done nothing wrong. Please do not resign just because of the filthy and stupidest tactic that the other party applied. U’re a tough woman, please stand against the dirty political agenda and we will stand at your back.

Be strong, Eli. Hope to see u serving the public again, soon.

369. Mahesh from Taylor's College (mahesh_seg@yahoo.com) - February 19, 2009

Hello Elizabeth,

I am not sure if you remember me. My name is Mahesh and I was in the same class as you in Taylor’s College way back in 1988. Seems so long ago, but I still remember what a wonderful person you were even back then.

I am so sorry to hear the nonsense regarding you that is going on presently. It is sad that although most Malaysians have or are growing more sophisticated and mature, many are still living in the time of apes.

Unfortunately, these people mostly end up being politicians so the odds are stacked against someone like you.

Please remember that everything happens for a reason. You may not be able to see what that reason is right now but it will become clear in time. And if you do find that reason, you will be a much better person for it. That I can promise you.

I hope to get a chance to meet and catch up on whats gone on with you. Be strong…when God closes one door, he always open up many more. Its up to us to walk through them and grasp what he has given us.

Take care Liz.

370. Peter - February 19, 2009

Ms Eli,

There are many hyphocrite making noise. Ignore them!

Be brave! Do not be afraid of your mistake. GOD is with you and HE will not let you down.

The RAKYAT need you. Please don’t resign.

Keep it up the good work you have done for the RAKYAT.

Love and prayer

371. Yeremia - February 19, 2009

Beth Wong

Have a good rest, spend time to pray & worship. Clear your head & let all that had happened & criticism levelled against you (&PR) behind. Step forward & be prepared to serve your Country & Constituency again when called upon. Regain that Courage & Heroineism you have in you.

Anethema to all those who have tried & will try again to run you down.

Winner falls & do not stay down, winner gets up when they fall & when even being trodden they still live to see tomorrow.

Stay True To Your Calling and Do Not Let Any Of Those Hypocrites Hinders You & Your Rights!

372. Mary Nunis-Lee - February 19, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong
I am sadden by your decision to resign because this only shows that you are admitting defeat and letting down the rakyat.
Why should you be ashamed of something you did not do, after all your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and was created to be beautiful, even though the world at large may have seen the pics but it is only a picture of a woman’s body nothing shameful, it fact it is to be admired and accepted as art and God’s beautiful creation. Fact: you did not post the picture yourself. Fact: You know it was intended to create a political setback to the PK so why give in to these perpetrators. Make sure you know what you are doing, admitting to your weakness or standing up to fight for your right as a WOMAN!
Be brave in the RIGHT WAY – don’t submit to the narrow mindedness of your opponents. My suggestion is don’t listen to yourself or anyone but seek the wisdom of the Lord through prayer and let him move you to make a right decision. Take the narrow road; and you will see justice and truth; give in and you will allow your opponents to succeed because that is what they want.
Again I say, You have done NOTHING WRONG SO WHY RESIGN? IT IS NOT GOING TO HELP ANYBODY BUT IF YOU STAY YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THINGS. The very fact that they are on to you is because you are a woman of substance and the Rakyat loves you so don’t let them down DON’T LET THE WOMEN OF MALAYSIA DOWN! SO WHAT IF THERE ARE OBSCENE PICS HAVEN’T ANYONE SEEN A NAKED BODY BEFORE! THINK AGAIN BEFORE STEPPING DOWN, if you do step down as a woman I would be disappointed, very, very disappointed. Because this will give license to anyone to degrade a woman by just posting naked pics of her. A WOMAN’S BODY IS BEAUTIFUL AND TO BE ADMIRED BECAUSE SHE IS A CREATION OF GOD!
My prayers are with you, know that God himself is with you!

373. Unforgiven - February 19, 2009

elizabeth, just go on the air and apologize and ask for forgiveness from those who voted and trusted you for what had happened in the past. Malaysians will forgive you and even win your enemies to you.
Show that you r human and prone to mistakes, that u r not God and u have a heart of gold.Malaysia will forgive you, love you, care for you and protect you. No one on the street will talk bad about you becos your supporters are everywhere.

374. victory - February 19, 2009

Eli, you have just awaken the silent majority. You have done what other politicians could not so. You have won the fence sitters over.

375. Yeremia - February 19, 2009

Mary Nunis

Well said & your encouragement is definitely wholesome to Beth Wong at this hour of need & uplifting.

God Bless & Keep You & Beth In His Love & Grace.

Do not fear those who can only disturb the body BUT have no power over the Spirit man.


376. Max - February 20, 2009

Hi, even though I dunno you, I hope that you stay for the sake of the people you are serving. Your country needs honest and hardworking politician like you. It is painful to know that some journalists do not respect privacy and some conservationists do not understand what is privacy. I hope you forgive them and continue your resolve to make your country a better place. I believe that this is the reason why you join your current party and this is what your party leader hope to achieve. Stay strong and clear minded. Politics is never a fair game. It’s about perseverance and wit. If you are in doubt whether the people from your community still needs you, go and visit them and shake their hands. If you get to shake many hands, they still love you. Sounds childish but this is the truth you get. You can also organise a handshake session like those pop stars. Hehehe! God Bless You!

377. Grassroot - February 20, 2009

Dear Elizabeth Wong,

I am truly sorry for what you have been going through recently. Obviously, this is a filthy tactic that someone used against you. Sadly speaking, this kind of shameful political tactic is no longer unfamiliar to Malaysians. But it doesn’t mean that we can continue to be forced to bear with it blindly!

Please do not quit for you have done nothing wrong. Your resignation will only pleased those culprits. You are a victim in this case and those who did this to you should be the ones to be blamed!

We need change and you are our hope. Take this crisis as your opportunity to show us what a real justice is! Walk out there and show those shameful culprits that a trustworthy politician like you is not easily defeated. Please stand strong and continue to make us proud. We need you as always and we will support you all the way!

God Bless!

378. Leah - February 20, 2009

Hi! I am sympathize with your situation and we Malaysian know that the politics is not the people see in the newspaper. It’s much as far from transparency as the dark from light.

However, I have seen many strangers out there that have or have not seen your hard work and give their support to you.

Please don’t give up. Stand firm and fight back. Remember, what you faces might happen to someelse, but you have a higher chance of making a difference.

379. Karen laipeng - February 20, 2009

Dear girl,
I am a very old lady, I think at this moment, you should only consider how your friends feel, and not how you feel. Please don’t do what you foes want you to do.

380. A kindred spirit from afar - February 20, 2009

Dear Eli,

Malaysia is no stranger to dirty and underhanded politics. You are obviously the latest victim. The fact that they (you know who) would stood so low to get rid of you show how effective you have been as a good people’s MP. Yes – give yourself a break, have some peace and quiet for a while BUT do NOT give up. You are a strong woman. You have a heart and soul – that is why you are so traumatised and hurt by this dirty game and ugly politics. Go and find the best lawyer you can get far & wide and get to the bottom of this low-down dirty politics. Do not back down because that is exactly what they want you to do. Remember that you have done NO wrong. They are exploiting your vulnerability as a woman. As a woman rights campaigner, FIGHT BACK and defense yourself and stand up for millions more other women who have less power and resources than you. You can do it!

381. Monica Lee - February 20, 2009

Dear Eli,

We all know who use gangster-style tactic to bully people into submission. You are far too brave to be a victim. If the party machine does not work for you, there are other ways. Whatever you choose to do, do NOT give up. FIGHT on because many more will stand by you.

To those supporters of Eli,

Please do not leave Eli to fend for herself, take action to defend her rights and that of yours and women around the world who dare to fight for change. Get a good lawyer for Eli; stage peaceful vigils at those nasty BN media office to shame them, be creative but non-violent to show those bullies you are not dump and you will not succumb to their despicable dirty tricks.

Stand up for your rights as a woman, as a human being and as a Malaysian! Do not let the country be taken over by gangster politicians!

In solidarity,

a die hard Malaysian

382. elle - February 21, 2009

Hey Eli,

I’m not sure what happened to my message which I put up last night, maybe there are just too many messages and your blog has been maxed out !!

I just want to let you know that I am also a woman, and am extremely upset that a man who claimed to be your BF (now a scumbag of an ex) has the cheek to do all those things upon a helpless woman deep in slumber!! Whether it is politically motivated or not, you are obviously a victim here and I urge all women’s rights group to stand up for you! The scumbag should be apprehended immediately and be tried so that justice may prevail.

What you do within your own four walls is NOBODY’S biz but your own, no one should judge you coz they themselves will be judged too. So echoing what all your supporters here are screaming the DO NOT QUIT message to you, otherwise the perpetrators and the enemies will win hands down… this is what they want you to do, to throw in the towel !!

Yes, you are hurt and shamed at this moment, take a breather but you have to pick up your pieces and GET the guy no matter what it takes to get your pride back!! No woman should have to endure such humiliation as you did, so I hope you will put up a good fight!! 99% of all the writers here are FOR you!!! I wish you’d come back to the BU3 BL centre and I can assure you I’d be one of those who will turn up to give you my support!!

383. Dorcas Wong - February 21, 2009

My Dear YB Eli,

No one can embrace such kind of crucial outrage attack as you have been violated, but we are with you!

I miss you and honor your will and pray that do not let you be put to shame nor let enemies triumph over you. There is nothing in life cannot pass through, and finally it will be past even the hard lines and difficulties you are facing ahead.

I want to share my love and to commit support you until victory come! May the love of my Lord strengthen you and comfort you, His mercy upon you and give you faith in this predicament.

Even though you walk through such as the valley of the shadow of death, you will fear no evil, for my Lord is with you; He will comfort you! He will anoint your head with oil; your cup overflows. Surely goodness and love will follow you all the days of your life.

Eli, we love you and walk with you until victory! Ever and ever!


384. Eva - February 22, 2009

I hope you take the time away to grow some thick skin and reconsider when you get back. Seriously – if you quit now, they have won. No one cares about the ‘scandal’ Eli – they only care that you come back and do the job that you have done so wonderfully. You have so many glowing praises, so many commendations. And you are so young to have acheived so much already. You have such a great career ahead of you.
This should be just a stumble not your downfall.
The culprit is maggot – and someone who shouldn’t be allowed to ruin your life.
Don’t let him Eli. Please?

385. kw - February 22, 2009


386. Adeline Kwok Swan Imm - February 22, 2009

Dear Elizabeth, I am a member of your constituency. Despite the threats that are being hurled against you now, videos, photos or anything else, do not bow down from the cause that you have pledged to serve. Malaysian’s are smarter these days and in the long run, with all the goings-on in Malaysian politics, voters will ultimately favour those who deal with the real issues at hand and not with those who employ underhanded tactics to further their selfish cause. You will however also need to consider the impact on the Muslim voters.

Personally, I support you and will respect whatever decision you make.

387. observer - February 22, 2009

I am a foreigner. I am dismayed at the battle of evil against good and have observed that in many countries, different tactics are used by political enemies to seize the upper hand.
It’s good that you have chosen to have a cooling off period. Do return to work behind the scene after the break and then rise again when time is appropriate. Deng Xiaoping’s contributions to his countrymen will not be forgotten for a long time if not eternity (cast aside the political parties, beliefs,etc). He was down once, too.
Meanwhile, may I suggest to the electorate to shake her hand or give her a hug everyday to render encouragement and support when you see her. The everyone will grow stronger and benefit from it. And evil will be defeated.

388. editor - February 22, 2009


欢迎浏览[Watch Journal 观察报]-深度评论,剖折时局。

389. Patricia - February 22, 2009

Date : 22nd February 2009

Ms Patricia
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Dear friend,

RE : A Letter To A Young Lady

Hello friend, how are you? Getting well soon…..

My name is Patricia, a Chinese in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I must tell you how much I sympathize with you and thus, this is my first time to write out the words.

Human beings can not live without the precious gift given by the God of the beautiful forest. Who is the
real lion behind the cruel tiger? Who is the right person to bear or to claim the price; eventually you and
your beloved family are suffering to face the public forever?

Previously, a female president in Pakistan was known as the Iron Woman and her life was full of “Duri
Durian” since her childhood but still bravely sacrificed herself for hers party and the nation. Why already being a matured mother still strongly wanted to go for it?

Please stand up firmly for yourself and your beloved family together with the party and the nation to whom that need you the most. Because you are not alone and must not regret for not being able to settle each realities for the rest of your life. I suggest you to watch the DVD of Sun Wu in the “Sun Zi Bing Fa And 36 Ji”. Because you are the Chinese and must immediately start to fight for your new career now. We have the confidence with you!

Elizabeth, we are all waiting for you to come back and shall always stand by you at all time. Here, we wish you good luck!

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Ms Patrica

390. Supporter - February 22, 2009

Eli, we are always there to support you… Be strong and brave…

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