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Dengue Hotspots in Selangor January 30, 2009

Posted by elizabethwong in "We can do better", Note2Self.
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(According to districts)

Petaling (Flat A and Flat C Section 7, Terrace A Section 7, Terrace A and Terrace B Section 18, Section U3 Subang Perdana and Section U10 Puncak Perdana);

Kajang (Taman Kajang Perdana, Taman Semenyih Indah, Taman Koperasi Cuepacs Batu 12, Taman Cheras Jaya, Taman Industri Mega, Taman Sri Jelok, Taman Zamrud, Taman Kajang Baru, Taman Kajang Jaya, Section 2 Bandar Sri Putra, Section 2 Bandar Rinching, Zone 1 Taman Sepakat Indah, Zone 1 Section 8 Bandar Baru Bangi, Zon 3 Section 16 Bandar Baru Bangi, Zone 5 Section 16 Bandar Baru Bangi and Zone 4 Taman Bukit Mewah);

Shah Alam (Perdana Apartments Section 13, Flat 18/3 (Eps 2), PKNS Flats Section 20, Section 6 flats, Padang Jawa B, Padang Jawa C, Pangsapuri Anggerik Section 16, Section 10, Section 11, Taman Alam Indah Section 33, Terrace A Section 25, Terrace C Section 27, Terrace A Section 25 and Terrace A Section 8);

Gombak (Bandar Baru Selayang F2, Kampung Laksamana, Taman Pinggiran Batu Caves Z2, Taman Samudera Timur and Taman Sri Gombak Zone 3);

Subang Jaya (Taman Puchong Perdana and Taman Serdang Perdana);

Hulu Selangor (Bandar Baru Batang Kali);

Hulu Langat (Kampung Sg Kantan Kajang and Kajang Prison quarters); and

Sepang (Taman Seroja Zone A).

The overall number of dengue cases recorded from 1 to 25 Jan: 4,521 cases and 13 deaths.



1. Siva - January 30, 2009

no info on Klang?

EW: I thought it strange too. But the info came from Bernama/Health Ministry, so perhaps it’s good news!

2. p.s.nathan - January 30, 2009

This dengue problem requires the full co-operation of the Communities to succeed, but so far it is business as usual as far as the Public Health authorities are concerned!
This detail information shoud be extended to the communities where cases have been detected and/or confirmed. This is never done!
…suddenly early in the morning I hear some strange sound in the neighbourhood, and after a while I realise that it is the sound of a fogging machine in the neighbourhood. Most residents with just shut their windows quickly!…they have never been notified that a case of Dengue has been detected in your neighbourhood, and it is for each and every residfent to immediately ACT to remove all mosquito breeding sites, and for the fogging to be effetive they must keep their doors and windows open…why was’nt the Community informed in advance that a case of Dengue has been confirmed in your neighbourhood, and it is in your Best Interest that you and your family co-operate fully, to avoid contacting the disease, and run the risk of death!
The dept. never does this publicity bit…further our backlanes are never fogged! nor inspected…the mosquitoes are smart enough to take refuge inside the uninspected homes, and the back lanes, which are designated safe areas!…for the mosquitoes that is, thanks to the Public Health Services!
When will the Health Authorities learn that:
…….More Dengue, year after year!
…will we ever learn to Educate, and Empower COMMUNITIES…with
Relevant, Timely information, so that they can.. ACT before its too late!


3. James - January 30, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,
The park along Jalan PJU 7/17A in Mutiara Damansara is always flooded after a downpour. The stagnant water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.The whole playground is waterlogged, even the trees do not grow, some have rotted away. The playground is a popular place for the children.
I have called and written to the developer and MBPJ but nothing have been done. The rubbish is not cleared. Please help.
Thank you .

EW: Noted. Will check with the councilor and MBPJ and update you.

4. John Q - January 30, 2009

Dear Elizabeth,

You have to make lots of noise about the lackadaisical attitude of our Kementerian Kesihatan chaps who may still be sleeping. Many of them are are desk jobbers. They just dont get down to the field but instead keep blaming the public. There is a lot of Liow bashing now…but the real problem is the HP6 civil service that both he and all of us are stuck with. In particular start gunning for the Pengarah for Selangor, Rosnah who is always more interested in running up to London to be with her kids and of course the useless DG Merican…..who has two wives to look after now and not enough time for all those dropping dead because of dengue……

EW: I am of the opinion that everyone – from individuals, local councils, the state and all the way to the Feds – has to start taking this seriously. So travel destinations or spousal issues shouldn’t come into play. The state issued a warning two months ago there would be an epidemic but I don’t think people took it seriously.

5. John Q - January 31, 2009

With all due respect…this is a massive PUBLIC HEALTH problem. It should be led by health ministry staff. .I live just outside Subang Glenmarie. There have been two deaths over the last two months. I have not seen any ministry staff come down and be proactive or show people the way. There is a huge abandoned construction site with water inside standing enough for 5 swimming pools in solid excavated concrete. Who is going to drain this? The public??? Come on!!!. Where is the Health Ministry leadership. None. I went personally to the Pengarah’s office at Wisma Masalam, and almost half of them are on extended leave for Chinese New Year, when 95% of the staff are Malay.!!!..Elizabeth….this is the problem!!!!! Wake up!!!! There is no one minding the house, that’s how this mosquito managed run riot. Public anger should be switched to firmly specific health officers who are responsible for this disaster, otherwise more will die and tomorrow it could be your neighbor. No point bashing up Liow forever, because he cannot make this people work. They don’t respect a Chinese Minister. The PR must help and kick these officers into moving…..this is no time to point fingers…it’s now life and death.

EW; Ministry staff? I don’t know where to begin …

6. A Toong - January 31, 2009

Dear Eli,

The spread of dengue fever is a consequence of Malaysian’s filthy habit of indiscriminate dumping of rubbish and the authorities complete lack of enforcement !

We can see rubbish everywhere, road are littered with rubbish and the drain and river clogged with rubbish. The country sides are also marred with unsightly illegal rubbish dumps.

The illegal dump sites and the rubbish clogged drains are ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes.

To eliminate or control dengue fever, Malaysian must stop throwing rubbish indiscriminately. Thus, Malaysians need to be more disciplined, whether voluntarily or by strict enforcement !


On another matter, I noticed just before the CNY hols that the roadside grass along Jalan Sg Buloh near to Sri Damansara have turned brown. Initially, I thought it was a result of hot weather normally associated with CNY. However, the weather has been quite wet by CNY, thus the grass could not have turned brown due to dry weather. This is confirmed by the fact that the roadside turf within Sri Damansara township are still green.

I have a strong suspicious that the contractor engaged to cut the grass have been spraying the roadside with herbicides to kill the grass, thus saving on the cost of regular grass cutting maintenance. I have seen this dangerous practice of spraying the roadside grass in house estates (Taman Ehsan & DesaJaya) with herbicides by contractors engaged by the BN controlled councils. I’ve also witnessed this unethical “cost saving” practice being used by a FRIM’s contractor in maintaining FRIM’s ground.

Please get you officer to check on the above matter. Being an environmentalist, I’m sure you will act immediately to rectify the weakness in the town council’s administration ! I expect a Pakatan controlled state/council to act and govern with more care and ethics.

Thank you.



7. monsterball - January 31, 2009

This is the job of our so call Minister of Health.
Just look at those two idiots…Ka Chuan..Housing ..and Liow… Health.
House collapsed…..49000 dengue cases…113 deaths…right now…where are they? What are their actions as respective ministers?? They do exactly like Dollah.. disappeared and no comments.
Are not UMNO and BN showing how irresponsible elected..ministers they are??
They only talk alot in elections…applying bribes…with stolen money from us……….again and again.
They lost Permatang Pauh and Terenggannu by-elections….yet they felt no shame at all…yet they keep making idiotic excuses.
UMNO and MCA have reached the lowest class of their reputations…never seen …before…Mahathir and Ling Liong Sik…..the two biggest thick skin corrupted…bullshitting devils of UMNO and MCA.
Right now…students of these two devils….taking over as ministers….are trying to outdo their masters…bullshitting…acting and behaving totally irresponsible…..smart only to talk half truths….working hard at by elections trying always to fool Malaysians.
No shame at all….with failure…no shame at all..proven greedy for stolen money….no shame at all….keep playing out-dated race and religion politics…no more accepted by Malaysians.
No shame at all….because they know next to nothing about managements….except being boastful..with false titles and stolen money to show off….wearing expensive clothes…live like a king..and own expensive cars and properties….here and at oversea….with a small salary…..no one can possible do that….unless..they rob .. cheat or steal.
We need to talk till we drop dead …..to expose them…or talk..till at least until the 13th election….for 2 million young voters to know the truths.

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10. Jerry - February 1, 2009

The malaysian leaders are not proactive but pro-crisis. Only after problems are blown out of proportions will they act to try to contain the crisis. At this time the finger will starts pointing from one to the other.
Come on! this is recurring umpteen times and we, the informed progressive, proactive malaysians would like to remind those chosen representatives to shape up or ship out!

11. sam - February 1, 2009

Don’t wait for the fed flers lar. We ourselves (including S’gor State Gov) should be doing something before all of us kena dengi fever. I am making sure my residence and its surroundings are clean.

I am sure BN will have a few more seats left in Parliament in the next round of election.

12. ivanyeo - February 2, 2009

It is a bit of everything, bad and filthy habits, bad drainage, enforcement or the lack of it, lackadaisical attitude of the health officers, couldnt care less menteri kesihatan.. local councils.. (sorry eli!) etc. And while the world is grappling with economic downturn… we have our political parties fighting bushfires in a couple of states trying desparetly to hold on to power.. and the luring and carroting of cross overs… spending tax payers money on buy elections… rather than focussing on rakyat issues! Malaysia oh Malaysia… apa sudah jadi?

EW: Dengue – I agree there’s no excuse and everyone including the local councils has to take the rap. No need to apologise. As for the Perak, it’s been the key target of Umno since July last year and several operatives were assigned to destabilise it. And you wonder why Najib is now leading Perak Umno?

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