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Updates March 28, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Politics.

Yes I have an office in Shah Alam. Bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. No papers, not even a paper-clip. I wonder if I have a budget to re-stack the shelves with books on radical environmentalism and literature on travel and tourism (think… ‘Rumour of Calcutta’) :

Also finally settled on my service centre(s) for Bukit Lanjan. I’m opening three, come April.Will restart this blog on Monday. There’s been a major overhaul of my past lifestyle, which was pretty relaxed and sociable; now it’s ruled by my diary. In the past weeks, I crash by midnight, have regular work-related nightmares, then leap up at the crack of dawn in anxiety. One of my phones stopped working due to the sheer volume of calls and SMSs, while the other is perpetually in action. My internet time has been reduced from 6 hrs to a couple of hours every two days or so. I did ask someone whether I could go into work in jeans or fatigues (environment mah), to which I received the longest blink ever given to humankind.

I’d been scratching my head for the past weeks, wondering if I had to stop this, or change my style. I may have to start putting disclaimers eg. “This does not reflect the views of the state govt…”, otherwise I won’t be able to exclaim like, “Haiya…”, “Bebal!” “Idiot!” etc. Blogging about ‘work’ may not be all that interesting too. More later!

ps. Yes, I will publicly declare my assets, to which Teresa Kok quipped, “Aiyah…only got RM 25 lah!” 😀



1. Ranger - March 28, 2008

So politics is not all fun.

2. Yusuf Martin - March 28, 2008

More power to your elbow – at least now we, the rakyat, have a few decent people we can trust, for the first time since……………………

Oh! actually for the first time.

Will be in Shah Alam next week – I will keep an eye out for your new palace.

3. mel - March 28, 2008

Hi Elizabeth,

I’m in Dr Shafie (DUN – Bangi), and Teo Nie Cheng (MP – Serdang) ‘s constituency, but I love checking your blog every now and then coz you’re like millions of us working gals trying-to-survive-an-honest-living out here! Except you’re in a position to do a whole lot of good for ordinary folks.

Keep up your spirits, and hold up the courage honesty & principles of your party manifesto, and keep in touch with what the ordinary ali-ah meng-arumugam thinks about government policies/actions affecting them, and you can’t go wrong.

Malaysians are a patient lot. As long as we have a job that can pay our basic needs, and can have a night out for satay/charkuayteow/meegorengmamak every now and then, we’ll be alright. We just ask to be treated with simple human decency & dignity (something which some elected idiots have forgotten over the years).

Siti Melati, Bangi.

4. temenggong - March 28, 2008

We need a new image Elizabeth. Go to work in jeans, blouse and cap as often as possible. You are an Adun, not a civil servant and not bound by their rules. You represent the rakyat. We want to try and project a liberal image!

5. Samuel Goh Kim Eng - March 28, 2008

Either you change your old lifestyle
Or your new lifestyle changes you!

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 280308
Fri. 28th March 2008.

6. Public Assets Declaration. - March 28, 2008

Dear YB Wong,

Could you please enlighten us why the MB of Selangor is having reservation now in the declaration of assets by all the ADUNs and State Councillors afer we have voted them in? During the campaign period and at various ceremahs, the PKR has been sweet talk us on this public assets declaration.

On the other hand in Penang, YAB Lim Guan Eng has announced the pulic assets declaration within few days after sworn in.

Even the Barisan Nasional also trumpeted this recently that all Ministers will declare their assets publicly.

We as Rakyat would like PKR to respond to immediately because we did not voted on the basis that the new Selangor MB states now. YB, you are an Exco now, the MB seems to pass the buck to EXCOs

Extract of interview with new MB of Selangor:

Q. The Penang state government has directed its leading government officers to declare their assets publicly.

A. We’ll do it also. I think we’ve also made the same statement, but the timing of its implementation will take time.

Q. Will they declare to you or directly to the public?

A. I’ll have to ask my excos first. Some do not want to make their declarations public for family reasons.

Q. Even the Barisan Nasional-led federal government is directing cabinet ministers to declare their assets publicly.

A. Well, it’s up to my excos. If they feel they want to make it public, then we’ll make it public. But there are reasons for this, because they say they do not want to show their shareholdings to the public.

7. Thurai - March 28, 2008

Wonderful! Keep writing. Will pray for you.

8. prussiablue - March 28, 2008

Go Lizzie…. I am so proud of you. Malaysia needs more politicians like you. I think we really have a very low enviroment awarness here in Malaysia, for example i simply cannot tolerate those big trucks and old lorries that chuck out the ‘poison air’ from their exhaust pipes. I am not a smoker but if people are conscious about second hand smoke what about this which is zillion times worse!!! I sincerely hope you can do something about it. Lead the way and the rest will follow. bet you will tackle our enviroment problem better than our enviroment minister whoever he is, I don’t even bother to find out who.

9. Satria Asia - March 28, 2008

I say Eli, it would be great if you do not change your attire or change you. I mean, there so many fakes in politics it would be wonderful to have a natural.

10. zack - March 28, 2008

Well , pls make sure the ketua pembangkang “toyo” selangor also publicly declare him assets .


11. rudy - March 28, 2008

way to go E!

12. Ko-chi - March 28, 2008

well Liz, i think the transition in lifestyle is a small price for whatever good you can do now in your new position. previously it was difficult because u were on the outside…now u’re officially helming a position in which you could decide what should and could be done. expectations are high, but don’t let that detract you from having fun at the same time. 😉

take care!

13. TM - March 28, 2008

Good on you Elizabeth. And also Teresa Kok. Do declare your assets. Show Khir Toyo how it is done, in case he too wishes to declare his assets.

14. anba - March 28, 2008

Congratulations on your appoinment as an EXCO member. Don`t worry about the files or documents that the corrupted had carted away. So you don’t have to clear the shit out of the office.

About your dressing, please do not forget that an EXCO member is equivalent to a state minister. So we don’t have to tell you how a state minister should dress.

I hope you could rope in more youngster in to politics.

We are proud to have an energetic person like you, just keep going you have our full support.

15. aces - March 28, 2008

Well, think you need some time to adjust to the new surroundings. Should get used to it after a while. Whatever it is, you should not feel disheartened as there is a long journey ahead for you to trek. Keep up the good work.

16. big easy kharis - March 28, 2008

good luck eli!

17. Declare Asset Publicly - March 28, 2008

Wonder why my comment this morning on new MB Selangor’s reservation on declaration of asset publicly by ADUNs and State Exco was not ubploaded?

18. mangchik - March 28, 2008

Muekekk..err can I address u instead of “Yang berhormat/Khidmat” with “YiowZ dudette! Wassuppppppppppppp”? Promise i’ll blink prettily in short but fast duration. ekekeek

19. Wong Ang Peng - March 28, 2008

Funny having a funny Exco

20. Damocles - March 28, 2008

First off, you look stunning in your red outfit at the inaugural.
Now, I think that you should appoint a capable personal assistant ( I mean really capable) to assist you in your day-to-day work schedule.
Why not keep an electronic “To Do” list, with dates/time of completion whereby you can also enter the action you have taken against each item in the list?
As for attire, I think that it would be appropriate that with the exception of official functions, you should wear the most comfortable ones permissible (taking into account our hot & humid conditions).
It would also do to have the DAP’s manifesto framed up where you can see it daily to remind yourself of your obligations to the electorate!
Do your job well, and together, we’ll expel the BN from the government.

21. A. Fadzel - March 28, 2008

Well, all the best with your new job! Sounds like a handful.

22. Big Bug - March 28, 2008

Congratulation for being given the post of councillor.

Ya, Under circumstances life changes. So let’s all learn to adapt to the new environment.

We have done our part by trusting and electing you as our representative so we hope you will do your part and do your job well.

Thank you for your transparency in willing to declare your assets and let’s hope all the rest of the councillors will follow suit.

23. tengyong - March 28, 2008

All the best!

I know your blogging time will be very limited but I wish that I can use this space as a communication platform.

Let’s hope for a better tomorrow.

24. mat saman kati - March 28, 2008

Hi Eli,

Habis-lah!! Tak dak can nak tengok you pakai jeans and T-shirt anymore. I cadangkan, you put your jeans, your kebaya at E-bay.

Apa pun. Tahniah. dan satu perkara yang I tak kan buat bila jumpa you is to call you YB. I just love the ‘old’ Eli.

25. nick chan abdullah - March 28, 2008

hey where’s your office or service centre? people would like to join and help out too!! like donating food coupons or mineral water for your visitors etc…

26. Kamarulzaman - March 28, 2008

First of all, Congratulations for achieving what many can only dream about – becoming a Wakil Rakyat. I just want to add my 2 cents & a piece of advice: Don’t run on adrenaline all the time, you’ll exhaust yourself. Take time to meditate for a few minutes and rejuvenate yourself as often as you can. Being a Wakil Rakyat is hard work, I know. ‘Tis the time to change your lifestyle 180 degrees! Good luck. We’re counting on you and my thoughts & prayers are with you always.

-A Selangorian.

27. youzi - March 28, 2008

can’t imaging your new “official style”… 😛

28. Anduka - March 28, 2008

Congratulations YB.

Overnight and now you’re and EXCO member with history in the making. Hope the ‘new’ Selangor Govt would be more efficient. During my days dealing with the State Govt its all boring meetings with everybody wants a say (whether related or not) and makan-makan after the meeting.

Anyhow I really hope the newly elected reps can start work ASAP. Example today i read about the MBPJ meeting where electing new councillors seems to be the major task to date. But i think work should start/resume and on going whether councillors are appointed or not. MBPJ can still clean the drain, clear the rubbish etc without the councillor.

And my personal opinion get that guy Panjang from JB to be appointed Councillor in MBPJ. Perhaps than we can have better road surface and less potholes particularly my area Jalan Gasing.

Thanks and all the best.


29. joey - March 28, 2008

Hey Elizabeth, good to know you’re “settling in”. Bring some changes K? 🙂

30. vincenthue - March 28, 2008

Ha!Ha!Ha! Eli, good to hear you’re settling in. Neways, if you need someone to ‘design’ your workspace. Let me know. 😛

31. Eggr Chong - March 28, 2008

When you are ready to settle down and concentrate on you role as Exco member of the specific portfolio.
Try to recruit some advisors from among the professionals in the
relevant fields through you blog.
There are plenty of retirees or others willing to be your advisors.
Register them and give them limited access by PIN.
How nice to have a pool of brains working for you without you paying a single sen.

32. vincenthue - March 28, 2008

Oh, and if u need pencils, a reader of yours offered to give you his pencil collection from hotels around the world. 😛

33. berubahuntukmalaysia - March 28, 2008

Public Assets Declaration – Dont try to be funny. If the PM said asset declaration, do you think his nearest family kin also need to declare? I think AAB got less then RM 1 million in his savings account! 🙂 Don’t be such a sore loser… Loose already want to implement new law that people can’t jump party to party? When win that time, dont care also!

Anyway Eli, i hope you can be yourself. Don’t get to uptight with all the dress code. We respect you for what you are doing for the community and not what you wear! Just be yourself! 🙂

34. nick chan abdullah - March 29, 2008

hey don’t call her YB, it makes her uncomfortable
let’s just call her Dude or hot chick

35. Gino - March 29, 2008

A blogger is best being a blogger, you can’t be a politician and yet commit yourself to writing fulltime, which by the way, I’m very pleased that you continued today ( have checked everyday since elections), it is indeed a breath of fresh air !

Tip 1 : please get an assistant to peg your thoughts, so that this site gives us readers something to read/amuse/share…. OR get an assistant to be your politician…whichever

Tip2: Have to wear the proper clothes, FYI all of us wish we don’t have wear the formal attire when working but we have to, so you should otherwise we get envious and therefore angry at u ..haha

36. Michael Sun - March 29, 2008

Hi there

Nice to have met you and spoken to you the Thursday night before the election before I went overseas. Looks like you need to have a quick lesson in power dressing, speed reading and politician double speak.

Time flies since we first met in Tan Sri Khalid’s house just after the Ijok bye-election. Never knew then that one became the MB and one the Exco. Good thing is now you need not have to get a lift to Bricksfield with a driver and car. Well Done! God bless you.

37. ichtus - March 29, 2008

Congrats. Just do the best you can and leave the rest to Him … keeping you and the whole Exco in our prayers. God Bless.

38. clearwater - March 29, 2008

Eggr Chong’s suggestion is worth considering. There are indeed many professionals who want to contribute and would be happy to give you some free brain power through your blog or other communication channel. Just say the word.

39. peisheah - March 29, 2008

Eli, I realised that you’re the exco in charge of environment. Tough job since Malaysia is not very conscious in being environment friendly. Even little things like how bottled waters is a threat to mother earth. & also the harmful polystyrene? Get what i mean?

EW: I shall try. We need a national recycling policy at the Federal level, as well as local govt level.

40. peisheah - March 29, 2008

Glad the new government is different than that of the previous one – assemblywoman who blog & receive comments freely. Don’t stop!

41. Top Posts « WordPress.com - March 29, 2008

[…] Updates Yes I have an office in Shah Alam. Bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. No papers, not even a paper-clip. I wonder […] […]

42. monsterball - March 29, 2008

Your commonsense….dedications…with the pride to have….once in a lifetime chance to serve the country and Malaysians….will give you the extra energy and pleasure to work day and night…feeling great…saying to yourself…before going to sleep…”I have not wasted the whole day….playing golf…attending boisterous parties……….saying…. I have only RM25 in my bank account…..do not belong to that group of people.”….hahahahahahaha
Usually poor people can produce better results that rich pampered blokes.
So stay naturally poor and be very rich..at old age with great successful children and grandchildren….plus your never ending pension funds. That’s enough….as money is not all that matters in life.
But if you can strike it rich with one social welfare ticket…one in a 10 million chance…why not…enjoy that good luck…give some out to charities…and enjoy your life….as much as you can…feeling proud..singing I did it ..’My Way”.. proudly..with no one accusing you as a corrupted lady……like one famous person… enjoying same song….but what a shit thick skinned man …he is.
All the best to your political life.
What more do you need?

43. monsterball - March 29, 2008

An seriously speaking of declaring assets. It is the same old con job Mahathir did…..to prove to Malaysians..how clean… UMNO ministers are.
Everyone knows.that smart con men….especially MAhathir will never have one sen extra in his own bank account. So all UMNO ministers … will be proven….clean ..as angels.
How long do we keep getting such out-dated insincere action from UMNO leaders?
If we can trace our ancestors so easily….from Homo sapiens to now….why not ask UMNO ministers to get ll their relatives and good friend .to declare their bank accounts. If we can send one to space….and going to achieve Vision 2020…it is so simple..to expose the corrupted crooks…….including Dollah…. himself.
It will still need to take the efforts of powerful oppositions…to expose them…and exposing them…..they will ….plus doing good work to manage the country….to ensure complete control of our country…in the 13th election.
Erasing all petty fines by Penang and Selangor are smart smart moves…cleaning up..alot of files from City Councils…Police….to check and balance these two places..for massive corruptions…..attacking the poor……leaving out the rich. ..almost all field workers ..are corrupted and are UMNO supporters.
The administration staffs should feel great and happy.
So if Dollah is to copy …what Mahathir did 28 years ago….how to prove all ministers are clean…he is really an idiot.. and full of shit.

44. Rohaya Mohd Shahir - March 29, 2008

dear YB.I am an active member of PAS.Lives in Sepang but have difficulty in trying to recycle.I try to educate family and friends about the need to recycle but seems it is so darn hard to do so.So my small house houses lots of stuffs as i can’t bring myself to throw bottles and such.PLS do make it easy for us,and not just to recycle cans but loads of other stuffs.If you need a volunteer here in Sepang,i am available.Let us recycle for the sake of our future generation.Congrats on your new job.Let us teach these BN goons that Barisan Rakyat meant every word we say.You look swell in your red outfit during the swearing in.

45. bamboo river - March 29, 2008

Ok, don’t want to be addressed as YB, so ‘Siew Cheh’ ah, the journey is going to be tough. One at a time.

Consider this, if you are not elected as an ADUN, what are you going to do day in day out? As usual lah doing things that is required to continue making a good life for yourself.

On the other hand, since now you are an ADUN with a bonus…EXCO thrown in. What ‘s next?
Total change of life style and daily responsibilities.
But this time you are not the usual Eli we knew once.
You are the Eli that everyone look up to for the good of all Selangorians. The pressure is there, however, with the support from all , you will manage.

So, go ahead , make yourself a good ADUN and EXCO member!

46. Wong Clan - March 29, 2008

I would now like to visit KL more often. Real people now running the show

47. ASY - March 29, 2008

Congratulations! It’s great to see the swell of support for you in this blog. I guess no matter how tough it may get, you know you’ve got a solid bunch of people who believe in your principles and will help you when you need it. All the best!

48. Fariehaz - March 29, 2008

LOL, you got be kidding, work with jeans? By the way, this comment might looks negative but it’s for your own good though and other ADUN as well..There are some rumours from my friend at SUK Selangor that the newly state representatives seem not cooperate enough with the state goverment officers..Whatever the reasons are, I hope they should be some mutual respect between the ADUN and the goverment officers, thus all the task can be carried on in the right manner..

And YB environment, I help to put this on your blog, hopefully not too late already..

Hey friends,

Let’s make our earth a better place to
live in. In accordance with Earth Hour
2008, where ever you are, on March 29th
2008, 8:00PM (your local time), switch
off your lights, whether you’re at home,
or office, from Algeria to Zimbabwe, for
1 hour. Just 1 hour.

Help take action against global warming.
For more info, check out
http://www.earthhour.org/ or this video
here http://youtube.com/watch?v=-qczUcQ-VjM

49. vlps - March 29, 2008

Congrats on your win!

I thought I was gonna win, but in the end you won. Sigh.

I think you should keep on blogging in the fashion as you have always done before the win. What matters is a job well done or the end result of whatever task you set out to do.

As for attire, just wear like you going out to enjoy OK? lol

50. monsterball - March 29, 2008

If Liz will forgive me….I like to inform all…that Sheih’s mother just passed away.
Lets offer her a prayer.

51. john - March 29, 2008

Hi Eli

Reading the comments, it seems what you wear is so much more important than what you put on your shelves. Crikey. Dress over Words. But I think a copy of “Rumour” is a declarable asset nowadays – available only as a remainder or a used copy on Amazon and worth at least a glorious 28 ringgit.

And how about twinning your state with Lewisham UK?


52. Gan - March 29, 2008

Congratulations & good luck !!

Don’t let the hecklers wear you down. Get some capable assistants to help you especially in areas which are new to you.

Work hard and work smart.

We are all so proud of you.

53. Shahrul - March 29, 2008

Public asset declaration is just a smoke screen la..

Where is the law that supports it? Who is the enforcement agency? Are these guys independent? What about funds overseas? What about assets of relatives (like children or son in laws?) or nominees?

So many loopholes that the whole thing is worthless.

To reduce corruption pls implement more useful measures like open-tenders, freedom of information, PAC with teeth etc.

54. tom - March 30, 2008

Eli, I would love to lend my hand with your portfolio. I might not be the creme de la creme but being a student of tourism management while a person who digs Sustainable Tourism, I would love to give my 2 cents for anything. Tourism in Malaysia is good but not good enough to be great. Promotion are done with high budget with a small percentage of ROI.

Hope to hear from you soon.

55. Charlie KC - March 30, 2008

Not to mention corruption without proof.

Taken away office asset paid for by rate payers is already an offence.Exco should trace back purchases/claim by exco office, any asset should be rightful remain intact in the office. Stationary., files , etc must not be taken away.

56. Charlie KC - March 30, 2008

Yes, I will publicly declare my assets, to which Teresa Kok quipped, “Aiyah…only got RM 25 lah.
At least you all get good and assured state salary, perhap pension if you serve 2 terms…..

Many in Malaysia have -ve (negative) cos outstanding loan, credit card . and lots of nightmare, fearing the next economic tsunami reaching out door steps, plus all the ongoing politcal wars…

The voters now waiting to see, judge both sides..I can tell you regularly all the talks in kopitiam…

How can our newly elected politician increase our wealth. The rich dare on spend money , the opposition tighten expenditure, the barisan look and see attitude, f.workers grapping every works….

It is never easy to be a STATE MINISTER. In the process, too many ‘advisors’ and too many ‘feedback’ may be good/bad? ultimate how can opposition cope with the pressure and digest it, deliver results remain to be seen. The 1st hurdle is to get the machinery of state administration to implement the policies so promised.

All os us should stop blaming and assume the past. We should now give productive, sensible ‘think-tank’ proposal from the ground. from the people… I still think the think tank for Opposition is far from confronting the Economic tsunami yet to reach our shore.
As the never ending Umno -internal struggling, the disarray of BN and the Shock support for oppisition from Rakyat…these may distract people or politicians from all the problems.

History tells us, human get corrupted one way or another , even perfect control in Sigapore, people find loop holes to corrupt, within the law. I hope at the end of day, Ms Kok will not be more than salary*60 months + RM25/=;

Many people are suffering and struggling. Politician must derive business friendly economic environment to increase people wealth and not increase theirs, related parties’ wealth. and keep the economic flowing. All these, you need good think tank – an economic visions, structure to get it work. Exconomic model and success that fall to the ground and benefit people/voters will ensure success and continuous governing. a few indicduals, heroes, and young leaders cannot fight the gloabal economic that may sweep us in the near future.

Many politicians will say- ‘ I can only do so much in 18 hours’,

Keeping the forum alive, listen to people, listen to suggestion listen to complains, and work Smart , prioritise the policies implementation…

57. Charlie KC - March 30, 2008

I sit on the roadside teh tarik Gerai for breakfast, she sweep the road side every alternate day. You may realise 70% are leaves from the tree, many cigeratte buds and some papers. So i ask one govt servant who control and decide what kind of trees to be planted alone the road sides. He told me, if no leaves drop on the ground, I don’t get the allocations for contractors, the sweepers get not job, i get nothing from contractors. But how many contractors’ workers are LOCAL people? many are …..
In some places, Town coucils need BLOWERs (with diesel power) to blow away leaves, cos they are lazy? or not efficient to hire workers. Some rich Privatise companies use Trucks with Vacuum ‘sucker’.

We have thousand of species of tree in the country, any smart PRofessor should define, and suggest tree use for road side? less leave drop, long life, less roots(damaging the tar road), provide good shade, and can withstand winds, require minimum triming…
(new business and economic leads..)

Any1 driving alone Woodland to singapore, you find the solution. Send them some Photo…Johorian.!!

By the way, if any1 hop by behind Parkroyal hotel, lot 10, you can see all the rubbish on the ground in our Golden Traingle area.

How to avoid people (mostly Foreign workers-dwellers) dumping rubbish all over the places behid the rundown apartment?. Fault of the people, fault of Alam flora…

can we find a good solution to solve all Rubbish problems?


58. monsterball - March 30, 2008

Sheih’s mom will be buried at 11am today{Saturday}….at Shah Alam Islam burial ground..section 26, Shah Alam.

59. ling ling chatt - March 30, 2008

Three houses gutted, MB’s home saved

KOTA BARU: A pre-dawn blaze on Saturday wiped out three terrace village houses here but quick action by firemen prevented the fire from spreading to the home of Mentri Besar Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, located just five doors away.

The blaze began at 4:30am. Nik Zabidah Raja Daud, 31, one of the mentri besar’s nieces, was woken up by her sister-in-law Siti Mariana Abdul Rahamn, 31. She managed to gather her twin daughters and flee the house with her husband.

It is believed the fire started in Siti Mariana’s room and spread to the two adjoining village houses rapidly.

A neighbour, Wan Nuraini Wan Ismail, 52, who is the Pengkalan Chepa Muslimah deputy president, managed to rescue important documents but couldn’t retrieve her children’s school belongings.

The state fire and rescue department received the distress call at 4.42am and reached the site seven minutes later. The fire was put out by 5.05am with the help of five fire engines and 25 firemen.

Nik Abdul Aziz has not moved in to the official residence of the mentri besar since his appointment in 1990, and still lives in his ancestral attap home in Pulau Melaka, which also houses his family’s religious school.


humbleness and Walk The Talk is Real Virtues of Leadership By Example, where many Malaysian Leaders lacks…

60. Bob K - March 30, 2008

RM25 .. that explains quite a bit 😉

61. Cili~man - March 31, 2008

Hi Eli,
Can you please look into recycle on a very serious note. Its not only plastic from mineral/drinking water alone ~ old cars that are being abandon at bushes, private road, housing estates, flats etc need to be address.

We have to start somewhere and I hope that you could help save our world by triggering some new ideas. Just look at our Damansara River and Klang River, its horrible. Will support you all the way.


62. DewA_LavaU - March 31, 2008

GO GO Elizabeth! I support you! *wink*

63. Dann - March 31, 2008

Hi Eli or anyone who have Tian Chua’s contact no.

Please inform him that his website domain namehttp://www.tianchua.net has expired. I know you all are very busy right now but he still can claim it within the next few days if he still want it.

64. Sangat bagui - March 31, 2008

I hope you will hire Chew Mee Fun as Pegawai Kebersihan Longkang dan Parit in MBPJ. She had a lot of experience and good track records.

65. leekit - April 1, 2008

Dont like the way which the new MB is heading, agreed with Suaram -same BN language and style. Better buck up!

Should do more to emulate Guang Eng’s Penang I reckon

66. Charlie KC - April 1, 2008

It may take year to pass in exco, another year to the Govt mechinery to act-implement, another year to see results, any fail or sucess it come to election year..

The challenge is how to move the 50 years sticky mechinery to change withoout changing the people or DG. In taiwan, President elect need to change 9000 positions to effective implement his new election promises.

What can Khalid do? with people mandate. when HRH Sultan told Khalid , he cannot sack any of them?

How to discipline our rubbish throwers- many are indon,indian ne migrant of overstayed..? How to re-define our rubbsih collectors? the key contributors to our flood, blocking .The lesencing of recycle centre (indian compliant) that was take out from them… Dumping sites….

67. Save The Damansara Perdana Forest - April 1, 2008

Congratz Elizabeth,
The people have put you up there and we are delighted to have an ADUN in our constituency who is also an EXCO member.
After witnessing the struggle of the Friends Of Kota Damansara to save the Kota Damansara forest, I must salute people like Jeffrey Pang and all the good people of the resident associations who endure much abuse at the hands of those in power ( see the infamous video of the BN candidate at the Friends Of Kota Damansara website)
The Damansara Perdana Forest is earmarked for development as proposed by MBPJ in the proposed PJ structure plan. Please pay a visit to Damansara Perdana ( which was an 800acres Orang Asli Forest Reserve) and see for yourself how beautiful the green hills are and imagine these hills to be totally cleared for another high-end development.) The residents in and around here can see the green hills and feel the cool breeze from these hills. I pray that you can help us to preserve this forest and avoid more environmental disaster from happening. We will be waiting for your response.
Thank you .

68. irman - April 1, 2008


Get the whole radical thinker set for your office. They come in three colours (black, brown, silver)!

And they’re cheap! Relatively.

(Well, you can always jual balak haram to buy them ha ha ha)

And yes YB, I expect to see MY book on your shelf.

69. 猫子 - April 1, 2008

Heh, overhaul of life to political… u must accept the challenge lor~ Add oil.

Declare assets, hah~ Yesterday I was reduced to RM3.90 in the morning, and RM0.40 after sarapan… (and luckily gaji keluar afternoon) Y nobody bother 2 knoe how citizens nowadays live in poverty… Hahaha~

70. orange - April 2, 2008

garbage problem – start making litter bugs do community service!
illegal dumping – punishable by making dump site good
not enough trees – make developers plant x numbers in repayment of the ones chopped down to make way for buildings?
recycle – could we introduce compost/mulch bins (i hear the worm technology is brilliant)? this could help some rural communities make some extra money as well.
education – promote green lifestyle from young (school projects).

btw, could you please look into the plight of the mah meri tribe (carey island) ? nyireh batu is nearing extinction, thanks to careless development.
our biodiversity is our natural heritage, which is what main bulk of tourism attractions should be built on. giant ferris wheel and white elephants do NOT attract tourists.

71. ichtus - April 2, 2008

Suggest you get assistance from NGOs like GEC and KAGUM to clean up and rehabilitate our rivers and lakes for a start. Its going to be tough creating awareness and educating the populace on environmental issues, but if there is political will, theres always a way…rgds.

72. galadriel - April 2, 2008

Eli, poor you. Don’t envy your job now. But hey, it is an experience. It will come with lots of headache.

There will be no shortage of people coming to you with grouses; mostly bread and butter stuff.

Selangor will be challenging. Should you need help somehow, don’t hesitate to holler.

73. monsterball - April 3, 2008

Right now…you can again see what UMNO is….no change at all.
Mahathir took on Dollah and as predicted.Mat bin Mat….is made minister to protect Dollah.
Mahathir is out to make the 12th election……a circus ring….taking on Lim Kit Siang….Anwar and Khairy with Dollah……all at one go. I guess.he knows time is so precious for him…
He is hoping to get arrested …..even by the opposition and die in jail.
He is hoping ….his son will be untouched…while he is alive.
Where do UMNO ever work at all.
It’s when the are serious..like announcing Vision2020..to pave he ways for spaceman…..huge projects….that’s their smartness….how to get huge kick-backs….termed as commissions.
Before Mahathir….UMNO ministers are contented with few millions cheated. Now must have hundreds of millions…properties overseas.with great titles….like Tun and Tan Sri….to firstly make all ordinary folks.who are actually their bosses..felling lower than them…be afraid of them…and totally get programmed ….how great and successful these clowns are..against us…..working non stop.so hard…to be successful….if ever there is one chance come along.
Previously……I have tO exposed few political bloggers…out to con the public……how powerful they are.
Now…my mission is to expose all those titles are worthless..and must be treated like so…..so that all Malaysians …….especially Malays do not treat those UMNO ministers ..with titles…..like they are some special human beings…to be respected and
‘kow tow’ to. Ask yourself..do they get to earn our respect. Do they respect us at all?? Tear gas and water cannons and 5 under ISA are living proof..the treat us like animals…still never change…as the 5 are still in jail.
So to each his own…be smart to judge people.
Dollah…Hessien…..Nazri…Mat bin Mat….Najib….and the list goes on.
But there are few great people with titles .we must respect sincerely…..not traitor to Chinese….Lee Lam Thye!!
Once you apply this way of life..it also means you are not afraid of anything..as you have done nothing wrong.
Soooo ….let the circus show begins with the ring master……..Mahathir…sit back and relax…and never be afraid.to come out again in the streets…if need so…to shut their mouth completely.
Like Amin Iskandar said…..to change the government…we need to demonstrate…and we did. Have UMNO really learn something?
I doubt. Mahathir and all of them…..said how powerful bloggers are…yet not one listen to bloggers to free the 5 detainees.

74. Hitam Had - April 3, 2008

We have entrusted the governance of the State to you and no doubt you will do your best for the State.

Please do not be distracted or be overwhelmed by issues and problems which are due to people who won’t do their jobs properly and prefer to bend the rules. Such problems are usually caused by those with vested interests, and unless the issues benefit the future of the State, why bend the rules to accommodate them (applies to both administrators and the electorate you represent)?

Stay focused and demand that the State Administration carry out their duties properly to serve the public.


75. dilok - April 3, 2008

hi eli,
It is very nice for me to find you from the blogg. You will be so busy from now on and to work harder for the people. It was so long that I never ever met you again. But anyway I’ll be waiting to see your progress. Hope you are doing well and I really appreciate on what you have achieved. Congratulation ….


76. sebastian - April 3, 2008

wonder what are the work-related nightmares….

77. moo_t - April 3, 2008

There is only 24 hours a day for a person.

78. zorro - April 4, 2008

Eli…never to late to say: Congrats.The climb was tough but you are a touch one. Shout if you need help.

Can or not I support hudud law: cut off hands of those who steal notebooks. I was without one for three days….was living hell.

Shout ok….we are within shouting distance.

79. Vincent Ho - April 4, 2008

Sangat bagui – March 31, 2008
I hope you will hire Chew Mee Fun as Pegawai Kebersihan Longkang dan Parit in MBPJ. She had a lot of experience and good track records.

Dear Sangat bagui, please don’t be rude in regards to your pun if that’s your joke. We Malaysian are brought up with respect to the elderly person. She might have done her very best to serve her constituency in the last election but that doesn’t give you the right to run her down. She’s still a person who has her rights as a person and should be treated in a dignified way as a Malaysian would be as would you be treated.
Say unto others as you would want others to say about you.

80. Charlie KC - April 5, 2008

Opposition should use BLOG to revolutionise the system of Modern Governing. examples for people to complain long overdue ‘lobang of the Jalan’; Rubbish, then all EXCO can hire 24 hours callCentre to do the filtering, distribution and statisticalise all the incoming compliants from ‘RAKYAT’ this can reduce the pressure and stress of MPs of Exco members.

You use thte blogs to win the war, you all should use the blog to stay on power and keep the top service for the people.

who should manage this privatise call centre? ahhh, can i qualified for this being 30 years in the ITs?

81. Simon Yee - April 5, 2008

Hi, The rakyat need also people who will keep every datuk and datin in check of the money and also where and how it is use.

If any consolation we try to work with them but it is alway in firm they will not follow our leads.

We do not want an all out war but peace if every one work at peace and not drag their feet, the rakyat wants things to be done properly for the people by the people and with the people.

82. Simon Yee - April 5, 2008

Elizabeth tell them this article


1. people who buy three pairs of sneakers or more a year are far more likely to be a leadership type than other people.

2. people who buy more than three pairs of sneakers a year are 61 percent more likely to have the qualities of a modern leader.

3. “What is interesting is that these personality traits held true across the board, regardless of age, income, or gender.”

Tell them to stop being so Dressy because even Microsoft do not do that.

83. sam - April 5, 2008

The people in Google work in their jeans and t-shirts and get their jobs done. Kapish?

You want to do more for the environment…..do away with the coats and off the air conditioners when not in official meetings. Put a few fans here and there.

And please save the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve too.

84. arctanck - On Environmental Issues - April 6, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,
Concerning your reply to peisheah (Comment no 39), I’d really love to see recycling facilities being make available to the people everywhere, like in Germany. This makes it easy for people who wants to recycle, instead of having to go a long way away to recycle their bottles, paper waste etc. It will be interesting to find out how cost effective it is to start small, say first targeting areas with high population of young generation people, as there needs to be companies who want to turn this recycleable waste to something useful efficiently to make it a worthwhile effort. If you were to push it at the federal level I’m sceptical that you will go very far. I think it’s best you start it locally in Selangor.
I’m lucky to be able to cycle to work, do my bit on recycling, and do not have to drive car to get things done in the UK. But I’d really love to see the Malaysians more conscious about the environment. Best of luck and hope you can get something done during your tenure as a Selangor EXCO on this front.

85. yapchongyee - April 9, 2008


Let me call this Anwar led revolution, at this point the 3 stage revolution because progress in achieving this admirable mission can be measured and seen in concrete terms in 3 stages. The 1st stage of this revolution is to consolidate PAKATAN RAKYAT’S POWER BASE, that is now centered in Penang & Selangor & kelantan because at this stage only the bare ‘form work” has been put in place; the most important being the PAKATAN RAKYAT coalition capturing the government of the 5 states and to put UMNO into a death spiral attracting the disruptive tsunami of Tun Mahatir intent on bringing about an UMNO that is to his liking and of his image. To say the least these two developments are complimentary one with the other, the capture of the 5 state governments will give the PAKATAN RAKYAT coalition the platform to show case their policy that is merit based and to demonstrate that meritocracy will not necessarily disadvantage the Malays; while the destructive force of the Mahatir tsunami will reduce the defense capability of UMNO to counter the onslaught of the PAKATAN RAKYAT coalition.

In the Malaysian media today, there is debate as to whether it is opportune for Pakatan Rakyat to shoot for forming the national government of that they should wait until they become stronger, and most of the opinion is to wait; but to my way of thinking there is no better time than NOW. There is no wisdom for waiting, because you are in politics to wrest government at the earliest time possible. There is never and I mean never any good sense to wait for a better time. Politics is all about the possible and never about CERTAINTY, there is no certainty in politics, GO FOR THE KILL AND DO WHATEVER WILL GIVE YOU THAT OPPORTUNITY.

There are naïve opinions that Pakatan Rakyat should not receive MP crossing the floor of Parliament as if the end purpose of Pakatan Rakyat is to have a puritanical PAKATAN RAKYAT pure as driven snow, but that will be foolishness because the most important objective for Pakatan is to form government, the rest can take care of itself. There is never advantage in opposition.

86. Save The Damansara Perdana Forest - April 15, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

Please visit Damansara Perdana to see for yourself the beautiful green steep hills right next to the bustling commercial shophouses.I hope you hurry because if you don’t the trees will not be there for long!
The MBPJ have approved the whole hill for development. Anyone can see that the hills are so steep and rocky, in most places exceeding 40% gradient.
We the residents nearby appeal to you to save THE DAMANSARA PERDANA FOREST !!!!!!!!!

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