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Parliament building – a 50-year old ‘woman’ May 21, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics, Women.

There is no letting up, eh?

When Parliament House was first built “it was a very beautiful building” but it needed maintenance and renovations.

“A woman 50 years ago, she looks beautiful, but today she won’t look so beautiful,” he said, adding that work under the RM90mil renovations was complete. (Source)

Can Ministers, MPs etc. take their domestic issues elsewhere, far from public eyes and ears?



(Malaysiakini.com: 22 May 2007) A women’s group today ticked Samy Vellu off, saying that it was inexcusable that one of the country’s longest-serving ministers chose a sexist comment to make his point on the need for renovation works on the Parliament House.

“His remarks reinforce the gender stereotype that a woman’s worth lies with her extrinsic attributes (looks) and not with her intrinsic qualities as a human being,” said Loh Cheng Kooi from the Joint Action Group for Gender Equality.

“His statement and comparison are demeaning and an affront to women of all ages as they reduce women to objects of beauty, depreciating in value over time.” (Con’t)



1. Tim - May 21, 2007

The Canadian and English “women” are about 150 years old and I don’t think their PWDs use that as an excuse. So Malaysian buildings are only designed to last 50 years?

2. WATTAHACK? - May 22, 2007

“A man 50 years ago, he can mount, but today he will need viagra,” he said, adding that work under the RM90mil renovations was complete.

3. elizabethwong - May 22, 2007

I think some of us may be missing the point here.

4. kapkaplui - May 22, 2007

This Samy really no brainer. BN easily got off from this gender discrimination “Bocor-gate”, now still wanna use metaphor of a women on the Parliment building. I cannot think of another word but BODO!

This fella talks like Silvio Berlusconi, somebody sends him to play for AC Milan this Wednesday please!

5. midnitelily - May 22, 2007

yes, sexism is very blatant in our Cabinet. i wonder when the sexual harassment act is finally enforced, if the rakyat can take these ppl to court.

besides, its a lame excuse to dismiss a building akin “a woman 50 years ago, she looks beautiful, but today she won’t look so beautiful”… because we don’t maintain it. it’s not a woman!!!

6. kittykat46 - May 22, 2007

These BN (Band of Numskulls) fellas really have a psychological hang-up about women’s biology, don’t they.

Maybe the whole lot need psychiatric examination.

7. Libra - May 22, 2007

Everything withers, disintegrates with age so why use woman as an example. Even Samy is degenerating. He is now bald (if not for the hair implant) and his expanding at the equator. So why not use himself as the example.
Incidentally some woman can be real adorable at 50.

8. midnitelily - May 22, 2007

“Samy 50 years ago, looked beautiful, but today don’t look so beautiful” cos of bad hair implant.

9. Philip Lau - May 23, 2007

Parliament House

An institutional building like above should last centuries like the British Parliament. What it needs, is regular maintenance and inspection, that’s allThe construction and foundation must be srtong from the commencement and NO hanky panky business whatsoever. For what I read in the newspapers and see for yourselves there is too much of underhand work. Corruption is part and parcel of the nature of the people there just like Thailand when the former Prime Minister Thaksin stated openly is IN BUILT and part of Thai culture.
Here in Singapore, when a Minister, two decades ago, was caught with accepting bribes of S$800,000.00, to overcome the problem he committed suicide in his bungalow at Chancery Road by taking poison. In China, they shoot them, as I have photos to prove it. Why can’t your country do the same? For this to be adopted in your country, it will be a miracle.

Elizabeth Taylor, although an antique actress, is still as vivacious because is is “well maintained” andlooked after herself well by having countless of husbands. Similiarly, an institutional building, you will have to do the same. If you fail todo so, the ceiling of course will leak which cause a commotion in Parliament when two Dato Members referred to the “monthly leakage” of a lady of Parliament, rather un-parliamentary language.

10. bennyloh - May 27, 2007

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