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Carburetor! July 7, 2008

Posted by elizabethwong in Event, Malaysia, Note2Self.
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I had stepped out to escape the blazing sun on the stage of the Kelana Jaya Stadium and was trying to cool off with some icy drink when I heard some folksy tunes which was rather pleasant, to which I thought to myself, “Ahhh… finally some decent music during a rally…”. I only sat up when more excellent hardcore riffs drifted near the lake, to which i thought to myself,”Yeah!”

It was only much later I found out the godfather of Malaysian underground music, Joe Kidd, Bullet and the rest of Carburetor Dung graced our protest (and this time, not as protestors) and are now subjects of a media witch-hunt in light of having nothing better to report on. Let it rest, guys. It was a misunderstanding.

For the record, back in 2004 I was very honoured to have played with Joe and Bullet in a one-off experimental set, even sang and massacred a song with my non-existent vocal abilities – I think Joe forgot the lyrics or something so I had make up for the grinding and screeching. I recall the audience being stunned to silence. Then again, how many people in Malaysia can claim that they had shared a stage with members of CD? 😀

So after a couple of media calls this morning, I decided to state some of my thoughts on this whole issue so that I don’t have to repeat them:-

1. Carburetor Dung was and still is a band ahead of its time. They rarely perform these days, but if they do, I’ll try to catch them.

2. Joe Kidd and his mates are one of those rare thoughtful socially and politically conscious Malaysians trying to make a difference in their work, lives and music.

3. I didn’t see anything. But i was told the shorts were cobalt blue. I’ve seen much more during ceramahs when people wearing loose pants sit down and lean forward … (argh… my eyes, my eyes!)

4. If they get to perform again at a protest, I hope they will invite me to play with them.

5. I am grateful that the Youth Squad of KeADILan handled the situation very well and led the band to safety.

6. Some 60% of voters in Malaysia are and will be 35 years and below. Go figure. 

7. The events that ensued and ended as soon as it began had no bearing on the price of fuel. Sorry, but the stars of last night were Lim Kit Siang, Kamaruddin Jaafar and Anwar Ibrahim, not them and them.

8. I like my music fast and furious. Maybe I’ll mellow down when I reach the big four-O. But I doubt I’ll forget my roots.

On another note but still on the same subject of music, I hope I can get more spaces for our youth to play music – folk, metal, classical, whatever and help sponsor some music classes especially for kids from the lower income strata – most can’t afford lessons like the middle-class, and the select few learn from their friends. What holds us back is the lack of spaces for expression and creativity. Why isn’t music a compulsory subject in schools? In fact, one of my more satisfying part-time jobs once upon a time was teaching a couple of teenage girls and some adults electric guitar. Give our youths guitars and music lessons please, not more 24-hr cybercafes or National (dis)Service.

And the Home Minister should stop talking rot. Direct your preaching to the MB of Pahang first.



1. justin - July 7, 2008

yeah!! i agree..that’s what we do at Shah Alam Life Tribute
Check out,http://www.salt-08.blogspot.com/,we giv space,expression & creativity..maybe sumtime you should come rock wit us..van hallen’s jump?..haha Hannah Yeoh also rocks.. knows all about SALT…

2. alin - July 7, 2008

Hi Eli, thanks for sharing that. I think a lot of us were downright disappointed with what your friend did, but at least we now that that they’re all good guys at best.

Didn’t know you once taught guitar. I would’ve asked Zunar to book you as my private tutor *grins* Segan nak belajar dengan adik-adik lelaki (like Black, etc), lah…

Anyhoos. Reading that last para in your entry, I thought you may want to see this. Zunar & I loved it to bits. We saw it last Tuesday when it was organised by the embassy. Mana la tau, dapat idea sedikit sebanyak. i mean, the system made the poor kids LOVE staying in school… so, there must be something workable in the system, kan?

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmPIz9W-WQU

There’s part 1 till 8 of the movie. Here’s the part 1:

if nak tengok the dvd, zunar has a couple that he grabbed for you MPs 😉 he thought that just may be when all the dust have settled and subsided, we could all have a preview and get some ideas out of it.

take care, eli!

3. alin - July 7, 2008

woops, sorry.

not the last para, but your SECOND-LAST para.

4. desaputra - July 7, 2008

they played the right music to the wrong people and at the wrong time at the wrong place well you know everything went wrong.

5. monsterball - July 7, 2008

Someone got this idea from USA ……the legendary…non stop 3 days and nights..”woodstock”.
To call for one million to the rally…..sit until government reduce oil price….is simply an idiotic idea. I mean the one million…not the objective…..of getting oil prices reduced.
The whole thing as got killed off….when so many twists and turns by Najib and Anwar. Malaysians have sick politic..up to the neck!
Anwar have to deliver……concrete poof that Najib is a liar ….on not knowing Atlantuya. Who cares Bala’s twist and turns. If that is how….Anwar is going to deliver…on the 16th Sept…the Malaysians can forget all his promises. He may need to announce…all played him out…exactly like Mahathir style.
As much as every Malaysians want oil prices to be reduced…it is asking too much for Malaysians to sit….and listen to low class musicians…under hot sun.
It s also teaching Malaysians..no need to work…which is a sickening.idea.
So how many really are there now?
At best..I heard……not more than 10k people….against 1000k expected.
What a big failure!!

6. Satria Asia - July 7, 2008

The youth squad didn’t handle the situation well…ask the cameramen covering the event.

7. anonymous dud - July 7, 2008

seems like more celebrating “naik minyak harga” rather than protes ……

8. Rashidi - July 7, 2008

People are getting worked up over nothing. SHITE…

Go Carburetor Dung! Keep doing what you do best!

9. jayjay - July 7, 2008

Anwar vs Saiful
Let’s vote: http://www.vizu.com/poll-vote.html?n=104196

10. Sagaladoola - July 7, 2008

On another note but still on the same subject of music, I hope I can get more spaces for our youth to play music – folk, metal, classical, whatever and help sponsor some music classes especially for kids from the lower income strata – most can’t afford lessons like the middle-class, and the select few learn from their friends. What holds us back is the lack of spaces for expression and creativity. Why isn’t music a compulsory subject in schools?

Hey Eli .. That is a great idea … !

11. megat terawis - July 7, 2008

Yup …a case of wrong music at the wrong venue. Tht’s all. AMK didnt handle it well…sorry. Some pics at Hard T blogspot…the vocalist was pretty much ‘manhandled’ by your volunteers while trying to ‘protect’ him…I reckon the PAS Amal Brigade would hv done a much better job…too bad they decided to pull out.

I fully support music being introduced in our education syllabus.

At the end of the day, if music is all about expression and creativity, a solid ‘character building’ programme at schools and other avenues should be introduced as well.

It’s high time we have maturity in our music.

Take care.

12. Observer and Voter - July 7, 2008

I was there yesterday. It was a wrong act in front of the wrong audience. PKR and PR folks, be wise. The whole nation is watching and you need their votes to stay in power and bring CHANGE! Otherwise, we all have to say bye-bye to the ideal we fight for. As for me, I will continue my support and vote for PR until you form a solid government and then I may change my direction to the new opposition team. Good luck PR….

13. megat terawis - July 7, 2008

Hmmm..I just read some comments from the group at their site

I take back my comments about the vocalist being ‘manhandled’ by the AMK volunteers…I suppose the pics at Hard T didnt really justify the situation…


14. Satria Asia - July 7, 2008

“East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”

Pas is East. PKR-DAP is West. I’d give till end of the year before Pas goes its own way.

15. Biri Biri - July 8, 2008

The PR needs to be very careful now, the half of the country who couldn’t care less about the politicking, but the PR fulfilling their promises in an honest, honourable way are watching them to see if their faith in them is justified. This whole episode, whatever its worth, had just knocked the PR a few steps back.

16. rakyat_marhaen - July 8, 2008

i’m sorry elizabeth…but i dun think ur comment can make everything better…n yeah the thing is the attitude the musician present not the music…

if u want them to respect the musician n maybe you…at least show respect on their stand…

they r your partner in this company of state govt….without them PR will never be able to form 5 states….so if u r asking them to slow down their agenda then yours shud also slow down your agenda….

asking them to tolerate their party’s stand but u dun want to tolerate. its like something wrong in this partnership…i guess if what staria aisa said(comment 14) then what had the PR agreed on will be damaged…

try to understand each other more rather commenting it on the public…u r in a team can’t u discuss it inside a close meeting or something ….

i can’t believe that both PAS and DAP are doing something that are going to tarnished their images since after the election…

whereas we the rakyat had already sacrificed our ideology during election just to make sure BN tumbang….the muslims(malays) had sacrifices on voting DAP and so does the non-malays had sacrificed on voting PAS or Malay PKR…

can’t u think that we love to see two of u not bickering towards each other…that’s so childish n u hv to remember u r not a pembangkang now in the state…so change your mindset….

be4 we the rakyat change our mindset and get back to be4 12th election

btw i believe that the one who make kecoh must be someone not from PR folks…its never happened be4…i guess some penyamaran is going on here…

17. mut - July 8, 2008

I agree with Satria Asia.

This kind of entertainment and behaviour has never and will never be accepted by PAS. For PAS supporters, the state government holding the concert was akin to insulting a spouse in public. What would really take the cake? Telling the spouse bear and grin about it to AFTER the public insult! That’s chutzpah for you ! Being compared to UMNO as far as public morals are concerned would probably be too much for PAS to stomach. It was bad enough for the concert to go ahead, but for something like this to happen was probably their worst nightmare. This ranks alongside the Sultan’s dismissive reply to their memo regarding the concert featuring Ella and Mas Idayu.

PAS members will never hear the end of this from their UMNO counterparts, although DAP and KeADILan would probably gain some points with the concert among their core supporters as it was a direct thumbing of their noses to PAS and Islamic values. PAS taking a hit like this would mean their leaders would have to work quickly to contain the fallout among their members. I hope they do. Being in politics does mean developing a bit of a thick skin.

But then again these things do happen when such diverse parties merge to form a state government. Maybe PAS should just exist as a third political force, much like the Liberal Democrats in Britain. They could still check against the excesses BN but would be able to distance themselves from such controversies within PR. If they do decide to undertake this repositioning, it would very much depend on the people in charge of the move to see where the new PAS would “lean”. They would never join BN, and for good reason but their direct participation in PR is bringing erosion of the very core of their being! This would be the first of many more such value conflicts coming out in the open in PR.

What will happen next? Will PAS take this lying down? I don’t think so. They have always been consistent in their core values, much like the DAP. And therefore never the twain shall meet…….

18. hafiz - July 8, 2008

the music was bad. period!

19. kecik's-PB - July 8, 2008

tolong hormati prinsip PAS jika mahu mengekalkan pemerintahan di Selangor.Jika tidak,pengundi akan berpaling semula ke BN…PAS dah membuktikan dapat mengekalkan pemerintahan di Kelantan begitu lama.belajarlah dari mereka…jangan terlalu ego…

“Menyesal dahulu pendapatan.
Menyesal kemudian tak berguna lagi…”

20. anakbukit - July 8, 2008

Bila EXCO pun tak faham

Saya yakin disaat ini tidak ada seorang pun ahli atau penyokong PAS yang dapat menerima aksi kumpulan Carburetor Dung di Stadium Kelana Jaya semalam. Tindakan penyanyi utamanya yang menayangkan punggung dan seluar dalamnya depan khalayak ramai itu sangat biadap dan kurang ajar, apalagi ketika ahli-ahli PAS termasuk Muslimat sedang berada di stadium berkenaan kononnya untuk berdemonstrasi, protes, atas isu kenaikan minyak.

PAS adalah parti Islam, ada disiplin dan akhlaknya, sekurang-kurangnya bila berkawan, kawan-kawan perlulah memahami dan menghormati PAS sebagaimana PAS semasa berkawan tidak pernah menghina atau membelakangkan kawan-kawannya.

Hari ini salah seorang EXCO kerajaan Selangor, yang mana PAS merupakan rakan kongsinya, memandang hina bantahan orang-orang PAS semalam. Beliau malah memuji dan memuja Carburetor Dung di dalam blognya


yang beliau isitlahkan sebagai:

A band ahead of its time.

Dan malah beliau menyatakan bahawa jika band ini dapat diberi peluang memberikan persembahan lagi dalam protes seumpama ini, beliau sendiri akan naik menyanyi dengan band itu. Sikap dan perangai EXCO ini pasti akan mendatangkan masalah besar kepada PAS kerana ternyata beliau tidak boleh memahami PAS, sedangkan beliau EXCO dalam kerajaan campuran bersama PAS.

Posted by roslan sms at 12:03:00 AM 0 comments

Monday, July 07, 2008

Bersama kepimpinan ulamak

Benar sangatlah pepatah Melayu, kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga. Susu yang putih bersih dan berkhasiat jika diminum itu bukan lagi susu bila dititskan nila ke atasnya.

Sudah jauh kita menyongsong perjuangan ini, kerana mahu mendaulatkan Islam, kita melalui pelbagai cabaran dan pancaroba. Keperitan, duri dan airmata kita lalui dan tempuh kerana yakin akan janji-janji Allah dan Rasul Nya saw. Kita pernah menang pernah kalah, pernah dipuji dan pernah dihina, berpatah sayap bertongkat paruh, namun perjuangan suci ini kita daki dan daki jua.

Kekalahan terus membakar azam kita, kemenangan tidak pernah mengelabui mata kita.

Sesungguhnya insiden 6 Julai lalu biarlah menjadi pengajaran dan iktibar kepada kita. Saya memuji ketegasan Dewan Pemuda PAS Pusat dalam hal ini, kronologi sikap dan pendirian Pemuda diterangnkan dengan jelas oleh Setiausahanya Sdr Ahmad Sabki:


Saya boleh faham kedudukan mereka, di satu pihak Pemuda Selangor bangkit protes kerana konsert Ella dan Mas Idayu di Stadium Shah Alam, sedang di Stadium Kelana Jaya pada waktu dan ketika yang sama mereka (Pemuda) yang bertanggungjawab mengawal dan menyelia konsert “gila” yang tidak pernah mereka redha dan relakan.

Mempertahankan prinsip dalam suasana sedemikian memanglah suatu cabaran, Alhamdulillah Pemuda PAS dalam hal ini jelas dan tegas pendirian mereka. Biarlah kita mahu dicap apa sekalipun, “little Taliban” atau “fanatik, ekstrimis” asal kita tidak bersekongkol dengan perkara maksiat yang mengundang murka Allah swt itu.

Kerana itu saya sangat bersetuju dengan saranan Timbalan Ketua Dewan Pemuda PAS, adinda Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan at Tantawi, dalam suasana penuh mehnah dan mencabar kemurnian perjuangan kita ini agar kita menjayakan Ijtima’ Ruhiyyah bagi menembalikan kita ke landasan sebenar perjuangan suci ini. Beliau menulis dalam blognya:

Fokus ceramah bukan kepada isu dan politik semasa sahaja , tetapi lebih menekankan soal aqidah perjuangan , jihad dan pengorbanan yang saya kira menjadi topik yang semakin pudar akhir – akhir ini .

Pemuda , ayuh kita hidupkan kembali nilai perjuangan berasaskan kekuatan spiritual atau kerohanian yang tinggi tanpa kita bersikap prejudis terhadap kupasan atau bicara isu dan politik semasa . Kembalikan zaman kegemilangan Doa Rabitah dan Wirid al Mathurat .

Pada tahun 1983, Mukatamar Dewan Pemuda PAS lah yang telah mencetuskan gagasan Kepimpinan Ulamak dalam parti, semoga Pemuda hari ini akans memiliki roh 1983 itu, dan mengembalikan peranan ulamak kembali ke tempat asalnya dalam parti, insyallah.

21. PAS Member - July 8, 2008

I’m agree with Satria Asia. However I still believe other PKR-DAP Excos, MPs and members who still have their respect to others especially PAS members. Remember that our main agenda is to fight for people justice.

Elizabeth! please use your head to reserve your comment on this, to ensure PAS Members not to vote for quitting the newly appointed Selangor Government. I don’t think you don’t understand that PAS has nothing to lose if we decided to quit. It is because in Islam, our Principe in Amal Maaruf Nahi Munkar is above everything. Therefore, if you realize, PAS members never fight for power, but we fight purely for justice in this world and the prize will be given afterworld.

22. kaki ayam - July 8, 2008

Eli, music lessons was compulsory back at those days in the 80’s when I was still in primary school (and sucking my thumb) in Salak South and then in JB.

Not many people was interested with music but most of the time, the teacher are always more than capable in making the class interesting. It is a welcome break from the mundane classroom environment of rote learning.

emm…now i am thinking of picking up piano lessons to use up my spare time…although money is an issue….

23. Karberator Yang PANAS! « - July 8, 2008
24. Serious Shepherd - July 8, 2008

It was munajat@3:30am that saved the Kelantan govt during last election, not punk concert.

And we are living in the East.

25. wan - July 8, 2008

are you trying to appear as someone hip and happening from a cool political party?

It was an appropriate behaviour by the lead singer if it was a real punk concert attended by the punk fans, it was appropriate if it is a proper protest rally but it was definitely not the behaviour to be displayed at a protest rally at which you’ve decided to make it a ‘family event’.

Just because you are who’s who in a political party, it does not necessarily means that whatever you said it right and correct. Your justification was nonsensical and embarrassing.

And AMK was brash, power crazy, rude and unprofessional.

What the hell is wrong with PKR?

26. JUNDIUMMAH - July 8, 2008

the CABURETOR should be banned from make any show ! What the hell they think they are doing… why not somebody punch on the face of the alak? He deserve that kind of punishment… remember one thing! Think before u do it…use ur head man…what ur trying to do?

It rude!! where ur come from? We MALAYS..MUSLIMS..cannot acceept such action!

We not are about to make war to anay body..chinese, indians, buddhas, christ..we respect all of these hormony relations.yet respect us too…

27. darcwil - July 8, 2008

This Protes event certainly didnt really do PR much justice. Bad publicity… Time for damage control!

28. Abang Jebat - July 8, 2008

elizabeth wong, nampaknya anda tak reti erti persahabatan yang sebenar. go to h*ll!

29. ciklee - July 8, 2008

I don’t think you also want to do the same thing. At least please respect PAS view. At the end, everybody see ‘ the punkoq’. Maybe you want to do the same if you can perform with them elizabeth?

30. Whycares - July 8, 2008

On closer examination, Carburetor Dung did not drop his pant.

Simply bad manners, that’s all. Typical of wild concerts.

This band is simply not suitable for the conservative crowds.

Next time just play Music CDs to entertain.

Promoter not diligent enough & forgot to vet thoroughly ?

31. Meet Uncle Anwar - July 8, 2008

Wrong place, wrong time? This is what :reformasi” is all about… not satisfied? “Pelt with bricks”!!!! Hurl verbal abuse!!! I played in the same stage as Joe Kidd more than you.. I’m glad I left the “scene”.. what a bunch of disillusioned children throwing tantrums… A WORLDWIDE fuel crisis and this Ultraman claim he can make the price go down.. He’s NOT in power! He can claim ANYTHING!!! Open your eyes!! Even PKR in power now, there’s MAJOR fuckups.. Can’t even handle a gig for the RAKYAT.. Put a mole as political aide? WTF???

I was there when it happened too, believe me it wasn’t just a “misunderstanding”.. and the target fr a million?? pppffftttt…. Only a pinch.. 2000ppl.. I bet half of the stadium are moles, Special Branch or even unbelievers LIKE ME! HAHAHAHA!!!

It’s funny when if it’s on the other side, if this should happen there’ll be cries and screams like nobody’s business but when it happens on this side.. MY GOD! even Hishamuddin Rais WAS QUICK TO DISMISS THE BAND=== CARBURETOR DUNG IS NOT AFFILIATED TO ANY POLITICAL PARTIES.. WHAT HYPPOCRITE!!!


PAS first campaigned Anwar’s sexual misconduct and homosexual acivities long before BN.. Mat Sabu his ex-driver went all out in kempen “Al-Juburi”. But now?..

DAP, should be ashamed of yourselves.. I HAD high regards for Karpal, but when Anwar is boasting “leap froggers”.. you shut up? A lot of core DAP are VERY ASHAMED of this.. What kind of Democracy are the PR thinking??? Why is it so crucial for Anwar to be PM ASAP??? Why must it be HIM??? Fucking Anwar Hitler!

Snakes and Hippos in the “government in waiting”. Be carefull of Anwar, he’s like Hitler, he may be a GOD to you, but not in my eyes..

Right now BN is looking way much better.. a lesser of two evils.. At least I remember a peaceful and prosperous period before this joker cried “reformasi”.. wanna know more? Ask Chandra, Ezam etc.. All 4 of his former right hand men, all DISGUSTED and felt DISILLUSIONED.. I pity Kak Zah and her family.. puppeted..

“Be thankful when you’ve fed, be patient when you’re hungry…”

PEACE.. Silent Majority SPEAKS..

32. seri - July 8, 2008

i love music too..somehow the CD music is too loud. We can’t hear the lyrics..and the act was so “unSOPAN” as eastern people.

33. JUNDIUMMAH - July 8, 2008

One more..who is this elizabeth wong?..LUPA DIRI dah …? I’ m voting u not to make such stupid thing ..be wiser..!! What kind of leader is this person? if u dont have idea how to lead us , step down please! leve the title of YB or what ever ur posses now.. ur disspoint me.

34. mawardi - July 8, 2008

I am so ‘geli’ to have an EXCO like you. Faux pas b***h!

35. ShaifudDeen - July 8, 2008

Fair statement from u but not at the right place and time. Should the event is during pre-Scorpions concert I will totally agreed on Curb Dung appearance. Just can’t imagine if this group was invited to perform during the opening ceremony of Mesyuarat DUN. Tak kena tempatnya. As a member in PAKATAN Rakyat we should avoid to do things or make statement which may hurt other member’s feeling. Freedom of speech does not mean free for all. Congrat guys for succesfully organised the Protes. But I still protest U coming to my house together with your puppy. Anak kucing OK. Maaf geng.

36. AnakMudaParlimenBatu - July 8, 2008

Soooory YB,
Kena tegur sikit, kena fikir akan orang lain punya perasaan juga, kita tidak boleh fikir kita seorang sahaja mahu seronok. Saya tahu muzik apa yang mereka bawa, kerana saya sudah lama dalam scene underground tetapi yang hadir bukan semua yang faham, tayang punggung, bagi saya aksi yang kurang ajar, londeh seluar, lagilah orang marah. Ini dinamakan pertembungan 2 budaya.

Jangan Lupa layari blog saya di http://khairilazuar.wordpress.com
bagi komen setiap artikel yang saya tulis. …ada artikel baru

37. meowsoleh - July 8, 2008

Tidak mustahil PAS akan keluar daripada Pakatan Rakyat. Kita Pas tidak berasa rugi apabila menjadi pembangkang asalkan prinsip kita dapat dipertahankan.

38. PZ - July 8, 2008

hi eli,

i have always appreciated your writings here but i doubt what CD did is something minor la. the event was one that was attendeed by malaysians from every walks of life and it was meant to be a gathering abt a serious matter and it should really be about bringing positive changes to our country… not a display of foolishness as in the case of CD.

if the whole protest can be associated or indentified with such behaviour i.e. baring bottoms… are u actually saying that our approach in making our statement known to the gomen is similar to that display by CD?

pls be informed that when we allow such actions, we are sending out a wrong message and many will be turned off by such behaviour and doubt the sincerity and credibility of the event.

39. PZ - July 8, 2008

hi again eli,

imagine if we attended the event with our kids and the kids came back home to emulate the same “baring bottom” antics displayed by CD, what do we do? should we admonish our kids for doing it and let them do it anyway in the name of freedom of expression?

40. Birdseye - July 8, 2008

I do not mean to rain on your parade but I just wonder the things you guys do on stage like ‘grinding and screeching’ should be called ‘music’. Seems to me more like a cacophony of noises that is mistakenly called music. But it really is not.

Music lessons in schools is a grand idea, but proper music huh?

41. The Lord - July 8, 2008

Woo hey! Frikkin AWESOME publicity for Joe & the Dungsters! Time to release album!!!!!

Looking at a bunch of these moronic postings, I often wonder why the hell you even bother making an effort to serve these retarded sheep and towelhead wannabes.

Such small minded parochial literalists deserve to be Eaten.

42. Razman - July 9, 2008

I dunno. i’m a long time fan of carburetor dung. been to countless gigs for years. Maybe it was the wrong band for the event but it was also the right band as they are one of the few bands I am aware of that has been singing on issues of social equality, against corruption and against oppression as long as I personally can remember. I’m quite proud that there is a Malay band that will never ‘jilat’ record labels stuff like that to get rich quick but get involved with groups like Food Not Bombs and feed the homeless every week for years now with absolutely no support from two faced politicians, political parties and orang korporat. I dunno what to think but my instinct says these guys in this band are good guys. Problem is the people in the stadium dont know them but i dont think this is the band’s fault.

Miss Elizabeth i personally admire you more than ever now cause at least there’s one person in PR that seems to understand youth and sub culture.

43. The Lord - July 9, 2008

“imagine if we attended the event with our kids and the kids came back home to emulate the same “baring bottom” antics displayed by CD, what do we do? should we admonish our kids for doing it and let them do it anyway in the name of freedom of expression?”

Duh. I’m hoping you don’t have kids.

If you haven’t yet, please get yourself spayed/neutered. Once we take over the country, all people who wish to procreate will be made to take an exam, then personally interviewed by me.

If you have, then this is what you do, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, a frikkin ADUN or Oprah to tell you how to deal with this, you dig in deep into that stuff between your ears and find that thing called “common sense”.

So your kid comes home, yells “Jilat! Jilat!”, bangs out some righteous power chords on your Yamaha Clavinova, asks you for a Gibson Les Paul Standard, just like Joe Kidd’s, then proceeds to moon you (to show his buttocks), like MArseter Of The Universe Alak. What do you do? Here’s some options to guide you should you face this predicament:

a) Beat the crap out of junior, send them to their room and make them listen to Siti Nurhaliza and Mawi, then pray for their salvation or call an exorcist/bomoh to cast out the evil demons.

b) Ask them to explain why they just did what they did. And based on your moral framework, describe why what they did was acceptable/unacceptable. Explain what satire is. I have sucessfully explained my little girl 3 years ago when she was 5. BTW, today, we had to explain what Sodomy was because of all the crap on the news, plus, I’m writing a song about Sodomy for us to perform at KL Sing Song 2008. The word fits nicely in her solfege exercises, So, Do Mi. My wife told her it was when someone intercourse through the butt. Of course, prior to this – a couple of years back, we had explained how people make babies, through vaginal intercourse (which she found rather repulsive). Again I digress, this isn’t about biology or reproduction or packing fudge, it’s about satire.

However, satire may be a difficult concept for to grasp, there are many adults who don’t understand this, the entire UMNO and PAS farm, for instance. PAS I can understand, in many cases, their towels are too tight to allow their brains sufficient oxygen. UMNO..harder to explain..I guessing either they have voluntary lobotomies…or there’s some natural phenomena where the dumb gravitate towards each other…like a natural chaotic attractor..but again, I digress, this is not about neuro-science or mathematics, it’s about satire.

If you do understand the concept of SATIRE, tell them that the song is about extreme brown nosing. I assume you’ve heard of the term “brown nose”? It’s used quite frequently. Now you have the opportunity to tell your young ‘un how the term came about, and what got the person’s nose brown.

OK, I sense you may still not get it. The term “brown nose” is about, toadying or being a syncophant (look this up Wiki, it’s got many syllables) metaphorically pictured by one kissing another person’s least desirable orifice (OK, the butt). Is this starting to get clearer?

If you don’t understand satire and your kids piss you off, smack your head against the wall. Repeat.

44. binjairian - July 9, 2008

I really hope that PAS separate from PR.

Geli sangat tengok camanae geng2 DAP dok sibuk nak promotekan diri kat media sume. Kasi comment yg ntah hape2.


45. LaiKC - July 9, 2008

Carburetor Dung should aware that they perform in front of old folks and children, not in GIGS!!

What would u say Ms Elizabeth Wong if Alak flush his butt right in front of your dad’s face??!!

We came there to protest, not to see concert!!

Stupid miste by PR to invite such a bloody rude underground rock band!!

46. ron - July 9, 2008

throwing bottles, rushing the stage and beating up the band members is rather not ‘sopan’ as well.

if people have an issue with a man exposing his backside but think that mob violence is a justifiable reaction to protect your morals, then there is indeed something wrong with society.

47. Elly - July 9, 2008

Agree with you Razman, Eli don’t let short sighted people blind you to what you know is true (as a leader).

Rock On Babe!

48. Baba O'Riley - July 9, 2008

Hey Liz,

You Rock!

Some people won’t ever get what rock means. But you do and that counts.

Drop me a line if you need any volunteers.

Keep on keepin’ on…

49. VV - July 9, 2008

“Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won’t come again
And don’t speak too soon
For the wheel’s still in spin
And there’s no tellin’ who
That it’s namin’.
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin’. – Dylan”

Hey Liz,

You Rock!

Some people don’t get Rock.

But you do.

And that counts.

Keep on keeping on…

If you need volunteers please drop me a line.

50. tired of name calling - July 9, 2008

Hey, all you people screaming for Eli Wong and PKR blood: if you have a point to make, please do it without the name calling. Your beef with CD is that they are kurang ajar, but you guys are no less biadap in your comments. If you want people to take you seriously, stop making ad hominem remarks. Take lots of notes from the other people who have stated their displeasure against CD’s actions respectfully without resorting to cheap personal attacks.

51. khairilazuar - July 9, 2008

Kepada Semua Ahli-Ahli PAS,
Jangan kerana insiden ini, kita semua bergaduh, ini semua salah satu ujian, kalau kita sudah tubuhkan kerajaan, bagaimana kalau terjadi insiden yang lebih besar? Jangan cepat melatah, kita berbincang elok2, yang patut diminta maaf, kita maafkan.

Jangan Lupa layari blog saya di http://khairilazuar.wordpress.com
bagi komen setiap artikel yang saya tulis. …ada artikel baru

52. Razman - July 10, 2008


o happiness is coming,
right on my TV screen
my needs are televised,
just over channel three

wide awake, wide awake
turn off the lies
wide awake, wide awake
don’t ask me why

the “truth” that you see
are the lies that they feed
and it’s not the food that you’re gonna need
don’t tell me my life’s alright (wide awake)

free speech for one and all,
wrote all the media print
your dreams’ll be realised,
just close your minds and heed

wide awake, wide awake
turn off the lies
wide awake, wide awake
wipe out that smile

the “truth” that you read
are the lies that they feed
and it’s all the goods that they’re gonna give

don’t tell me my future’s all bright
as you keep saying your wrongs are right
don’t tell me my life’s alright
as you keep binding your ropes so tight

© 1996 – Carburetor Dung

53. sribulan - July 10, 2008

please jaga u r mulut elizabeth. I’m so dissapointed to have an exco like u.

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