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Bar declines, but lawyers will march on :) December 7, 2007

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fight4freedom.jpg“WE WILL MARCH ON SUNDAY!” says “Lawyers for Freedom of Assembly”.

“I write solely to declare that lawyers who are determined to defend the freedom to peacefully assemble will nevertheless march on Sunday Dec 9 at 7.30am from Sogo to Central Market in commemoration of Human Rights Day.

We will march for the following reasons :

a) because it is our inalienable right to do so;

b) because Article 10 of the Federal Constitution gives us the right;

c) because they’ve got some cheek telling us we’ve got to petition the constabulary before exercising our fundamental rights. A right which can only be exercised with the consent of the District Police Chief is a shrivelled up and pitiful kind of right. It is a shadow of the shadow of a right;

d) because we’re not inclined to be part of a culture of obedience to the high-handed directives of a tainted and unjust state apparatus;

e) because we’re even less inclined to be menaced by a State which is so pathetically terrified of its citizens peacefully assembling.

Let us be clear about this: Any march/walk that is carried out under the authority and indulgence of the local police chief is not an assembly of free citizens. It is then nothing more than a chain-gang of miserable citizens marching under a cloud of fear.

The Bar Council as an institution has decided to cancel the march; but there is no reason why lawyers in their individual capacities and civil society groups should not carry on with the Sunday march.

In view of the increasingly strident attacks by the authorities on the right to peacefully assemble, we have formed “Lawyers for Freedom of Assembly” to defend and protect that right. Caving in to the threats and hard tactics of the authorities will seriously set back the ongoing struggle for a just and free Malaysia.

All lawyers and civil society groups are welcome to join the “Lawyers for Freedom of Assembly” for our march on Sunday.

Support this move to preserve the basic rights of all Malaysians.”

by: N Surendran

For Inquiries:

N Surendran 0123207066, Latheefa Koya 012 3842 972


1. chandran - December 7, 2007

This letter was delivered to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour at the Palais Wilson, Geneva, on Wednesday afternoon, December 5.

5 December 2007
Mme Louise Arbour
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais Wilson, Geneva

Your Excellency,

As we all prepare to celebrate Human Rights Day next Monday at the continuation of the 6th session of the Human Rights Council, we wish to express our deep anxiety for its very future. This was expressed on numerous occasions since 2004 – especially in our 23 May 2006 letter to you on Darfur, signed by 43 NGOs, which concluded with a viewpoint, now generally recognised by the international community: “We believe that the role of the new Human Rights Council will be, in part, tested by the way the Darfur conflict is faced.”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on 10 December 1948, one day after the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

In his historic address at the Palais des Nations on 7 April 2004, Secretary-General Kofi Annan declared: “We must never forget our collective failure to protect at least 800,000 defenceless men, women and children who perished in Rwanda ten years ago…we must all acknowledge our responsibility for not having done more to prevent or stop genocide.”

Yesterday evening, Arte TV devoted two hours to the great tragedy of Darfur, with two moving documentary films, followed by a debate. No one can ignore the Gathering Storm.

At this moment of great anxiety worldwide, we call on you to speak out firmly next week when you address all delegates on this solemn occasion. You are our watchman – clearly described in Ezekiel – who sees the sword approaching and must blow the trumpet loudly – so that all will hear that sound and react strongly to the warning of ongoing devastation.

René V.L. Wadlow
David G. Littman
Roy W. Brown
NGO Representatives to the United Nations, Geneva (c/o Case Postale 205, 1196 Gland)

2. max - December 7, 2007

Yeah. Points accepted. Let’s see if the police take action.

3. Sharing - December 7, 2007

Change of Venue – Bar Building by Edmund??

Bar is LOST!!
Lawyers should support HR Committee
if there is no discrepancy
to unite somewhere!!

The Day is not for celebrate
but declare HR march DEAD
when HR March forfeited by Authority Permit!

Move the matter to court
the right place to talk!
Show the lawyer have fought!
HR cannot be avoided in Court
especially when Constitution being convert!

If nowhere in Court
HR can never be talked!

HR is equality without limitation
but imagination
whenever fairness on each and every application!!

Help HR Committee meet people outside the BAR
to give away UN leaflet to everyone
No march or Celebration to mark HR been barred!!

where HR at work
by group of lawyers for HR!!

I am not a lawyer
but united is first to start.
Walk to the Bar
if lawyers believe HR Committee works!

4. monsterball - December 7, 2007

If this is true…then Bar Council is not united at all.

5. monsterball - December 7, 2007

Perhaps they want to walk without a permit to prove the police do apply double standards against the Hindraf walkers….treating one with respect because more educated…..they know the law..as they are lawyers…and another group… knowing they are sensitive and mild mannered people… ..defying the landlords for unfair and unjust treatments…so irritate them to loose their tempers….giving them the excuse to start using tear gas and water cannons.
So easy to understand….if we all love each other as Malaysians.

6. Fire Breather - December 8, 2007

This peaceful walk should proceed, not in defiance of the police but to show citizens’ right, just like the peaceful walks organised by Bersih & Hindraf. If I have not mistaken, a walk was organised by UMNO to hand over a memorandum to the US Embassy with police escort. Why the double standard? Well, this clearly shows that MALAYSIA BOLEH!

7. love thy neighbour - December 8, 2007
8. Lawyers' Client - December 8, 2007

Freedom is a misleading word
Rights is more appropriate when fairness or Equalities must work!
Rights and obligations both to be alert!

Rights partner with Obligations
Constitution with Policemen
Clients with lawyers
People with Government
Buyers with sellers
Consumers with Manufacturers, or Service Providers
House Buyers and Developers
Residents and Councilors
No former, no latter!!

I will come Sunday
to find my lawyer!
A lawyer brave to sue the judge
but not taking the interest of client at large
Taking payment but sitting and ignoring reminders several month passed!
Not attending court many times right at the start!
Without the intervention of Bar and court like a star!
Putting Client in the Dark!
Surely he cannot fight for Human Rights
so only Freedom to Assembly if he dare to be a part!

If he is not in,
I will find two she!
who misled counterclaim to be done after amendment made!
who refused to get Suggest Statement of facts & issues even pleadings made!
distorting pleading and get discharged with false allegations
challenging “see you in court if you not happy”!

If she is not in,
I will find another he
who refused giving opinion even after case management
leaving defense holes for Plaintiff’s arguments!

If he is not,
I will find again a he
who denied the obligation of the Developer to apply Consent
to make MOT valid and registrable
charging a job of Developer’s
but no application to see after year!
When complain to Bar
declared Defamation for Million RM to talk!

If he is not in,
another he from the BAR
who instigate Respondent to object explanation to Complainant!
He may not be in as was told he is a Judge somewhere!

If he is not in,
another he from DB
who followed Respondent objection not to provide Explanation to Complainant!
Discharging complaint without explanation, hearing or investigation.
Board minutes said to come but years passed!

How many Rights I have to fight
to see even Rights and Obligations from Lawyers, Bar and court!
They are All one Basic Rights – Client or Consumer Rights!
No need to assembly, if Rights is Right without numbers!!

9. Top Posts « WordPress.com - December 8, 2007

[…] Bar declines, but lawyers will march on [image]“WE WILL MARCH ON SUNDAY!” says “Lawyers for Freedom of Assembly”. “I write solely […] […]

10. Sharing - December 8, 2007

Day for lawyers to Lead?
Yes, not because Article 10 says so
But, because Bar cannot do so!
Next to lead should be HR Committee!
Take it as a group of Lawyers for HR
in a “spiritual” body, the Bar
cause the latter has lost the compass!

Lawyers not to lead to walk
as anyone can walk!
But to tell HR is what!
Via Laws how it can be worked!
Lead to Court and not the walk!

Lead to Unity under HR if not the BAR!
Lead to shake DB awake
to see HR for clients and Lawyers be applied!
Strict to see at least VK be obliged!

Bar had mislead lawyers during their March
not to RCI but 3-man panel.
Bar is a shadow
when their DB not even touching VK so far!

Lawyers need a serious HR walk in Bar
before HR in all walks of life!

Practice Fairness, Equality and Ethics in court and life!
Then HR alive or only slogans to write!!

11. max - December 8, 2007

But it is so difficult to trust a lawyer.

12. A Few Good Looking Men Left - December 9, 2007

Max, you make a great point. That’s the reason they are so good in court but if u underpaid/ jumped payment, then they will f**ked up with ur case. Have you ever hear any clients charged their lawyer had an illegal pact with thier opponents?

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