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Mahathir follows tradition of ex-PMs May 19, 2008

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Tun Dr. Mahathir’s opting to get out from UMNO should not have surprised anyone.

The question was not ‘why’ but ‘when’, as it followed the age-old tradition of former Prime Ministers and/or ex-UMNO presidents (with the exception of the late Tun Razak who passed away when in office).

Datuk Onn Jaafar.
Tunku Abdul Rahman.
Tun Hussein Onn.

The gift of clarity descended only when they were not in power.

It remains to be seen if sitting Members of Parliament from his faction will leave the party too en masse, which must naturally be led by his son, Mukriz “May 13 was a blessing….” Mahathir. (Sorry, but ex-MB Sanusi Junid doesn’t quite make the grade.)

The future which will see the first woman Prime Minister in the short history of our country is in sight. 🙂


1. May - May 19, 2008

Woman prime minister???? WOW!!!

2. jeff poh - May 19, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

I am Jeff Poh who has been “sick” due to doses of medicine prescribed by a doctor by the name “Dr Mafia”…….

I am healthy and well again suddenly!………..

Now where was I? Oh I was sick earlier. Now I am OK.

OK, now let me read what you have written. I see, about politics in Malaysia!

By the way, just to be “naughty” with you: present UMNO is actually UMNO BARU! UMNO was deregistered! Tun Dr Mahathir resigned because he just regained his memory and he was very honourable to resign from “UMNO”!

The other Ex-PM’s DID not join UMNO BARU!



3. travic - May 19, 2008

Bravo! Bravo! History to be created!

4. Unconvinced PR supporter - May 19, 2008

It is ironic isn’t, the eight year old in a eighty year old body’s resignation only expedite what he fears the most … DSAI becoming PM. Ok his wife could sit in first.

5. Navin - May 19, 2008





6. Satria Asia - May 19, 2008

…and a most reluctant PM at that!

7. Margeemar - May 19, 2008

Malaysiakini reported today that former PM Mahathir has quit Umno. It also reported that former Kedah MB and former Agriculture Minister Sanusi Junid has also quit. It appears to me that Mahathir is trying to use Kurt Lewins philosophy of change management by asking Umno members to leave Umno now but rejoin it after Badawi ‘has left the building’. This is akin to Lewins’ Freeze-Change-Unfreeze mechanism in Managing Change.

The only problem here is that the Umno members by now wouldn’t want to gamble with their political careers but would be pretty enticing and justifiable for them to be Independent MP’s, meaning they are neither BN or Pakatan Rakyat (PR). When this happens, we would actually have an interesting scenario where Pakatan Rakyat will come to power by default without even needing the ‘kataks’ (frogs) as PR will be able to form a minority Government with BN fragmented.

Why to do think former DPM Musa Hitam’s protégé Shahrir Samad is talking about a possible snap election? These UMNO racists will try anything now just to stay in power, as they know their days are numbered. The greatest fear the BN/UMNO politicians and their benefactors have is that when PR comes to power, you can just imagine the amount of dirt the new Pakatan Rakyat government will expose for all to see. You can expect even Bukit Aman to be turned inside out. Even IGP Musa Hassan’s toilet will not be spared. Say your prayers folks, for the Day of Judgement is at hand for BN/Umno and their cronies!

As for Mahathir’s use of Kurt Lewin’s Change Model for Umno, I’m afraid Mamak Tongkang’s plan will only backfire. You see, Umno, Gapena, Majlis Pemuafakatan Melayu must come to a realization that communal politics in Malaysia is history. No amount of Keris rattling is going to bring Malay support back to Umno. The same goes to non-Malay support for non-Malay BN component parties. Today, a new dawn has come to Malaysia. Today, we call ourselves as Bangsa Malaysia. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Ibans, Eurasians don’t exist in this country any more. It only exists in our DNA. We are Malaysians for Ketuanan Rakyat! We are Bangsa Malaysia! Hidup Malaysia!

8. edi99 - May 19, 2008

just another one of many cunning ploys typical trademark of mahathir…he’s trying to divert the real issue here…”the lingam-gate” .

Heck I dont even bother if he wants to give up his citizenship.

9. Devan - May 19, 2008

All UMNO MPs please leave Umno..its no longer relevent to the modern politics of Malaysia….same for all the racial parties…MIC, MCA not forgetting Gerakan too.
its sad the Man who started the initial battle against UMNO….the GREAT UTHAYAKUMAR…….is under ISA!!!…..Long live HINDRAF!!

10. kawanyob - May 19, 2008

Dear YB,

i think pakatan rakyat should strengthen itself and not be too confident about having the first woma PM. Still long way to go YB! You should make sure PR Ms and Aduns do their work. Otherwise, you’ll be history too

Mahathir? don’t count him out yet! he’s not your next door MP or has been! Ignore him at your peril! good luck to you tho!

11. Bunda - May 19, 2008

Dear YB Wong,

The most likely scenario is that Parliament is split 4 ways… the hardcore supporters of BN and the status quo, those who sympathize with Dr M, the PR, and those from East Malaysia.

Unless PR can come up with some magic, it looks like minority governance or a new GE would be most likely.

If anything, this is the darkest moment before the dawn for Malaysia. If it all works out right, the ensuing uncertainly and possible chaos will bring a new era of enlightenment to Malaysia.

Let’s hope for the best.

12. oA - May 19, 2008


You shouldn’t be putting him among those past dignitaries.

He had done enough damage.
What you see is basically the FRUITS of his ‘racist and bigotry’ labors that not many people can right it.

He had failed the country during his 22 years of reign.
The country can surely do without his hypocrisies.


13. Allen Tan - May 19, 2008

Dr M was clever. He escape first because UMNO is soon to be irrelevant. Well, It seems anyone who took position under UMNO PM is under a curse of “membership withdrawal”.

14. arul - May 19, 2008

Got good migrant story . http://psmsemenyih.blogspot.com

15. oA - May 19, 2008


this is also a very good time to get to know those racists and bigots within unmo

hint :

anyone who follows tun m of course.


16. mindspring - May 20, 2008

As the saying goes, every dog has its day and I guess Tun M figured his was coming closer and closer…Every dog has its day

17. Mazlan - May 20, 2008

Dear young generation, dont u know what Che Dat had given better life we are now..just do some research then only comment about this resignation of our most brilliance Che Dat..

18. Harrison - May 20, 2008

Dear YB Elizabeth Wong,

1st, congratulations on winning the ADUN, and I must rejoice with you.I humbly apologize if I still address you as Eli, so I place for your kind records that I may at times in indiscretion addressing you as Elizabeth which is unintentional.

Mahathir Mohamad is a master-manipulator whose interest is nothing but to enriched his families and cronies. Having ruled 22 years of iron-fisted, draconian styled leadership he now under the false pretense to attack his hand-picked successor, a charlatan who fails to reform the misrule left by Mahathir.

I really want to see the BN govenment falls but nevertheless the indictment of Mahathir Mohamad and all the axis of evils.

19. James Leroy - May 20, 2008

Leaders come and go but their Country and Party must remain intact
For UMNO its a blessing in disguise. The ills of Umno is the shit of Dr M. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now is the time for UMNO to recuperate afte the tumor is removed.

20. hasilox - May 20, 2008

Only tradition? Maybe its already in the Umno Baru’s constitution 😛

21. guy fawkes - May 20, 2008

LOT OF BULLS, he is talking about malays future after PRU 12, the malays future is not under threat, in fact it is shifted to PAS and PKR. the reality is his son , Mukhiz ’s future is under threat as they face down with their ultimate nemises ANWAR IBRAHIM. even utterance of anwar’s name, the father and son will leaping like monkey on chili padi. pak lah just an obstacle in the way,they want to plant a lap dog in UMNO for MUKHIZ’s future.
the father will reregister back once the real threat (anwar) is off the list in order the son’s succesion path to UMNO leadership is out of danger. they father and son can cry me a river, playing stupid race cards and jews card, wonder what next SODOMY card again.
Anwar in power will wipe out all his 22 yrs legacy and linelage to power away. seems his worst fear is being summon up by the devil himself.

22. prussiablue - May 20, 2008

Hope springs eternal. Now that Dr.M has given UMNO such a big 62th birthday present, I wait with baited breath how the members would react.

But with due respect to say he follow the tradition is to dignify him by placing him in the same category as Tunku and Hussein Onn. Sorry, he who doesn’t understand and appreciate democracy has no place in history and certainly is not allow to stake a claim for legacy.

23. Discrimination69, - May 20, 2008

Dr, M cant count, UMNO now is only 20 years old,,who is he bullshitting now. He deregistered UMNO when he wanted Kuli out.

Now we really need maths and science in English.

He’s forgotten conveniently like in correct correct correct inquiry.

Suddenly his memory flashes back to judges wanting promotions when time permits.

24. mum - May 20, 2008

he is an A**hole

25. qjc - May 20, 2008

What? Who cares if Mahatir is out of UMNO? The real question is who is the next PM now that Badawi is intending to resign.


26. MysteryVitara - May 22, 2008

I am looking forward to “Tun Duri Chicken” being skewered and grilled (in court) with sos chili Lingam.

27. victor - September 8, 2008

the government has uphill task to fulfil, ist the majority of the malays who are living in poverty and struggling to feed their families and the only way is to give them good education in order to take them out of poverty . secondly the chinese in which the majority of them are middle and business class who controls ninety percent of the economy, but not satisfied and wanting more of the economic cake and the indians where a balance of well to do and poor in their community –
among the malays there are political divisions of those who is fighting for islamic state whereby in reality they are finghting for political cake actually, and then you have Anuar Ibrahim a clever and manipulative politician who is capitalising on these issues in order to make a comeback.
on the other hand the government should not ignore the reality of people being more and more corrupt, even the simple minded taxi drivers are corrupted in so doing they ignore the use of taxi meter for the passenger resulting in less people wanting to use their service and lost of business.
all malaysians should realised the unstable government would be economically bad, the chinese will lose their business, the malays will lose their educational benefit, and so the indians will not get economic support from it – one thing for sure Anuar Ibrahim will not be able to provide a stronger government then the present BN government. looks like the future is bleak for all Malaysians
in a nutshell – all malaysia

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