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V. Ganabathirau December 14, 2007

Posted by elizabethwong in Current Affairs, Democracy, Human Rights, Malaysia, Note2Self, Politics.
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A touching portrait of V. Ganabathirau, from Tony Pua, DAP economic advisor and head of DAP Damansara branch.

Ganabathi will not have the chance to see his 8-month old baby girl grow up, thanks to Abdullah Badawi and UMNO.

Please forward this around as you won’t get to read this in any of our mainstream newspapers. Pah…

As you may have read from the New Straits Times (NST) yesterday, Gana is a DAP member. What makes the whole ugly episode we saw today close to me, is that Gana is a member of DAP Damansara branch, of which I’m the chairperson. Gana joined me in March this year, and subsequently helped form the Taman Muda branch in Shah Alam, of which he is the advisor.

Having known him for the past 8 months or so, I can’t claim to know him inside out. But there are somethings which I will vouch for him with my life.

Gana is not a racist. He is not a religious fanatic and neither is he in anyway at all, a terrorist as he is insinuated to be. Having known him well in recent months, he is the complete opposite of what the Pak Lah administration, through the mainstream mouthpieces will like to paint him to be.

Gana is a full-blooded Malaysian, who strongly believes that all Malaysians regardless of ethnicity must have equal opportunities to succeed. While some may quibble over the fact that Hindraf could have taken a greater multi-racial outlook in its position, no right thinking Malaysian will deny them the fact that the overwhelming majority of Indians in this country are severely marginalised and lives below or near the poverty line.

The way politics in Malaysia are framed at this point of time, it is unsurprising that the ethnic Indians found themselves having to stand up and be counted. They really have nothing else to lose.

Some will argue that I can afford to spend some time on politics today because I’ve made some money after having sold my company. However, Gana, despite having just started his own fledging law firm, found himself travelling frequently (i.e., at least weekly) between Teluk Intan, his hometown and Shah Alam where he now stays, in order to provide his community services to the needy and unfortunate. He even rented and refurbished a service centre in Teluk Intan with his own money, to carry out his services.

When I received cases at my own service centre in Damansara Utama, and was in need of legal services to assist the complainants, Gana offered his with absolutely no hesitation. For example, there was a group of 7 contractors who failed to receive payment from a housing developer, Gana took up their case and offered legal advise pro bono. When legal actions were required, I actually had to convince him to accept some payment from these contractors! Guess what, these contractors were all Chinese but race, as should be the case for all right-thinking Malaysians, never ever came into the picture.

Gana, the youngest of 3 brothers, is a son that would have made any family proud. He belongs to the Indian Telugu community and grew up in a poor family which just about made enough to survive. Gana never manage to have the privilege of completing his education at one go. After finishing Form 5, he had to take up various odd jobs to help support himself and his family.

That however, did not prevent him from investing his earnings and taking up part-time courses to pursue his ambition of becoming an officer of the court. His dream came true in his late twenties when he graduated with a law degree from the University of London external programme. He plied his trade as a legal assistant with a law firm in Teluk Intan before saving sufficiently to set up his own firm, having moved to Shah Alam late last year.

But all these while, he held political ambitions, ambitions not to further enrich himself by illegal and unethical means, but ambitions to help play a part in the betterment of his marginalised community as well as Malaysians in general. Having set up his own firm, it provided him, for better or worse, the flexibility to spend time on social and political causes. And he did it with all his heart and soul.

Gana was married not too long ago to a school teacher. And only just on Merdeka day this year, his first, now barely 4-month old baby daughter, was born. If Pak Lah has his way, by the time Gana is released from ISA detention, his daughter would be more than 2 years old. When Gana first pointed out his wife to me sitting in the court stands when he was being charged with sedition in Klang sessions court, you could visibly see tears in her eyes. Her fears have unfortunately come true.

Gana told me that his wife was a former Tamil school debater and is very politically aware. In fact, in the earlier years, she used to tease him that he only knew how to “talk” politics but never got his hands dirty. More recently however, she will half-jokingly tell him that she regretted having ever encouraged him to join the fight for a just cause.

Gana is a good man. He has sacrificed selflessly to help create a better Malaysia for all Malaysians, particularly for the underprivileged and marginalised community. He has rose quickly to prominence through sheer tenacity, hardwork, eloquence and dedication to the cause. 30,000 Indians from all parts of Malaysia walked the streets of Kuala Lumpur not because they had nothing better to do, but because they shared his cause, and they believed that “enough is enough!”

For that, Pak Lah who is clearly unable to hear, accept and deal with the truth, invoked the draconian ISA in the hope of sweeping all under the carpet.

Thankfully, Gana has a kind and loving family members who will help take care of the needs of the mother and child. The DAP, as announced by the party secretary-general, will be setting up a fund to assist the families of those who have been detained without trial.

My eyes were moist as I wrote this post. I firmly believe that Gana will be a stronger man post-detention. You would not have heard the last of him for a long time yet. I expect him to be a future leader of this country, a rare breed of the much needed righteous, caring, intelligent and dedicated kind who will only contribute immensely to creating a better Malaysia for our future generations. His personal sacrifices must not, and will not be in vain.”


1. james - December 14, 2007

everything is right it was gana calling to be there ,it was gana chioce ,i never do that i am not brave to challang the gorverment in my eyes he is brave and smart and he enjoy to this long live gana long live malaysia long live people of malaysia if the is god you must take care of this people ,or people must take care of him

2. yh - December 14, 2007


these poor souls probably need financial help for their immediate families. tony said DAP is raising funds to help. readers, regardless of political affiliations, do chip in. stop being just an armchair critic for once. your donation is surely greatly needed.
i be going to DAP branch in Damansara Utama to chip in.

3. mat saman kati - December 14, 2007

Apa pun yang berlaku kepada Gana, Uthaya and the gang, mereka sudah menjadi hero. Saya sanjung keberanian mereka dan saya berkongsi dengan air mata yang you titiskan, liz. Tetapi kita tidak boleh berhenti disini, sekurang-kurangnya, ia telah membuka mata lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia.

Kalau dulu, tidak ramai yang percaya kalau KMM dan Al Maunah diperangkap sehinggakan begitu ramai mereka yang tidak bersalah ditahan diKamunting, hari ini, semakin ramai yang menyedari tentang kebusukan dan kehaprakan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

Lupakan perbezaan pendapat dengan Hindraf sekiranya ada, dan apa yang perlu dilakukan ialah kita semuanya bersatu menentang penjajahan Umno dan Barisan Nasional. Saya membaca tulisan Nat, dan saya berharap agar semua kepimpinan PKR, Pas dan DAP dapat mengambil iktibar. Semoga apa yang berlaku kepada Uthaya and the gang akan menjadi pencetus kepada perubahan yang dinantikan.

4. Michael Sun - December 14, 2007

My heart bleeds and my tears fell.

Who’s the real traitor? Those who robbed and rape the country’s coffers dry? Using the ISA to threatened people to abject obedience and submission. Spending our money for space tourist and joy rides on brand new Airbus jet.

Just contacted Tony Pua and we will be working out a financial support plan for the family.

Welcome to Malaysia- Truly Asia.

5. toyolbuster - December 14, 2007

Please give us some details on the mode of contributions, name and number of bank account, assistance in kind, whatever that the general public may afford to contribute. Thanks.

6. William Eow - December 14, 2007

It’s shame to call myself a malaysian…….AAB…….are you happy now?

7. tupingera - December 14, 2007

The patriots who fight for social justice and democracy are villified and detained.
The traitors who plunder the nation and support the kleptocracy are honoured and free.


8. monsterball - December 14, 2007

ISA is back!
People’s freedom of rights is dead.
Majority do want peace and no violence…including all of us…..but that has been twisted to say by UMNO to say we are the minority…and poor Guna and few others real freedom fighters…are jailed for talking to much TRUTHS…too much being revealed and applying their rights to speak freely.
First it is tear gas and water cannon….then the reasons to use that.
All victims ..whatever spoken are shut out from the media.
It’s like a kangaroo court..accused …and accused and no defence remarks published nor given…then judgment passed. Even Kangaroo courts do give victims fair chances to speak.
DAP has started to apply a law case against the government.
What can we all ordinary helpless citizens .. against all odds …never fair….never real…all false excuses.What can we do for those in jail?
We are free and those 4 brave guys….all Indians are to take the blame.
In all God gifted TRUTHS….the truths will win…one way or another….unless like Burma….Malaysia is a hell country.
Will God abandon us? Malaysians are religious and God fearing people. So let us all pray for them to be safe and well in jailed….and keep their families strong and healthy. Lets pray their children will be strong and understand. Let us talk less and keep in our hearts what to do.
Let us forgive our enemies and let them do as they like. They are very powerful people. We cannot win through the streets.
They control everything.
But out of all these….pray hard that majority UMNO policy makers are not happy with the actions and reasons given by Pak Lah and the police…and somehow…brave enough to speak against PM and few ministers low class dirty politics.
Somehow…somewhere…the road to real freedom is there..UNLESS..we are all blinded Malaysians and need to be guided to the right paths.
Sooner or later..we will all know. We need to live with it to fight another day…at the ballot box….that’s the last hope.
If UMNO wins….we should accept the will of the majority….and no use to say this or that are unfair or rigged election.
I strongly believe majority want a change in th government.
If I am wrong….my children and grand children have to live with it.
We old folks have done our best and will continue to do so..until the day we die.

9. monsterball - December 14, 2007

If we read the speech of Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad’s …the new Chief Justice….there maybe a light of hope for fair and not bias judgements in the future court hearings.
Lets wait and hear DAP’s case against the government.
Lets wait for the Royal Commission reports …only three months to wait.

10. wishuponastar - December 14, 2007

Given no smoking gun the only way out for Mr. Bad… is to rely on ISA.Mr Elegant silence this time around seems to be very proactive.Could it be because he needs to “normalise” situation quickly to celebrate a sunny Christmas with step daughters in Australia?

He seems to more worried about the tourist dollar than plight of minority
citizen.Why should the police deny permit for a peaceful assembly in the first place?.Why did they line up FRU and send the wrong signals to the tourists.Anyway Why should anyone worry about tourism when we have a dynamic minister whose lawyer friend took the Malaysian Bench for a guided tour of Kiwi land?

11. oA - December 14, 2007


This is good.


What about the other 4?

Since the govt. has been labeling and intentionally demonizing them as ‘bad elements’ – someone ought to dig and present bio.s of the others too – for the sake of PR and for all Malaysians to judge for themselves who they (the ISA 5) really are?

Maybe someone can convince Malaysiakini or M2day to publish them since they have wide readerships?


12. oA - December 14, 2007


public needs convincing real bad!!!


13. Paul Warren - December 15, 2007

AAB only responds to what he calls “blatant lies”. Tell him the truth in the nicest of ways you know how and he goes to sleep on it. So how can he understand all these nice words? He must also be a man who is full of lies as quite obviously all the newspapers carried quite a bit of his lies today in the papers.

14. Sharing - December 15, 2007

Depriving Rights is usual in many walks of life
Including official types
so a harder job to get them right
with very few people understand a society can never be bright
without Fairness and Equalities under Human Rights.!
And, only a few have the consciousness to fight!
Not for themselves but for many generations to have light!

A tough job when Government can be bully
with Powers and not Rights with obligations!

Should they be sacrificed if everyone are conscious of Fairness & Equalities?
with Obligations to start?
or willing to take consider fairness of the counterpart?

It all starts with the soul and heart!!

Be happy to see someone had voiced what had been deprived
Be sorrow as someone are deliberately been deprived because they told!
May be only those being victimized knows the importance of such spirit to go!

With blessings to Gana and the other five and the 31 being oppressed!
Put Fairness and Equalities in mind and practice in life in return!!

15. mat saman kati - December 15, 2007

Catatan Sdri versi Bahasa Malaysia boleh dilihat disini.


Semoga lebih ramai yang akan dapat memahami, mengapa perubahan itu amat perlu. Sila beritahu sekiranya terdapat kesilapan.

16. nstman - December 15, 2007

Who are the real traitors, Badawi? Tell me. You make me sick, Badawi.

17. Mrs.Z - December 15, 2007

Assalamualaikum, Saudara Mat Saman Kati.

Terima kasih atas terjemahan!

Tapi perlu juga disebut (dan dikreditkan) bahawa catatan tersebut adalah diterjemah dari saudara Tony Pua (http://tonypua.blogspot.com/2007/12/v-ganabathirau.html) seperti yang telah Eli sebutkan pada entrynya di atas.

18. VincentLee - December 15, 2007

Silence majority not actually buy Pak Lah story! We silence because we were not as brave as Gana and his gang. I’ll therefore fully utilise my vote next GE to show my grieveness.

19. adam and eve - December 15, 2007

this stupid government has wreck the life of 5 patriots.they have the guts to stand up to their ideals.

look at the government now purpotedly getting the machinery going to help the indians.WHY NOW???? cause they are afraid of these 5 patriots.that is the reason to shut them off.

Dumbo has beautiful BIG EARS.we should thank Walt Disney for his creativity.the malaysian version of ‘big ears’ is a true DUMB ARSE

20. Harrison Bin Hansome - December 15, 2007

Maybe Elize still remember the one who goes by the handle “ACP” who concurrently uses “Freedomfighter”. I went on blog frenzying last night and I found the aforesaid ‘s commentery which may be this person on
who procurred the nick “Nama KU Freedom Fighter”

*He kept on praising how this land has done for us. As usual the obsessed will use the nick that (s)he reflects is thier commenteries.


21. mat saman kati - December 15, 2007

Terima kasih Mrs. Z,

Sudah dibetulkan. Saya ingat Eli yang tulis. Maklumlah pukul dua pagi, dengan hati yang marah, dada yang sebak dan mata yang mengantuk, tapi tak boleh tidur.

Kadang-kadang aku heran, macam mana Pak Lah boleh tidur? mungkin dia perlu belajar erti kemanusiaan dari binatang.


EW: Maaf MSK, kalau terdapat keraguan dalam pos saya. Ya, pos tersebut dipetik dari blog Tony Pua, seperti mana yang dijelaskan dalam para awal pos tersebut.

22. bayi - December 15, 2007

Those who send others into confinement under the draconian ISA law will never understand the drastic negative impact on the victims because they have never experience what it is like to be the target. What compassion do we have in our PM?

23. mat saman kati - December 15, 2007


Saya baca tajuk berita dalam malaysiakini mengenai ‘prayer’ yang akan diadakan esok kat Kamunting., tapi tak boleh nak access berita penuh. You tau tak pukul berapa?

24. monsterball - December 15, 2007

Lets agree that a survey made was correct…that majority do not want streets protest walks.
But are the walkers is really the cause of all fears and confusions?
Even before walking..so many .road blocks …from dawn till dust….thousands of FRU …like Malaysia is at war with someone.
Are these necessary..or is it a well planned act to get the public minds ,,fearing trouble?
Well…when come to dirty politics….no one can beat Malaysia…or UMNO malays.

25. ACP - December 16, 2007

You’re next bitch!

26. monsterball - December 16, 2007

To strengthen the FEAR FACTOR by UMNO….the rule of law is replaced by the law of the jungle.
Not one Indian said they hate Malays.
Lawyers….BERSIH and Hindraf walkers all do not trust UMNO….and they twist that to say we Malaysians ….hate Malays.
Anwar have spoken well on this matter. Go …view the speech at Malaysiakini.
The only hope is to hear the case …brought up by DAP fast on the poor 5 innocent under ISA and 31 more detained…all Indians.
Just browse over the list of the 31 Indians…..all simple workers….farmers…drivers….deliver boy….small time businessman….clerks…very young. How are they be a threat to the country?
How can they fight against the might of the police?
Yes….Indians should wake up now.

27. hutchrun - December 16, 2007

Badawi is interfering in the AG`s attemped murder charges against the 31 hindraf members.

This is conclusive evidence that the PM interferes in the prosecution/judiciary of the country and all the more reason that these powers be separated.

There is now a big question mark over the claerances by the AG of the IGP and ACA Heads.

The PM is interfering and should be sacked by the Agung. There ia precedence in the Anwar case, where DSAI was jailed for `corruption` on account of interference.

PM has to be sacked and jailed.

28. FreedomFighter - December 17, 2007

Why have you toned down your anti-government rhetoric??

EW: Raja/ACP/FF – As per your previous comments on law and court procedures re: Altantuya and those inane threats disguised as coming from the police, it is clear that you don’t quite grasp complex concepts, discourse and dialectics, otherwise it would have dawned upon you that I have never been anti-government, but pro-people, pro-human rights. Even Musa Hassan has more brains than you, and that … says quite a bit about your intellect.

29. Two-Face - December 17, 2007

Elizabeth Wong

I have no doubt about what you wrote about this amazing man. But….ethnic cleansing? I am as liberal as you can get but that is way out of line and I am not ashamed to agree with the government on this one.

EW: I’m not a liberal.

30. bodowi - December 17, 2007

Aiya you Bodohwee the people haven’t experienced such a judge like this… The Right To Trail else you Bodohwee people will not made a fuss on this.

31. wishuponastar - December 18, 2007

Dear hutchrun,

Our PM cannot be sacked…there is no provision in the Fed.Consti.
However you can do some whispering to Jeanne to keep him in perpetual slumber though or wait for GE.But again The SPR Chair has already given the verdict i.e. there is only one regime capable of running this country (BN)…My four fingers are itching to salute him for his neutrality.Good Malaysians you are free to salute him with whatever finger you like.The choice is yours,pleasure is Rashid’s.

32. monsterball - December 18, 2007

They surveyed 861 from Central Market and said it represents the voices of all Malaysians voters….agreeing with UMNO actions.
Hundreds of thousands are against them ….openly..and they are call minorities. Foreign Affairs minister said at Bloomberg TV…..oppositions have no issues….so talk nonsense to plan for general elections.
And yes….Raja/ACP/FF…including Two-Face are sickening idiots…who will sell their love ones for favors from UMNO.

33. ACP - December 18, 2007

Don’t worry FreedomFighter. With that statement the flat chested one is only trying to build up her defence! The time will come – sooner rather than later if and when she increases the anti-government rhetoric!

34. ACP - December 18, 2007

Not anti-government??? LOL. Bet the flat chested ugly one is peeing in her cheap panties. Bet the Hindraf 5 can’t wait to have chocolate sex with her.

Bitch! Your time is coming.

35. hutchrun - December 18, 2007

have no doubt about what you wrote about this amazing man. But….ethnic cleansing? I am as liberal as you can get but that is way out of line and I am not ashamed to agree with the government on this one. – by two face

Then obviously you have never ever heard of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica which defines it as:

`the attempt to create ethnically homogeneous geographic areas through the deportation or forcible displacement of persons belonging to particular ethnic groups. Ethnic cleansing sometimes involves the removal of all physical vestiges of the targeted group through the destruction of monuments, cemeteries, and houses of worship. `

36. hutchrun - December 18, 2007


I do believe that the PM can be sacked-by the Agung. After all if a PM goes cuckoo surely the Agung can excersise his own powers. Akin to a ship`s captain being removed.
Sigh, but then that truly would be wishing on stars I guess. In any event the people I meet (of all races)have an extremely poor opinion of him. I see no hope for him.

37. hutchrun - December 18, 2007

Wong Chun Wai chocolate sexes Badawi:

Fake Merdeka Centre ‘Street Protests’ Survey: Results Produced Even Before Survey Conducted!

Pathetic. So bloody pathetic. Lie also dunno how to lie. It’s so bloody obscene lar, Wong!

Here, lemme give you a tip. Next time cover up your butt crack if you want to bend over for the PM.

38. Harrison Bin Hansome - December 18, 2007


i have read many of your sensible commenteries at Uncle kit’s blog. Now, the fact is that, almost everyone knows right now that Badawi is nothing but a charlatan and the big question right now as Bakri Musa asserted was that whether he has the honour to step down which is of course a superficial question because the Old Man is thinking that he is a Great Hadhari man-in his own mind.

39. monsterball - December 18, 2007

The amount of freedom of speeches Liz allows….even from 3ectremists against her….proves what a fair minded blogger she is.
But one needs to read properly what ACP write all the time….teasing her….is infact enjoying himself…trying to get Liz angry…but in true life…I think ACP respect and admire Liz.
That’s his low class fun and high class brain…..hahahahahahaha
What more can we say about so smart commentators.
How we all should wish so many should take up politics and not just talk talk talk…but walk the talks…and be elected to talk all these in Parliament….especially about the power of our King.
Lets see actions speak louder than words…at the right place…right time and with the right position.
Here…..we chinese say….talk air talks only….full of gas…no meanings.

40. Gan - December 18, 2007

I pray and hope that Gana and rest will leave Kamunting unscathe, as, THEY have foul ways to mess a person up badly.

Is there anyway to keep an eye on them so that they are not vicously tortured – either physically or mentally.

I worry for them …

41. power of nature - December 18, 2007

Kepada PM, binatang mati tinggalkan bangkai, manusia mati tinggalkan jasa baik yang dibuat semasa hidup. Suatu hari nanti bila cucu-cicit kita akan tanya siapakah dia Pak Lah? jawapannya dialah PM yang mengagongkan demokrasi, tapi menghukum manusia tanpa bicara. Undang-undang ini merupakan undang2 rimba. Ia merupakan titik hitam dalam sejarah pemerintahan Pak Lah. Seorang pemimpim merupakan seorang rakyat. Jika pemimpin tersebut gagal memimpin dengan adil maka, dia harus menyesal terhadap tindakan yang dibuatnya. Kalau dia anggap apa yang dilakukan adalah betul, dia juga harus menerima hukuman apabila didapati tindakannya merupakan satu dosa yang besar, dimana tiada pengampunannya…..!


42. monsterball - December 18, 2007

Liz is like Dr.Hsu…ignoring insults….much to be admired.
The more insults one gets…really means Liz is hurting someone with her messages and that someone is a balls carrier…to talk like that…to please a boss somewhere.
Similarly…..one onion face instigator.. famous for bombastic words keep advising and insulting others….faceless….nameless and a true coward who never ever walk the talk at all….talk big….expert to be cunningly nice or change overnight to insult you….if he so chooses… …but really…everyone also treat him like a big idiot……not one really respect him at all.
So you see….we read ..relax and don’t take all messages too seriously….to entertain snakes trying to get others angry to response to their low class fun.
Liz is not a liberal…as all liberals have now turned to be pro this or that against the government.. Being a liberal…can never work with UMNO..They will take advantage over your goodness as a kind of weakness in life.

43. Tony Pua - December 19, 2007


For those who are concerned for the welfare of Ganabathi’s family, in appreciation of his efforts to build a better Malaysia, we have set up a mechanism for donations, as explained here:


This donation drive is driven by DAP Damansara Branch, of which Gana’s a member. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Thanks Eli, for the post.


44. vlps - December 22, 2007

ACP/FreedomFighter/Raja or whichever superfly nickname your brain can come up with in the past and in future,

Has your mom forgot to teach you NOT to bully girl(s) or for that matter, members of the opposite sex while u r growing up u miserable tosser?

Having said that, I suspect maybe your mom didn’t see the need as you may be an inbred skirt after all. What a way to come out of the closet, though. LOL.

Stop embarrassing yourself with your barbaric and lewd comments please. You are a plague to women worldwide and that includes your unfortunate mom, if she so happens to find out you have the ‘balls’ to spew such crap.

sorry i can’t say teach what your mom forgot to instill in u here. but a very good remedy is u may go face a white wall for 3 or 4 days in meditative retrospect. preferably assuming a fully prostrate position. u may go nuts for all i care but at least a cretin is much better than you in your current animal condition,u miserable scum.

Hi Liz,
i am are on your side all the way. n so are a lot of liberty loving individuals i trust. you’re doing a great job.

Hi monsterball,
i m guessing that it’s me you’re referring to in your last comment. correct me if i m wrong. when the dust settles, however, you may feel free to go on. i don’t have to tell you the freedom is yours. 😉

now, what on earth am i doing explaining myself here. DANG! i offended myself.

45. two-face - December 24, 2007

My apologies, I didn’t check with Brittanica. But I check with Wikipedia though…..
“Ethnic cleansing refers to various policies or practices aimed at the displacement of an ethnic group from a particular territory in order to create a supposedly ethnically “pure” society. The term entered English and international usage in the early 1990s to describe certain events in the former Yugoslavia. Its typical usage was developed in the Balkans, to be a less objectionable code-word meaning genocide, but its intent was to best avoid the obvious pitfalls of longstanding international treaty laws prohibiting war crimes. This Orwellian term has since become still more Orwellian, because it is occasionally used as a claim of war crimes, when no war crimes actually exist. For example, ethnic cleansing has become improperly used to describe a situation wherein poorer ethnic groups are being displaced economically, by other, generally more affluent ethnic groups.”

The above I believe does not sound similar to the what HINDRAF is saying. Does giving minorities parliamentary seats and ministerial positions to Indians constitute discrimination? Do you think HINDRAF can win more seats if they contested in the GE (or win at all)? Majority rules and in Malaysian context share power.

46. monsterball - December 24, 2007

No it’s not you …vlps.
Have a nice Christmas holiday.

47. monsterball - December 24, 2007

vlps….And I am sure the one who reads it…knows exactly whom I am talking. He is usually at another lady blog.

48. vlps - December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas to you, monsterball.

49. Jarod - February 28, 2008

Hi ,

I was all gear up for this election. Are you? Please do consider it and made the right choice. Let me tell you what had happened for the last 4 years:

1. Racist remark against female. Everyone has a mom who gave birth to us. The Mp who shout out LOUD BOCOR really make me sad! I can’t believe that he is in the parliament. Do you think he should? Don’t tell me its a joke. Can his mom take it? I can’t even say this joke to my mom. Does he have some sense?
2. Against Disable people. (Towards Karpal Singh) I read in media about a MP who shout at Karpal Singh Disabilities when he return to work in Parliament. It was such an insult that are throw at him. I wonder will they treat the same to other OKU? This immoral people really need to be kick out of the PaRLIAMENT. I felt so annoyed to have this person in our parliament.
3. I am sure all of you know that the Mansion that are built in Klang. Mr.Z was soooo “clever” that he had not gone through the proper procedure to built a house. SO, do you think this kind of people will be a good leader and show good example? More ever, where the heck did he get the money? OUR MONEY!
4. Chinese community really need more Primary school to accommodate the future generation. Why did the GOV did not do anything about it? Where is all the money? Towards the klang mansion? Please do think about it! Wake up! open ur eyes and mind!
5. One of the post that capture my heart is V. Ganabathirau. The way he sacrifice for people and later being Pull down by the BN. Read this post to understand more. http://images.google.com.my/imgres?imgurl=http://bp0.blogger.com/_WDYmtXO-Grs/R2H5D1b6cJI/AAAAAAAAAgE/bpZu4cRTLsQ/s320/Ganabathirau%2B02.jpg&imgrefurl=https://elizabethwong.wordpress.com/2007/12/14/v-ganabathirau/&h=213&w=320&sz=16&hl=en&start=16&um=1&tbnid=UmBIFIhkJhy1DM:&tbnh=79&tbnw=118&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dtony%2Bpua%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26sa%3DN
6. The BERSIH rally was to voice what we have bear for the past 4 years. Why aren’t we given the change? I am not talking about the HINDRAF or Other, BUt jus a Rally and yet no permit GIVEN!
7. Have you come across a state where there are so many toll that connect us? Just take LDP. 3 toll entryin between LDP to reach damansara, puchong, and further on. Is there a need? More ever, when ask about the contract, they have never show to the public!!! Where is our right?
8. And ISA? What’s the purpose of it? Do the gov need to have ISA to keep those people mouth shut? Where is our Democracy as promised?

Friend, i have said what i wanna say. Please open your mind. Don’t think that what ever the GOV has given to you is really That GOOD. how about the majority? How many people want justice? GOV always do last minutes work to let U see. thats all. How about long term? I have not seen anything good from them. The choice is yours! ALL RACES, please place your vote! Don’t bet for the worst!

Please forward to all your friend! Everyone need a chance to see what they have been supporting! Let’s make our government clean!

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