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Sexist MPs May 11, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Islam in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Politics, Southeast Asia, Women.

Is it my imagination, or does Umno actually enjoy provoking us during particular times of the year, like on International Women’s Day and just before Mother’s Day?

The Sun said, “Sexist MPs at work again.”

Nat Tan put it rather nicely, “Can you imagine that ‘Yang Berhormats’ Dtk Mohd Said Yusof and Dtk Bung Mokhtar actually kiss their mothers, wives and daughters with that mouth?”

House Leader of Opposition, Lim Kit Siang linked the incident in Parliament with the breakup of families by the state religious authorities.


Thankfully, Parliament session is in recess.


1. Theva - May 11, 2007

Well what can i say we have all these mentally sick politicians heading the govt from right the top to the bottom. Its obvious when connered its the press that misinterpreted what they meant. I wonder how sick and deranged YBs are freely allowed to express their opinions without any fear. I think the rakyat have allowed these psychos to rule and set moral standards for others bcos it takes time and lots of gut to stand up for your rights and freedom in a seemingly police state. Well welcome to “Bolehland” where anything is possible for the ruling party. The rest just follow the tune and dont think too much bcos thinking is not allowed in “Bolehland”.

2. monsterball - May 11, 2007

Well those hypocrites are showing their true colours. In actual fact..this is what they are..except at public places…they act as if is taboos.
Maybe he is tired to be a hypocrite and now showing his true self?

3. SK - May 12, 2007

It’s pathetic that Ramli Ngah Talib defended their actions as no ill intention.

Look at the kind of last laugh Bung Mokhtar showed right after the “tiap-tiap bulan bocor” statement, it’s shameful and totally disgusting.

4. yh - May 12, 2007

can it be more pathetic than those female MPs who couldnt even stand up for themselves! do you expect that they will stand up for you in times of need?
meantime, the monkey community continues to grow in the not so august house. Volunteers are now needed as zookeepers to take care of the enlarging number of monkeys. any takers?

5. Raja - May 13, 2007

Yes. Women could counter such remarks by one of their own such as “Ahli tersebut pun selalu bocor sebelum masa” (premature ejaculation).

6. Kamikaze - May 13, 2007

The Parliament session should be broadcast on TV so that the the people know what is going on in the Parliament, delayed telecast at least, if not live telecast…

7. Pinoy - May 13, 2007

Lol, that’s nasty Raja

8. MoreNakedChicksInParliment - May 15, 2007

I’ve had enough of Sexist MPs.

What we need are Sexy MPs. Ones with awesome C cup hooters and killer legs.

9. sam - May 22, 2007

need to know, just to set things right,bung and raja,are you sure that your mothers are married?probably not,if you harbour such notions.

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[…] their buddies, Jasin and Kinabatangan got whip-lashed by the women of this country, the BN boys decided to bring out the […]

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